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Chapter 328: Incredible!
The flame from Chu Yu’s Dan Tian burned like a raging fire. It originated from a miraculous flame in the lava of the earth’s core, and the heat it gave off was much higher than that of actual lava!
Moreover, it had been harnessed in Chu Yu’s Dan Tian for so long, allowing it to be elevated into a higher grade of flame.
The higher the grade of the pill being refined, the higher the requirement for the flame.
Otherwise, when refining the Pill of Heavenly Pulse and such other pills, even though the initial flame of lava was not weak by any means, its power would have been insufficient.
Chu Yu had wanted to find an opportunity to gather other magical flames to strengthen his own flame.
That way, it could grow faster.
However, these magical flames were spiritual items within the heavens and the earth.
Like the three divine herbs, it was possible to find it, but almost impossible to seek possession of it.
The immortal Crane Furnace gave off a thick spiritual energy, but this energy did not come from within the furnace.
It was also impossible for Chu Yu’s technique to have allowed the medical herbs inside to give off such a strong spiritual energy.
The spiritual energy was drawn in from the surroundings!
Like commoners gathering under a ruler.
It was as if the Furnace was the holy land of gathering for the spiritual energy!
The energy here grew thicker and thicker.
Even a saint like Shen Xing was affected by it.
"Be careful, it could attract the heavenly thieves!" reminded Chu Yu.
Shen Xing knew of this, even if it was not from understudying the Crane Saint, there were many stories of such incidents.
The formation of divine medicine could have two effects- the medicine itself could form its own spiritual character and attempt to escape, or the divine medicine could be too overwhelming and attract the attention of heavenly thieves, who would descend and destroy them.
There were many different ways this could have turned out.
It was not an abnormality in the world of cultivation.
Which was why Shen Xing was prepared for this from the start.
Chu Yu did not waste any time as well, he quickly formed some hand seals. After which, an array of talisman papers flew towards the Immortal Crane Furnace and sealed the Pill of Heavenly Pulse.
The outside of the Immortal Crane Furnace shone with a bright light.
The light glittered in gold and was blinding.
Even Shen Xing was blinded, his heart in awe of the magic of pill refinement.
Regardless of specialisation, at the highest level, none of them could compare to this light.
The Immortal Crane Furnace, which had undergone metamorphosis, was too powerful. When Chu Yu formed his hand seals to conjure a magical power, the furnace began giving off rays of light that were the colors of the rainbow!
Every ray of light was a magical ray!
The power of this magic was appalling.
It went straight for the Pill of Heavenly Pulse in the furnace and sealed it in a deadlock.
"Open the lid!" Chu Yu echoed.
A crackle resounded from within the furnace!
Like a bolt of lightning splitting the earth!
The lid of the furnace opened, and a strong and enriched wave of life energy erupted from within.
Outside of the Immortal Estate, up in the sky, surging winds and clouds gathered.
It was like there was an invisible hand stirring the winds and the clouds.
The dark clouds tussled with one another and rolled, as if there were dragons swimming among them.
A purple bolt of lightning flew towards Shen Xing’s immortal estate.
In the next moment.
Deep in the immortal estate, the bolt of lightning raced towards the furnace.
Shen Xing heaved and conjured a disc-shaped whirlpool above it.
The whirlpool was like a black hole

, consuming the purple bolt of lightning entirely.
Chu Yu was speechless and could only stare.
The powers of a Saint were vast indeed.
The disc-shaped whirlpool looked normal, but its power was immense.
After it had sucked in the bolt of purple lightning, there was no sound at all.
After this, several purple bolts of lightning descended from the sky on the immortal estate.
Fei Xue stood still in the air above the immortal estate and looked on.
She furrowed her brows but did not move.
She knew that her husband could handle the problem.
She did not dare to make any rash movements, as there was a man hidden in the shadows, a man whom she hated to the bone but was wary of.
Mu Jin Jiang!
Their sworn nemesis!
Even though she did not sense his energy or any trace of him, she knew that he was definitely here!
That b*stard who deserved to suffer in the depths of hell over and over again!
This was the man who ambushed them back then when Shen Xing went into seclusion to become a Saint.
She was forced to fight him, even though she was pregnant, as she had to protect her husband.
That was the exact fight that landed their daughter in this state.
Even though it has been three thousand years, the couple have always had revenge on their minds.
But this man was sly and slippery, his level of cultivation was high as well, allowing him to remain hidden all this time.
In addition to this, many of the elders of the Tai Ji Sect were of the opinion that they should have approached him in peace, which handicapped their ability to seek revenge.
Mu Jin Jiang and Shen Xing belonged in the same era, they were both born before the ancient times.
He was a hundred years or so older than Shen Xing, and was labelled a true talent of the Tai Ji Sect back in the day.
However, Shen Xing’s appearance robbed him of this title, which made him hell bent on making Shen Xing’s life a living hell.
It started off as little tricks and traps, but eventually, the rivalry became severe.
In the eyes of the elders of the Sect back then, both of them were immensely talented, and the loss of either one would sadden them.
So they let their rivalry continue and allowed them to fight. From their point of view, this was a good thing.
How could they progress without fighting?
From the Xian Tian to the King’s Realm, from the Supreme Realm to the True Lord Realm, and from the True Lord Realm to the Legendary Emperor Realm…
Across countless years, it was always Mu Jin Jiang who was the one that kept targeting Shen Xing.
