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Chapter 323

That existence was the pinnacle of the beliefs of countless people in the world, he was their god, their saviour, and their master.

But he was not the true God.

That entity had long left this place for the Bastion of Stars.

What was left was an immensely powerful existence.

That was all.

"Do you need me to go myself?".

The ice cold and powerful telepathic message resounded again. This time, however, it encompassed an almighty pressure!

God was running low on patience.

Indeed, if one was to put himself in his shoes, the murder of his son would probably enrage him as much as it enraged God right now.

Even if he was God, the rage was unavoidable..

The people and angels who survived were silent, but they were forced to find a reason for their God.

In their hearts, the idea of doubt or dissatisfaction was unthinkable, for to do so meant treachery.

Which meant they had to be burned.

Large amounts of angels and people- called knights, the most powerful of the human race, left the pocket dimension.

The palace quietened down very quickly.

After which, a powerful wave of psychokinesis descended upon the ruins.

In the blink of an eye, the crumbled palace was restored to its former glory.

The cold telepathic energy enveloped the entire pocket dimension again.

"This world is mine!"

At that moment, Chu Yu was among the Wu Dang mountains.

The Tai Ji Sect of legend inhabited the area, except that they had not assimilated into the modern world.

The scenery atop the mountains was beautiful, and one could see tourists prancing about enjoying themselves.

No matter the era, no matter the time, even in times of war, those holy grounds of travel would still see wide eyed travellers.

It was one of the urges of basic humanity, wanderlust.

Following the steps, Chu Yu ascended to the top of the mountain in a breath.

Like most areas, this place was marked to indicate occupancy by a certain Sect. However, in these times, where the trend of Sects integrating themselves into the modern world was popular, there were no longer seclusive practices.

That did not mean that they allowed just anyone to enter.

The areas overlooked by the Sect was demarcated clearly, and casual entry was prohibited.

In the past, when isolation was not yet broken, the situation was similar, where a particular area in certain mountains and landmarks was out of bounds. Everyone was used to it.

Chu Yu raised his head and opened his vertical eye, in an attempt to find the entry to the Tai Ji Sect in the pocket dimension.

This was supposedly their place of residence, hence, Chu Yu felt that this should have been the correct place.

Subsequently, Chu Yu found the entrance, which was tucked away in the mountains, a distance away from the peak of Mount Wu Dang.

The entrance was not far above the ground, just about a few hundred metres in height.

It was masked by a magical formation that basked in energy, even if one had a high level of cultivation, it would not have been easy for them to find this place.

In a flash, Chu Yu disappeared from his position and reappeared at the site of energy.

His figure was hidden, hence, the people below could not see his presence.

But just as he arrived, Chu Yu felt a pair of powerful divine senses locking onto him through the entrance.

Whoever they were, they did not speak, they merely observed in the shadows.

Chu Yu let out a mental wave, "I am Chu Yu, here to visit the Tai Ji Sect, greetings!".

The people inside now knew that Chu Yu did indeed come for the Tai Ji Sect.

He received a response from inside, "The Tai Ji Sect is not integrated into the modern world, we do not accept disciples, neither do we accept visitors, we hope you can understand that.".

Oh? Giving him the cold shoulder?

Chu Yu tried again, "I’ve come here to inform you about something of utmost importance, can you help me relay the message if I tell you from here?".

Chu Yu did not expect it to be easy to enter these ancient holy grounds.

According to what Li Feng Mang told him, the places that these unintegrated Sects inhabited were all considered holy grounds.

Some were as old as a hundred million years.

Chu Yu did not mind that he was denied entry, after all, it was normal that these Sects did not open their doors to outsiders.

The people inside could

could sense that Chu Yu meant no harm, and that he was powerful enough to precisely locate this place.

After a pause, the man inside replied Chu Yu, "I’ll notify them that you are here, please wait.".

Chu Yu replied after that but did not receive a response.

After ten minutes or so, Chu Yu suddenly felt the energy in front of him lifted, and the doors opened.

"Enter quickly," a mental wave emitted.

With a flicker of his body, Chu Yu entered.

The scene in front of him changed completely!

It no longer seemed like a pocket dimension…

The sight was an enormous one, a big dimension!

He looked down and saw that he was up in the sky!

In front him of stood two men dressed in ancient robes.

Looking across the horizon, one could not see the end.

The land below stretched on for tens of thousands of miles!

Divine mountains littered with forests, with rivers flowing through the cities, one glance and one could tell that this world was different from earth.

"This place… is massive!".

Chu Yu was at a loss for words.

He could now understand why the Tai Ji Sect did not want to assimilate into the modern world.

They did not need to!

This place was bigger than earth by at least tenfold!

