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Chu Yu’s mischievous response bewildered the Western people.


Would the Vatican City do such a lowly thing?

How could he say that they were falsely accusing him? Wasn’t he the one making false accusations?

"Chu Yu, I’ve heard that Eastern men are men of their words. You’re one of the most outstanding people in the younger generation of cultivators. Could it be that this generation is a generation full of people who are all talk?".

This dig from the people of the Vatican City was aimed straight at Chu Yu.

In their eyes, the world of cultivation in the East was clearly not unified.

This was an open secret.

The Sects all went solo and fought with one another.

In fact, the West suffered from the same problem as well.

Cultivation had become globalized. Even a normal person could actively seek a longer life through it.

Most of the major Sects had opted to assimilate themselves into the world as they could get rid of the restrictions imposed on them.

The Ancient Rainfall Sect, the Truth Ancient Sect, and many other similar major Sects had all chosen to set up their cultivation academies in the Secular World.

They called Chu Yu out as a representative of the younger generation of cultivators in the east in hope that they could create some spite between him and the rest, and avoid having to take action by themselves.

However, things did not go as they had expected.

"Even though Chu Yu was not born with any background- one could even say that he comes from a small clan with no reputation, his resilience and fate are deeply intertwined with cultivation. I’m not sure if others recognise him as the representative for the younger generation of cultivators, but I certainly do.".

The person who said this was someone whom everyone thought had a deep grudge with Chu Yu - Li Feng Mang!

"Yea, even though we have had a history of vengeance, and I still don’t like him very much at that, I have to admit that he is worthy of being labelled as the representative of the younger generation of cultivators," said Bai Sha Ren of the South Sky Sect.

Following this, Ye Yun Luo of the Shang Qing Sect, Li Xiao Xiao, Ancient Rainfall Sect’s Cao Jian Jia and many other big shots in the younger generation of cultivators expressed their agreement.

They all recognised him as the representative figure of the younger generation of cultivators!

Especially master Cao Jian Jia, she was full of praise and respect for him!

"I admire him very much, he’s humble and calm, peaceful in nature, and yet, he’s ferocious towards his enemies! Have a fallen for him? Hahahaha… there’s still some distance from that. Of course, if he courted me on his own accord, things may be different!".

In the background, Chai Xue, who was not a master but still a prominent figure in the Shang Qing Sect, said openly, "I was classmates with Chu Yu in university, yea, and I courted him for many years. Yes, that’s correct, I still like him very much till this day. The representative figure of the younger generation? The label sounds very exaggerated, but it may be accurate in describing him.".

This was not limited to the people of the younger generation, many elderly masters openly affirmed his potential.

There was an elderly master from the Thief Sect whose name on social media was Grandfather Dao, which was a word play on the word Thief.

Even though he had only recently created his account, he was very active and had hundreds of millions of followers.

He said, "Chu Yu is amazing! I admire him too. Moreover, what was your Western God doing in the East? Perhaps your own men sent assassins to murder him in the East so that you could frame us? How shameless!".

Casarina, who had remained silent since coming to the East, uploaded a long paragraph of revelations, revealing the dark side of the Vatican City and explaining why she had fled that place.

If one was to say that the Western people were enraged by those words before, Casarina’s post would have been the final stab in their backs.

The dark revelations about the Vatican City spread to every corner of the world.

Everyone was shocked.

"What the f*ck? How could they be so underhanded? Nurturing a Holy Saint just to become the plaything of a big shot? We’re in the modern era, and yet such things exist? She was not only a plaything, but a vessel to elevate someone’s cultivation as well?! How evil could this get? Even the demonic Sects aren’t capable of this!".

"They are wolves in sheeps’ clothing, the Son of God deserved to die!".

"I am a westerner, and I WAS a loyal follower of the religion! But after seeing Casarina’s explanation, I will never believe them again. They’re literally the devil, they’re corrupting our faith!".

"I was once a father of the religion, but now I’m very old and my time is running out. This is why I’m not afraid of death, nor am I afraid of revenge. I only wish to say one thing: Whatever Casarina has said, it is all true!".

A small rock was thrown into the water, but the ripple effect was as huge as a tsunami.

Casarina’s revelations were the death of the Vatican City!

