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Chu Yu sat by the reservoir, fishing without the old village chief.

The black dog, however, laid beside him, it longer feared him as before.

Perhaps it was familiarity, or maybe it was just used to Chu Yu’s presence.

The evening sun began to set.

The clouds were like the scales of the fish, red and golden, reflecting off the beauty of the sky.

Chu Yu’s mind was especially quiet.

At the beginning, he had a strong urge to consume alcohol, but he held it in.

His hair had begun to grow out, but the strands were still white.

The old village chief had no solution to this either.

He could only sigh and think that this young man had suffered too much trauma, perhaps he could only recover slowly.

However, he did not give up on trying to find away to restore Chu Yu’s black hair.

He persisted on suggesting food options, such as using sesame, eating more radish, and many other foods.

The old village chief’s kind intentions were deeply appreciated by Chu Yu.

Chu Yu’s heart was still empty, the only thing that kept him going was his family and close friends.

His lover was gone.

Up till now, Chu Yu still could not believe that Lin Shi had left him.

A confident, brilliant, brave, and resilient girl.. Did she really disappear from the world just like that?

He often saw her in his dreams.

Most of the time, he dreamt of the scenes where they played together when they were young.

However, every single time, the dream would come to an end when Lin Shi abruptly disappeared.

No matter how hard he tried, he could not find her.

In this period of time, Chu Yu had completely ignored anything about cultivation.

He had begun assimilating into the village, teaching like a normal person.

But he was never going to belong here.

The villagers knew that, and so did he.

"Woof!" the black dog growled suddenly in a threatening manner.

Chu Yu was slightly startled, and looked at the black dog.

It was a normal dog, definitely not a demon or anything of the sort.

If it was a demon, it could never mask its true identity in front of him.

But how could normal dog discover the black dot in the sky above?

This was beyond the visual ability of a regular dog!

Could this dog possess a different blood flow in its body?

Chu Yu opened his vertical eye and looked at the black dog.

Indeed, the dog possessed a different blood flow!

It was rapid, like a surging stream of water.

Inside its belly was an object the size of a baby’s fist, and it gave off strong energy waves.

The only thing was that it seemed to be sealed, and the dog was unable to use it.

Canine treasure?

Chu Yu was startled, he had an interest in the dog now.

To the point that he completely did not care about the figure flying in the air.


The black dog stood up and barked at the figure above.

The figure stopped moving and following this, two beams of divine light shot out from his eyes at the black dog.

The beams were like two razor sharp divine swords!

Even true lords would not stand up to it.

Who is guy? How could he be so arrogant?

Wanting to kill a dog just because it barked at him?

What angered him even more was that the other beam of divine light was aimed at him.

Chu Yu’s body did not give off any cultivation aura, which meant that to this man, he was a commoner!

A dog and a commoner which had done nothing to anger him, he wanted to kill them just like that?

Chu Yu huffed and unleashed two sword arts.



Two separate sounds resounded in mid air like thunder.

The two rays of divine light were negated.

The two blades of sword arts from Chu Yu then rose into the sky.

Screams of shock and anger ensued.

Blood was flowing out of the figure’s eyes.

Chu Yu had blinded the man by stabbing his eyes!

Chu Yu was slightly startled himself, he suddenly realised that these two blades of sword art were released by the sword hidden in his dantian!

Even though he did not manage to decipher the sword, he had already made a bloodline link with it, and they were one.

When he was angered back there, the sword shared his rage as well.

This resulted in the two blades of sword art.

The figure in the sky was actually the Son of God, and he was enraged!

He wanted to go to the Thief Sect to personally find that little b*tch, he had to let her know what happened to people who betrayed him.

There was no other thought in his mind as he passed through this village.

The last thing he would’ve thought was that a mere dog could sense his presence from such a distance.

The barking of the dog seemed audacious to him, and he had to crush it!

That was why he casually shot two rays of divine light to kill the dog.

That random man, well, he was just collateral damage.

Moreover, he was a chinese villager, he did not need any reason to kill him.

But never in his dreams could he have imagined that a fearsome master like this was hidden in this small remote village.

This didn’t make any sense!

But the Son of God never did believe in science anyway.

He was enraged to the brink of insanity.

His eyes were pierced and blinded by the two blades of sword art from Chu Yu.

Just like that, his pair of enchanting and charismatic eyes were blinded!

He was going crazy.

Chu Yu looked at this man from afar and furrowed his eyebrows.

A westerner?

What was a westerner doing here?

His body flickered and within a second, he was standing right in front of the Son of God and he raised a fist.

