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Chapter 298: Dangerous and Cunning

In the end, the White Prince was utterly defeated by Chu Yu. The glow in his eyes also dulled significantly.

His red eye was once again covered by his hair, although a trail of blood flowed from it.

The White Prince sat on the ground, spitting blood and crying.

"You’re such a bully!"

Chu Yu walked over and kicked him, "Are you even f*cking human?"

"I have cultivated for thousands of years to have a human body. How dare you say I am not human?" The voice of the White Prince was filled with anger, but it was still weak.

"Haven’t you eaten?" Chu Yu kicked him again.

The White Prince’s suit was dirtied by yet another footprint.

"Don’t step on my clothes, you’re dirtying them." The White Prince said.

"..." Chu Yu was speechless.

This guy was crazy.


He kicked the White Prince in the face, "Tell me, where are the foxes of Qing Qiu?"

"Don’t kick my handsome face too." The White Prince said weakly.

F*cking hell!

Chu Yu nearly went crazy!

For f*cks sake, this was a Divine Lord demon!

Lord Thief and Old Yellow were like scum, this demon could kill them with a single blow.

But why the hell was it so obnoxious?

It was as if he was mentally ill.

"Tell me, where are they? If you don’t tell me I’ll kill you!" Chu Yu said icily.

At this point, seeing as the battle was over, Lord Thief and Old Yellow ran over.

However, upon seeing this Divine Lord Jiao Dragon, they were all speechless.

Even though it was beaten by Chu Yu, the White Prince did not suffer any lethal injuries.

This meant that it still had some fight left in it.

However, this fella already surrendered.

Even so, it still refused to give up the location of the Qing Qiu foxes.

Chu Yu raged, took out the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace and prepared to smash this guy to death.

"What the hell is this thing?" Lord Thief asked.

"I am a Jiao, a Jiao!" The White Prince said feebly.

"Then, battle like one!" Lord Thief said naturally.

"Where’s the tiger to fight the dragon?" Old Yellow frowned.

Lord Thief looked at it cheekily. Old Yellow raged, "I am a weasel, not a cat!"

"I just asked you to find a tiger. I didn’t say I want to eat you. We are all brothers, why be like this? Be more civilised." Lord Thief said.

The White Prince lay there, his hands covering his head, "Don’t eat me. I am willing to surrender to you and be your general."

Chu Yu, "..."

What the hell was going on?

Chu Yu would love to have a Divine Lord life form by his side, but this guy was too cowardly!

It had not even battled to the end. Upon sensing some form of defeat, it surrendered.

"You’re so cowardly, what use would you be?" Old Yellow spoke Chu Yu’s mind.

The White Prince said weakly, "Why can’t I surrender after I lost? If I didn’t surrender, I would have been killed."

"..." Old Yellow stared widely, speechless.

This guy actually made some sense.

"Then why don’t you tell us where the Qing Qiu foxes are?" Old Yellow asked.

The White Prince said weakly, "I’m afraid that if I say, he will kill me."

"Tell me, I won’t kill you." Chu Yu said.

"Swear!" The White Prince said with slightly more strength.

"I’ll swear on your sister!" Chu Yu raised the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace and prepared to smash it.

"I’ll say, I’ll say."

"Quickly, I’m losing patience!" Chu Yu raised the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace. He stepped on the White Prince’

s chest and glared at it.

"They, they jumped into the abyss at the back..." The White Prince cried, "They jumped in on their own accord, it’s not my fault..."

"F*ck you!" Chu Yu raised the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace and prepared to smash it down on the White Prince.

"It’s true!" The White Prince was getting anxious. His tone was no longer as breathless and slow. A silver horn was also protruding from its head.

It looked like it wanted to attack Chu Yu but didn’t dare to. The horn revealed itself for a moment before going back into the White Prince’s head.

"I set my eyes on this place so I came to attack. Even before fighting, all of them jumped into the abyss. I gave chase... but it was too scary, so I returned."

The White Prince returned to his sickly voice and said painfully. Then, he looked innocently at Chu Yu.

"Where are you from?" Lord Thief looked at the White Prince out of the corner of its eye, "Why are you so cowardly?"

"What does bravery have to do with where I am from?" The White Prince glared at Lord Thief.

Lord Thief raged and flew above the White Prince.

It shat on him.


The White Prince exploded and its clothes, which were full of footprints, shattered.

"You just sh*t on a top quality Italian suit you b*stard!"


Chu Yu’s Immortal Crane Pill Furnace instantly knocked the White Prince out.

Only then did the Lord Thief say, "I am a beast! Not a b*stard!"

Old Yellow kept rolling its eyes, "Now what do we do? Do we eat it?"