Chu Yu felt that the Chu Clan’s area in the pocket dimension, where they inhabited before assimilating into the modern world, was huge.

But in comparison to this, it was like comparing a firefly to the size of the moon.

It was hard to imagine that among the Wu Dang Mountains, there was an ancient Sect that stood over such a vast space.

If he did not see it personally, he would never accept its grandiose nature and extent of vastness.

The universe was so mysterious and amazing!

The two saw Chu Yu’s expression and let out a smile.

"Those who come here for the first time would inevitably be a little shaken, you’re considered alright actually. When Senior Zhang San Feng came here, he was dumbfounded.".

"Zhang… San Feng?" uttered Chu Yu as he looked at the men.

"The pioneer Grand master of the Wu Dang Sect?" he asked.

"Yeah, back then he accidently barged into this place, and after years of learning, he went back and started the Wu Dang Sect," replied one of the men.

"He was immensely talented, even though he was born in the secular world, he is still the pride of the Tai Ji Sect!".


Chu Yu gasped with a face of admiration.

To be honest, when Chu Yu saw Li Feng Mang and the rest, he never held any of the so called major sects in much regard.

Even though he never visited the pocket dimensions that each Sect inhabited, Chu Yu felt that the trio’s characters were telling enough of their respective Sects.

He even once said that Tai Qing Sect’s pocket dimension was about the size of a province in China.

But compared to the Tai Ji Sect, the difference was too big.

Could this be the most powerful Sect in China?

The man looked at Chu Yu and said, "Fellow Daoist Chu Yu, I am Yi Fan, this man here is my junior Liao Yu.".

Chu Yu greeted them and said, "Nice to meet you Yi Fan and Liao Yu, fellow Daoists.".

"Come to say of it, we usually don’t accept outsiders. It’s been years since someone last entered. The elders wanted to see you after I told them you were here," said Yi Fan as he smiled.

"This way please!" he invited Chu Yu.

With Liao Yu nodding his head in agreement, he continued, "I’ll have to hand the task of watching the door to you my junior.".

Liao Yu agreed and remained there.

Chu Yu followed behind Yi Fan and flew towards a big city.

Looking down from above, every few hundred miles, there was a city of such scale.

The world that the Tai Ji Sect inhabited was like a vast continent.

This was truly the complete world.

Above them was a single Sun that radiated light.

Chu Yu looked at it and realised that the sun was a little close to them, but the heat it gave off was comfortable.

He could not resist and asked, "Fellow Daoist Yi Fan, this sun..".

Yi Fan laughed and replied, "You can tell? That is a magical equipment, by harnessing and evolving energy, it can simulate the light from the sun, and provide warmth for this world.".


"Actually, this place was part of the world a long time ago, but it was segregated after that. But that was a time too long ago," said Yi Fan.

"It had to be the doing of a Saint," Chu Yu remarked.

Yi Fan laughed and responded, "Of course, and a top tier one at that.".

"I hope you do not take offense in me asking this, but what is your teacher’s position in the Tai Ji Sect?" asked Chu Yu.

"He is an elder, it is a coincidence that I was keeping watch today as well," said Yi Fan.

The two entered the city.

The city was bustling and the streets were full of people.

Rows of stores lined the streets, the atmosphere was terrific.

It was similar to the Tang Song area of China.

But upon closer inspection, those horses that pulled carriages were not ordinary horses, they possessed cultivation above that of Xian Tian.

Everyone around seemed to possess a certain level of cultivation.

King’s realm and Supreme Realm holders were commonplace.

This was the true land of cultivation.

"The population here is about a billion. About half of the people here are disciples of the Tai Ji Sect." said Yi Fan.

"What about the rest?" asked Chu Yu.

"Over time, some of the people would branch off. Actually, there are quite a number of Sects here, but almost all of them regard themselves as sub Sects of the Tai Ji Sect. Due to the enforcement of the Tai Ji Sect, the wars here are far and few. There are still some however, but the scale of it is often miniscule," said Yi Fan.

He looked at Chu Yu and said, "Now that you mention it, this place is like ancient China, not just the imperial court, but the nature of the Sects. According to what I know, there are other places like this with a huge single imperial court.".

"Oh? There are other places like this?" asked Chu Yu as he looked at Yi Fan.

This young man of the Tai Ji Sect seemed rather approachable, and he seemed to be informed of the happenings of the outside world as well.

Yi Fan responded, "In ancient times, the Emperor Stars were incomparably glorious, and there were many of them.".

As he said this, he brought Chu Yu to a big building.

"We’re here, let’s continue talking if we have time later, but first, let’s go visit my teacher," said Yi Fan.

"Yes please, sorry for the trouble," Chu Yu said as he nodded his head.

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