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Chapter 317: The Son of God
Casarina’s face was pale and white, and her eyes were already red.

After Caluka sent her that message, there was no other response. Even when she tried to get in touch with them, there was no reply.

Maybe they were being held by someone, maybe they were escaping right now and did not have time, or maybe…

She did not want to think about it any further.

Seeing all the highly skilled members of the Vatican City rush towards her, she hastily said, "Don’t waste your time, I, I’ll go with you!".

Angelo laughed and said, "See, why couldn’t you have done this earlier and saved us all the trouble? Children like you never think about the consequences until your families are involved!".

"You b*stards!" yelled Fatty.

He knew he could stop them from taking her away, but he had no way of promising her that her family would be safe. It was impossible for the Grandmaster to go all the way to the west for her family as well.

Angelo stared coldly at Fatty and said, "Easterner, you’re actually quite lucky! If.. you were just like the Chu Clan and have no background, I would’ve killed you without a second thought. Speaking of which,the Chu clan should be on the receiving end of my onslaught just about now.".

Fatty immediately thought of Chu Yu and tried to get in touch with him, but he realised that his communication device was turned off.

He then contacted Chu Xi, "Brother Fan, is there any problem over there?".

Chu Xi’s face was normal and he did not spot anything amiss.

Fatty heaved a sigh of relief and warned, "You guys better be careful, there are some people from the Vatican City who seem to be going to attack your clan.".

"Oh that, they’ve already come," said Chu Xi in a relaxed manner.

Fatty was surprised, he did not hear any scuffles in the background.

Everyone’s eyes around Fatty were glued to the screen.

"They’ve already come? And you said you’re fine?"

"Yea we’re absolutely fine, they couldn’t even get past our magical formation, they just left a few dozen corpses here and left like cowards," laughed Chu Xi.

Fatty was first shocked, but after he recalled how terrifying the Chu Clan’s defensive magical formation was, he just laughed and shook his head.

The Chu Clan of the North, they might not have been the strongest in other areas, but when it came to defense, they were formidable!

True lords, no, even divine lords would not have the ability to break their magical formation!

Their defensive magical formation was much more advanced than their initial poison barrier.

Chu Xi and Little Moon were experts in magical formations, but could not compare to masters such as Little Immortal Xu.

With many materials and together with the poison barrier, the resulting magical formation could deter most, unless they were Legendary Emperors.

In a fluster, Fatty forgot about how powerful they were.

"It’s a good thing you’re fine," Fatty said to them.

"Oh yea brother Fan, have you heard anything from Chu Yu?" Chu Xi asked Fatty hurriedly as he was about the cut the call.

Fatty was taken aback, and replied, "What? You don’t know where he went either?".

"There has been no news for awhile now," said Chu Xi.

Fatty took and deep breath and said, " Your brother will be fine, no one understands his power more than me!".

"Yea you’re right," said Chu Xi as he smiled, he then waved goodbye to Fatty and hung up.

After that, Fatty looked at the group from Vatican City mockingly.

A few of them were using their communication devices in attempt to verify the information.

Their faces all became extremely stern in an instant.
Angelo knew what had happened, and he had a bitter look on his face.

"The Chu Clan…" growled Angelo with a ferocious look on his face.

Casarina looked at Fatty with puffy eyes and said, "My love, I’m so sorry…".

"Don’t say that, I’ll go with you," assured Fatty as he sighed.

"No you can’t!" said Casarina resolutely as she looked at him.

Fatty looked at her seriously and replied, "Cut the crap, I won’t stand at one side and watch as my woman goes to die, if you’re gonna die let’s die fighting together!".

As he said this, Fatty thought to himself, "Grandmaster, Masters, where did all of you go? Do y’all really want to see me die like that?".

Casarina hugged Fatty and said softly, "I just need to know that you feel this way, that is enough, these days have been the happiest in my life.".

She looked up at him and continued, "We’ve known each other for a short while, so just treat me as a passerby in your life.".

He hugged her even tighter and joked, "It’s not that easy to run away from me!".

After saying this, he looked at the group of foreigners and cackled, "Listen up you bunch, remember this, if any of Casarina’s family members even drop a hair, I’ll exchange a strand of hair for a life!".

"No chances given to us I see Easterner.".

At this moment, the one that had whispered to Angelo before communicated with him again, it was almost as if he didn’t speak and just hummed.

Angelo’s expression changed momentarily, but he recovered his composure after that.

He looked coldly at the two of them and said, "Alright let’s not waste any time, let’s get going when you’re ready!".

At this moment, Casarina’s communication device rang.

She looked at it and realised that it was Caluka who was calling her and picked up immediately.

The screen depicted a shocking scene- Caluka was sprinting in space and a group of troops in black were chasing him in a frenzy.

"Sister! Son of God, that b*stard, he murdered our entire family, you must not-", he did not finish.

She saw an arrow pierce through her brothers skull as she stared in disbelief.

The young boy could not even scream, he just went into freefall from space.

