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The gorilla was wailing, it was enraged.

First, it was exhausted by this puny man. Following this, its old nemesis had appeared at such a bad time.

Damn this tiny man!

He must have been in cahoots with this white figure!

All humans were despicable!

The gorilla was going berserk.


Another gaping hole appeared on the gorilla’s torso.

Chu Yu noticed that the long spear seemed to be designed specially to combat the gorilla.

It was a shuddering sight to behold!

If this continued, the gorilla would have been stabbed to death.

Chu Yu could not bear to watch it die.

The fact that this figure was dishonorably attacking the gorilla made Chu Yu uncomfortable.

"Hey! Isn’t this a bit unfair?" Chu Yu shouted.

"Mind your own business! Seeing that you helped me tire this beast out, I’ll let you go with the price of your sword!" the figure retorted loudly.

Chu Yu’s face darkened.

On the account that he had helped to tire this beast out, he had to surrender his sword?

Was he threatening him? Did he want the sword?

This man was not a good person!

Chu Yu whisked out a pill and threw it into the gorilla’s mouth, consuming another one himself.

The figure in white merely smirked.

He had seen many effective pills before, but he was sure that this gorilla and this young man were both at the ends of their capacity.

Two empty vessels, what could pills do for them?

How childish!

The gorilla was caught off guard and swallowed the pill, but it was resistant since it was so sure that Chu Yu was one of its enemies.

It must have been poison…

However, the moment the pill went down its throat, it felt something different.

The gorilla was taken aback!

It had taken many magical pills before but nothing compared to the pill that Chu Yu had just given it!

This was the Pill of Heavenly Pulse!

A superb concoction of rare herbs and medicines.

The gorilla’s compromised circulation was now rejuvenated.

His awful wounds were healing at an amazing rate.

"You dare to save him?" The white figure charged angrily towards Chu Yu.

His long spear was aimed between Chu Yu’s brows.


The feud between himself and the gorilla had been ongoing for decades.

This gorilla was extremely valuable to him…

He was like a hunter that relentlessly pursued it prey.

The process was insignificant to him, he just wanted to catch his prey!

He was furious about Chu Yu thwarting his efforts.

The long and sharp spear radiated its own magnetic field.

Chu Yu sensed this power and was surprised.

"A powerful weapon!".

Even though the white figure had caught the gorilla off guard, an ordinary weapon would have been useless against the gorilla’s armor.

To Chu Yu’s surprise, the spear could even confound one’s mental sense!

Even Chu Yu was affected by the powers of the spear.

If not for his vertical eye and the Immortal Crane Furnace, he might have been wounded severely.

Thanks to these two things, he regained his composure quickly.

The Immortal Crane Furnace flew in front of Chu Yu.


The loud buzz from the impact shook both Chu Yu and the white figure.

The resounding echo made them dizzy.

The Black King Kong saw an opening and gave a powerful slap!


The blow landed on the white figure. The impact threw the white figure into the air as he spat out some blood.

The white figure let out an anguished howl.

He could not figure out how the gorilla was able to regain strength so quickly after taking a single pill. He also did not understand why that young man was now helping the gorilla.

He regretted his nasty remarks.

Who knew that this young man carried such a potent pill with him?

This was not normal!

There were no masterful pill refiners in the land of trapped beasts.

There once was one man who possessed some skill in the area, but he was killed by an enemy many years ago.

That killer was torn into pieces by the angry beasts of this land!

A masterful pill refiner would be a treasure to this land. If anyone found out that he had struck someone like that with the sacred spear…

The white figure could not bring himself to picture the rest of the situation. In a flash, he thought of many different ways in which he could die. Every scenario was more tragic than before.

He had no intention of staying here any longer, even if he was enraged by the gorilla’s attack.


He vanished through a portal.

He ran away just like that.

Was this the way people did things at the land of trapped beasts?

The Black King Kong propped itself up once more and pounded its chest with its fists.

Chu Yu quietly stood there as he caught his breath before looking at the gorilla.

This time, the gorilla’s gaze shifted around.

It seemed that it did not dare to look at Chu Yu in the eye.

It understood that it would have died without Chu Yu’s help.

But without this pesky fellow, the white figure would not have hurt it so easily.

It was in a dilemma.

Chu Yu looked at the gorilla, "Alright, big guy. I am done with fighting, I am going to leave!".

Chu Yu sped off in the direction of where Lin Shi was.



The earth was shaking.

The massive beast was chasing after him at a high speed.

It did not seem to have any aggressive intentions.

Chu Yu stopped short in his path and looked at the gorilla who had turned his head away.

"Hey you, big guy, why are you still following me? Do you still want to fight?" .

"No fight!".

The gorilla shyly said.

"Then why are you still following me?".

The gorilla scratched its head and tossed a picked flea into its mouth.

"Never," it muttered.

Chu Yu cringed in disgust and sped off again.



The Black King Kong was still following him.

Chu Yu stopped short again and looked at him.

"You want to follow me?".

The gorilla picked out another flea and looked at Chu Yu innocently.

"If you want to follow me, clean off those small organisms first!".

The gorilla paused for a moment and shook its torso vigorously.

In the next instance, Chu Yu regretted his words.

Millions of fleas and other bugs spread out like a dark cloud from the gorilla’s body

Chu Yu looked at the gorilla, flabbergasted, and said "You really want to follow me?".

"Your, pill, eat.".

Chu Yu rolled his eyes, "There’s no such thing as a free lunch…".

"I, fight, good!".

The gorilla pounded its chest.

"You can’t even fight me!" Chu Yu pursed his lips.

"Never lose.".

"If you want to eat my pill, you have to give me something in return.".

The gorilla began fishing out all sorts of medicinal herbs and piled them up.

Chu Yu widened his eyes. These herbs were all of decent quality.

He even spotted some divine herbs in the pile!

It was a pity that most of these herbs were obtained by force, which diminished their value.

It was still an impressive pile nonetheless.

It would have been worth a ton of money in the outside world.

With a wave of a hand, Chu Yu kept all the herbs into his storage.

The gorilla started grinning.

"You are too big and too conspicuous, turn smaller.".

The gorilla looked on helplessly as it pounded its chest a few more times.

"Don’t follow me then," remarked Chu Yu.

With a look of reluctance, the gorilla began to shrink.

It shrank to a six-meter primate that was much easier on the eyes.

"That’s more like it.".

The gorilla followed behind Chu Yu a tad bit grudgingly, as if it was not used to his new size.

He looked silly, but he was cute.

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