His fist technique was elevated to a whole new level, with regards to raw battle prowess, Chu Yu was a true master of the technique!

Even though the Son of God was blinded, his fighting prowess was not crippled.

To those who were divine lords, being blinded did not hinder their capabilities too much, as their divine sense could let them visualize their surroundings much better.    

But his eyes hurt!

And his heart hurt even more!

He wanted to evade Chu Yu’s fearsome fist and raised a hand to block it.


A loud bone cracking sound resonated.

The Son of God’s arm was smashed by Chu Yu’s fist!

He screamed and his already blinded face now curled into an agonized bunch.

Even though he was a divine lord, he was beaten to the point of mental breakdown.

Withstanding the pain, he whipped out a secret treasure.

That was a top grade magic equipment used for escape!

A small boat of at most seven or eight metres, emitting an orange light, sucked in the Son of God instantly.

A horrifying energy wave erupted as the boat made an attempt to escape.

"Come here my Sword!" Chu Yu called.

The sword in his dan tian emerged in his hands at an unimaginable speed.

A thrust of the sword.

Chu Yu could feel the excitement coming from within the sword itself.


The boat was crushed in two.

The Son of God stumbled out from inside.

"Ahhh!" the Son of God was utterly mad!

He was mentally breaking down, even at this point, he did not know who this man standing in front of him was.

How could China be so terrifyingly strong?

Could it be that he was a being even greater than a saint?

But how could such beings hide in such a remote village?

"Stop! I have something to say!" shouted the Son of God as he raised an arm.


The arm he had raised was severed without a blink of the eye.

In the grip of that arm was an offensive magical equipment.

Even at such a juncture he still wanted to retaliate!

A battle between cultivators could use less words.

But Chu Yu went one step further and severed his head heartlessly.


The Son of God’s body burst open, and his Nascent God hovered in the air.

It was dressed in divine gold from head to toe.

Two rays of vengeful light burst out from his eyes, aimed straight at Chu Yu.

"Go to hell!"

A spear emerged in the Nascent God’s hands.

It was forged from divine gold as well.

As the Son of God of the west, he had lived for countless years, and along with it came many good things.

One such item was the armor of divine gold he donned, it was rare.

Chu Yu looked at him coldly.

"Who are you? How dare you disintegrate my flesh, I’m gonna kill you!" said the Son of God as he begun emanating an incredible mental wave.

He was furious.

Chu Yu was silent. Holding the sword, his body became a flash of light and pierced towards the Son of God.

A grand battle ensued between the two in the air.

They went higher and higher as the battle progressed!

Even his severed arm and blood was kept by Chu Yu in his Immortal Crane Furnace.

Chu Yu was afraid that it would affect the village below!

The villagers were stunned by what had happened.

Scores of people went out of their houses and looked into the sky, but they could not see anything!

Howling gales and thunderous clouds cast over the sky as lightning struck.

The village chief returned with the black dog by his side and said, "Wasn’t the sky clear, why did it suddenly change?".

"Woof!" the dog seemed to want to express something, but it could not speak.

Back in the sky, where Chu Yu was battling the Son of God’s Nascent God.

The Nascent god was much stronger than the Son of God’s flesh, but alas, he was no match for Chu Yu.

The spear in his hands merely left two scratches on Chu Yu’s body.

On the other hand, his Nascent God was riddled with holes after sustaining Chu Yu’s assault.

In all martial arts, speed was the key.

And Chu Yu’s speed was ferocious!

The Son of God wanted to suppress Chu Yu with his superior cultivation level, but his speed was far inferior.

"Who are you? I have no grudges nor grievances with you…" said the Son of God.

His mental waves were waning now.

Chu Yu completely ignored him.

"I came here only to catch a defector of my religion, I never came to instigate anything…"

The Son of God immediately regretted opening his mouth, as Chu Yu’s attack became more vicious by the second.

Enraged, the Son of God let out a fearsome mental wave and said, "I am the Son of God of Vatican City! If you dare to kill me, they would never let you off!".

A blade of light flashed across.

His skull flew into the air.

Beheaded, the Son of God’s Nascent god began to disintegrate and disappear.

Even in death he did not know why.

He did start by shooting the two rays of divine light from his eyes, but this man was too heartless…

He would never have come to China had he known this would happen, and this was his last conscious thought.

His soul dissipated.

The armor he was wearing was still intact.

Chu Yu grabbed it and burned the Son of God’s body to a crisp.

He descended from the sky and went back to the village.

Knock knock!

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