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"What is this, is he offering an apology?"

"Is he really the sixth of son of Zhou who got clobbered? Were his senses beaten out of him?"

Everyone at the scene had an expression of absolute shock written all over their faces.

Chu Xi was taken aback by his words as well, although she regained her composure quickly. "What misunderstanding? As long as you’re apologetic, there are no issues," she laughed.

She radiated a smile towards Zhou Hai and did not speak any further.

Zhou Hai sneakily looked towards his sly companion, and then chuckled. "Now, I shan’t bother you any further, Sister Chu Xi," he said.

He used his left palm to cup his right fist as a sign of respect towards Chu Xi, and then entered the venue.

Many of the bystanders were still left bewildered by the scene that had happened.

Tai Qing is a reputable top-notch school, and Chu Xi is their cream of the crop. The bystanders did not doubt these facts.

However, they were still astonished by the scene as Zhou Hai came from a very influential family that had produced many prodigies!

Many people have predicted that in a span of a few years, the Elite League could gradually evolve to become a huge school. There were too many frighteningly talented cultivators gathered within the group.

The most puzzling issue is the fact that Zhou Hai was not a person who would be humble enough to apologise, especially after being utterly humiliated by the fiasco.

If only he was really that sensible and sincere, then he would not have incited the hatred of many.

Could this mean that Chu Yu was so terrifying to the point that even Zhou Hai was willing to be humble towards him?

Or could it be that his brother Zhou Yang, the leader of the Elite League, pressured him into doing so? That does not seem right either.

Everyone was left baffled by the chain of events.

Three disciples of Tai Qing have accompanied Chu Xi to the venue.

They have accompanied her in order for them to better understand the modern society.

These three young ladies were discreetly whispering among themselves, agreeing that Zhou Hai was different from their own prior impressions of him.

All of a sudden, Chu Xi was startled as she began to feel that her concentration was slipping away.

It was ridiculous for her to experience such a symptom. As a powerful cultivator, none of the illnesses afflicting ordinary mortals are able to affect her.

In the situation where she did not expend her power, how could it be that she was feeling dizzy?

This should not be happening!

Although Chu Xi was born in the modern society, she grew up living in Tai Qing. Hence, she was naive and did not fully understand how vicious society could be.

She still did not realise that she had been the victim of a sinister plot.

There was a sense of heat rising from within her body.

Chu Xi’s polished, radiant and dewy-white face began turning red.

At this moment, she realised that something was not right!

She was thinking of telling her sisters to bring her away, but she suddenly felt an intense swelling of heat in her body. It made her want to tear her clothes off to quell the unbearable discomfort.

Luckily, she was able to hold on to the rational thought of maintaining her modesty. She fought hard to suppress the agony.


Without warning, she spat out a mouthful of blood.

That action had frightened many people, and they were looking worryingly at Chu Xi.

The three ladies were also shocked by her spluttering of blood, and hurried over to aid her.


Chu Xi’s entire body was burning red, and her vision was getting blurry.

If not for her immense willpower and control, she would most probably have disgraced herself by now.

In the clubhouse.

Zhou Hai pursed his lips and sighed. "What a waste that I could not witness a good show!"

He was extremely clear of the wide-ranging capabilities of his sly companion, who could poison even the purest of women!

There were countless times when he enjoyed witnessing the changed behaviour of many women who had been drugged by his companion.

The most amazing thing about it was that his victims were fully conscious during the entire agonising process!

That is to say that his victims were completely aware of the indecent acts that they were doing!

This was simply too terrifying!

They knew what was about to happen, and they were unwilling to do it. However, they had no way to prevent it from happening, and there were cases that even they took the initiative...

Many women who have been drugged into having sex chose to kill themselves once they were sober!

The drug causes the victim to have an animalistic mentality. Once she was sober, the memories of the traumatising experience will haunt her in her dreams.

Hence, that sly cultivator was recruited into the group from the very start for his skills.

Needless to say, Chu Xi is a top-notch and beloved disciple of Tai Qing. If she were to embarrass herself, Tai Qing’s reputation would be severely damaged.

At that time, Tai Qing may not necessarily be vengeful towards the Zhou family, but they would definitely not forgive the one who had poisoned her!

Everyone could easily find out the identities of the people around Zhou Hai.

He could always bribe them to take the rap for him. If they do not, they know that he will never forgive them.

Zhou Hai heaved a sigh.

A person beside him chuckled and asked, "Why are you sighing? There will definitely be people who have recorded her actions. Besides, there are so many reporters outside."

Another person spoke, "Hey, she will definitely be famous from this. I have heard that the adult film industry in Japan is not bad; perhaps she could be a star there!"

"Hahaha..." The group of people burst into maniacal laughter.

The cultivators who had entered the venue were shocked to see Zhou Hai, and observed him from the corner of their eyes.

Nearly everyone knew that he had utterly disgraced himself this afternoon.