"Don’t eat me..." The White Prince said feebly, "I surrender!"

"..." Everyone was speechless.

In the end, the Divine Lord White Prince offered up a shred of its soul to become Chu Yu’s slave without resistance.

Its surrender was complete.

Furthermore, it looked quite happy to surrender.

Both Lord Thief and Old Yellow were speechless. They felt that having such a failed demon was a disgrace to their species.

The leopard headed lady and the other demons all returned. They looked at the changed flag and then greeted Chu Yu as their new lord as per the White Prince’s request.

Lord Thief and Old Yellow verified with the leopard headed lady that Zhao Mantian had led the Qing Qiu wolves into the abyss.

However, the story she told was quite different from the one the White Prince told.

"They were forced into a corner, the White Prince set up killing formations on all sides. He only left one side open, the abyss... they were forced into it..." The leopard headed lady was quick to adapt.

Chu Yu looked at the White Prince with enmity.

The White Prince smiled, "I am now your Jiao..."


Chu Yu regretted not killing him with the furnace.

"Now what? I had no intention to kill them, I only wanted them to surrender..." The White Prince said.

"I dare you to say more!" Chu Yu glared.

"Okay, just that little bit..." The White Prince said softly.

"Wait here, I am going down to take a look." Chu Yu said.

"That place is too dangerous." Old Yellow frowned.

Lord Thief continued, "Forget it, I don’t think they can make it out."

"I must go take a look for myself." Chu Yu sighed.

The White Prince said, "Owner is courageous!"

But he thought to himself, I hope you die down there. If you die, I will just lose a part of my soul. I will get it back after a few centuries of cultivation.

Chu Yu glanced at it, "What are you thinking, I am not letting you off."

"I don’t dare, I am so cowardly." The White Prince said honestly.

"I hope so!" Chu Yu looked at him deeply, he felt that something was wrong with this guy.

But now that the White Prince had given his soul to Chu Yu, he will suffer lethal retribution should he betray Chu Yu.

As such, even though Chu Yu had his doubts, Chu Yu could not find anything wrong.

But he couldn’t kill the White Prince now could he?

Then, after making some arrangements, Chu Yu had Old Yellow and Lord Thief stay above as he walked towards the Qing Qiu abyss.

The White Prince brought a group of demons and sent him all the way to the entrance.

Then, Chu Yu turned around to glance at the White Prince, "Don’t you dare kill anymore of these demons!"

The White Prince’s blue eye flashed with a ray of light and he said softly, "Yes sir."

Chu Yu looked at Lord Thief and Old Yellow, "Wait here for me!"

Then, Chu Yu jumped.

Seeing Chu Yu’s figure disappear, Lord Thief and Old Yellow felt rather empty.

The White Prince glanced at them both and said slowly, "Owner is a passionate man."

Both of them did not speak.

The White Prince said, "Passionate people die early. They usually die in their youth."

"Idiot, do you think it is appropriate for you to say this in front of us?" Lord Thief said coldly.

"Why not? I think that roasted sparrow is yummy, fried sparrow is yummy too." The White Prince said slowly and feebly. Even so, his voice was icy, "As for this weasel, forget it, weasel meat sucks."

Lord Thief and Old Yellow felt something was wrong and turned to leave!


The White Prince chuckled as two rays of blue light shot out of his eye, freezing Lord Thief and Old Yellow on the spot.

Then, he waved his hand, "Throw them in the dungeon first. We won’t eat them first. We will eat them after the idiotic human comes back."

The leopard headed lady was hesitant. She had told Chu Yu about how the White Prince had attacked Qing Qiu. Now, it was difficult for her to clean up that mess.

Indeed, the White Prince glanced at her and said slowly, "You are one of the most witty amongst this group. Rest assured, I will not kill you easily."

The leopard headed lady smiled, but she did not relax.

Just because he wouldn’t kill her easily doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t kill her!"

The White Prince glanced at the demons, his lip twitching, "A slightly ambitious and strong human wants to take control of me?"

Then, he straightened his clothes and set his icy gaze. He ordered, "Set up magical formations here, even if manages to get out alive, we will stop him from coming up!"

"Prince, there’s no way to set up magical formations here..." One of the small demons said.


A ray of blue light froze the demon in its place.

Then, the White Prince strolled over and smashed it.

The demon died on the spot.

The White Prince glanced at his surroundings, "How about now?"

"Can, can can!"

"Rest assured, we will find a way!"

All of the demons were scared out of their wits. They quickly agreed to the White Prince’s request.

Chu Yu hung from the cliff as he used his breath suppressing technique. He looked like an icy rock.

His heart was filled with rage, Damned b*stard! It is indeed cunning, it’s a good thing I have a plan!

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