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For one whole month, the heavenly magic suppressed this dimension and repaired it.

It targeted those whose cultivation levels were of the Legendary Emperor Realm and above, and they could not escape.

After many days, people began to understand what had happened.

Everyone in the Sect knew the whole story now.

Most of them could not bring themselves to hate the couple.

"If it were me, and I had to suffer such an ordeal like them, I would’ve done the same.".

"Even the Sect Leader… could not escape?".

"I’ve heard about it as well, that his cultivation was suppressed to the level of Legendary Emperor. But he is still the strongest person is our Sect.".

"That may be true, but only for now. Rumour has it that the diminishment of their cultivation levels is irreversible.".

"You can’t say things like that, otherwise, the geniuses in the younger generations might suffer a terrible fate…".

The most talented individuals in the younger generations of the Sect all went silent.

They did not dare to show themselves!

They were now the future of the Sect, as their levels of cultivation were not suppressed.

They still had the hope of becoming saints.

But no one knew what the Sect Leader, who had fallen to the level of Legendary Emperor, was thinking.

There was a chance that…

That would be too terrifying!

"If we can leave this place and go to the secular world, that would be great.". Those were the words of a young prodigy in the Sect.

Two days later, his corpse was found on his very own bed.

After news of this got out, everyone entered a state of fear.

No one dared to talk about the issue casually.

They all knew that the Sect Leader still held absolute control over the Sect!

No one could go against him!

At least not for now.

Perhaps… the girl that the couple exchanged their lives for could come back one day and kill him.

But whether or not that would actually happen, no one knew.

Chu Yu brought Drizzle to the depths of Antarctica.

He was surprised that that was the designated destination of the teleportation formation.

Even before the earth was unsealed, Antarctica had already begun to display some divine properties, which were reported from time to time.

Most of them were mere speculation, and the truth was still shrouded in mystery.

No one knew the truth.

In recent times, people had begun to understand that the Antarctic Continent was the best place for cultivators from the pocket dimensions to hide themselves, as it was a barren and cold land.

There were only penguins here.

Drizzle’s face was tense as she walked behind Chu Yu.

All of a sudden, she stopped walking as a tear rolled down her cheeks.

She said, "Chu Yu, my parents are dead.".

"What?" said Chu Yu, shocked.

They were Saints!

How could they have fallen so quickly?

"I know that something has happened to them," said Drizzle gently as she sobbed.

This was the only instance of emotion she had shown that befitted a three year old girl.

"Saints are unvanquishable, they probably left a part of themselves behind," reassured Chu Yu.

"I don’t know, but I’ve heard them talk about it before. Once they decided to perish together with their enemies, their Nascent Gods would inevitably get hurt severely, and their souls would suffer an irreversible impact," said Drizzle as she continued sobbing.

Regarding this matter, Chu Yu did not know the fates of Shen Xing and Fei Xue.

He could only stay by their daughter’s side.

After a while, Drizzle stopped crying. She raised her head, looked at Chu Yu, and said, "Chu Yu. I want to go and find them!".

"Who?" asked Chu Yu.

"My parents," said Drizzle.

"You know where they are?" asked Chu Yu as he looked at her, a little surprised.

Even if she was their daughter, she and Chu Yu would not have known the exact location of the couple.

It was not that the couple did not trust them, but that in the world of cultivation, any secret could have been discovered.

The best option was to keep one’s secret to oneself.

Drizzle shook her head and replied, "I don’t.".

"How do you intend to find them then? Moreover, what if you get spotted by anyone from the Tai Ji Sect? What if they follow you to your parents?" said Chu Yu as he looked at her.

With tears welling up in her eyes, she said, "What should I do then?".

Chu Yu looked at her as he sighed in his heart.

Some parts of her behaviour were very mature, but some were very naive as well.

Chu Yu looked at her sternly and said, "Your parents entrusted you to me because they hope that you can grow up healthily without any worries. If they are still alive, they definitely will be able to find us, and you can see them then.".

Drizzle thought about it and felt that Chu Yu’s point was reasonable.

In her heart, she still wanted to find her own parents.