"No! Caluka!" screamed Casarina.

"Now!" ordered Angelo, he knew he could not delay this any further.

"You dare?" challenged Fatty as an immense energy came off his body.

He was enraged and ready to fight.

It had come to this, if Grandmaster did not want to reveal himself, that was fine, but he was angry that none of the masters came out to assist him.

Screw that!

In this world, relying on others was useless, in the end, you only had yourself to count on.

Fatty bit his lips, he did not bother to comfort Casarina, he knew whatever he said could not make her feel better.

So.. let the fighting begin!

As he thought this, a bright light ignited in the sky.

The light moved at an incredible speed, it pounced on a younger western man, who did not even have time to react - he was dead.

After taking it’s first victim, the light moved on to another person.

It’s speed was too fast!

Even Fatty could not discern it’s position accurately.

By the time he managed to react, everyone around Angelo was dead.

A figure descended from the sky.

"Old man?" Fatty asked with a baffled expression as he looked back at the house behind him.

In his memory, the few masters in the Sect should be in the room, when had they com out?

The Old Master as tall and massive, his hair was as messy as a bird’s nest, his brows were as smooth as silk and his eyes were like a leopard’s- he looked like Zhang Fei!

It was hard to believe that this old man was one of the most powerful exponents of the Thief Sect.

His combat abilities were far more inferior than his teleportation techniques, but it was not difficult for him to deal with these men.

He possessed a top grade magical equipment given to him by the Grandmaster.

It was useful indeed!

The old man looked at Fatty, then looked at Casarina who was by his side, and sighed, "Ah, I was late by a step.".

"What do you mean? Where did you go?" Fatty looked at him cluelessly with his eyes wide opened.

"Where else could i have gone? The west of course! Grandmaster told me to go get her family after giving me this magical equipment. But when i got there…" said the old man breathlessly.


Casarina began crying.

The poised and elegant young woman broke down.

Her heart was full of guilt, she blamed herself fully.

If she had not only cared about herself, the worst case scenario would be her death, her family could still live on peacefully.

The Vatican City took care of the families of girls who became saints.

But now, her family were all dead.

The old man looked at the heartbroken Casarina and looked at Fatty in the eye, as if telling him that that was his problem to settle, and left.

But before he left, he blurted, "It’s not that grandmaster did not want to help, he was invited out by someone to discuss something of utmost importance…".

Fatty nodded his head in acknowledgement and sighed.

He would never blame grandmaster for this, especially after what the old man had said.

Casarina only cried for a while, but the tears kept flowing relentlessly.

Fatty could only hold her hand and be there for her.

"I want to improve and become powerful as soon as possible!" exclaimed Casarina after a long while.

Fatty knew this was for revenge.

He nodded his head and said, "okay, we will go through this together, I’ll beg my brother for some cultivation pills to let us break into the divine god stage!".

Even though she was in emotional anguish, Casarina was still shocked at how easy Fatty thought it was to break into the Divine Lord.

Fatty was serious, he said, "No one else can do this, but my brother definitely can, especially for geniuses like us!".

Casarina looked at him and nodded.

Elsewhere in the west, in a hidden manor.

An incomparably handsome young western man sat on a luxurious chair, his face expressionless and emotionless.

In front of him, a row of men stood and had their backs bent in a bow, not even daring to raise their heads.

A stern and strict looking man in his forties stood beside the young man.

He did not laugh, and with a face of fury, he shouted, "What the hell is this? How could let this kind of low level creature appear in front of the Son of God? How dare they beg the Son of God to let go of their daughter? Is this is your doing?".

The group of men did not dare to speak, nor did they dare to raise their heads.

The man continued lecturing, "To be able to give their daughter to the Son of God, that was their greatest blessing!".

"Master… this is all our fault," said one of the older men in the group with a face of bitterness.".

"What’s the point of admitting your mistake? Get your asses moving and capture Casarina back!" yelled the man.

"Your order is our command," said the older man hurriedly.

The young man sitting on the chair frowned and spoke softly, he even sounded like a woman.

Even his appearance was feminine, he had golden hair, white skin that was so pale it almost seemed translucent.

"Alright I’ll spare all of you punishment if you bring her back." he said calmly.

The older man heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Thank you Son of God!".

"Eh? No problem, get going," said the young man as he waved them away.

The group left hurriedly. The man who was standing beside the young man watched on with a look of sympathy.

Before they could even leave the manor, flames consumed their bodies and they were burnt to a crisp.

Some were dead immediately, while those with greater powers struggled to get the flames off their body, but they could not no matter what they did.

"Why?" questioned the old man as he looked at the young man.

"A bunch of worthless trash," said the young man as he stood up.

Elegantly, he walked into manor.

Turning his head, he remarked, "I’ll go get her myself, I don’t need any of you anymore.".


The old man could not defend himself against the flames as it enveloped him and consumed him whole, with half his body burnt and the other soon to meet a similar demise.

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