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Chu Yu had begun harnessing the Immortal Crane Furnace in his Dan Tian not long after he obtained it.

Back then, his physical powers were not that strong yet, so the Furnace did not undergo an obvious change.

By harnessing it in his Dan Tian, the bond between him and the Furnace was strengthened.

But since the time when he was on brink of death at the Immortal Refining Land, after he was reincarnated with a drop of spirit blood, everything changed.

The Immortal Crane Furnace underwent an unimaginably huge change in the Immortal Refining Land.

The original outer shell wore off, and the mysterious lines and patterns underneath showed themselves.

From time to time, it would transform and give off a golden light, as if it was a saintly object made of divine gold, radiating a divine aura.

One can say that at the Immortal Refining Land, two fates took a turn, Chu Yu’s and the Furnace’s.

Once the worn and tattered outer layer, aged by time and marked by men, wore off, the Furnace emanated a different life essence.

From that day onwards, when Chu Yu put it into his Dan Tian to harness it, everything changed.

Chu Yu had long realised that his bond with the Immortal Crane Furnace was as deep as ever.

As for today… Something out of the ordinary was happening.

Chu Yu had originally used the Furnace as a form of shield to protect him from the divine lightning as he underwent divine judgement.

In the end, when Chu Yu could feel that his level of cultivation was already stabilized at the Divine Lord Realm, where the divine judgement should have ended.... The terrifying bolts of lightning still continued to rain down!

Their target was very clear!

They went straight for the Immortal Crane Furnace!

Within the Furnace, a powerful energy rose.

It was almost as if the energy came from an ancient time, it was cool and old, and inside the Furnace, the sound of offerings could be heard- they were solemn and respectful.

It was incomparably high and mighty!

Chu Yu could not describe the feelings he felt.

He could only watch on stunned as the Furnace fought against its divine judgement and emanated that energy.


The thunderbolts from the sky were raging.

The crackle that resounded shook him to the bone!

At this moment, a strange energy slowly oozed out from within the Immortal Crane Furnace.

If he was not near the Furnace, Chu Yu would never have sensed this energy.

The reason it was strange was because in the instance where the energy oozed out, countless messy and blurry images appeared in front of Chu Yu’s eyes.

At his current level of ability, Chu Yu could only feel the images flash across his consciousness like shards!

Even if they were just pieces of shards, in that moment, it was too much for Chu Yu.

The aura of the images within were too overwhelming and immense, as if they wanted to drive Chu Yu to the point of insanity, like an intolerable force.

Once the images flashed across, Chu Yu let out a scream and turned his head.

In that instance, he forgot everything that had just went through his consciousness, and he could not remember a thing!

His body was shaking as an incredulous feeling overcame him.

He could not help but feel that the images hid a principle of Dao, and an untold horror!

After the energy had oozed out of the furnace, the divine lightning from above disappeared.

The dark clouds dispersed as fast as they had gathered, and the sky was now clear.

The bystanders all around were all stunned and clueless as to what had happened.

Up till that point, they had not seen a shadow of the person who was undergoing divine judgement.

Those who wanted to go closer to take a look were held back by the apprehension in their hearts.

They were afraid that a devil would appear and wipe them all out.

The power of the divine judgement left their hearts pumping with fear.

Chu Yu, on the other hand, sat there quietly as he attempted to understand the differences between the Divine Lord Realm and his previous level of cultivation.

All of his divine senses were heightened and magnified, and they were at a completely different level from before.

Previously, he could only triumph over cultivators of a higher level by beating them in terms of power and manipulation of energy.

But today, with his new comprehension of divine senses, he could triumph over them in a whole new aspect.

One could say that before this, he relied on raw power like his strong physique and immense energy, but now, his powers had skyrocketed on a technical level.

It went without saying that his divine sense had reached a whole new level as well.

"The Divine Lord stage is truly different from the True Lord stage," mumbled Chu Yu to himself.

After saying this, he looked at the Immortal Crane Furnace which was still floating in mid air.

The lines and patterns on the Furnace seemed to have become clearer, and as Chu Yu looked at it, a strong nauseatic feeling overcame him due to the deep connection he had with the Furnace.

In this moment, he could hear the grand sound of offering again.


Chu Yu let out a long breath.

He could feel that the Furnace was no longer just a Furnace.

It was a powerful magical equipment!

As he kept it into his Dan Tian, a coursing energy wave was emitted from it.

Chu Yu’s face lit up- this meant that the Furnace could aid him in battle, providing an immense boost in strength!

A battle between cultivators basically came down to their energy levels.

Whether it was technique or divine sense, they were all different manifestations of energy!

When a rubber ball burst opened, the threat was small as the ball had little energy. In comparison to this, when a bomb exploded, the resulting force would be immense as it contained a large amount of energy.

