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Chu Yu did not bother to alert those demons either. After the White Prince left, he appeared from below and used his invisibility technique to prevent the demons from seeing him.

Then, he morphed into a horse headed demon and made his way into the demon crowd. He found out where the dungeon was and made his way there without obstruction.


There were thousands of demons in Qing Qiu!

Chu Yu observed that even the worst of them were King’s Realm demons. Most of them had not changed to human form.

Even if they had changed, the change was not complete.


There were seven to eight Supreme Realm demons and about five True Lords!

That tiger head and leopard head demons may shiver in front of the White Prince, but they were actually True Lord demons!


It could be said that this demon clan in Qing Qiu was quite the powerful family!

He did not know how the white Jiao managed to get them all together.

The premier cultivation powers must know about this. Else, they would never leave these demons in peace after they took over Qing Qiu in such domineering fashion.

If he could make this power his, then it could help the Earth’s cultivation power as a whole.

That being said, Chu Yu had no intentions of becoming king of the Earth.

All he wanted was for those top powers to listen to him and talk it out with him. More importantly, he needed them to believe it!


Else, based on his current state, he would only be kicked out and treated like an idiot.

When he arrived in the dungeon, Chu Yu found that the protective energy was not weak.

There were over a dozen Supreme Realm demons here. There were also two True Lord dog demons guarding the door.

One of the dogs barked and laughed, "I must say that the prince is powerful!"

"He is, woof!" The other dog demon expressed its admiration and even barked.

"That human is really very powerful, White Prince is not his match. But the White Prince is much wittier. The White Prince also tells us that we must be good humans. That human clearly wasn’t a good human." The first dog mocked.

"How foolish, he took the White Prince’s words at face value. Does he not know that the White Prince has countless of such souls? Woof woof woof." The other dog barked mockingly.


Countless souls?

Chu Yu frowned.

He could tell that the soul he had was actually the Jiao’s soul, but what did these two dogs mean?


The first dog said, "Second Dog, how do you think the White Prince manages to have so many souls?"

The other dog demon replied, "I heard that it is one of his gifted sacred arts. He can use other souls to replace his own... even the superior cultivators can’t tell the difference, woof."

"Can you be a good dog and not bark all the time. The White Prince told us to be civilized."


"First Dog, we are dogs, we must bark to show who we are."

In the dark, Chu Yu’s forehead flashed with fury.

He thought to himself, Gifted Sacred Art? He can use other souls to make it like his?

It must be said that this was quite a powerful life saving technique.

Most people would just keep the soul and not test it any further.

This was a lesson for Chu Yu. After accepting other’s souls, he must test it out on the spot.

As he thought about it, the First Dog said, "What do you think the White Prince wants to do by locking the foxes up in the dungeon?"

The Second Dog said, "Of course it is to eat them, use them as rations, woof woof woof."


"That lady is very pretty, it’ll be a pity to eat it." The First Dog salivated, its spittle dropping to the ground.

"You’re a dog, woof!"


"Second Dog, the White Prince asked us to be good people."


"I don’t want that, I just want to eat them, woof woof woof."

Chu Yu frowned. With these two dogs guarding her, it would be difficult for him to enter without alerting them. He needed a distraction.


Just as he thought about it, Chu Yu used his powers to move some large rocks just some distance away, sending them rolling down the hill.


The large rocks rolled towards a crowd of small demons.

The group of demons scattered.

The two dogs were activated and looked in that direction anxiously.

"Woof!" In his anxiety, the large dog barked and bounded in that direction.


The Second Dog also barked and charged behind closely.


Chu Yu dodged and passed through the walls to the dungeon.

The magical formations here were not powerful enough to hold him back!

After entering, he was met by a narrow path. After walking for a while and taking a few turns, the space in front of him opened up.

He stood at the side of a cliff. A thousand meter deep valley was below him!

This was a huge space. Above him was a hundred meter high dome. On it were hundreds of glittering pearls which lit up this area.

The aura in here was icy, an ordinary person would instantly freeze if they entered.

Chu Yu looked down and realized that Zhao Mantian, Xiao Yue, Lord Thief and Old Yellow, together with thousands of fox blood life forms were neatly arranged below.

They were lined up neatly, and it looked rather grand.

He leapt to the valley and walked up to Zhao Mantian.

