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The young man raised a glass of red wine, swirled it gently, and then sipped the crimson-red liquid. A fragrant aroma wafted across the room. He closed his eyes, and continued murmuring, "What the Western world did, was dissimilar to what the Chinese had done in the ancient times. But, it’s impossible to deny that both methods had their merits, just like the creation of this red wine. Hehe, what do you think?"

Highly respected as a mighty elite, he is the third son of the Zhou family.   

A beautiful woman who exuded charm all over sat opposite him, and she looked to be about 25 years old.

Her skin was white as snow, her eyebrows were perfectly shaped, her movements were graceful and her mesmerising eyes brought about an air of mystery.

Having heard his remarks, she laughed gently. "So you do like living in this beautiful world? Many others like it too. However, the majority of elders find this place disgusting, and that we should not be obsessed with this world of mortals…"

"Hahaha, what you’ve said is indeed true. What is the point of cultivation anyway? How many people in the world could actually extend their lives? The luminaries of the ancient past ended up dying on the battlefield in the same way as the other did."

Zhou’s face showed a hint of a smile. He raised his glass, and gave a toast to the woman. "Hence, who cares about understanding the rest of the world when we have wine to enjoy and get drunk on today?"

"You are indeed very easy going. Your little brother has been beaten, and yet you are not furious," the lady raised her glass and returned the toast, beaming a radiant smile as she spoke.

Zhou finished his wine in a single gulp, and gently continued, "That person is very mysterious. I have always suspected that there was no such person as Song Hong in this world. He seems to just be another form of Chu Yu. What puzzles me is how he was able to progress from being a nobody to becoming a Supreme Realm cultivator in such a short span of time."

"Opportunities were abound," the lady chuckled. "When the seal on Earth broke many decades ago, many relics were discovered as they had emanated a nourishing aura. If one was lucky enough to enter a top-notch sect, it would not be difficult to reach the Supreme Realm in the span of a few months."

"The Earth really has too many opportunites. To the common man, luck seems to be the primary ingredient for success," Zhou snickered as he poured another glass of wine and swirled it. "But to us, it is unnecessary."

Laughing in agreement, the lady replied, "Yes, we just need to find those who have good luck."

Zhou raised his glass, and gave a toast again. "May we prosper in our partnership!"

The lady smiled, and clinked her glass against his.


This evening, the quiet atmosphere of the club gradually became more lively.

Many cultivators from different regions had rushed over to this gathering.

Li Fengmang from the Truth Ancient Sect was present at the venue.

Also, Ji Jianjia from the Rainfall Ancient Sect was attending the gathering.

Chu Yu’s younger sister, Chu Xi from the Tai Qing Sect, was at the venue as well.

When this lady arrived, she did not rush into the venue as she had heard of what happened at the Bund. She had also seen a video on the Internet that showed the scene of Chu Yu bashing the sixth son of Zhou.

Afraid of agitating Chu Yu, Chu Xi did not rush to contact her brother. She knew that Chu Yu had always hated being restrained and lectured by others, and he would become more aggressive if that were to happen.

The most exceptional person in the Zhou family is the third son. Whereas for the sixth son...he is a piece of trash, and there was no issue in beating him up.

When an appropriate time comes, it will be easy for her to bring along his brother to apologise to the third son.

However, she was concerned that Chu Yu may be ridiculed in the gathering. Hence, she wanted to wait for her brother before entering the venue together.

From the video, Chu Xi had noticed that he was with that woman from the Lin family, and she was suspicious about it. "Why were they together during that time?"

Although Chu Xi had a reputation for being a mature and powerful lady, she still has a liking for lowly gossip. She wanted to see whether her brother would attend the gathering with Lin Rou.

The people whom are attending tonight’s event are essentially the young and brightest cultivators across China.

Ever since the Truth Ancient Sect and the Rainfall Ancient Sect attempted to assimilate into the mainstream society, many other ancient sects have followed in their footsteps in the time when Chu Yu was absent.

Hence, people from many different sects were present in tonight’s gathering.

Majority of the participants are from the Ancient Alliance, which was formed from the coalition of many sects who had became public. They expressed a common ideal: that for anyone willing to assimilate into society, they have to respect the secular laws of that country. Anyone who attempts to destabilise the system will be an enemy of the alliance.

This action was to protect their own self-interests.

From the cultivation schools of the Rainfall Ancient Sect to the Truth Ancient Sect, there has been an intake of many young talents!

Although the best sects in the past were large and powerful, they faced the problem of having a shortage of talented fresh blood.

Whereas today, there are a billion people in China alone. In these circumstances, it is easy to recruit talent.

Hence, this era seems to be prosperous for cultivation in China.

The parallel paths of cultivation and science have propelled humans forward in their grand quest for truth.

Saints and young prodigies from various sects have gathered here this evening.

There were people who wore various make-up, traditional clothes and even clothes that dates back to a few hundred years ago.

Of course, the majority of people are the young cultivators who wore trendy and modern clothes.