Shen Xing endured when he could, and he tried to avoid fighting as much as possible.
They both even fancied the same woman!
That’s right, that woman was Fei Xue.
As a woman, Fei Xue favoured Shen Xing, she had liked him ever since she was young.
Fei Xue was immensely talented as well, but she was younger than Shen Xing by too much.
Despite this, her level of cultivation improved rapidly.
Once she became a Legendary Empress, the two of them decided to wed and bear a child before becoming Saints.
Mu Jin Jiang tried his best to stir trouble between them and committed many evil deeds.
Luckily, Fei Xue was confident that Shen Xing was the man who truly loved her, and she knew very clearly who she loved as well.
Their marriage enraged Mu Jin Jiang as he felt that it shamed him.
After that, he only tried harder to cause trouble for the couple.
After their marriage, Shen Xing brought Fei Xue to a place far away from the core city of the Tai Ji Sect.
He wanted to bring them away from the trifles of Mu Jin Jiang.
But in the end, trouble still caught up to them.
Remembering all the times where this man had made them suffer, Fei Xue desperately wanted to slap him to death!
But Mu Jin Jiang was strong as well, after Shen Xing became a saint, he followed suit soon after.
After he became a Saint, there was a period of peace and quiet.
This was only because he got a bit nervous by the news that the couple had both become Saints as well.
Eventually, the elders from the Tai Ji Sect back then attempted to bring the two parties to a compromise.
But this time, it was Fei Xue and Shen Xing who were stubborn and they did not agree to any of the suggestions they had made.
Were the elders joking? Their only daughter was put on the brink of death by Mu Jin Jiang, and she had to suffer a terrible life when she could have been a heavenly talent.
This grudge could not be resolved that easily.
Even though they did not hold a high position in the Tai Ji Sect back then, they knew they were powerful!
They were two Saints!
Their power could not be taken lightly.
Either one of them, if they wanted to, could cause havoc in the Sect, even if there were countless ancient seals guarding the place.
If they combined their powers, it went without saying what they could do.
That was why the matter persisted till this day.
Shen Xing and Fei Xue were tasked with protecting the Tai Ji Sect and its entrance to the outside world.
Mu Jin Jiang, on the other hand, went into hiding and never showed himself.
But Mu Jin Jiang was resourceful, he had eyes all around Shen Xing.
So when an outsider who could refine pills came and was invited in by Shen Xing….
It caught the eye of Mu Jin Jiang.
Therefore, he came.
Fei Xue looked at the bolts of lightning flying towards the immortal estate. Her heart was full of anticipation and a little turbulent.
From the looks of it, the Pill of Heavenly Pulse had been successfully refined.
But she was a little worried that something could have gone wrong in the process of the refinement.
What made her worry even more was that she knew that Mu Jin Jiang, that b*stard, would not have audacity to come here alone.
The Tai Ji Sect was too huge!
It was a vast territory that was bigger than earth.
In the Secular world on earth, the few major countries often went to war against one another.
Even though wars of those scales had never happened in the Tai Ji Sect, there were more than a few minor scuffles.
Personal grudges and vengeance were nothing new here.
Once Fei Xue had the premonition that Mu Jin Jiang was here, she immediately gave out a divine sense and notified her friends to contact Saints that were close to them to help out.
Even though she wished to kill Mu Jin Jiang with her own hands, she knew very clearly that now was not the time to be driven by anger.
Curing her daughter was of utmost importance!
There was nothing more important than this in the world!
So, Fei Xue stood calmly in the air, her robes flying in the wind with her hair dancing along, looking into the distance.
Like a fairy from the heavens, independent and graceful.
In the immortal estate, Shen Xing easily fended off all the heavenly thieves that came here.
His robes barely moved.
In the end, all of the heavenly thieves disappeared.
The pill was formed and there was no more energy leaking out of the furnace.
With a shocked expression, Shen Xing said, "Is this the innate expression of medicine that master Crane Saint mentioned? I never imagined that you could do this… This is almost unbelievable, no wonder you are the heir to him.".
Chu Yu looked at him with a little pity, and hoped that his attitude would remain this way when he saw the pill afterwards.
After he said that, Shen Xing excitedly rushed to the furnace and looked into it.
"The yield is so much? Is this really… *cough*... Is this really the Pill of Heavenly Pulse?" asked Shen Xing as he turned to look at Chu Yu.
Chu Yu nodded his head innocently and said, "This definitely is the Pill of Heavenly Pulse, you’re a saint you should…".
Shen Xing rolled his eyes at him and reached out, taking a pill out from the furnace and observing it closely.
He was no normal person.
For cultivators to become saints, their existence had to be one with god like powers.
One look and he could tell.
The intricate patterns on the pill were like a work of art.
Shen Xing’s eyes glowed with a divine radiance as he inspected it!
The art was like a big world!
There were not only mountains and rivers in it, but flying creatures and beasts as well.
Under his powerful inspection, Shen Xing realised that the pill was teeming with life!
The beasts within roared as the flying creatures flocked in the sky.
The biodiversity was the terrifying innate nature of the Pill of Heavenly Pulse.
"This is…" Shen Xing paused as the divine light in his eyes dissipated. His lips were trembling and he could only look at the pill in his hand.
After a while, he uttered one word and one word only, "Incredible!".

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