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Chapter 366: The Pitiful City
The pitiful city, that was the name.

It was one of the major cities in the land of trapped beasts.

There were also the difficult town, the city of captivity, the death city, the dark city and so on.

There was no place with a pleasant name.

Few people knew if they were always called these horrible names, but it hardly mattered anymore.

Eighty percent of the creatures living here were all aware that this realm was like a cage.

They could never escape.

They were destined to grow old and die in this wasteland.

Most of them did not pay any attention to this reality.

They knew that even though the universe was broad and vast, they were unlikely to explore too many places.

They were like the mortals trapped on earth back in the day when it was still sealed.

They were clearly aware of the vastness of the universe, but were unable to traverse it as they wished.

Without the ability to create wormholes, it was impossible.

Even for Saints, it was a challenging pursuit to traverse the world.

Rumor had it that Saints were immortal, that they could escape the cycle of life and death, but had anyone ever seen a Saint who had lived for millions of years?

It was safe to guess that they were mortals after all.

There were virtually no Saints in the land of trapped beasts. No one here had ever seen one before.

The people living in the pitiful city were not pitiful.

The town was bustling and lively.

Compared to life outside the city, it is much safer within the walls. The battles were lesser and life was more organized.

The city could be compared to a war-torn town back on Earth.

Chu Yu sat himself on the shoulders of the gorilla as they walked along the streets of the pitiful city.

There were all sorts of creatures here. Creatures that Chu Yu had never seen before.

There was a faceless man.

He looked like a human, but in place of a face was a blank white space. It was kind of creepy.

Though a peculiar sight, Chu Yu held himself back from staring too much.

There were some creatures without any physical forms. Normal human beings might have just mistaken them for ghosts.

Ironically, Chu Yu was extremely noticeable on the gorilla, he had attracted many glances and stares.

The Black King Kong was known as a formidable beast, and it invited cautious looks from everyone.

Chu Yu on the other hand, with his hair let down and dressed in flashy garments, was also giving off strong vibes sitting aloof on top the fierce looking beast.

To some, Chu Yu was a target to con, although they knew that he would not have been conned easily.

The streets were lined with all sorts of vendors on both sides. They were selling all sorts of things.

Chu Yu caught sight of a stall selling slaughtered creatures!

"Live slaughtered six horned goats, tender juicy flesh, blanched in boiling water for meat that will melt in your mouth!" the butcher yelled.

That poor goat was just trotting along the street a minute ago. After receiving a blow on its head, it was still left with a breath of life, but its eyes were overwhelmed with terror and fear.

The city was only relatively safer than outside the walls.


"Magical medicines, Saintly pills! You want it, we sell it! Some you can buy with money but some you’ve got to exchange with for your life!" a drug seller shouted.

"Buns made from human meat! Rare human meat! Come get a taste of my delicious buns…".

These seemed like the n

ormal scenes of the market.

"Human buns? I hate humans, I’ll take some! Here’s the exchange!" A human shaped creature hurled his machete onto the counter of the bun seller.

"Your blade is not worth much…" .

Before he finished his sentence, the machete began to move.

Chu Yu could tell that the man was moving the blade using his telekinetic powers.


The machete had sliced off the business owner’s head. Blood was spurting out from the open wound.

"Hahaha, my apologies. My blade does not like to be questioned, so it killed you. I didn’t discipline it well, sorry about that!" The spirit grabbed his machete and stalked off.

What on earth was this?

Chu Yu sat there with his mouth agape.

The creatures on the streets were taken aback as well. Only when the man walked away did they start buzzing about what had just happened.

"Was that…Master Black Edge? Why did he kill that bun seller?".

"Psh, don’t you know, Master Black Edge hates humans because he was once defeated by a man and was enslaved for a hundred years. This bun seller had to smugly sell human meat in front of him, isn’t that rubbing it in his face?".

"Oh I see…".

"You have to be careful with these kind of people if you want to stay out of trouble.".

Suddenly, an arrow flew towards Chu Yu right between his brows!

Chu Yu did not detect anything before this.

The gorilla was enraged and even before Chu Yu could move, it attempted to smack the arrow away.

To its surprise, the arrow quickened its speed! The Black King Kong missed.

Chu Yu dodged with his quick reflexes as the arrow brushed past his cheeks.

The arrow had left a cut on his face.

Chu Yu went on the roof of a building in front of him!

There, he caught sight of a shadow as it turned to walk away.

Another three arrows came his way!

Chu Yu raised his clenched fists and fiercely threw a punch.


An arrow was splintered by his punch!

The commotion had attracted many onlookers. They were impressed with the reflexes of this young man.

The Black King Kong was also infuriated, it was getting slightly protective over Chu Yu.


The gorilla charged toward the shadow.

In an instant, the shadow disappeared!

Even with Chu Yu’s Art of Fleet Footwork, he could not catch the assailant!

How could he have moved so quickly?

Although Chu Yu was angry to have been the victim of a sneak attack, he was more surprised and curious about this person.

There were only a few people out there that were faster than him.

Moreover, that shadow belonged to a woman with a petite frame, cloaked in black garments.

Why did she target him?

The gorilla chased after her for a good distance before heading back disappointed and angry.

"Come on, let’s find a lodging place. This city is rather curious," said Chu Yu.

He initially planned to find Lin Shi and leave this place, but he now felt that this place could have been of some use to him.

This place could have been more than just the home of trapped beasts. If Chu Yu could find his way here, it meant that other people could do the same!

The land of trapped beasts resembled the outskirts of Bastion of the Stars. In Chu Yu’s opinion, the resources here seemed to be more bountiful.

Perhaps a prodigious being from the Mirror Dimension was here to train.

If that was the case, he hoped that he could bump into one.

He brought the Black King Kong to a big inn.

The prices here were not cheap, it was about a hundred times more expensive than that of the Mirror Dimension.

It was obvious that the owner was a powerful practitioner.

"Nobody dares to cause trouble at my place," boasted the owner.

Chu Yu realized that each room was protected by defensive magical formation.

He also noted that a couple of the rooms were reinforced by Entrapment formations!

The room that he got was a room as such.

As for the gorilla, it was allocated a large room.

The large room was reinforced with a killing formation.

Chu Yu did not possess much knowledge on formations, but he could see through the falsehoods and disguises with his Unveiling techniques.

Upon realizing that, he sent a telepathic message to the gorilla and conjured a clone of himself to enter the room.

The Black King Kong did not even enter the room.

A room with a killing formation would not have been easy to get out off even for someone like Chu Yu.

The moment Chu Yu’s copy entered the room, the formation began taking its effects.

As for the gorilla, it was surrounded by a couple of burly men who were forcefully pushing him into his room!

This sinister place had such malicious intentions!

To Chu Yu’s surprise, the petite figure from before was also here at the inn.

The lady in black.

She stood in front of his room and said, "You arrogant fool, in the end, you’ve still fallen into my hands!".

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