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Chapter 322

Li Feng Mang was like a spoilt little girl. With a wronged expression, he looked at Chu Yu and said, "Friend, this has nothing to do with me…".

Chu Yu looked at him with a look of confusion, he did not know what had happened.

Ever since… he virtually lost all interest in the outside world.

There were two things that kept him going - one was revenge for Lin Shi, and the other was his friends and family.

He did not want to sit there and look as those murderers from the mirror dimension brought their onslaught into the solar system and subsequently, earth. He did not want to see his friends vanish one by one from his side.

One loss was more than enough, he could not bear the weight of it.

Which is why he felt that he had to do something about it.

Asking about the major Sects was not for him to go to their door step and challenge them, but rather, he wanted to tell those people that they had to start preparing for war, and if they did not listen, it was their problem.

If that day were to come, Chu Yu could even bring all his loved ones to the mirror dimension and fight the war at the Bastion of Stars by himself.

This was his fate, there was no going around it, and he did not want it to change as well.

Li Feng Mang tried to explain, "Someone posted a photo of you here onto social media, and many people have misunderstood it…".

"They can say whatever they want," said Chu Yu as he stood up and turned to walk outside.

Soon, he disappeared among the crowds of people, with the trio still in a daze.

"He just… left?" said Bai Sha Ren, his face still stunned.

"Why do I feel that this man has gone through some ordeal that we don’t know about?" frowned Ye Yun Luo.

Li Feng Mang furrowed his brows and said, "I feel that he’s changed. I should feel happy that he has met with some mishap, but why can’t I feel happy about this? Have I changed for the better recently?".

"I feel the same way…"

"Me too…"

The other two promptly agreed.

The trio looked at each other coldly.

"This can’t do, I have to do something bad to prove that I’m still myself," said Li Feng Mang seriously.

"There’s a whole lot of pretty ladies outside," said Bai Sha Ren.

"Those normal girls aren’t worth our time, that doesn’t count," Li Feng Mang replied.

"Whatever it is, we cannot take pity on Chu Yu, even just now, I was digging his grave for him," laughed Ye Yun Luo.

"Digging his grave?"

Li Feng Mang and Bai Sha Ren looked at him doubtfully.

"Based on his character, I feel that the more we advise him not to go to find those major sects, the more he will do so," explained Ye Yun Luo.

"You’re the worst!"exclaimed Bai Sha Ren with a face of admiration.

"A brilliant move!" said Li Feng Mang with gleaming eyes.

"However, I feel that he may not be going to these Sects to stir trouble," said Ye Yun Luo.

"There’s bound to be someone that can’t stand his presence right?" said Bai Sha Ren, as if he was trying to convince himself.

"Shouldn’t we do something about it? We’ve all admitted defeat to Chu Yu, why don’t we get things done more simply?" said Li Feng Mang, looking at the other two.

"F*ck!" retorted Bai Sha Ren.

"What are you thinking? Do we only represent ourselves? Don’t forget, every generation has one master, even if we aren’t his match, what about our predecessors?".

"He’s right, we have to take into consideration the image of our Sects. Moreover, I feel that after this, Chu Yu would not come and cause trouble for us anymore," said Ye Yun Luo.

"I was really a little afraid…" sighed Li Feng Mang, full of defeat.

"How can he be so f*cking strong? The Crane Saint, isn’t he a master of pills? Where did his battle prowess come from?" said Bai Sha Ren unhappily.

After all, prideful people had to go through a process in order to admit that they were inferior.

Chu Yu walked out from inside, passing through the crowd that was now silenced by his appearance, disregarding all the different looks in their eyes.

He left.

His communication device began ringing constantly.

He sighed and took it out.

It was Fatty.

"Bro, there are people bad mouthing you on social media, want me to

to dig up their ancestral graves?"

Fatty was still unaware that Chu Yu had killed the Son of God, and yet he was willing to help Chu Yu defend himself which showcased their deep friendship.

"Second bro, what in the world happened to you? No matter what, I will always support, even if the sky crumbles I won’t back down! We are always family!". This was a message from Chu Xi.

"Little Yu, big brother has already broken into the supreme realm, it feels surreal, like a peasant from the Secular world becoming a millionaire hahaha. Whatever happened, come home and talk about it with the rest of us, there’s nothing in this world that we can’t get over.". Even Chu Liang sent a message.

