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Chapter 303: Saintess of the West

Chu Yu was speechless, What the f*ck is going on?

The meet-and-greet session with the saintess has been cancelled? What saintess? What has this got to do with Fatty?

Chu Yu glanced at Lord Thief and Old Yellow, "You two bring Xiaoyue to my place first, I have business to settle with idiot."

Lord Thief looked at Chu Yu, "What is it? Are you all going to fight? Bring me along!"

Chu Yu shook his head, "No way!"

He did not know anything about what was going on in Northern Europe and Fatty didn’t elaborate either. But, by the looks of it, this was urgent. Fatty rarely pleaded for help.

Furthermore, Fatty was already quite powerful. Anyone who could trap him was definitely not weak.

Lord Thief and Old Yellow were definitely not suited for this journey.

Lord Thief groaned, "Why? Are there even things in this world that you can’t handle?"

Chu Yu rolled his eyes, "I’m not god!"

Xiaoyue looked at Chu Yu and said softly, "Please be careful."

"See, at least Xiaoyue knows how to care for others." Chu Yu rolled his eyes at Lord Thief.

Lord Thief unwillingly left with Old Yellow and Xiaoyue.

The White Prince looked at Chu Yu cautiously. "Where are we going?" He asked feebly.


"Home of red wine?" The White Prince’s eyes glittered.

"Idiot!" Chu Yu glared at it.

The Earth was not big, and even smaller to people like Chu Yu and the White Prince.

At their level, they could travel the world in a single day.

They could travel about the universe with just their bare bodies.

The two of them sprinted across land like two bolts of lightning.

Chu Yu had gone overseas multiple times, but he had always taken an airplane.

However, right now, he was many times faster than an airplane.

Very quickly, the two of them entered Europe.

Chu Yu and the White Prince followed Fatty’s coordinates to a huge manor.

The two of them stopped in their tracks a distance away from the manor.

The White Prince frowned, "There’s someone very powerful here..."

Chu Yu had felt that terrifying aura in the manor ahead from afar.

The manor was quiet and there were few people moving about.

Chu Yu used his ability to see through fakery to see through what was happening in the manor.

He quickly realized that there were many powers hiding in the manor.

If not for his eyes, he would not even be able to feel the aura from them!

They were genuine cold blooded creatures, and not a single bit of their aura leaked out.


Chu Yu thought to himself as he saw those pale figures.

Who the hell did Fatty antagonize? Why does it feel like he poked a hornet’s nest?

All of sudden, a brutal wave of aura rose from the manor!

It immediately caused havoc in the sky.

Dark clouds swarmed the area.

Then, a raging roar could be heard from the manor, "Get out here!"

Chu Yu and the White Prince stiffened. They thought that they had been made.

But then, another voice rang out, "I am not coming out! You can come in if you dare!"


Chu Yu could recognize his voice instantly.

It was still as confident and despicable as ever before.

Chu Yu was extremely relieved.

"You shameless b*stard!" That fuming voice roared as it exuded a terrifying suppressive aura.

The twirling and raging dark clouds ahead would strike fear in anyone.

"How am I shameless? F*cking hell, I was just soaking in the hot spring here, but your saintess..."

"Shut up!"

That voice became more and more infuriated, "Let our saintess go!"

"No way! Do you all think I am dumb? If I let her go, you will just turn around and kill me!"

Chu Yu was confused, What the hell is going on?

Soaking in a hot spring?

The saintess beside him?

F*ck me...

He seemed to understand what was going on.

"I can promise you that I won’t kill you." That furious voice became solemn, but the aura it exuded was much like an ancient beast.

He was still clearly enraged.

"Hahahaha, the promises from the Vatican are worth as much as dog sh*t."

Fatty’s voice rang out once again, this time full of mocking and sarcasm, "Do you see the bats here? Hahaha, since when have you all mixed with vampires? Will you be finding me some werewolves later?"

"Watch your mouth, don’t talk rubbish." That low voice replied.

"I am not talking rubbish, you should know better than anyone. What do you say? Ms Casarina?

At this point, an icy and calm voice could be heard, "Chinese man, I can accept that you’re holding me hostage. But can you take your hand off my chest?"


The White Prince could not help but burst out laughing.

"Who the hell is that!"

The enraged voice bellowed from the manor.

Chu Yu looked at the White Prince in exasperation. He had wanted to sneak in and rescue Fatty.

But this stupid idiot had spoilt the entire plan.

To be fair, in that moment, Chu Yu wanted to laugh to.

What the hell was Fatty trying to do?

To do something blasphemous to the saintess?

How audacious!

Furthermore, this saintess seemed to have powerful backing.

