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Chapter 351: Kill the Giant Insect with a Single Blow
Trash? Oh Gosh…
Not only did he give him a tight slap across the face, he even called him a piece of trash?
Was he insane?
Was this really happening?
The Lin Clan was in shock.
Chu Yu turned around and tossed a bottle of pills to Lin Leng Feng and said, "That man can be saved, give him one pill and that’ll do.".
After he said this, Chu Yu turned back and looked at the stunned Butterfly Lord.
He said, "Let’s set things straight, your underling, his name was white light right? I killed him, what grudge do you have against the Lin Clan?".
"What the f*ck…" said the Butterfly Lord.
He regained his composure as a vicious look appeared on his face.
Another cracking sound resounded.
Chu Yu had given him another slap.
"Another obscenity and I’ll kill you! You martian dog," said Chu Yu sternly.
"Do you know who you’re talking to?" said Orange Light, who was beside the Butterfly Lord. He had been on Earth for many years, and he knew the rules of this place.
He looked at Chu Yu coldly and said, "I work closely with the government on your side and the Western side as well! I provide them with the latest technology…".
"The technology that captured me killing the Son of God?" asked Chu Yu.
"I wasn’t the one who captured those images!" defended Orange Light.
"Chu Yu, I think you should understand that what kind of position you’re in. Our Lord has come to work intimately with your government! If you know what’s right you should bend the knee now!".
Chu Yu suddenly looked up into the sky and a strange look overcame his face.
Orange Light thought that Chu Yu had become fearful, and said with gusto, "You can’t just do whatever you want just because you have some ability in battle. Your government…".
"My apologies I have to interrupt you," said Chu Yu as he smiled. He had a polite expression.
The people of the Lin Clan all looked pale.
Lin Leng Feng and Zhou Yue Ru looked at each other and gave a wry smile.
Lin Zhu sighed and thought that he was a fool for believing that they could overcome stronger opponents.
The knew what the situation was with the government.
All of the people who were linked to the government were extremely powerful.
They all had different pursuits, but they could all offer the government one thing- stability.
They could provide the government with the latest technology and the most secure protection, while the government gave them the resources they needed for their pursuits.
If these Martians were really linked to the government, they could not do anything, even with Chu Yu’s assistance.
Orange Light smiled and said, "Go on.".
The Butterfly Lord was cold as ever, but his face was red from Chu Yu’s slaps.
He now hated this man, but he knew what he had to do. In his heart, he was set on killing Chu Yu.
He would kill him and massacre his Clan, including the Lin Clan as well!
All of them had to die!
Chu Yu said, "Speaking of this advanced technology, does everyone on Mars possess it?".
Orange Light was a little surprised by this as he replied, "No, only I have it!".
"That doesn’t seem to be the case," said Chu Yu as his divine sense reached into the heavens and he got his answer.
He looked over at the Butterfly Lord and said, "Hold those thoughts that you are having. I swear on my soul that once this matter is resolved, I will not spare you!".
"You f*cking…" the Butterfly Lord was enraged.
Orange Light was enraged too, he gave off a fiery mental wave as he said, "You dare to go against your own government?".
Chu Yu’s body was as fast as lightning.
At an unbelievably fast speed, he grabbed the throat of the Butterfly Lord with his hand.
"The Government? Of course I care about them," laughed Chu Yu.
"But all of you c

