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Qi Heng was the first to notice it; he excitedly pointed towards the little boat, "Boat, there’s a boat! Come see, it’s a boat! Could it be here to guide us?"

The other four people on shore also saw that little boat; all their faces revealed a tinge of excitement.

Chu Yu was standing at the mountain summit, observing everything with his vertical eye. That mysterious power of the river surface seemed to skirt around the ship, forming a path for it.

"This…" Chu Yu frowned. In his heart, he was still wondering: Could this small ship really be here to guide these people?

Since this was the case, why didn’t it appear just now? Why did it wait for two people to die before it appeared?

Wasn’t this simply taking them for a fool?

The same questions ran through the minds of the people on the shore.

Wang Nan’s face was extremely pale; he blinked his small eyes and said, "Could this be a scam? A trick? The appearance of this little ship seems a bit out of the ordinary ah…"

The crowd stared silently at the approaching ship.

The ship wasn’t very big, its width was roughly 1 meter while its length was roughly 3 meters. It was pitch black; it was unknown what material it was made of.

It was unknown how long it had floated in these waters. However, it did not reveal any signs of aging. On the contrary, it looked rather new.

The small boat floated gently, directly floating towards the five people on the shore.

Thereafter, a shocking scene appeared in front of the five’s eyes. The small boat slowly approached the shore and stopped right in front of them.

There were no paddles on the boat, and it could barely fit these five people

The five on the shore all glanced at one another. No one dared to board the boat!

Would heaven even know what would happen to them when they get on this boat?

Perhaps they might safely reach the other side and all the boundless treasures would be within their reach. Or perhaps… The moment they got on, they would immediately be struck by the power of the river surface!

They would be die without a doubt!

Who would dare take this risk?

Qi Heng had always felt himself to be a bold guy without any fear. But now, he really wasn’t bold enough to get on this little boat.

Xiao Changqing laughed dryly, "Is this the so-called ‘Light at the end of a tunnel’?"

Wang Nan said, "This is called ‘The car will eventually find its way around the hill’!" [1]

The Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist from Jiu Xiao faintly glanced at them, "Do the two of you dare get on?"

The two instantly shut their mouths.

In their hearts they were thinking: Why aren’t you getting on?

I wanted you to get on ah! We’re not the stupid ones!

The problem was, this person from Jiu Xiao also wasn’t stupid ah!

Silence instantly descended upon the five. They all stared at this tiny boat; apprehension filled their hearts.

At this instant, Xiao Changqing, the one with the highest cultivation among the five, seemed to suddenly notice something. He violently turned his head and stared at a mountain 5 kilometers away.

His gaze was extremely sharp, just like two sharp arrows.

It was incomparably cold, and filled with killing intent!

When he turned, the other four also locked their eyes in the direction of Xiao Changqing’s gaze.

Standing on the mountain summit, the top of Chu Yu’s head went numb. He cursed… He’s been discovered!

He was just about to use his vertical eye to see the stages that these people were in. Unexpectedly, he had gotten into trouble.

He just glanced at Xiao Changqing, and he was immediately discovered!

The gap between the two’s stage was too big. Moreover, Xiao Changqing’s senses were also extremely acute.

However, Chu Yu’s eye was also able to see through Xiao Changqing’s true stage of cultivation.

Invigorated Meridian Stage Five!

Xiao Changqing’s liver meridian, stomach meridian, large intestinal meridian, small intestinal meridian and pericardium meridian, these 5 out of 12 meridians, had already been completely perforated.

His heart channel was also opened by 33%!

This meant that Xiao Changqing was in the elementary Invigorated Meridian Stage Five; a true expert close to the intermediate Invigorated Meridian Stage Five!

Under Chu Yu’s vertical eye, he saw that the meridians in Xiao Changqing which had yet to be opened were faint red in colour. However, the meridians that have already opened were resplendently gold, glistening brightly!

However, from what Chu Yu observed, those lustrous gold meridians were dotted with blemishes. Moreover, there were some spots which were dimmer and had a slight red colour.

These were imperfections.

In reality, there was this problem in any stage.

