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Chu Yu’s expression returned to calmness as he smiled hypocritically at Rolex.

"Old man, do you think I am very rude?"

"That’s a fact!"

"Do you think I’ve gone overboard?"


"Haven’t you?"

"Then why don’t you fight with me?"


"Do you think that we should return your saintess to you just because you’ve come?"

"Shouldn’t you?"

Rolex was fuming.


"But right now, you’re also being very rude." Chu Yu grinned.


"You forced me to be!" Rolex bellowed

"You see, at the end of the day, isn’t it a case of the strongest fist having the right to speak?" Chu Yu smiled calmly.

"You must be reasonable!"

"Pui!" Chu Yu raged, "Now you know how to be reasonable? Or is it because you have no confidence to face me? Or is it because you all have no confidence to face the East?"


This made Rolex speechless!


Was that the case?


That was the case!

If the Northern Chu Clan did not have Chu Yu or Chu Xi, if they were just an ordinary cultivation family, if not for the fact that the west was afraid of the east, would Rolex be so courteous and nice?


He would definitely crash through the front doors and take Casarina away by force.


"Master Chu, are you telling me that you’re confident to go up against us?"

Rolex’s eyes were filled with fire as he glared at Chu Yu, "Don’t forget that your family is still here. Master Chu... you may not be afraid, but can you say the same about your family?"



Chu Yu laughed suddenly. As he chuckled, an unrestrained killing aura exploded from his body.

"F*ck, I knew that you bloody b*stards were up to no good!"


Rolex could not withstand the killing aura from Chu Yu and spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot.

He looked at Chu Yu in aghast.


Chu Yu squinted at Rolex and asked calmly, "Mr Rolex..."

"What... what is it?"

Rolex was finally a little scared. He even felt that this young jerk in front of him could possibly kill him with a single blow!


This was true power!

Evan’s death was because he had tried to use a forbidden power, activating the defensive powers of the Earth.

He knew this for a fact!


Saintsss Casarina has also wanted to escape for quite some time now.


He knew this for a fact too.


As such, deep down in his heart, he had discounted the fact that the Easterner may be very powerful.

But now, Rolex understood that even if Evan was not killed by the defensive powers of the Earth, he would have been killed by Master Chu.

Without using the forbidden powers, he may not even be a match for this young Chinese!


This young man was the most powerful youth he had ever seen!

"Don’t you have a family?" Chu Yu asked.


Rolex’s eyes filled with worry.

Chu Yu’s voice became icy, "If you dare to touch anyone in my family, I will kill 10 of yours!"


"Then you can wait for war!" Rolex was incredibly furious, "A war between the east and the west!"

Chu Yu laughed, "You all won’t dare!"


"Just wait and see!" Rolex stormed out, slamming the door behind him.


"Don’t be scared, before our armies clash, I won’t kill the messenger. Why are you in such a hurry to leave?"

Chu Yu’s voice echoed behind Rolex.

Rolex was rooted to the ground, an icy feeling at his back!


F*ck you. What do you mean by "you won’t kill the messenger"? You clearly want a reason to kill me.

At this point, a crisp lady voice rang out. This lady stood in the courtyard and spoke in English.

"Mr Rolex, hang on."

Rolex stopped in his tracks, turned around and saw Casarina. His expression was conflicted, "Casarina... you’re finally willing to appear?"

Casarina’s eyes were filled with sorrow as she sighed, "Mr Rolex, you are my senior, and you have taught me many things. I regard you as my teacher."

Rolex sighed, his gaze softening.

"But yet, your motive is no different from them. You want to offer me to the son of God, you know what that means."

Rolex went silent for a moment, then sighed again, "But this is our calling. Our live belongs to the god."

"No, we are the masters of our own fate!"

Casarina was determined, "I don’t want to be the lady of the Son of God, and I don’t want to be sucked dry by him!"


Chu Yu and Fatty were both shocked.


Sucked dry?


Could it be that their Son Of God practiced those devilish and satanic techniques?


No wonder Casarina wanted to escape, even ignoring the opinions of others.


Rolex looked at Casarina, "But, your highness, by doing so... you will implicate many innocent people."


Casarina was extremely conflicted, falling silent.

At this point, Fatty stood out and chuckled icily, "I am happy to be implicated! Go back and tell your god and his son that Casarina is mine! I am the saint of the Thief Sect! Also, this incident has nothing to do with the Chu Clan!"

Rolex looked deeply into Fatty’s eyes, then nodded, "I will be sure to pass the message."

Then, he flew into the air and disappeared.


He was really scared that the jerk youth would attack him without warning.

The east was not only mysterious to the westerners in society.

In the cultivation world, they were not only mysterious, they were almost divine... and unantagonizable!

If not for the fact that they were afraid of the eastern powers, if not for the fact that Chu Yu had revealed his powers, they wouldn’t even bother trying to reason with the east!