They were more accepting of the mainstream culture, and loved some of the modern clothes.

For example, the low-profile and gorgeous saint Ji Jianjia from the Rainfall Ancient Sect was dressed in a wine-red evening dress. Her hair was draped over her shoulders, and she wore stilettos that were over 10cm high, in addition to her already having a height close to 180cm...

Also, there were those who had the air of nobility, speaking with the confidence of a supermodel!

It was no wonder that they attracted the attention of many.

The high-profile Li Fengmang from the Truth Ancient Sect wore a tailored Western suit that complemented his charming face. Wherever he went, he elicited giggles from groups of women.

In comparison, Chu Xi was dressed quite modestly although she was known for her grace.

She was wearing a long white dress, had silky flowing hair and did not wear any cosmetics. Nonetheless, her demure appearance took the breath of many people away.

Far outside the venue, there were countless reporters whom were taking photographs.

Previously, they did not dare to cover such events. Powerful cultivators did not like to be closely monitored by the paparazzi initially, and would often glare at them.

Indeed, there was even one reporter who had died due to this. To an inexperienced martial artist, being glared upon by a powerful cultivator would be a deeply terrifying experience.

However, the times have changed for the better. Due to the joint statement released by the Ancient Alliance, and the cultivators becoming familiar with the norms of modern society, many cultivators are now comfortable with the feeling of being monitored by the paparazzi.

Even some young and pretty female cultivators wished to be in the limelight more often...

Waiting outside the venue, Chu Xi had naturally attracted the attention of many.

Tai Qing is a top-notch school, and the darling of the school was Chu Xi although she was not a saint.

Hence, plenty of people came over to greet her.

Chu Xi maintained a friendly smile, and politely greeted anyone who had came over to do so.

At that moment, Zhou Hai brought a group of people over, and he had elicited weird stares from many people.

This was because he is the sixth son of Zhou, the person who had been taught a lesson by Chu Yu earlier this afternoon.

He was extremely embarrassed by the fact that news had spread about him being thrown into the trash by a slap.

This was compounded by how he was usually cocky about his actions, causing many people to dislike his personality.

Hence, many people were joyous over seeing him receive his retribution.

Zhou Hai’s face was icy-cold as the entire saga was essentially an utter disgrace!

Before assimilating into modern society, he was regarded as the young prodigy of his family. Adding on, his brother was reputed for his brilliance, and hence he had not been provoked by anyone before.

After entering the modern world, his brother Zhou Yang set up the Elite League and recruited many prodigies. Hence, it was even more unlikely for Zhou Hai to be challenged by another person.

No matter where he was, he was proud and arrogant.

Until he had met Chu Yu.

Zhou Hai knew that Chu Yu’s scandal had been circulating around the Internet, and that caused him to be resentful.

He did not lament to his brother over this issue. Although he was bossy, he was not a crybaby and he wished to avenge himself by his own.

Hence, Chu Yu would be a beaten to a pulp today if he showed himself at this gathering. Zhou Hai had amassed a group of young talents whom were loyal to him, and would fight alongside him.

When Zhou Hai noticed Chu Xi standing outside of the venue, his eyes glinted and his expression became colder.

The sister of that b*stard!

He winked at a person beside him. This person is a brilliant Supreme Realm cultivator from a humble family, and he is an expert in assassination...

This is the reason why he could be in Zhou Hai’s elite group of cultivators.

With slitted eyes and a sharp face, that person looked as sly as anyone could ever be. Among the cultivators, there were not many people who looked as cunning as he did.

Having been with Zhou Hai for a considerable period, he immediately understood his intentions from that wink.

However, he was hesitating to execute the plan. To poison the young prodigy of Tai Qing...this was a really stressful job indeed!

If the plan was not executed well, it could lead to disastrous consequences, including implicating his family in the ensuing chaos.

At this moment, Zhou Hai shrewdly whispered into his ear, "Chun Yao, I want her to be shamed!"

"What a lunatic, he really is vicious! Wouldn’t this start a never-ending feud?"

"Zhou you really want to do this?" the cultivator replied, clearly hesitant about his intention. "This will only lead to a cycle of injustice…"

Zhou Hai snapped, "Then you’re useless to me and I don’t need you any further!"

The sly-faced cultivator fell silent. He knew that Zhou Hai had always meant what he said, and the Zhou family was far too rich to be ignored. Siding with him would only result in having benefits for himself.

Quietly evaluating the situation, he thought to himself, "My expertise in poisoning others is unparalleled and no one else will be able to detect it. Furthermore, there will be no evidence that shows that I did it!"

Thus, the cultivator nodded his head slightly in agreement.

With his icy-cold face, Zhou Hai smirked and walked over to Chu Xi.

A handful of people witnessing the scene thought that he was about to create a ruckus.

On the contrary, Zhou Hai beamed a smile at Chu Xi. "Sister Chu Xi, I believe there’s some misunderstandings between Chu Yu and I. I was hoping that you could kindly help me to resolve it."

The surrounding bystanders were completely stunned by his words.

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