He glanced at him and realized that his True Lord sworn brother looked like he was sleeping. Chu Yu could not feel Zhao Mantian’s life essence through the ice.


Chu Yu retrieved his refining fire and the spark danced at his fingertips.

After thinking about it, Chu Yu walked to the Qing Qiu disciple to the back, deciding to use this man as his test subject.


However, he quickly realized that the ice sealing them was powerful!

Even his refining fire melted the ice excruciatingly slowly.

Chu Yu did not give up, he slowly and carefully heated the ice.


Even though he was not related to this man, Chu Yu did not want to harm him.

After over an hour, this Qing Qiu disciple was finally freed from the ice.

But this person did not have any reaction.


This would not stymie Chu Yu, he still had powerful medicinal skills.

After a quick check, Chu Yu was stunned to see that this man’s soul... was also frozen!

This meant that melting the ice on the surface was meaningless!


How do you solve a frozen soul?

Even though Chu Yu was a pill guru, he was helpless.

Only a pill saint would be able to stand a chance.

"It would seem that I will need that damned dragon to unseal them if I want to save them." Chu Yu said sadly.

There were many powers in the cultivation world, and underestimating any of them would result in disastrous consequences.

Forget it!

He’ll go find that b*stard again. This time, even if he had to put a knife to its throat, he would also force it to let these people go.

Just as Chu Yu was thinking about it, he squinted. He realized that at the end of the path above him, just where he was standing just now, there was a white figure.

The White Prince looked at him mockingly.


"Are you tired yet?" His voice was calm and deliberate.

As he stood there, he looked at Chu Yu empathetically, "You are quite smart, and you nearly fooled me. But you shouldn’t fool my dogs. Even though they are dumb, their owner, me... isn’t."

Chu Yu stood below and stared at him coldly, "I’ll let you live if you release them."

"Are you commanding me?" The White Prince straightened his clothes and smiled warmly, "Don’t you think you’re already in danger?"

"No I don’t." Chu Yu looked at him coldly, "I can destroy your magical formations with a single blow!"

"Your punch is powerful, I have experienced it myself." The White Prince said in disdain, "But, your strength is just that. The magical formations here are incredibly powerful, you can’t break them."

As the White Prince spoke, rays of light began to shoot above Chu Yu’s head.

The light rays were too quick!

Before he could react, a web like structure of lasers covered the area above Chu Yu’s head.

The light exuded a dangerous aura.

"What do you think? Cultivation magical formations combined with technology. Isn’t it great? Surprising?" The White Prince beamed. He spoke at a quicker pace, but his tone was still feeble.


Chu Yu chuckled icily. His blood aura exploded from his body, his body glowing!


Then, he leapt and punched at the laser formation.


An earth-shaking, thunderous sound echoed out.


He punched a hole straight through the laser magical formation!


Chu Yu’s body flew into the air and through the formation.



As Chu Yu spoke, he charged at the White Prince.

The White Prince was shaking, his blue eye filled with awe.

How was this possible?

This magical formation could even contain Divine Lords!


This man was only a True Lord, how can he be this powerful?



Chu Yu punched at the White Prince.


He did not hold back this time.

The White Prince’s face was completely deformed. Tears flowed down his face and blood trickled from his nose.


The White Prince howled, "I surrender! This time, for real."


"F*ck your surrender! I will kill you!"

Chu Yu was driven mad by this cunning fella. He did not show any mercy this time, kicking and punching at the howling White Prince.

The White Prince kept pleading.

"I surrender!"


"I surrender!"


"I really surrender!"


"Stop hitting me, you will destroy me!"

"If you hit me some more I will turn nasty!"

"Master, let me off... I am willing to give you my soul..."

All of the demons outside were stunned. The tiger headed man’s lips twitched as he murmured, "Is the Prince surrendering again?"

The leopard headed lady’s eyes darted around as she said flatly, "He’s surrendering again!"

Chu Yu smashed the White Prince senseless. Then, he dragged him by the collar and jumped out.


If he did not take complete control of this fella, his instructions would fall on deaf ears.

As such, this time, Chu Yu decided to take things into his own hands. This was a demonic technique that he had nt used in a long time.

He decided to take the White Prince’s soul by force, and make the White Prince his slave.

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