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Chapter 310: The Butterfly Dance's Failsafe


The other party was fuming.

"A Jiao claiming that it is bad with water... if your ancestors heard this, would they not slap you to death?"

Tears of joy welled up in the White Prince’s eyes, "Fellow cultivator, you know me?"

"No." The reply was crisp.

The White Prince was disappointed.

"But, I can get you out of here." The other party replied.

"Really?" The White Prince’s hope was rekindled. He was generally quite slow in reacting, but his voice sped up considerably.

"Of course, but, you must promise me one thing." The figure said.

"What is it?" The White Prince asked hopefully.

"I have a bow, but it’s missing a bowstring..."

Just as the figure spoke, it exploded into a movement!

It attacked the White Prince!


The White Prince was startled and fuming.

It had not expected the other figure to change attitude so quickly and it slithered into the depths of the ocean!

As a Jiao, he had an advantage in this place.

The water was his home ground!

Even though his opponent was much more powerful than the White Prince, the attack only succeeded in causing the White Prince to spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Oh god damn it..." The White Prince turned and fled down the mountain.

As it ran, it sent out powerful waves of mental energy, "Chu Yu, master... your snake is about to be skinned alive!"

"Chu Yu?" That thin figure suddenly stopped in its tracks, almost as if it was contemplating something.

But then, it continued pursuing the White Prince.

The White Prince sped towards the depths of the ocean. Finding a trench in the seabed, it tunneled inside without hesitation.

By this time, Chu Yu was already at the bottom of the trench.

Beneath his feet was virtually the deepest point of the Pacific Ocean.

It was lonely and cold, heat virtually nonexistent in this environment.

His vertical eye opened and began to scan the area.


The excitement came over Chu Yu.

Did I really manage to find the sword?

At this point, he sensed the powerful brainwaves sent by the White Prince.

"Chu Yu, you b*stard, I am about to be skinned alive, come save me!"

"Ow ow ow ow... can you stop f*cking following me?"

"Please, I’m begging you. Since you know me, aren’t you afraid that the Jiao ancestors will kill you?"

"Chu Yu!"

"You demon!"

"You bully!"

"Ancestors... master! F*ck!"

"Come save me!"

Even though this was the deepest part of the trench, Chu Yu could still feel the energy above his head.

Runes already began to light up.

Clearly, the White Prince was not lying. Someone was after it.

"If you save me this time, I assure you that I will be loyal to you. I will never betray you. Quickly, save me, I’m about to die!"

The White Prince became more and more desperate.

The person attacking it did not speak throughout!

At this point, the White Prince had already swum over.

He only managed to survive this long because he was a Jiao and had a natural advantage in the water.

He was seriously injured and blood flowed from his body.

Chu Yu used his divine sense to contact the other power.

Chu Yu stiffened slightly, taken aback.

This was clearly a power!

This figure locked onto him upon contact!

How decisive!

Chu Yu thought to himself.

He charged towards the figure.

He f

ired a punch!

Even though this was the depths of the Pacific Ocean, Chu Yu’s attack was terrifying!

A powerful wave of force charged towards that figure.

But that figure disappeared immediately!

In the next moment, it appeared behind Chu Yu!

Chu Yu was stunned, that his back was drenched!

This figure had been hiding his power...

This attack would have been sufficient to kill off the White Prince!

Is it coming after me?

Chu Yu did not turn around, instead, he sent out a ray of blood aura!

The blood aura morphed into an incredibly long blade and flew towards the figure behind him.

"Interesting tricks." An icy brainwave was transmitted through the water.

Then, the figure disappeared once again.

Chu Yu’s attack missed once again!

Runes at the bottom of the seabed finally put a stop to the attack.

The White Prince immediately headed for the surface. It had no intention of helping.

It had never planned on helping Chu Yu, but even if it did, it would only be a burden if it stayed.

It had no qualms that the figure was at least a Legendary Emperor!

How damn scary!

Chu Yu began to engage in an intense battle at the bottom of the ocean.

Even so, till now, he still did not know who or what he was fighting.

He could only feel a thin figure, but the figure was otherwise cloaked by an aura.

After some time, Chu Yu realized that other than his opponent’s speed, his opponent was not as terrifying as a Legendary Emperor.

This made him heave a sigh of relief.

At the same time, he questioned it with a brainwave, "I have no feud with you, why are you attacking me?"

His opponent did not answer.

All it did was attack.

It even offered up magical equipment to lock onto Chu Yu!

The grade of the magical equipment was rather high!

It offered up three magical equipment, the worst of which was in the Divine Lord Realm. The other two were Legendary Emperor Realm magical equipment.

