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The White Prince was yelling manically in its heart, Green Jiao, you are one of the largest demons in the sea, ruler of an area, you can’t be scared away by this.

Go on!

Go fight him!

Kill him!

Duel him!

He is humiliating you!

You can’t take this lying down!


Idiot was so agitated that his emotions were revealed on his face, his eyebrows furrowed.

However, the green Jiao hesitated after hearing what Chu Yu had to say. It’s icy eyes glowed with doubt and suspicion.

Chu Yu smiled at it calmly.

After some consideration, the green Jiao told Chu Yu, "There are not many Jiaos left. The ancestors will never let their descendants become the slave of a human. I still advise you to let him go."

Exactly, exactly!

There are countless powers amongst the Jiaos!

If you antagonize the ancestors, you will die a horrible death!

Your body will be completely ripped to shreds.


The White Prince nodded manically by the side.


Chu Yu said faintly, "It volunteered to stay next to me."

Then, he looked at the White Prince, "Isn’t that right?"


This was an extremely threatening glance.

At the same time, Chu Yu had a notion that made the White Prince’s soul shiver.

He laughed dryly, "Haha... yes, yes... I erm, did this willingly!"


It was already quite feeble, but now, its tone was filled with despair.

The green Jiao was not blind or stupid. It glared at Chu Yu for quite some time before saying, "Human, you’re quite shameless."


Just quite shameless?

This man is the epitome of shamelessness!

The White Prince screamed internally, Stop talking, fight! What’s the point of saying so much? Nagging so much? Just attack and stop arguing...


Chu Yu looked at the green Jiao, "Anything else?"

The green Jiao, "..."

In the next moment, the green Jiao took on a human form, dressed in black, and appeared in front of Chu Yu.

The green Jiao became a hulking man over two meters in height. He was muscular and bald, his eyes radiating with iciness.

He was not ugly, but he was quite scary. If he had some thick gold chains, sunglasses and a cigar, he would look like someone from the mafia.

"I am curious." The green Jiao frowned and looked at Chu Yu, "You should only be a True Lord, how did you manage to enslave a Divine Lord?"

The White Prince’s face darkened, "Who says that a True Lord cannot be powerful? Why not you take him on for yourself?"

Green Jiao looked at the White Prince and raged, "Do you think I am stupid? If I could beat him, wouldn’t I have done so just now?"

The White Prince was speechless.

So was Chu Yu.


This green Jiao is quite honest, a lot better than idiot over here.

The White Prince was a crook. He was cunning, sly, and suspicious of people.

Even though the White Prince was controlled by Chu Yu, it was extremely reluctant, constantly thinking of ways to escape.

"Okay, enough, I shan’t meddle in this further. However, human, you had better be careful. This sea is not as simple as you think. It’s okay if you die. But if it dies, the Jiao ancestors will not let you off."


Chu Yu thought to himself, If I die, do you think I care about the White Prince’s state?

After the green Jiao finished his statement, he waved to Chu Yu, then dived into the ocean and disappeared.

This green Jiao was extremely crisp and decisive.

The White Prince did not even have a chance to call out to him. It was clearly depressed.

Chu Yu looked at the White Prince, "Idiot, don’t you try something like that again. You must understand that if I were to die, I will definitely take you along with me."

The White Prince howled, "Master, you can’t be like this, that is so unreasonable!"

"I stand by what I said. Till such time that you’ve risked your life with me, then we will talk again." Chu Yu said flatly, "I’ll let you off this time."

As Chu Yu spoke, he set a direction and dived.


The White Prince’s lips twitched, cursing his ill luck.

After rolling its eyes multiple times, it also dived in with Chu Yu.

This plan may not have worked, but it was not giving up just yet. It still tried to think of ways and means to regain its freedom.

Furthermore, it swore to itself, If I were to regain my freedom, I will stay far away from humans.

Humans are all liars!


By comparison, the White Prince felt that it was an innocent white flower.

The innocent white flower followed behind Chu Yu reluctantly. Till now, it still did not know why the human wanted to come to the Pacific Ocean.

There was a humongous shark with icy eyes ahead, sneakily observing Chu Yu and the White Prince.

Chu Yu had spotted the shark a long time ago. Its huge shape made it hard to miss.


Since it did not attack them, Chu Yu ignored it.

He was here for that sword. Everything else was of no interest to him.

After lying in wait for a while and determining that these two humans were not dangerous, its tailed flapped and it swam over.

"Idiot, go!"


Chu Yu said flatly.

The White Prince rolled its eyes but still went for the shark. At the same time, it radiated an icy sense, "Scram!"

The shark was enraged, widening its jaw and revealing its incredibly sharp teeth as it charged towards the White Prince.

