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Chapter 316: Chapter 316 The Thief Sect
"Teacher Chu, how do I pronounce this word?".

"Teacher Chu Teacher Chu, how do I solve 38 minus 26?".

"Teacher Chu…".

Day by day, time passed, and Chu Yu had already been here for half a month.

He was getting accustomed to the lifestyle here.

His routine was organized- he would wake up and feed the pigs and trim the weeds with the village chief, then, he would open the chicken pent and let them out.

After which, he would make lunch, eat, and then feed Big Blackie, which was that big black dog.

Even after so long, it was still fearful of Chu Yu.

After feeding the dog, he would go on to teach the kids.

He taught them about anything and everything really.

Language, Mathematics, Geography…

He was even willing to teach those who were older and wished to learn foreign languages.

Word by word, he was very meticulous in his teaching.

Outside of teaching, he almost never spoke a word.

The people in the village got use to his manner and even though they found him a little weird, they all agreed that he was a good person.

The kids in particular, loved him.

In the evening, Chu Yu would accompany the village chief to the reservoir and fish, listening to him ramble on about his partner and how talkative she was in the past.

There were plenty of fish in the reservoir, but there bad days where they did not catch any as well.

On these days, the old village chief would ramble on about how he would empty the reservoir of fish if he had cultivation techniques.

He would then go back on his word and say that if he did that, there would be no fish to catch anymore.

He always said the same thing, and Chu Yu would always listen.

The old village chief got use to Chu Yu’s presence, partially because no one else in the village was willing to listen to him ramble on.

Even though they all deeply respected him, anyone would be bored to death after listening to the same old story for years.

Chu Yu however, did not get sick of his rambling. On one hand, he had not been in the village for that long, on the other hand, he found the village chief pretty cute.

He never turned on his communication device as he was sure that there would not be any chaos with his family guarding the fort.

Even though there were more and more powerful people appearing in the world of cultivation, there were many true lords in his family, if they did not do anything to find trouble, people usually did not disturb them either.

In addition to this, over the past few days, the first batch of the Chu Clan had begun to come out of seclusion.

In a Clan, even if it was a dog that was in the supreme realm, it was terrifying enough.

It did not matter whether the opponent was a powerful sect or a clan from the pocket dimension, they all did not pose a threat.  

This gave Chu Yu much security and allowed him to continue to teach in the village.

As for the Mirror Dimension…

Lin Shi was gone, and as a result, the three year promise he had with her lost its meaning.

He would never let the Butterfly Dance Immortal off!

But not now, he did not wish to think about it.  

Back in the North, where the Chu family household resided.

With a face of worry, Chu Xi asked, "There’s still no news?".  

Everyone shook their heads.

"None, I’ve already let out all the little demons to investigate, but there’s nothing.".

Little Moon said, "I don’t think anything bad happened to him, he did disappear for a long time previously right?".

Chu Xi replied, "That time, second brother accidently stepped into the Mirror Dimen

sion and did not have time to let us know, but this time, if he had returned to the Mirror Dimension, he definitely would’ve let us known beforehand.".

Little Moon nodded, but her heart was full of anxiety as well.

Lord thief said, "Don’t worry too much, with his ability, there’s only a handful of people in this world who can harm him.".

"The big battle that happened in the pacific ocean, it must have something to do with him," said Little Moon.

Chu Xi nodded his head in agreement and said, "That is what worries me, after that battle, we could not find any trace of him, even his communication device is turned off.".

"I have a feeling that he turned it off on purpose," replied Little Moon.

"Why would you say that?" asked Chu Xi with a weird expression.

Little Moon explained, "His device is switched off, there’s no loss of signal, which means that he probably did not want anyone to disturb him, after all, there are not many who can steal his communication device away from him. Moreover, even if it was stolen, they may not have the knowledge to turn it off.".

Looking at Chu Xi, she continued, "If someone was able to do that, he wouldn’t even need to bother about turning it off.".

Chu Xi thought this theory was reasonable and sighed, "Second brother’s such a wildling, he never fails to let people worry about him. It was better when Sister Shi Shi was around here to control him, now that she’s not here anymore, no one can stop him.".

Little Moon gave a wry smile and said nothing.

Within China, at an ancient range of mountains.

A large group of foreigners gathered.

They were all dressed differently, but each one of them had an immense blood lust.

They stood on a mountain and stared across at an old construction on another mountain.

The Thief Sect resided here.

Fatty put his hands on his waist, with a beautiful foreigner named Casarina by his side.

She wore a Cheong Sam, which flaunted her cursive figure, and stood there with a quiet disposition.

Even though she was taller than Fatty by quite a bit, it felt like she was the reliant one.

This scene angered the group of foreigners even more.