Not even in their dreams could they imagine that Casarina was brave enough to reveal the dark dealings that went on behind the scenes.

In reality, not everyone believed in what she had said.

There were many who believed in their faith more than their logic.

No matter what was said or propagated, they did not try to understand it and completely ignored it instead. They even tried to vouch for the Vatican City in an attempt to salvage it from its dire state…

It was a pity that this was to no avail.

There is a saying that a dark stain spreads faster than faith.

After the whole Casarina episode, they had no power left.

The murder of Casarina’s family angered many who were supportive of the Vatican City.

They were innocent!

They were afraid that the same fate would befall them some day.

They did not expect this matter to become a global headline.

The floodgates were opened.

There were only a few who could hold on to their faith.

The interesting thing was that the topic of conversation had shifted from the murder of the Son of God to the dark dealings of the Vatican City…

Some tried to bring the conversation back to its original topic, but the outrage was too overwhelming.

The people at the Vatican City were utterly infuriated!

The angels and knights were already under a large amount of pressure.

If they did not kill the person who had murdered the Son of God by the time their master came out, their world would have been incinerated and they would have been beyond salvation.

So, they were already prepared for battle!

Their scopes were all aimed at Chu Yu.

They had to settle this no matter what!

Among the hustle and tussle, Chu Yu turned off his communication device and entered the prehistoric forests of Siberia.

This was where he picked up the Golden Metal Ball.

The magnetic field here was as strong as ever.

If one did not use his divine sense, one would never have been able to find this place.

Chu Yu had come here to enter seclusion and rush to the Divine Lord Realm!

He had stagnated at the True Lord stage for some time and his fundamentals were solid as a result.

He could sense that a war was coming, and if he did not improve his cultivation levels now, he would suffer in the near future.

The elevation of his cultivation level was natural to Chu Yu.

He did not even need to use any pill.

He had not touched the Pills of Heavenly Pulse.

Quietly, he sat at where the Golden Metal Ball was found back then and gathered the strength in his body, fortifying the Nascent God in his Dan Tian.

The Nascent God began to take on a physical form.

Chu Yu began to integrate the armor he had obtained from before!

His smithing abilities were average, but those armor were all fully completed Magical Equipment. He only needed to dissolve them and make them his own.

The powerful energy circulated around this cavern, flowing out of Chu Yu’s body and returning to him after moving about.

This continued for three days.

At the start of the fourth day, a powerful energy burst out of Chu Yu’s body.

Clouds and gale winds gathered above Siberia.

The speed at which the dark clouds were gathering at was shocking!

In an instant, the sky above the forest transformed.

The dark clouds swirled as if an invisible hand was controlling them.

The magnetic fields went berserk as the lightning crackled in the clouds above.

All of the Satellites in the sky were blinded in that instance!

Even those advanced Satellites from Mars lost their functionality.

"What happened there?"

"Could it be that someone powerful was undergoing divine judgement?"

"Which fellow Daoist is it?".

In a short span of time, many people had their eyes fixed onto this area.

Some powerful cultivators rushed to this area and stopped at the outskirts of this place.

They all could feel the dangerous aura emanated from the inside of that place, and it was very threatening.


A huge bolt of lightning descended upon the prehistoric forest.

A large mountain was cut down by this bolt of lightning in an instant.

After that bolt of lightning struck, many could only watch on with their tongues tied.

The tall mountain had disappeared from sight…

What remained was a huge crater!

"Was this armageddon?" asked someone.

After this, a string of lightning bolts struck the same area over and over again.

Deep inside the land, Chu Yu’s dark grey Immortal Crane Furnace was writhing in pain as it emanated a cool energy.

Every bolt of lightning had the power to end the world.

Even though Chu Yu had already stepped into the realm of the Divine Lord, he still had the feeling that he was about to meet with a huge danger.

This feeling was terrifying.

He was lucky that the Immortal Crane Furnace could block most of the killer attacks.

As each bolt of lightning struck, the furnace would radiate a golden light that would help him block the attacks.

But it only lasted for an instant.

In the blink of an eye, it would revert back to its dark grey form.

Following the endless assault of lightning bolts, Chu Yu suddenly got the feeling that the one undergoing divine judgement was not him, but the Immortal Crane Furnace.

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