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Chapter 300: Big Bully

However, using this technique on a Divine Lord was a little too crude...

It wasn’t that this technique wasn’t effective, but it was extremely painful!

The soul of a Divine Lord life form was simply too powerful.

At this level, their souls became physical bodies and could walk the earth!

It’s soul wore battle armor and held a long halberd. It’s battle power was no weaker than a Supreme Realm cultivator.

It was immensely difficult to extract such a powerful soul from this cultivator.

The White Prince yelled in pain. What made Chu Yu all the more speechless was that the White Prince’s scream was also slow and feeble.

Even though it was not clear, this demon was clearly different from the rest.

"This is a demonic technique... this doesn’t count!"

"You can’t do this!"

"Aiyo, it hurts so much!"

"If you keep doing this I’ll fight it out with you!"


The White Prince suddenly exploded with an incredibly powerful aura.

His soul could no longer resist Chu Yu’s tugging and burst out of his body.

Because he had been sealed, the White Prince could not resist. He really regretted it now.

If he knew this would happen, he would have fought it out with this man!

As a Divine Lord cultivator, he could definitely bring this human down with him.

But now it was too late. Even though its cultivation level was high, its battle prowess was no match for Chu Yu.

Its powers had already been sealed and it had no way of resisting anymore.

The White Prince’s divine soul was an incredibly large white Jiao!

It wore superior battle armor!

This armor was clearly extraordinary and was glossy black.

Chu Yu ripped the armor off without hesitation. He was not very adept in magical equipment and could not recognize what metal this was.

Even after knocking on it, he did not manage to figure out what metal this was.

"Return me my Black Gold Battle Armor!"

The White Prince, "You’re a real human, not a robber, not a bully, you can’t do this!"

"Who told you what I am?" Chu Yu glanced at it and immediately got to work.

The White Prince’s howl was incredibly loud and everyone outside heard it clearly.

First Dog was incredibly anxious, "The Prince is defeated?"

The Second Dog nodded as if it expected this coming, "I think so too, woof!"

"Stop barking!" The tiger headed male raged, "The prince is definitely defeated!"

The leopard headed lady said, "Then should we run?"

"Why should we run?" The First Dog said, "Didn’t that human stop the White Prince from hurting us? I think he is a good person!"

"Dog sh*t! Would a good person torture the White Prince like that?" The tiger headed man was loyal to the White Prince. This loyalty had been beaten into him.

The First and Second Dogs glared at the tiger headed male. They bared their fangs and let out guttural growls.

The tiger headed male stiffened, "Okay okay, tiger sh*t, tiger sh*t okay?"

Inside the dungeon.

A shred of the White Prince’s divine soul was forcefully taken by Chu Yu.

But by now, Chu Yu was incredibly tired.

But he still held on and placed this shred of soul into his own mind. Then, he sealed it and suppressed it in his head.

This way, he could make the White Prince wish for death with a single notion.

If he wanted to kill the White Prince, all he needed was also just a thought.

"I still have to do this myself when dealing with b*stards like you. But this technique is quite weak, I need to find something better."

Chu Yu panted.

The White Prince was sprawled on the ground, silent.

Tears formed at the corner of his eyes.

This time, he was finished.

He had fancied himself a smart man and always looked down on humans.

He thought that he could toy with humans, especially people like Chu Yu, courageous but naive.

They were his favorite.

Just a few tricks would be sufficient to kill them!

But the fact was, he was still a long way from succeeding.

It was almost as if his window was made of paper, shredding upon contact.

But this paper had also prevented him from realizing and understanding. 

He failed to understand that the person he was trying to fool was a powerhouse, an incredibly powerful beast!

How is this guy simple and naive?

This was someone who looked innocent but was incredibly dangerous and vicious!

He had tried to cry out for sympathy. He had tried to plead with sincerity, but to no avail.

This cold blooded fella was not moved at all!

The White Prince even felt that this man was more cold blooded than him.

"Don’t just act like you’re dead, get up and get to work!" Chu Yu kicked it.

The White Prince whined and refused to move.

"Don’t take this as humiliation. I don’t accept everyone as slaves." Chu Yu had recovered slightly by now, "For example, that dumb bird and Old Yellow... that’s why they are just my brothers."

"I... I also want to be your brother!" The White Prince cried.

"You’re too cowardly." Chu Yu said.

"Do you need to be so straightforward?" The White Prince crawled to his feet, then carefully dusted his suit.