After Rolex left, Casarina looked at Chu Yu apologetically, "Sorry Master Chu, we have caused you much trouble."

This time, she spoke in fluent Mandarin.

Chu Yu glanced at her, "Fatty is my brother."

Casarina laughed and looked at Chu Yu seriously, "I am his lady."


Chu Yu nodded.

Fatty was clearly moved. He looked at Chu Yu, "Brother, I’ll be leaving now!"

"Hmm?" Chu Yu looked at him.

Fatty continued, "Yesterday night, the elders contacted me. They scolded me and asked me to bring her back to the Thief Sect. This is our situation to contain, and I was told not to implicate anyone."


"Thief Sect?"


Chu Yu frowned and looked at Fatty. He never heard much about the Thief Sect from Fatty.

Fatty ruffled his hair and said, "I just received news that the ancestors of the Thief Sect... the Thief Saint, has returned."


Chu Yu’s eyes widened, his lips twitching.

Thief Saint?






F*ck me!




"A live saint?"

"Duh, if he was dead he would be a corpse."

Chu Yu took a deep breath, then said, "You’re telling me that the ancestors of the Thief Sect know about you?"


"My father told them about me."

Fatty nodded. "The ancestors have made it clear that everyone in the Solar System is one family. Even though we may be of different bloodlines and different races, we are still one and the same..."


Hahaha, all one and the same...

Chu Yu chuckled to himself.

Fatty continued, "He told my seniors not to be racist. Furthermore, he asked me to return so he can guide me along."

"You’ve made it!" Chu Yu said with envy.

Even though he had many saint legacies on hand, he had never received guidance from a saint.


He had not even gotten guidance from a Legendary Emperor before, much less a saint.

The amount of pain he had to go through in order to get to where he is now was known only to him.


"Brother, thank you for everything." Fatty looked at Chu Yu seriously, "No matter when or what, you will always be my brother!"


"Okay, enough, go back to your protection, don’t make trouble for me here." Chu Yu smiled and chided.

Fatty also smiled, "Maybe when we meet next time, it will be my turn to protect you!"

"Haha, I will still smash you next time!" Chu Yu smiled.

Lord Thief flew over and landed on Chu Yu’s shoulder. It looked at Fatty, "Oi, fat thief, are you really going?"


"You simply can’t wait for me to leave can you?"


"You really have an ancestor who is a saint?" Lord Thief’s eyes darted around.


Fatty snickered, "Why?"

"Saint! I love hearing about them!"


Fatty, "..."

"Can you bring me along?" Lord Thief asked shamelessly, "I have never seen how a saint looks like!’

Fatty laughed coldly, "Despicable bird, quit dreaming, I’ve never seen a saint before either!"

"How petty, scram fat thief!" Lord Thief flapped its wings and flew away.

Then, Fatty said goodbye to everyone else.


Many people in the Chu Clan heaved a sigh of relief.

This was quite the normal reaction. After all, they did not have any connection to Fatty.


After Fatty left, Chu Yu began refining pills.

At the same time, he taught Chu Xuangzhong and Chu Xuanliang many of the techniques in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

He basically imparted all of his skills to them.

Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang were incredibly talented in this aspect. They were even more stellar than most of his 14 students in the Mirror World!

They were just slightly less talented than Yuwen Xiaoxiao and Yan Xiaoyu.

But, they lacked the foresight and vision.


But their horizons could be broadened with experience.


Chu Yu thought highly of them.


Half a month later, the entire Northern Chu Clan went into isolation.

Chu Tianxiong, Chu Xiaoxiao, Chu Liang, and the others, all rushed back.

After seeing Chu Yu, theory did not have much time to catch up before they were given various pills and began their isolation.

Fang Lie, Chu Xi, the White Prince, and Chu Yu continued to stand guard.


Xiaoyue, Lord Thief, and Old Yellow all had their own pills and began their isolation.


The humongous Northern Chu Family became eerily quiet.


Yet, outside, it was far from calm.


At some point in time, the phrase ‘Mirror World’ began surfacing on the internet.

News about the Mirror World was also beginning to leak out.


Everyone on Earth was actively following the news.

Many could not believe that there would be a world out there that was specially meant to destroy the Solar System.


That being said, there was no news about the Bastion of the Stars.

This was all started by Fatty, who had returned to the Thief Sect.


Initially, he had wanted to reveal things about the Bastion of the Stars as well.

According to him, it was time to wake all of these idiots from their drunken stupor.


But Chu Yu knew that the time was not ripe.

They couldn’t rush into anything.

Furthermore, despite knowing about the Mirror World and their intentions, many would not understand the magnitude of the issue.

They may still think that the war is a long distance away.

Some people will not sober up until they’ve experienced pain.

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