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At the same time, the village chief asked, "Little teacher Chu, are you home?".

Chu Yu walked over and opened the door.

"I think the weather’s about to change," said the old village chief.

As he said this, the dark clouds above dispersed to show a clear, blue sky.

"That’s weird, nevermind, come over for a drink later, I just caught a rabbit on the mountain," remarked the old village chief.

Chu Yu smiled and agreed.

"Oh? You actually can smile young man? You look much better when you smile! Don’t pull a face of misery anymore!" exclaimed the old village chief, surprised upon seeing Chu Yu smile for the first time.

"Alright alright," Chu Yu said as he nodded his head.

"That’s good now isn’t it?" chuckled the old village chief as he walked away, Chu Yu following suit.

The big black dog turned its head around to look at Chu Yu with every three steps it took. Its eyes were puzzled by him.

"Thats a good boy!" Chu Yu said.

The dog tucked in its tail and ran away quickly.

If it could talk, it would definitely have told Chu Yu, "You can’t eat dogs, that’s a crime…".

Chu Yu was surprised. Sooner or later, this dog would awaken its true potential, and this process was likely hastened by Chu Yu’s arrival.

This was not a bad thing, with a loyal demon dog guarding this place, he felt much more reassured if he was to leave.

When he tidied up his house, he realised that there was nothing much to it, he just made the place cleaner.

Once they arrived at the old village chief’s place, the old man had already roasted the rabbit, and he was preparing the roasted fish.

The aroma of the food filled the air in the house.

Very soon, a few dishes were already presented on the table.

The old man pondered and took out a bottle of aged wine from his cellar.

With a hint of reluctance, he remarked, "It’s been twenty years, but lets just drink it! Wine was made to be drank not kept and looked at right?".

After saying this, he opened the bottle and poured them both a cup each.

The aroma of the wine was luscious- it was good wine indeed.

"Let’s eat! Do eat more, it’s rare to come by rabbits in this season," said the old man as he gave Chu Yu a large chunk of rabbit meat.

"Yes I will!" Chu Yu said as he nodded his head.

The two toasted and drank a large gulp.

"How comfortable!" said the old man, "There’s meat and wine, this is the life!".

He looked at Chu Yu and asked, "Are you gonna leave the village?".

"Yea…" said Chu Yu awkwardly, but he still nodded his head.

"I knew it, from the moment i saw you smile i knew it. How could such a small village hold on to someone like you?" said the old man as he sighed. 

Chu Yu did not know how to respond, he could only remain silent and drink some wine.

"But I’m happy for you that you managed to get yourself together!" said the old man as he drank a large mouth of wine.

Carefully, Chu Yu asked, "Old man, do you wish the change the way of living here?".

"Change? How can I change it? How?" the old man asked as he looked at Chu Yu.

The old man was down to earth and a normal person, but he was a wise man with many experiences as well.

When he was young, he travelled to many places and was considerably well exposed. He only returned to the village because he could not leave it behind. His children had all left the village.

"If not for change, why did you ask me to teach the children?" said Chu Yu.

The old man looked him in the eye and responded, "No matter where we are, knowledge is still essential. A man without knowledge is basically a blind man. But if a man becomes too learned, his heart would become feral.".

Chu Yu nodded, in his heart, he deeply respected the old man.

He was a wise old man indeed!

"However, if you truly do have the ability to change the way of living here, especially for those kids… I have no objections," said the old man as he offered a toast to Chu Yu.

He continued, "You’re no normal person, moreover, you probably are a man of cultivation, am I right?".

Chu Yu nodded.

The old man laughed and said, "The movements and sounds in the sky just now, you were involved right?".

"How did you know?" asked Chu Yu, a little surprised.

The old man was a normal human, and there were no hidden masters in this village, moreover Chu Yu came out of his own house when the old man had come over previously.

According to these facts, the old man should not have known.

"Big blackie told me," revealed the old man as he laughed merrily.

He continued, "This dog of mine, its very smart, even though it can’t speak, I know whatever it tries to tell me. After all, I did raise it since I was young, I understand all of its actions.".

Chu Yu was speechless, in his heart, he wondered how the old man could understand it when even he could not.

The old man explained, "Since the day the you came, its behaviour told me one simple thing, you were not normal. And the reason is simple as well…",

He looked up at Chu Yu and said, "When big blackie scales mountains, even wolves do not scare him! Beyond that, the wolves are the ones who fear him! So do you think he will be scared of humans? But he was afraid of you!".

Chu Yu thought of the rapid flowing blood in the black dog and nodded his head.

"He is indeed special, he should have no reason to fear those animals," said Chu Yu.

"You can tell? Just now, its reaction unmistakably told me that the happenings in the sky had something to do with you," replied the old man.

Chu Yu laughed a little, a secular normal old man’s understanding of such things baffled his mind.

"Originally I had just wanted to invite you over just to drink. But from the looks of it now, this is a form of farewell too I suppose. Perhaps we would not have the chance to meet after today. I’ve experienced enough in my life, goodbyes are diluted for me. The only thing I can’t fully rest my mind on is this black dog. How about you take it with you?" asked the old man.