All three offensive magical equipment charged towards Chu Yu!

In the end, the Nascent God of his opponent was also summoned!

It donned a bright red armor and held a sharp sword. It attacked Chu Yu, complementing its original form.

How great was this feud?

Who is this person?

Chu Yu immediately opened his vertical eye!

After his body had been reformed, his eyes gained the ability to see through hypocrisy, but there were still things that eluded them.

His vertical eye was much stronger.

A strange reaction could be felt in his vertical eye. Then, his opponent’s face appeared in his mind.


Chu Yu’s shock was immense.

He was rather taken aback.

When in such an intense battle, any lapse in concentration could be fatal.

He was pierced in his left shoulder by the Nascent Soul and blood flowed from the open wound.

If the attack had hit any lower, it would have pierced his heart and rendered him useless.

Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art to retreat.

A stream of blood flowed into the icy water.

But he felt no pain, "Lin Shi! It’s me! I am Chu Yu!"

His opponent’s eyes were icy and her expression was unchanged. A brainwave could be felt, "I am after you!"

Then, she attacked once again.

"Butterfly Dance, you b*tch! I will kill you!" Chu Yu was fuming.

Even though he did not know what was happening, he could guess.

Butterfly Dance did not trust him and must have done something to Lin Shi so that she would follow him here.

At the same time, she gave Lin Shi another duty - to kill him!

"How dare you scold my master?"

This was clearly Lin Shi. When did she attain Divine Lord?

Her power was rather terrifying.

But when Chu Yu looked carefully at Lin Shi, he found that there were major hidden dangers in Lin Shi’s body!

She was forcefully raised by Butterfly Dance!

Chu Yu’s emotions were conflicted.

He kept roaring and raging, "Shishi, listen to me, you’re being controlled! You’re being used! I am your boyfriend! I am Chu Yu! We are childhood friends!"

"You’re trying to lie to me?"

Lin Shi’s voice was cold and her attacks were brutal.

After being tampered with by the Butterfly Dance, she was much more powerful than Chu Yu.

This must be why Butterfly Dance sent her over.

Butterfly Dance must also have some way of controlling her.

The battle brought them from the bottom of the ocean all the way to the surface.

Countless ancient runes followed them from the ocean bed to the surface.

Else, based on their power, half the Earth would have been shattered.

The White Prince was lying on a small boat tending to its wounds when it felt a strong wave of energy from beneath it.

It instantly turned and ran, humans were too scary!

Chu Yu was scary enough. It never expected that there would be someone worse than Chu Yu.

It disappeared instantly.

At the same time, it prayed, Kill Chu Yu! If he dies, I’ll be free! From now on, I will obediently cultivate in the depths of the forest. I will never find trouble again...

Chu Yu and Lin Shi’s battle went into the sky.

Lin Shi finally revealed her face.

"Can we stop for a while? Can you hear me out?" Chu Yu looked at Lin Shi seriously, "Ten minutes is sufficient!"

Lin Shi was expressionless. "I came to kill you. There’s nothing more to say."

"Lin Shi, even though you are controlled by someone else, I do not believe that you’ve lost all control. Even if you ripped out your memory, you’re still a mature person!" Chu Yu said.

A wave of hesitation flashed in Lin Shi’s eyes.

Chu Yu immediately flashed a large number of pictures in mid-air.

These pictures documenting Lin Shi’s life.

There were pictures of her bounding to school, her hair tied up in ponytails. There were pictures of her tugging at Chu Yu’s clothes, as well as beautiful pictures of her when she was in her teens...

Then, there were pictures of her when she was the most admired beauty in the country.

These pictures were all projected in the sky.

Each one was a high definition picture.

Chu Yu’s expression was pained, "Lin Shi, look, this is you! You may have ripped out your memories, but you told me to find you! Do you want evidence? I have more here! This is what you left behind in the Sky Dazed School after your cleansed your memory!"

Lin Shi’s eyebrows furrowed as she hesitated, looking at the large photos in the air.

These photos documented an entire life.

From infancy to maturity.

At this point, Chu Yu broadcasted a few video snippets.

There were some of Lin Shi and some of the two of them.

There were hundreds of them, documenting their time together since childhood!

"Look at these videos. They clearly document your life. I am in the videos too." Chu Yu looked at Lin Shi, "Now, are you willing to hear me out?"

"I..." Lin Shi began to hesitate, a pain building in her heart.

She was speechless.

However, at this point, her eyes turned!

She exploded with boundless killing intent and she attacked!

This time, Chu Yu did not react in time and was sent flying by the attack!

With a scream, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

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