"Casarina, as a holy saint of The Vatican City, how could you not know shame…" said a man wearing red robes.

She replied, "I told you before, I’m not interesting in being some Holy Saint of the vatican city, you can go look for someone else.".

At first, she had only wanted to make use of Fatty.

To her, giving up her chastity in exchange for her freedom was an easy decision.

But after interacting with him for some time, she was beginning to fall for this physically unappealing man- she knew he was a true man in his bones.

Moreover, he was not obese, and the fat in his body was nice to lie on, it gave her security.

At first, when he brought her away from the Chu family, she was terrified, even though she put up a brave front.

But her fear vanished when she came to the Thief Sect with Fatty and met the Grandmaster here.

She even privately questioned Fatty’s decision to leave this place for the Chu Family when he had such a powerful Grandmaster here.

Fatty did not have a good answer to this, if he had known that the Grandmaster was so powerful, he too would not have gone to the Chu Family in the first place!

Casarina was kind and treated Chu Yu like her brother in arms.  

Today, however, this group of powerful men from the Vatican City had managed to infiltrate China.

Under normal circumstances, they would never have been able to find the Thief Sect’s hideout, but it was the Grandmaster that asked Fatty to bring these people here.

"Since we already took one of their ladies, this might have negative repercussions on our brothers, we should clearly settle this issue with them! The Thief Sect does things proudly and righteously!", those were the words of the Grandmaster.  

Fatty was stunned by these words, he finally understood why the Grandmaster was a saint and why he was not, he never thought that the difference between them was so large. 

He had always thought that the Thief Sect should do things cautiously, moreover, the outside world had a negative impression of their Sect, often labelling them as sneaky animal thieves.

"Could it be that I was wrong about my Sect all this time?" Fatty thought to himself.

In the end, after Fatty clumsily invited these foreigners to their hideout, he did not see the Grandmaster anywhere.

Not only this, there was no one in the Sect who could deal with these highly skilled foreigners. 

He had shown them all the way here, and for what exactly?

He rolled his eyes at his Sect’s reliability.

The one in the red robe was a high ranking Cardinal in the Vatican City.

In their land, wherever he went, there were always people serving him, he was afforded the utmost respect.

No matter what scenario, it was always this way.

The ancient and mysterious East, it was his first time here.

But the feeling..was too terrible!

The people here had no respect!

Even though they were somewhat barging in, weren’t the eastern people supposed to be good guests? He always thought that they emphasised on the importance of hospitality and good manners.

"Casarina, I hope you do not misunderstand, but please follow us back quickly. The Son of God already knows of this matter, and he’s angry, if you go back now, you can still reconcile and save yourself…" said the man in red robes as he persisted in convincing Casarina.

She laughed, looked at him and replied, "Cardinal Angelo, do you think I’m stupid?".  

"I definitely do not. But have you ever thought about your family, friends and classmates in the west? Aren’t they the people closest to you? Are you willing to let them go just like that?", said angelo.

Casarina’s face turned sour. A powerful aura emanated from her body like a dangerous feline, and she retorted, "What do you mean by this Cardinal Angelo?".

"You’re a smart girl Casarina, I don’t think I need to explain much to you, you know what I mean." replied Cardinal Angelo smugly.

He continued, "We don’t want to hurt your family, but of course, we do not wish to be dragged down by your situation as well.".  

Her chest was heaving heavily and her face went pale.

To slander with one’s family was so despicable that she had not expected it.

Her family background was definitely not normal, considering the fact that she had the ability to become a Holy Saint of the Vatican City.

In reality, her parents were the most devoted followers of the Vatican.

She could not imagine their reactions if they would find out about this.

"You have left for so many days, and yet your parents have not contacted you, don’t you find that strange?" said Cardinal Angelo slyly.

"What have you done to them?" flared Casarina.  

He replied, "I’ve only invited them to meet the Son of God, they were so touched and excited that your mother and sister shed tears of joy!".

Tears of joy?

She did not believe a word of it. Her family was of considerable status in the Vatican City.

Even though the Son of God was supreme, it wouldn’t delight them to the point of tears would it?

At this moment, her communication device lit up, and her eyes widened in shock!

It was her younger brother, Caluka, who was only fifteen this year, and the message read, "Dad and Mum told me to tell you never to come back!".

At the same time, one of the members of the group whispered something into Cardinal Angelo’s ear.

He furrowed his brows, and after which, with a dark expression, he looked and her and said, "You and your family member’s insanity will mark the path of destruction for yourselves eventually!".

After which he commanded, "Capture Casarina! The fat one.. Don’t kill him!".

They were after all, on another’s land, and Angelo did not want to spill unnecessary blood.

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