All of a sudden, the White Prince’s body exploded with a terrifying aura as he punched the shark.

Only then did the shark realize the danger, but it was too late.

Even though a ray of defensive light radiated from its body, it could not block the White Prince’s attack.

This Supreme Realm shark was smashed to smithereens by the White Prince, blood staining the water red.

The water deep in the Pacific Ocean began to roll manically. Then, the wave of energy shot to the surface.

Satellites captured the image of a terrifying water pillar gushing up from the surface of the Pacific!

It looked like it was about to shoot straight into outer space!


Then, like a heavenly waterfall, it crashed back into the ocean.


All of a sudden, a horrifying water wall thousands of meters high formed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!


If this wave was near the shore, it would result in a catastrophe.

Anyone who saw this scene was completely stunned!


They immediately raised the alert.

Chu Yu glanced at the White Prince, "You did that on purpose, didn’t you?"

As a powerful Divine Lord cultivator, an all out attack would have catastrophic consequences.

Just as Chu Yu was preparing to quell this huge wave, runes suddenly lit up on the surface of the ocean.

The satellites recorded images of the entire Pacific Ocean lighting up.


Yet, they failed to record those runes.

They could only see rays of light on the surface of the ocean. This was quickly followed by the quelling of the huge wave.


In a matter of minutes, the Pacific Ocean was calm once again.

If not for the fact that there was video evidence, no one would believe that this had happened.


No one would believe that they just had a close brush with a catastrophe.

The White Prince pouted, "See, the Earth is very safe now."

However, the wave of blood in the Pacific Ocean attracted the attention of countless ocean animals.

Many ferocious life forms began to gather around.


Chu Yu glanced at the White Prince, "You caused this, settle it yourself."

The White Prince’s lips twitched as his body exploded with an icy aura. Almost like a tornado, this aura was brutal and lethal.

It radiated in all directions.

Those ocean life forms who were trying to get close all disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The White Prince looked at Chu Yu contentedly, "See, it’s so easy."

Chu Yu ignored it and continued to dive deeper.

This place was incredibly deep and the pressure kept increasing. However, to Chu Yu and the White Prince, this pressure did not affect them.

After scaring away those ferocious life forms, the two of them quickly reached the bottom of the sea.

Yet, a huge mountain lay beneath their feet!

A peak at the bottom of the ocean.

The two of them stood at the peak of the mountain.

The White Prince used the Voice Transmission Technique, "What are we doing here?"

This place unsettled him.


Even though the Jiaos liked to stay in water, this body of water was too big!

This was not Jiao territory. Else, the green Jiao would not have left so easily.

The White Prince was extremely sensitive when in water. He had already felt a dangerous aura envelop the area.

"Don’t talk so much rubbish. Stay here and stand guard, I’m going down to have a look." Chu Yu said.


He descended the mountain, going deeper into the ocean.

The White Prince sat at the pinnacle, radiating rays of Divine Light. It was extremely obvious in the icy Pacific.

He was doing this on purpose. He wanted to attract some powers to take out Chu Yu.

Chu Yu was getting quite exasperated. If not for the fact that it was still useful, he would have killed it a long time ago.

This was the deepest point of the Pacific. It was tens of thousands of meters from the surface!

The temperatures here were freezing, the pressure immense.

It was also extremely dark. It was almost completely devoid of light.


However, with Chu Yu’s powerful Divine Sense, light was unnecessary.

There was an abyss just ahead. It was thousands of meters wide and deep beyond belief.

Chu Yu thought about it, then entered the abyss.


The White Prince tried to make itself even brighter. It looked like a bright lamp in the middle of the ocean.


Finally, his hard work paid off.

In the depths of the pacific, a ray of Divine Sense locked onto him.

That Divine Sense was incredibly icy. Even a cold blooded animal like the White Prince shivered.

He also used his Divine Sense to ‘look’ in that direction.

There was a skinny figure barely 100m away from him.

"F*ck me!"

The White Prince was stunned. Any life form who could close the distance on him without him noticing was much more powerful than him!

Furthermore, if not for the fact that his opponent had locked onto him with Divine Sense, he would never have realized the existence of this figure!

"Friendly, don’t attack."

The White Prince said, "Our enemy is below!"

The skinny figure ignored him. It continued to lock onto him using Divine Sense, sizing him up.

The White Prince was also sizing up his opponent.

That should be a human!

Seems like... a lady.


At this point, his opponent used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

The White Prince said, "Friend, I was forced to come here, I don’t want to be in this darn place at all!"

"Is this place not good?" His opponent replied icily.


"No no no..." The White Prince reacted quickly.

He responded immediately, "It’s not that this place is bad. But I am not fond of water..."

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