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Chapter 293: Great Granduncle
Chu Tianyu’s voice was very calm. There was nothing abnormal about it. However, Chu Yu knew these relatives from his family too well. Ever since young, he had grown up beside them.
Hence, despite there not being any obvious problems, he still felt somewhat uneasy.
He remembered that before he had left, there seemed to be some distorted noises coming from the family at his outer pocket dimension.
However, Chu Yu didn’t pay much attention to things like this.
The entire Chu family lived in the outer pocket dimension. With so many people, some noise was considered very normal.
Furthermore, Chu Yu couldn’t let the superclass handbook be returned to that place.
Even though teachers imparted knowledge to people irrespective of their backgrounds, Chu Yu still hadn’t reached that stage. Hence, it was impossible for him to give away his best skill to his rival.
Thus, a faint smile appeared on Chu Yu’s face as he nodded lightly.
Chu Tianyu brought Chu Yu in front of a youth who looked around the age of twenty, then bowed lightly. "Greetings, granduncle."
The youth nodded lightly, then transferred his gaze onto Chu Yu. "This person is the Lin Er of my Chu family?"
Grand uncle?
Calling me Lin Er from his Chu family?
Chu Yu couldn’t help but to frown as he looked at this youth who seemed to be definitely below the age of twenty-five.
What is this nonsense?
His family was huge, thus such huge age gaps within the generations were understandable.
There were some relatives who were related to him by blood, albeit very slightly, that Chu Yu had never bothered paying much attention to.
If this person standing front of him was an elderly, Chu Yu didn’t have a problem calling him an old ancestor.
However, bringing over a King’s Realm youth who even his parents’ generation had to call him granduncle… what was the people of the outer pocket dimension thinking?
What are they trying to do?
Chu Tianyu smiled faintly. "Not too bad, this person is Chu Yu!"
As he spoke, he looked towards Chu Yu. "Chu Yu, this person is from our Chu family. Based on seniority, he is my granduncle. Hence, you have to call him great granduncle. Today, he had set out in advance. Prepare for the arrival of our entire Chu family!"
Set out in advance?
What is the meaning of this? Don’t tell me the Chu family in the outer pocket dimension are all going… to move to this world?
Even though the people of his father’s generation had always said that they were occupying territory for the family in advance, and that everything they did was to serve the entire Chu family…
Chu Yu knew very clearly that this "entire Chu family" hadn’t given them much support.
It could even be considered… very little!

When the Year Seal had just been solved, almost every family that were similar to the Chu family were somewhat stricken with anxiety.
Even though they were practising families, they had been sealed in the outer pocket dimension for countless numbers of years. Hence, it was indeed somewhat unsettling for them to re-enter the world.
Thus, at that time, nobody was willing to leave their families to explore the new world.
Additionally, at that time, it was still Chu Yu’s grandfather who took the initiative to step out and lead his group of grandsons out of the pocket dimension.
Only after arriving here and putting in years of hard work was the Chu family finally able to settle down.
Due to Chu Yu’s grandfather’s old age, he had died not too long after Chu Yu’s birth.
After all these years, Chu Yu actually still remained rather confused about his family. Even until today, he still didn’t have a clear understanding.
However, he felt that despite the years of hard work that his father’s generation had went through to establish this household, it seemed to not belon