an just die!".
A frenzied energy erupted from Chu Yu’s body in this instance.
His agony was amplified after he had come to the Lin Clan.
The rage and anguish had been bottled in for too long in the depths of his heart.
It was obvious that this group of people were here to kill them.
So why did he need to hold back?
Orange Light and the others began to panic as the hurriedly took out all of their magical equipment and weapons and aimed them at Chu Yu.
"Let go of our Master!".
"Let go of the Butterfly Lord!".
"Little kid you have no idea what kind of trouble you’re bringing upon yourself!".
"The Ancestors of the Butterfly Lord are all Saints!".
The Butterfly Lord’s face was still red from Chu Yu’s slaps.
His soul howled, "You’re dead for sure! How dare you treat me like this! Your family and Clan will perish because of you! How dare you incur the wrath of the heir to a Saint!".
Following this he ordered his men, "Kill all of them....".
He could not finish, a light flashed across Chu Yu’s eyes.
The Butterfly Lord’s throat was slashed and crushed!
A Nascent God rose up from the Butterfly Lord’s body.
A powerful energy erupted at the same time.
A large figure emerged from his Nascent God.
It was simply too huge, and it kept rising into the sky.
It was a giant Butterfly!
At this moment, the figure of the Large Butterfly let out an enraged spiritual howl, "Do you seek death? How dare you harm my child?".
The infrastructure in the Lin Clan began falling apart.
The earth shook!
It was almost as if the sky could not withstand this pressure.
All of the people in the Lin Clan began vomiting blood and some fainted over.
Boom, Boom Boom!
Ancient runes lit up all around, suppressing this terrifying energy.
Chu Yu looked over at that figure as a sense of panic grew in his heart.
At this moment, a figure of a man appeared from the Pacific Ocean faraway.
The figure held a sword and was riding a ray of light as it came for the giant butterfly.
"How dare a big insect like you come to the Emperor Star. Scram!".
The figure of the giant butterfly was shattered in an instant.
A crazed spiritual wave came off the giant butterfly as it got struck.
"I will not let you off!".
The figure of the man laughed, "Big insect, if you have to guts to, feel free to come for me, I’ll fight you any day! Aren’t you ashamed that you have to resort to bullying kids?".
There was no other response, it was silent as if the earth stood still.
Everyone around this place was stunned.
At the Lin Clan, Chu Yu heaved a sigh of relief as he raised a sword.
A blade of light flashed across as Chu Yu cut down the Nascent God of the Butterfly Lord!
It began to collapse.
The ancient runes around them now radiated violently as they absorbed the energy emanated from the collapse of the Nascent God of the Butterfly Lord and the shattering of the giant butterfly.
The Butterfly Lord could not even react, his soul was vanquished!
After this, Chu Yu cleaned up and killed the other six men who were with him.
Some wanted to run, others wanted to fight, and some even begged for mercy.
But none of them had a chance!
They terrorized the Lin Clan and caused the brothers to point fingers at one another.
But with Chu Yu’s arrival, the problem was solved in ten minutes.
The episode was over!
The Butterfly Lord wanted to show his might on the Emperor Star and find many secret machines. He never expected to die once he had come.
Neither did he expect that the Saintly divine sense would be cut down by that man from the Pacific Ocean in a single blow!
The people of the Lin Clan began to wake up. Even though most of them had sustained heavy injuries, all of them, including Lin Zhu, thought that this was perhaps just a dream.
They looked at Chu Yu in confusion.
"This… This… This the end?" asked Lin Zhu, a little lost, as he looked at the bodies of the Martians all around.
At this moment, the innate animal of the Butterfly Lord rose from his corpse.
It was a blue butterfly.
If not for the suppression of the ancient runes here, it would have been bigger in size.
Even though he was dead, his body still gave off a menacing aura.
It was as if the rage he had was let loose after he had died.
Chu Yu immediately cleaned up the place and kept the bodies.
The matter was resolved, but everyone in the Lin Clan still broke out in cold sweat.
The giant butterfly that had emerged from his Nascent God stunned them, what was that?
There were all still in a daze and very confused.
At this moment, Chu Yu suddenly yelled into space, "Hey you b*stard, you saw that right? It was I who killed him! I’m responsible for this, and if you touch anyone from this Clan, I’ll kill a dozen more in yours. I’m serious, never think of coming back unless I’m dead!".
The people of the Lin Clan were still in a daze.
With a wave of his hands, a memory crystal appeared.
He had recorded the battle between him and the Martians.
Chu Yu looked at Lin Zhu and said, "Grandfather Lin, regarding this matter, I will handle it from now on. If someone comes and tries to cause trouble while I’m away, give this to that person. If they have any brains at all, they will come for me.".
"You… Kid, how can you say that? We would be more than happy if you could stay here with us," sighed Lin Zhu.
He could not say anything else, this kid had done more for the clan than he had.
Even his sons could not compare to Chu Yu, they were still arguing with each other before this!
Now that he thought about it, Shi Shi chose a great man.
He did not know about the whereabouts of Shi Shi, but previously, it seemed that she had said that she and Chu Yu would probably not have worked out.
He hoped that that was not the case!
He also wished that she would come back soon. The earth was no longer the same as it used to be.
One could grow strong here now!
Chu Yu politely rejected Lin Zhu’s invitation as he went up to Lin Leng Feng and Zhou Yue Ru.
The people of the Lin Clan had nothing but envy and admiration for the couple now.
Did they really blame them for the mishaps before?

 At this moment, in outer space.
In an Aircraft, Xue Xue and Wang Dong sat there as they looked solemnly at the view in space.
"Oh my god… The Saint of the Butterfly Clan actually materialized there," said Wang Dong as he looked into the distance.
"But who would’ve thought that he would be cut down in one blow?" he continued.
Xue Xue said, "How terrifying… Even though it was only a mental imprint, the power is still vast. I can’t believe that it was cut down in a blow. The Emperor Star is terrifying indeed!".
Wang Dong looked at her and said, "Are we still going there? It’s too scary, how can this be a planet that has just been unsealed for a dozen years? They people here are like vicious cannibals!".
"Of course we’re going! I’ve seen that man in my dreams, and I now know that he exists. He even contacted us just now!".
There was a look of anticipation and excitement on her face.

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