"Son, why did you change your hairdo? You even dyed it white? Is this the trend nowadays? Haha, come back soon if you’re free, your mother misses you.". This was from Song Yu.

"A life lasts through the world, and a blade of grass lasts through autumn, this is a principle of cultivators, as well as a general philosophy. You can decide for yourself how you want to live, but I don’t want to see you descend into decadence.". This was from Chu of the North Sky.

"Gagaga, were you shocked by old chicken’s breakthrough? Let me tell you, this breakthrough has elevated him beyond the realms of a normal chicken! Next time you see him, you might have to call him the supreme thief!".

"Why has your hair turned white? In the books, they say that youth is often wasted, and that we have to read more…". This was Old Yellow, without a doubt.

Little moon, Fang Lie, Lin Rou…

There were many texts of concern from people he knew and held close to him.

They weren’t just one-liners as well, it was almost as if everyone began texting him the moment he turned his communication device off.

Even Zhao Man Tian sent him a text today!

"I’ve brought the foxes clan to a safe place. I hope you aren’t affected by the noises on the internet, haha, maybe I’m overthinking, you won’t bother about such trivialities would you?".

Chu Yu read all of them.

He did not reply the messages, but a smile flashed across his face.

After which he looked up into the horizon and dashed off.

The West.

A vast, endless, european-styled palace stood within one of the outer pocket dimensions.

The palace was ancient and solemn, and emitted an aura of grandeur.

The largest block was over six thousand metres high!

It was just like a huge mountain.

Rows of rare and timeless trees lined up and surrounded the palace.

Large amounts of spiritual medicine grew casually on the sides on the roads.

The spiritual energy in the air was immense.

Any cultivator who came here would go crazy with longing.

This was the ideal setting for a cultivator to live in!

If there was an environment for immortals in the world, this was it.

It was peaceful and quiet.

Time to time, angelic beings with wings would fly in the sky.

If they were to appear in the secular world, it would definitely cause an uproar.

Precisely because they looked exactly like angels!

Most of them had a pair of wings, but some had two, three or even four pairs of wings!

Therr wings were all pure white and spotless, once opened, the sight was beautiful.

This place was too beautiful! Anyone who came here would inevitably be mesmerized.

But all of a sudden, this place shook and seemed like it was going through an earthquake.

The ground below began to shake violently, and everyone stopped what they were doing and looked all around.

Nothing of the sort had happened before, and no one knew what was going on.

Then, a roar resounded from the horizon, from what seemed like a mountain far in the distance.

The roar was filled with rage, like a beast who had lost its cub.

"My god…" said an eight-winged angel, with his mouth wide opened, looking in the direction of the roar with a face of shock.

He was of extremely high status in this place, almost everyone had to greet him on sight.

But in this moment, he was like a terrified little kid, stunned and helpless.



A humongous shockwave erupted from the direction of the roar.

It was like a hurricane!

And these angels were like chicken caught in the monstrous in the monstrous gale.

They were blown around in chaos!

Those lower level angels were immediately blown against the walls of the palace, and their bones were shattered into smithereens together with the walls!

This was an unforeseeable disaster.

After this hurricane had passed, the entire palace was in ruins.

Less than half of the people there remained standing.

Following this, a dark and cold energy enveloped the entire pocket dimension.

"Who is the one.. Who killed the Son of God? Find him, I’m going to crush him into a thousand pieces!"

Standing in the rubble, the few eight-winged angels were stunned after hearing what the voice had said, and they were terrified.

The Son of God… was dead?

How was that possible?

Who in the world had the power to kill him?

Even if they had that power, would they not have known about his identity?

And if he did know who the Son of God was, he dared to kill him?

This was not blind confidence in the Son of God, it was an iron truth in this land!

To their knowledge, there should not have been anyone who dared to touch him.

But he was dead!

The news instilled more fear into them than the hurricane that had just swept past.

"If you don’t find the killer… Don’t ever think of returning to this place!"

The dark and cold divine sense continued to radiate all around.

What it meant was that everyone in the pocket dimension had to leave!

"Master… do we all have to leave this place to find the killer?" asked a brave eight-winged angel.


A violent energy passed through this angel’s body.

And in an instant, he disappeared.

Everyone around him was stunned.

This was not heaven.

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