g to him anymore.
This caused Chu Yu to feel somewhat uncomfortable.
At this moment, the young great granduncle suddenly spoke, as if feeling that Chu Yu was rather impolite and daydreamed instead of greeting him.
Thus, in a senior and experienced tone, he said. "Chu Yu, I had already heard of what you did today. This… standing up for your family is a good thing. But, you seem to have overdone it. We can’t offend a family such as the Zhou family. I heard that not only did you offend the Zhou family, you even offended the Truth Ancient Sect Saint Li Fengmang and the Southern Sky School Saint Bai Sharen. This is wrong. Why not you go back and apologise…"
Who the hell are you?
Lecturing me here?
Apologise… who do you think you are!
Chu Yu was infuriated. However, he managed to suppress his anger and looked towards Chu Tianyu, Chu Tiannan and the rest of the people.
The smiles of their faces were more or less awkward.
"Why? Did you not hear what I said?" The young great granduncle was somewhat unhappy and looked at Chu Yu with a frown.
At this moment, Uncle Chu Tiannan stood up and said with a smile. "You are a senior, don’t argue with a child…"
Before he finished his sentence, the young great granduncle exploded with rage.
"Child? Did you forget the family precepts?"
He bellowed in a loud voice.
Everybody was taken aback.
The Lord Thief and Old Huang who were following closely behind were also taken aback.
The two man beast team initially wanted to drink and reminisce the past with Chu Yu. However, who was to know that such a thing would happen.
These few months that Chu Yu wasn’t hope, the two had frequently came over secretly to take care of the Chu family. Hence, they were on very good terms with the people of the Chu family.
Nobody stopped them when they entered. King Chu stood together with Fang Lie and even waved at the two of them.
Hence, even the foul-mouthed Lord Thief couldn’t say anything about it.
After all, these were Chu Yu’s family matters.
Chu Yu raised his head and looked at this young great granduncle. Then, he looked at Uncle Chu Tianyu and said casually. "Who is the patriarch?"
"My father, Chu Shixiong! Do you have an opinion?" The young great granduncle snapped and looked at Chu Yu coldly.
Both Chu Tiannan and Chu Tianyu attempted to signal to Chu Yu. They both didn’t want the atmosphere to be destroyed.
After all, they had both grew up in the Chu family in the outer pocket dimension since young. Thus, that was the family they respected the most.
However, they also knew that Chu Yu’s generation didn’t harbour such respect towards the family.
Especially under such circumstances in which they had produced such many talents…
Standing behind Chu Yu, Chu Xi also lightly raised her eyebrows.
In her blood, her personality was actually similar to Chu Yu’s. They were both people who weren’t willing to succumb to power.
If one spoke nicely, everything could be discussed. However, if one wished to use power… Ha ha. Sorry, nobody would yield!
The young great granduncle continued to berate. "The family had trusted your group and sent your group here. They had given you many resources to establish this household in order to welcome the arrival of the family. Why? After producing one or two people with some form of achievement, your group has become fearless and arrogant? Even not acknowledging your own family?"
He looked at the crowd coldly. "Or are you trying to say, you group had already prepared to become independent?"
"No, please don’t be angry. Why would we have such thoughts?" Uncle Chu Tianyu smiled gently. "It’s all the youths…"
"I am your granduncle!" The youth once again interrupted Chu Tianyu’s sentence and berated. "No matter how young I am, I still have seniority in the family!"
Chu Yu sighed and looked at the crowd. The familiar faces at this moment all turned rather ugly.
Very evidently, nobody felt comfortable.
Frankly, the Northern Chu Clan were indeed a branch off the Chu family, and indeed branched off the Chu family to establish a new household in the world.
However, at that time, how many people among the Chu family in the outer pocket dimension took this for real?
Even when Chu Yu’s grandfather had passed away, only two deacons came from the outer pocket dimension and grudgingly went through the process.
However, at that time, Chu Yu was still young and didn’t understand the adult world.
He only vaguely remembered his father, who had almost never teared before, tearing in front of his mother, and speaking for quite some time.
Chu Yu couldn’t remember very clear what he had said. But, he remembered the general meaning of what he had said.
At that time, his father said that the family in the outer pocket dimension already didn’t consider the Northern Chu Clan as relatives. Coming out like that was no different from establishing an independent family...
If he hadn’t seen this young great granduncle today, Chu Yu would have completely forgotten this entire matter.
He didn’t regret giving the superclass handbook to that place.
If a million people practiced the same techniques, there was still no guarantee that they would be successful.
It was just like students. Every student studied from the same materials in school. However, some were able to enter the highest level of education institutes, while others weren’t.
Even if the main family could master the superclass, that was still good news. After all, they were all members of the Chu family.
Chu Yu also believed that no everybody at the main family would be the same as this idiot in front of him.
He is simply a retard!
He wasn’t even interested in paying any further attention to him.
Hence, as the young great granduncle exploded with rage, Chu Yu turned around and left.
He walked towards Lord Thief and Old Huang, and laughed. "You two…"
"Stand right there!"
The young great granduncle had completely exploded!
At this moment, Chu Tianyu and Chu Tiannan didn’t speak further. They frowned, as if thinking of something.
"Are you intending to rebel?" The young great granduncle looked at Chu Yu coldly. His face was flushed red, and evidently had reached the threshold of his anger.
Ever since he arrived at the Northern Chu Clan, he had a very uneasy feeling.
Even though this group was very respectful towards him, he had always felt very awkward.
It was as if he was a guest in another person’s house…
Most of all, he didn’t know how to use a single one of these high-technology gadgets!
Furthermore, this grand building in the jungle caused him to feel… more or less inferior.
Without the slightest bit of exaggeration, this place, compared to his family in the outer pocket dimension… was much better!
He felt extremely unhappy that such a good place was occupied by a branch of the family.
Even though Chu Tianyu and Chu Tiannan gave him the best room in the Chu family to stay once he had arrived, he still felt very uneasy!
However, those two sly foxes did things too perfectly. Even if he wanted to rage, he couldn’t find a reason.
But this day, he seemed to have gotten the opportunity. Hmph, so what if you are talented?
You are still young!
You are the generation of my great grandson!
In front of me, you better behave well!
Chu Yu looked at the young great granduncle in front of him, whose veins were popping out on his forehead, with some form of pity. "What is this old man saying?"

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