For example, in the Acupoint Charging realm, the same acupoint would be opened to different degrees by different people.

Moreover, the degree of perfection of an open acupoint would differ because of differences in cultivation technique, personal talents, etc.

This was why there was a difference in strength among people in the same stage.

Likewise, their combat powers would also be vastly different.

It was clear who was more superior!

Moreover, Xiao Changqing did not step into the Invigorated Meridian Realm after reaching the Great Circle of Acupoint Charging. Out of the 365 acupoints in his body, there were some which were not opened.

This meant that Xiao Changqing was destined to remain in the Invigorated Meridian Realm in his entire life.

Still, in the commoner’s world, and in front of Chu Yu, a person at Invigorated Meridian Stage Five was already a true expert.

Thus the moment he was discovered, Chu Yu’s heart almost jumped out.

He wanted to turn back and jump back into the magical formation. He guessed that these people wouldn’t dare to chase after him!

The way that they passed the magical formation was different from him. They did not have the ability to see through disreality; this was Chu Yu’s greatest advantage.

Chu Yu glanced at Lin Shimeng; he also didn’t want to leave Liin Shimeng behind.

Qi Heng was over there, and Lin Shimeng’s seniors were… What if… Chu Yu did not dare think of what would happen.

He definitely couldn’t leave Lin Shimeng alone here.

Thereafter, Chu Yu even saw a strong hint of regret in Lin Shimeng’s eyes.

She was not willing!

Chu Yu truly understood Lin Shimeng.

At this time, Xiao Changqing shouted harshly, "B*stard, let go of my junior! Otherwise, I will tear your corpse into ten thousand pieces!"

Qi Heng was also shouting angrily by the side, "Little thief, let go of my fiancee! Otherwise, I will destroy your entire sect!"

Chu Yu’s chest started heaving in anger. Who’s the b*stard? Who’s the little thief?

He glanced at Lin Shimeng, speaking solemnly, "Hurry and retreat to the edge of the magical formation."

Lin Shimeng was incredibly clever; she did not need for Chu Yu to explain as she followed Chu Yu to the edge of the magical array. They only needed to take one step back to enter into the magical formation.

At this instant, Xiao Changqing had already charged to the mountain summit, landing in front of the two. Waves of tremendous power exuded from his body; an oppressive aura directly surged towards Chu Yu!

Sun Wei, Wang Nan, Qi Heng and that Jiu Xiao Invigorated Meridian Realm martial atist Liu Qing also reached this mountain.

Enemies see red the moment they meet.

Qi Heng stared fiercely towards Chu Yu, his eyes blazing with hatred as he gritted his teeth and shouted, "Little, thief, let go of my fiancee!"

Because of excessive emotions, incomparably strong waves of power were trembling from Qi Heng’s body, causing the trees on this mountain to be flattened.

Most of the flowers and grass were directly crushed into dust!

Chu Yu glanced at Qi Heng, "This little fart, for these flowers and grass to die so miserably. Could they be scared to death by you?"

"You’re courting death!" Qi Heng shouted through gritted teeth; his face had turned black.

By now, Xiao Changqing and co. could tell that something was amiss.

Their Junior Lin Shimeng seemed… like she was not abducted?

That scene when Lin Shimeng followed Chu Yu to retreat to the edge of the magical formation was noticed by them. A hint of surprise flashed across all their eyes.

Lin Shimeng’s actions… seemed to be worth contemplating?

She was clearly following this person who "kidnapped" her ah!

This group of people were no kids; they had ample experience, and their eyes were discerning.

At this time, Lin Shimeng looked at Xiao Changqing and co., "Senior, he is no b*stard. He just saved me form Qi Heng’s hands."


Even though Xiao Changqing and co. had already guessed that something was wrong, the moment they heard those words, they still got a huge surprise.

In their hearts, they were thinking: What sort of situation is this? A stranger rescued you from the hands of your fiance?

Xiao Changqing and co. stared at Lin Shimeng and Chu Yu in doubt, then they turned to glance at the enraged Qi Heng.

The information flow here… was a little big.

[1] This idiom illustrates that things will sort themselves out eventually.

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