Anyone who could cause a Divine Lord cultivator to rage this much must be quite powerful. She probably did not lose out to the Chinese saintesses.

Furthermore, Fatty had mentioned Vatican, could it be that... this was a saintess from the Vatican?

If so... this was quite a major problem.

Four figures rose from the manor and flew towards Chu Yu and the White Prince.

Chu Yu looked at the White Prince, "Idiot, you caused this, settle it yourself."

"Okay..." The White Prince knew that if he had controlled himself, they would not have been spotted.

He was quite a ruffian and charged towards the four of them.

He immediately attacked with a sacred art.

A ray of light split into four and formed four spears in the air, flying towards the four men.

All four of their bodies exploded with rays of light, forming shields that enveloped their bodies.

The White Prince smiled in disdain.

Bang bang bang bang!

The four energy spears shattered the four light shields.

All four figure spat out mouthfuls of blood and fell from the sky.

Amongst the four attackers, two of them were True Lords and they suffered less severe injuries. Even so, they spat out mouthfuls of blood.

The other two were all pinnacle Supreme Realm cultivators. Those two lost consciousness immediately. For one of them, the spear pierced his chest!

One strike, four down!

The White Prince was extremely contented with itself as it looked back at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu was expressionless. He stared at the manor rather solemnly.

Finding Chu Yu antifun, the White Prince’s lips twitched. In the next moment, he felt his hair stand.

He retreated immediately!

An icy aura seemed to lock onto him.

The White Prince was scared out of his wits as he shouted in horror, "Save me!"

His tone now was much louder and powerful than before.

Chu Yu’s figure moved instantly, changing into a flash of light as he charged towards the manor.

Over on the other side, a figure also lunged out at Chu Yu.

This man did not use any sacred arts!

Just his physical power alone gave people the feeling that he was shredding through the air!

This was a real expert!

When his icy aura had locked onto the White Prince, the White Prince felt like he was going to die!


Chu Yu clashed with this man.

Upon contact, Chu Yu felt like he had crashed into an immovable mountain.

That intense shock made him feel like his body was going to break apart.

How the f*ck is this man so strong?

He didn’t know that the man charging at him had the same thought!

He was looking to break Chu Yu with his attack!

He had used this body strengthening sacred art to attack many times, and had even shattered cultivators of the same cultivation level!

Yet, when he hit Chu Yu, Chu Yu was unaffected.

As such, after initial contact, both of them thought the exact same thing, What a tough body!

Bang bang bang!

The two of them clashed again.

They continued to rely purely on the strength and power of their bodies.

It was clear that neither of them were happy about the strength of the other!

"You’re a True Lord?"

This man was covered from head to toe in armor. The only gap was a slit for his eyes.

He could not take it any longer at radiated a mental energy fluctuation.

"That’s right." Chu Yu nodded.

"You’re actually a True Lord..."

This man was deeply awed. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

Are all of China’s cultivators so powerful?

That shameless Fatty was also a True Lord and was not his match, but even so, he was stronger than the True Lord saintess.

Why else would they be required? The saintess would have killed him.

Even though they were communicating, they did not stop attacking each other.

"Easterner, why are you here?"

This mode of communication was much faster than speaking, and it could match the pace of battle.

"Saving my friend." Chu Yu answered curtly.

He was extremely shocked too. With his current abilities, he may not be able to smash every Divine Lord, but he should be able to defeat most Divine Lords!

After over a decade of grinding, his cultivation level was not fast, and may even be considered slow for a talent, but his battle power was incredible!

As such, even though he was only an intermediate-advanced True Lord, his abilities were almost like a pinnacle Divine lord cultivator!

Most Divine Lords won’t even stand a chance against him.

They were not a match for his strength or sacred arts.

Yet, this man was able to match him.

Furthermore, Chu Yu could feel that this man’s blood aura was great. This meant that he was not an old cultivator!

This was probably a young man, possibly even a youth!

That was quite scary.

"Your friend? Are you talking about the man inside?" This man’s gaze turned icy, "He deserves to die!"

"Oh? Why so?" Chu Yu launched a vicious punch as he continued to communicate through his mind.

"He... he..."

This man realized that he could not reveal everything.

The only reason why he dared to rage and shout just now was because he thought that there was no one in the area.

He could not bring himself to say that the saintess was about to be defiled.

That concerned the reputation of the saintess.

At this point, Fatty’s voice could be heard from the manor, "Hahaha, brother is powerful, you’re here so quickly? Get rid of this b*stard and I’ll invite you to my wedding with the saintess!"

"Go to hell!" The man in front of Chu Yu went insane.

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