He whined, "I’ve wasted yet another one of my top quality Italian suits..."

Chu Yu said flatly, "Your life is more important. Save them now, if anyone of them dies, you will pay with your life!"

"If you say so..." The White Prince replied feebly.

Then, he brushed away the hair covering his red eye and a ray of red light shot out from that eye.

This was not the attacking light, it was almost like a net, scanning past everyone.

The ice that sealed these people inside disappeared instantly!

It didn’t turn to water, it simply disappeared.

Then, many of them came to life slowly.

Lord Thief and Old Yellow recovered the fastest because they had been sealed for the shortest period of time.

After they woke up, they looked furiously at the White Prince, then looked at Chu Yu.

They quickly understood what had transpired.

Lord Thief raged, "Idiot, you’re so dishonest! You have no conscience!"

Old Yellow also glared icily at the White Prince, "You should die! Let’s make snake broth!"

"Hehe, sorry my brothers, but we are in the same camp now." The White Prince smiled, I don’t dare to take on this human, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take you two on!

You two weaklings. Under any other circumstances, I would have froze you both then smashed you with a hammer.

Chu Yu glanced at the White Prince icily, "Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You better be respectful to the people beside me. If you dare do anything funny, I will make sure you suffer a fate worse than death!"

"Why would I do that? I am not that kind of Jiao, I don’t do things like that!" The White Prince said.

"That’s great!" Chu Yu laughed icily.

At this point, Zhao Mantian opened his eyes slowly.

His gaze was glowed faintly and his body was very weak.

Having been sealed by the White Prince for so long, he allocated all his strength to maintaining his life essence.

That was why he looked so lost.

But he recovered quickly.

When he saw the White Prince, he did not attack.

Even though he was extremely domineering, he was not brainless.

Having been defeated by the White Prince, he knew that he was no match for this powerful demon.

Then, upon seeing Chu Yu, his stern expression changed to a smile.

He did not need to ask or guess, he knew what happened.

His brother had saved him.

Then, Xiaoyue and the others woke slowly.

Upon seeing Chu Yu, Xiaoyue also smiled sweetly. However, as she was still quite weak, she nearly fell to the ground.

Chu Yu went over and supported her. He took out a pill and placed it in her mouth.

Zhao Mantian laughed, "Brother, this is differential treatment!"

Xiaoyue blushed.

Chu Yu laughed, "Brother, you’re very healthy, my medicine is expensive!"

"Hahaha!" Zhao Mantian laughed, brushing the banter off.

He knew Chu Yu very well. Then, he glanced at the embarrassed White Prince and laughed, "Why is the White Prince so kind hearted? Have you been transformed?"

F*ck you!

The White Prince was incredibly depressed.

He had lost all his freedom.

Furthermore, this fella looked like a troublemaker. His life under this man would be tough.

He instantly rolled his eyes.

All of the Qing Qiu foxes slowly regained consciousness.

For many, upon waking up, they crumpled to the ground, unmoving.

Luckily, they were just exhausted. They did not suffer lethal injuries.

Chu Yu looked at the White Prince, "This doesn’t feel like your style, why didn’t you kill them?"

The leopard headed lady had betrayed the White Prince and revealed his brutal and cruel nature. He would not even blink when killing other demons.

"Someone ordered me not to kill them. I could only lock them up." The White Prince said honestly.

"Someone... ordered you against killing them?"

Chu Yu stiffened, This White Prince is already a Divine Lord, furthermore, he is so cold and brutal, who could possibly order him around?

"Who?" Zhao Mantian asked coldly.

He suspected many people. Even though China had limited land and Qing Qiu was a treasured land, with the White Prince’s power, he could easily take over a better place.

Many of the earlier clans also settled on prized land. He could defeat any one of them easily.

Since the White Prince could attack Qing Qiu so brazenly, would he care about the smaller clans?

The White Prince did not reply.

Chu Yu glanced at him, "Who?"

The White Prince smiled bitterly and replied feebly, "Master, don’t ask. It is of no good to you. I can only explain this much to you."

He looked at Chu Yu, then glared at Zhao Mantian, "I am not that man’s subordinate, but I do not dare to disobey him. He can make me beg for death with a single notion."

Zhao Mantian frowned, then asked, "That man asked you to attack Qin Qiu, but stopped you from killing us?"

The White Prince nodded, "If master is a small bully, that man... is... a huge bully, ahem... I can only say this much."

Zhao Mantian’s eyebrows furrowed and his face darkened, almost as if he thought of something.

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