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Chapter 335: Xue Xue
Naturally, the Art of Perfect Cloning was much more precise than anything modern technology could offer.
There were virtually no differences between the clone and the actual being.
Shen Xing and Fei Xue stumbled upon two perfect bodies when they were searching for divine herbs back then, and after dissolving and harnessing them for many years, the bodies could contain their Saintly souls.
After that, they transmuted their Nascent Gods into the bodies.
Lastly, with their almighty powers, they severed any connection the bodies had to themselves and let the bodies enter a deep sleep.
They even laid down a seal on this place, which could only have been activated by the death of themselves.
Only then would some their memories be transmuted from their original bodies to the clones.
Once they woke up, they had a rough idea of what had happened.
This was the product of their years of labour.
They were intellectuals who could foresee all the possibilities when they planted the secret machine into their daughter.
They were kind people too- they did not want to believe that things could go so far south.
But, as a precaution, they did the necessary preparations.
It was thanks to this that they did not become normal human beings after their implosion.
Fei Xue looked at Shen Xing and asked softly, "When can we go and find our daughter?".
"Our current bodies are only in the Legendary Emperor Realm. We should stay here and train peacefully until we become Saints again, then, we can go and find her, " replied Shen Xing.
"But for that to happen, we may need several years, what if something happens to her?" said Fei Xue worryingly.
"Nothing bad will happen, thats for sure!" assured Shen Xing confidently.
He continued, "For us to have awakened, it means that we have already found the person who can save our daughter. It’s most likely that that person is the heir to the Crane Saint…".
"To be able to obtain his legacy and save our daughter by refining the Pill of Heavenly Pulse, he must be someone powerful.".
"So, we should trust that he will take care of her.".
"Moreover, once she recovers, she will soon break into the Divine Lord Realm.".
"Her progression would then be unstoppable. For all we know, she might become a Saint before we do, you have nothing to worry about.".
Shen Xing held his wife’s hand and smiled, "Instead of worrying about this, you should worry about those other worldly beings that inhabit this place. Back then, when we came here, a few of them did not welcome us very much.".
Fei Xue thought this was logical and with a smile, she said, "Alright, I’ll listen to you. Let’s train quietly and remain hidden.".

On the other side of mars.
A large mountain over tens of thousands of metres tall stood, towering like a divine mountain with its summit high up in the sky.
At the top of the mountain, there were many small figures who sat there quietly, looking into the distance.
If Chu Yu was here, he would immediately have recognised that this girl was someone whom he had met before- Xue Xue!
But he would have been very suspicious, because his experiences proved that it was all an illusion created by that monster.
Since it was an illusion, how could she exist in this world?
Xue Xue’s eyes were riddled with concern and cluelessness.
A layer of light shrouded her body.
That was a layer of high tech defense that could protect one from anything as long as it remained intact.
As her current level of cultivation was not much, she was still a little uncomfortable.
As a result, she started working on her biochemical processes.
A pair of pale and smooth hands cupped her cheeks as she stared at a far away place.
That place was Earth.
"What a weird dream… I even dreamt of it for

so many days in a row," said Xue Xue.
"Could such a person exist on Earth? His powers are amazing!".
"Amazing my *ss! If I meet him, I will definitely beat him with one punch! Moreover, Xue Xue, it’s just a dream, a dream! Why are you taking it so seriously?" asked a tall and muscular man in his late twenties as he appeared behind her, wearing a silver armor.
The armor around his cheeks were transparent and his expressions could be seen clearly.
His handsome face was riddled with depression.
Without turning back, she replied, "Is it really just a dream? Am I really just making things up?".
"Of course it is just a dream! What else could it be? Reality? Even those experts in prophecy and telepathy have said that it’s just a dream, a dream that’s a little…".
"Then why do you have the same dream as well? Why do so many people have this dream?" asked Xue Xue with her back still facing him.
"Tell me why, can you explain to me what is going on?" she asked.
"I… I don’t know either," said Wang Dong- he was very depressed.
Because he had the exact same dream, and in this dream, he was beaten by that man in a single blow!
It was disgraceful!
If it was not for the fact that many people had the same dream at the same time, he would never have admitted it.
But now, more than half of the people in their clan have had this dream.
Most of them could not clearly remember the details in it.
Some could remember bits of it.
The number of people who could remember everything was even lesser.
Wang Dong stood beside Xue Xue and said, "Xue Xue, do you think that your grandfather would act like he did in the dream? Would he give up everything just to get that man’s blood?".
Xue Xue wanted to deny it immediately, but she thought about it honestly instead.
With a wry smile, she said, "If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would not have thought about it, but knowing grandfather, that science maniac, he might just do such a thing.".
After saying this, she stood up, turned to Wang Dong and said, "That dream; grandfather had it too, do you know what he said about it?".
"What did he say?" asked Wang Dong curiously.
She replied, "He said that if someone like that really existed, he would ask for a drop of his blood no matter what.".
"What if that person did not want to give it to him?" asked Wang Dong.
"I guess.. He might really do what he did in the dream," said Xue Xue.
"Hmph… He might as well not try. If someone like that truly exists, I would respect him deeply, and I would never wish for him to be my enemy," said Wang Dong seriously.
"That’s for sure, I wouldn’t want that either. Which is why I want to go to Earth!"
"What? What did you say? The Earth? You want to go there?" asked Wang Dong with a face of shock.
Spouting everything that was on his mind, he continued, "No way, that’s too dangerous! Your current level of cultivation is only equivalent to that of a Divine Lord. For all we know, the Earth may now have many powerful foes that we cannot handle. Disregarding all of these, it’s not that easy to simply walk over the path of stars! Whatever it is, you cannot go!".
"I’m not asking for your opinion," uttered Xue Xue as she stared at him.
After a while, she said, "Who’s scared of the path of stars? With the latest Universal Aircraft there would definitely be no problem.".
"You really want to go?" asked Wang Dong as if he was considering something.
"If you dare to tell anyone, I won’t talk to you again!" threatened Xue Xue.
"No no no, why would i expose you?" said Wang Dong hurriedly.
With a look of resolve on his face, he said, "I’m going with you!".
"What are you going there for?" asked Xue Xue with a puzzled expression.
"I, I want to look for that person, and see for myself if he really is that strong. You’re right actually, with the Universal Aircraft, even if we are mere martians, we can enter Earth for sure.".
He continued, "Haven’t you heard? Seven of the youngsters from the Clan of Ancient Cultivation stole an aircraft and went to earth to look for a secret machine!".
"I think I’ve heard of this," replied Xue Xue as she furrowed her eyebrows.
Her face then became excited as she said, "We don’t have to steal one!".
As they were the most talented prodigies in this clan, they indeed did not need to.
"But we still need to sneak out and run away!" said Wang Dong.
All of the Grandmasters from the different clans on Mars had warned that no one was allowed to go near the planet that had only been unsealed for a few years.
In the eyes of the higher powers on Mars, the Earth was a truly troublesome place.
Where ferocious dangers resided!
Even the most powerful beings on Mars could not step onto Earth as they wished, let alone these younger ones.
"Are you going with me or not?" asked Xue Xue as she looked at Wang Dong with her gleaming eyes.
Without any hesitation, he nodded his head and replied, "Let’s go!".

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