"Woof!" the black dog’s barking could be heard from the inside of the house.

Chu Yu was still puzzled as to why the dog feared him so much.

"I don’t think that would be good. Old man, if I could let it speak and let it have especially strong powers, would you want that?" asked Chu Yu as he shook his head.

"Wouldn’t he be a demonic spirit then?" said the old man as he waved the thought away.

"Wolf Wolf!" The barking from outside became more intense.

"Alright alright, whatever you want.".

These words were not directed at Chu Yu, but at the big black dog!

Chu Yu said, "I have a few pills here with me, it’s hard to change your physical state because of your age, but you could live for a decade longer or so.".

The old man’s face was one of excitement, after all, who would not want to live a longer life.

However, there was a tinge of regret on his face.

He said, "It’s a pity my wife could not live to this day.".

In wine, there was always the bottom of the barrel.

Chu Yu fed the dog a pill, and left two for the old man.

At the same time, he opened his communication device and contacted the Chu family, giving them the location of this place so that they could send people here and improve the standard of living of the village.  

Once he turned it on, even though he was in the remote village, his messsage box skyrocketed with notifications immediately and went back to its state in the bustling world of cultivation.  4

Chu Yu sighed and kept it after notifying Chu Xi and Fatty that he was safe.

He did not tell Fatty anything regarding the Son of God.

After all, Casarina was a master of the west, he did not want any information to leak out.

Chu Yu left the village soon after. When he left, no one but the old village chief and the big black dog, which was deep in its slumber, knew.  

Before Chu Yu left, after it had ingested the pill, it never looked at Chu Yu with the same eyes of fear and apprehension again.

Instead, it looked like he was longing for Chu Yu not to go.

"Remember, you have to protect this place," Chu Yu said as he patted its head.  

After saying this, he nodded in the direction of the old man and disappeared in a flash.


In the club ran by the Truth Ancient Sect, bright lights shone everywhere.

The dashing men and gorgeous lasses indulged in the debauchery and glamour.

Li Feng Mang, Bai Sha Ren and Ye Yun Luo sat there drinking together.

"That Fatty is dead meat this time around, don’t you guys think so?" laughed Li Feng Mang.

He hated anyone who was related to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu had once given him a tight slap across the face, and in that moment, he did not dare to show any kind of retaliation.

This was the greatest shame that he hid in his heart.

Even though no one mentioned it in front of him, in his heart, he swore that he would get revenge one day.

Bai Sha Ren laughed and said, "The Son of God is actually much more senior than us, his level of cultivation is naturally incomparably deep as well. The hooligans from the thief sect can’t stop him!".

Ye Yun Luo furrowed his brows and responded, "But I heard that there is a Grandmaster who never left the thief sect, and that he’s still alive even till today.".

The certainty among them waivered.

He continued, "If that grandmaster really is alive, I don’t think it looks good for that Son of God.".

Bai Sha Ren replied, "Grand Masters? Legendary Emperors? Saints? Those who possess such titles would not take action so easily. Anyhow, this matter does not involve us, let’s just sit back and enjoy the show, who cares if any one of them dies?".

"Why has there been no news of Chu Yu recently?" asked Ye Yun Luo aggressively.

"I can never seem to see through this man, he clearly does not have a strong background, but fate seems to favour him deeply. The Crane Immortal’s legacies are wasted in his hands. If it were mine, I would have spread its glory to the world!".

Bai Sha Ren looked at him, then turned to the frowning Li Feng Mang and laughed, "What’s the big deal? We can find an opportunity and invite the elders of various sects out, there, we can seize their legacies. Chu Yu is just a man we don’t know much of, there’s no reason to fear him."

After saying this, he intentionally looked at Li Feng Mang and continued, "These kinds of people can only flourish once by luck, they will never succeed in the long run!".

Ye Yun Luo suddenly said, "What’s this?".

He sat facing the door, with eyes shell shocked and full of fear.

The people in the club were still chatting away, immersed in their own conversations.

This sort of event was meant as a big circle of interaction and networking. Every single person could find their place in here and could meet their needs as well.

Which was the exact reason why no one could tell when a stranger walked in.

Some girls did spot the tall, handsome man that walked in with a hair of white.

His white hair gave him an special aura.

His eyes were fixated on Li Feng Mang and the rest, and he began walking towards them.

A few others spotted Chu Yu, but few of them recognised him.

After all, his hair was always long, but now that he had shaved his head, the hair was short. He also walked at an extremely fast speed, although it did not seem so, he only left his back view for others to see.

He appeared in front of the trio and looked down at them.

Li Feng Mang and Bai Sha Ren looked up aggressively, but once they saw that it was Chu Yu, their expressions changed immediately.

"You, what are you doing here?" asked Li Feng Mang, visibly shaken and taken aback.

"This is a private club run by the Truth Ancient Sect, you’re not invit…".

"I’ve come to ask you guys a question," said Chu Yu calmly.

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