But how could he seem to be just fine now? Better yet, how could he be laughing merrily?

Was he mentally ill?

Outside of the clubhouse.

Chu Xi felt that the inner fiery feeling within her was soon becoming uncontrollable, and she started to have suicidal thoughts!

When Chu Yu and Lin Rou arrived, all they saw was this scene of mayhem.

His sister was propped up by three beautiful and young ladies, and yet she was struggling against them.

Everyone else were dumbfounded, and they seemed not to know what was going on.

"Let go!"

Chu Yu rushed over and roared at the three disciples.

"Protect Sister Chu Xi!"

"Who are you?"

"What are you trying to do?"

In this situation where they did not recognise Chu Yu, the disciples had regarded him as an enemy.

Immediately, Chu Yu recognised that there was a misunderstanding. "I am her brother, Chu Yu!" he blurted rapidly.

"Ah, it’s you…" one of the disciples said. She offhandedly exclaimed, "The photograph doesn’t do justice to your looks!"

At this time, Chu Xi’s situation was extremely dire and she started to think about ripping off all of her clothes. She had already yanked the belt off her white dress.

Chu Yu extended his arm and immobilised her while simultaneously lifting her via the waist. Then, he had disappeared with her in a flash.

Lin Rou could not fully understand what was happening, but she hurried after Chu Yu.

From a distance, a group of reporters were excitedly taking photographs. In addition, there were multiple video cameras that were recording every single detail of the scene.

Carrying Chu Xi, Chu Yu swiftly dashed into a nearby hotel.

Of course, he did not walk through the doorway. He had hastily flown into a room through shattering a tempered glass window into tiny pieces!

Once he was inside, the tiny pieces immediately re-aligned and restored themselves into their original condition!

Lin Rou had nearly crashed against the glass window.

She stood dumbfounded outside the window, watching Chu Yu examine Chu Xi with his grave-looking eyes.

Lin Rou pondered for a moment, before memorising the room number that they were in. Then, she went down and was ready to book this room. If not, they would be treated as burglars.

In the room.

Chu Yu forcefully opened her eyes, and understood her condition in an instant.

Any outstanding doctor or drug refiner may not be a top-notch alchemist.

However, a top-notch alchemist will definitely be an outstanding doctor and drug refiner!

An immeasurable rage had surged within Chu Yu.

However, his facial expression became relaxed in an instant. He released the Divine Dissolving Liquid from the Immortal Crane Furnace to seal the room.

Afterwards, he retrieved a few medicinal ingredients from his Storage Ring, and started to hastily refine a drug.

Chu Xi was bound to the bed by Chu Yu’s magical method, and the excruciating pain that she was experiencing was written all over her face.

"Relax, the pill will be ready soon," Chu Yu said.

Tears started flowing out of Chu Xi’s eyes.

Obviously, how she had felt about the ordeal was clear to both of them.

"Don’t be afraid! With me around, I will not allow you to suffer!"

While Chu Yu was refining the drug, he was trying to comfort her. Suddenly, his eyebrows twitched, and his voice became inexplicably cold. "No matter who did this to you, I will make him pay an unfathomable price for this."

In around 10 minutes, Chu Yu had finished refining the drug.

He pulled out a pill, and fed it to Chu Xi.

The pill slid into her mouth easily, but it was extremely bitter!

As time was not on his side, Chu Yu did not manage to add ingredients that would sweeten the taste of the pills.

Hence, although Chu Xi’s face had temporarily contorted in disgust, she managed to force herself to swallow the pill.

The pill that Chu Yu had refined was very magical, as it had immediate success in relieving her of the symptoms.

After a minute or so, Chu Xi finally calmed down.

Chu Yu released the bind on Chu Xi and she slumped onto the bed, gasping heavily. Then, she started to control her breathing.

Only after five or six minutes did she finally fully regain her composure.

Looking at Chu Yu with red eyes, she greeted him while starting to uncontrollably cry.

"Don’t cry. Tell me, what happened?" Chu Yu tried to sound as gentle as possible, albeit still sounding a little vengeful.

Honestly, this issue was completely related to him.

The enemy poisoned Chu Xi not to sexually assault her, but to let her make a fool out of herself!

It was to rob her of her innocence!

If this was really due to the acts of those men….they were really asking for death!

Chu Xi deliberated before finally answering, "I know of what happened in the afternoon as it had spread widely on the Internet. I waited for you outside of the clubhouse, as I did not want you to be embarrassed by going in alone…"

While hearing Chu Xi’s narration of events, Chu Yu’s eyes were expressing a greater murderous intent by the second.

Now, he was sure that this matter was related to Zhou Hai!

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

With a wave of his hand, Chu Yu released the seal on the room and the door opened.

Lin Rou stood in the doorway, gazing with concern at Chu Yu.

"Is Sister Chu Xi all right?"

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