She looked at Chu Yu and said, "Your level of cultivation isn’t even as high as mine, how are you going to protect me?".

Chu Yu’s lips twitched a little.

It looked like that was really the case.

The speed at which Drizzle broke through the different realms of cultivation was terrifying, due to the secret machine in her body and the accumulation of energy over these three thousand years.

Once she recovered, she immediately broke into the Divine Lord Realm.

Over these few years, Chu Yu had focused on his fundamentals and did not pay particular attention to his level of cultivation.

He could battle Divine Lords with ease at his current level of ability, which was why he did not hurry to break through to the next stage.

Who would have thought that he would be mocked by a little girl like that.

If the one who mocked him was an adult, Chu Yu would have said one thing which would have infuriated them.

"I can fight dozens of people like you by myself," that was what Chu Yu had wanted to say.

But it was a pity that that even though she was three thousand years old, Chu Yu only saw her as a little child.

"Whether I can protect you or not, you’ll see for yourself when things happen in the future," said Chu Yu.

"Alright… Where shall we go now?" asked Drizzle as she looked at him.

"Let’s go home," replied Chu Yu after some thought.

Originally, he had wanted to visit the Limitless Sect and the Twin disciples Sect, but as things were, it did not seem necessary anymore.

They already knew about the information that Chu Yu wanted to share.

The war during the ancient ages sealed the solar system, but these Sects’ legacies had never been disrupted before.

Even though Chu Yu had the legacy of a Saint, the others had the guidance of one!

Others knew of the mirror dimension as well.

They even knew more than him about the Bastion of Stars!

What more was there to say then?

He was worrying for nothing!

Chu Yu could already tell that the power required to save this world probably did not exist in the solar system, or at the very least, it did not exist on earth.

He could feel the sense of decay when he was at the Tai Ji Sect.

Perhaps they had their own reasons for not going to the Bastion of Stars, but in the eyes of Chu Yu, those Saints who did not go merely feared death!

Only a few of them had legitimate reasons like Fei Xue and Shen Xing.

Why should he have bothered then?

They were all a bunch of self centred people who strongly believed that they should have minded their own business.

Chu Yu could not inspire them just by himself.

That was why he chose to go home to enter seclusion and improve his cultivation.

After that, he would take revenge and avenge his lover!


In a planetary parade of an ancient star far away.

On a planet that was now known as mars.

Deep into a giant cliff, an ancient Immortal Estate stood.

The immortal energy in the immortal estate was thick, as many equipments lay everywhere.

Spiritual stones were amassed in piles.

Apart from this, inside the Immortal Estate, which was similar to a pocket dimension, there were Divine Cranes, Divine Deers, Spiritual Monkeys, and other mythological beasts.   

They did not care about the spiritual herbs that grew here and went about their own businesses.

Suddenly, deep into the immortal estate, waves of clatters could be heard.

All of the mythological beasts raised their heads and gave a wary look.

They had never been near to any danger from the day they were born.

They did not know what danger was.

After which, a pair of young people, a man and a woman, walked out with their hands held.

The beasts’ first reactions to their appearance was to lower their heads and pay their respects.

It was like an instinct that was wired deep into their soul.

The pair were initially at a loss for words, but soon after, they furrowed their brows and smiled as they looked at one another.

"Brother Xing, in the end, we’ve still come to this.".

"Little Xue... I’m more than satisfied that I can hold you like this again," said the young man as he hugged the woman.

She smiled and said, "We still have a future! It’s just that I miss our daughter very dearly.".

The man replied, "Since we’ve awakened, this means that our daughter has safely left the Sect! One day, we will find her again.".

This couple was Fei Xue and Shen Xing!

But they looked much younger!

Their mental spirits were much more youthful as well, as if they were young adults in their twenties.

The fact was that the two of them had left an image of themselves behind two thousand years ago.

An image that was carved straight out of their souls!

They knew that they had died.

However, there was no pain or torment in their souls!

This meant that they could grow and have a future.

Even for Saints, it was not easy to do this.

They had to possess formidable powers that transcended that of modern technology-The Art of Perfect Cloning!

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