The more powerful a cultivator was, the more he could harness such energy and utilize them to their maximum potential!

The basic fundamental of anything was energy itself.

Chu Yu walked out of the strong magnetic field.

His body was covered by a strong energy, obscuring his features from the view of others.

As he walked out, he rose into the sky, ignoring those onlookers all around.

A long stretch of rainbow appeared beneath his feat as he rode on it!

Back in the North, up above the Chu Household.

Dark clouds gathered as an army of angels and knights hovered in the sky.

They stood just outside of the defense of the Chu Clan, emanating a terrifying energy.

That energy was dense and crowded, it was overwhelming, as if it wanted to bend and pierce the heavens!

At that moment, countless satellites were aimed at this place.

The Vatican City had dispatched their strongest arsenal.

All to kill a single man, Chu Yu!

They had gathered enough evidence to prove that he was the murderer of the Son of God.

This was revenge.

It involved the lives of every single being among them.

Their master was enraged.

If they could not take Chu Yu’s life, the fate that awaited them was the absolute end.

They did not want to die.

No one would want to die.

So, Chu Yu had to perish!

The Chu Clan had to be exterminated!

The speed at which they flew in from the West was tremendous!

They did not even bother about the strange occurrences in Siberia.

This star was now recovered, and it was not strange for all sorts of cultivators to appear.

They only cared about their own business.

"Chu Yu, come out and die!".

At the front of the battalion, a man in silver armor riding a unicorn held a large spear as he pointed it at the Chu Household below.

Beside him stood the nine winged angel.

His appearance was flawless and beautiful, with his long golden hair hanging in front of his eyes. His eyes were cold as he looked at the ancient building below.

"I want this place to become nothing but dust," said the angel.

It appeared that everyone from the Chu family had come out.

Chu Xi came forward and looked at the arsenal with cold eyes. She had reached the peaks of the True Lord Realm!

If she consumed the pill that second brother had left her, she could become a Divine Lord!

But she wanted to complete the True Lord stage with her own abilities.

She had big aspirations as well, one day, she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her predecessors and go to the Bastion of Stars…

"Who are you?" asked Chu Xi coldly.

"We’ve come to kill you. Your family’s Chu Yu has committed a grave sin!" bickered the knight in silver armor.

The nine winged angel said, "Where’s Chu Yu? Did he run like a little girl?".

"Let’s go and destroy this place immediately!"said the knight in silver armor.

After this, he raised the huge spear in his hand and launched it at the ground below.

All of the knights followed it and attacked.

A magical equipment lit up and gave off a blinding light, emanating a powerful energy!

The Chu Clan’s defensive magical formation resounded with intense waves!

Chu Xi was a little pale as Little Moon appeared beside her, softly saying, "We can’t hold this for much longer.".

Chu Xi nodded her head in response, she knew the limitations very well.

If they were only a dozen powerful cultivators, she had the confidence that the magical formation could fend them off.

But now… they were faced with an army!

Like a plague, there more than a thousand of the them!

In that moment, Fang Lie let out a battle cry and rushed straight into the sky.

He passed through the defensive magical formation and raised a fist, thrusting it towards that silver knight.

A ray of blue light lit up, giving off an icy energy as if it could freeze everything around it, and attacked the knight in silver armor at an unbelievable speed.


A crackle resounded in the sky.

The knight in silver armor took the attack straight on.

A small stream of blood flowed out of the side of his lips.

He could not control the expression of shock in his eyes.

Based on the information that he had gathered, only Chu Yu was of notable strength in the clan.

Other than him, there seemed to be no other powerful cultivators.

Chu Xi could barely meet the mark, but she was nothing in their eyes.

Where did this great warrior pop out from?

He let out a roar as he held the spear in his hand firmly, riding the crystal white unicorn and rushing at Fang Lie.

He wanted to pierce this man with his own hands and hoist his corpse on his spear!

At the same time, two youngsters in the clan, Chu Gan Zhong and Chu Gan Liang, set up a giant ballista.

Chu Gan Liang looked at Chu Gan Zhong and asked, "Is this toy reliable?".

Chu Gan Zhong shook his head and said, "I’ve never tried it before, I think it should have no problem shooting the pill at them.".

Chu Gan Liang nodded his head and said, "Let’s quickly call Fang Lie back them, otherwise he might get hurt unnecessarily!".

"Don’t worry, he’s carrying the antidote with him," said Chu Gan Zhong calmly.

"What are we waiting for then?" asked Chu Gan Liang as he aimed the ballista. This was refined with pure gold, and it was hard to move it, even for Supreme Lords like them.

Sitting on top of the ballista were twelve spear-like arrows that glistened with a cold light.

"Fire!" yelled Chu Gan Liang.

"Go to hell!".


A piercing sound that numbed the senses resounded in the air as twelve giant arrows flew into the sky!

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