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"Oh damn, why is he here?" Lin Ru cursed under her breath, while simultaneously looking up and beaming a smile towards the direction of the voice. "Brother Zhou, what brings you here? Let me introduce you to Chu Yu, whom I treat as a brother. Also, he is a close friend of my brother!"

Immediately afterwards, Lin Rou used the Targeted Voice Transmission Technique towards Chu Yu. "His surname is Zhou. Do not ever offend him!"

Chu Yu’s eyebrows arched in confusion. He had only returned to Earth today, and did not fully understand the situation ongoing in China.

Although Fatty had explained a lot to him, it was only a rough overview.

Fatty had not expected Chu Yu to be able to return to Earth that quickly as well.

From that direction, a group of young men and women strode towards Chu Yu and Lin Rou.

The group was led by a handsome young man who wore an expensive tailored suit. However, there was a cold glint in his eyes.

He swept his eyes across Chu Yu a few times before replying, "Chu Yu from the Northern Chu family?"

Chu Yu tilted his head up to meet him, and smiled.

"Never had I expected myself to be so famous."

"Ah... you are famous indeed. Famous for being trash," the young man snickered. "Previously, rumour had spread that you had tortured a handful of people, including Song Hong. But, it has been a long time since anyone has mentioned that."

His surrounding group of people burst into uncontrollable laughter.

The young man stared at Chu Yu and mockingly jeered, " Trash, leave Lin Rou alone. She is way out of your league!"

"SCRAM!" Chu Yu’s expression had hardened.

Lin Rou stood at a corner in desperation. "Don’t bicker, please don’t bicker! Brother Zhou, he is my brother!"

The young man laughed and ignored Lin Rou. He coldly glared towards Chu Yu and continued, "Don’t assume that you have boundless power just because your sister is in Tai Qing! Trash like you have no place at all in the world today!"

A shock wave had erupted from his body and he lunged towards Chu Yu. "Now, bow down to me!" he shouted.

The bystanders to this scene were completely taken aback by the shockwave.

Some had even collapsed on the ground, cowering in fear while looking at the scene.

The bystanders who had felt the shock wave from afar immediately fled for their own safety.

"Bow down to you?" Chu Yu laughed sarcastically, and smirked at the young man.

Suddenly, his expression had changed, and he raised his hand.


Chu Yu had forcefully gave the young man a tight slap across his face.

The slap had caused the young man to roll across the floor, and his head ultimately collided with a trash can.

His hard skull had caused that iron trash can to shatter into scraps.

The trash within the can flew out and enveloped his entire head.

"Argh!" The young man had let loose an angry howl.

He conjured a shining sword, and charged towards Chu Yu to stab the latter.

The Sword Qi radiated was ghastly like none other!

The young man had been driven to madness by his fury.

Never having experienced such humiliation before, the young man was vengeful to the point of wanting Chu Yu to suffer a painful death.

"You still dare to attack me?"

Chu Yu raised his eyebrows, and saw from the corner of his eyes that Lin Rou was overwhelmed with fear.

"Scram now!" Chu Yu hollered.


A sonic boom had burst out towards the young man.

In an instant, the shapeless sound wave had sent the young man flying.

This time, he had vomited a huge volume of blood while tumbling in mid-air. He lost his consciousness immediately when he had fallen on the floor dozens of metres away.

Everyone who had witnessed the scene stood dumbfounded in shock!

As information spreads quickly via today’s media platforms, any ordinary person has many opportunities to witness the clash between cultivators.

The scenes of people flying and battling in the skies no longer belonged to the movies.

However, the event of witnessing a clash between cultivators before their very eyes was a new experience for many people.

They had only realised that the clashes between cultivators were simply horrifying, in the aspect that a person could be dead due to a minor miscalculation!

For the entire fight, Chu Yu had remained on his seat, and only moved an arm to blow the lunatic away.

Lin Rou was thoroughly astonished, and her eyes had opened widely in shock.

She had never expected that such a scene would occur in the blink of an eye.

Initially, she was thinking of how she could stop Brother Zhou from harming Chu Yu as she believed that Chu Yu could not have been so powerful.

However, now that this situation had unfolded, it became clear that Brother Zhou was too weak to challenge him!

The young men and women who came with Brother Zhou were equally dumbfounded, with their smiles still rigidly stuck on their faces.

Two of them hurried over to Brother Zhou’s side, and discovered that he had completely lost his consciousness.

Even if he had not fainted, it would have been wise for him to do so as he had lost his dignity.

" dare you attack Brother Zhou? You have made a grave mistake!" A beautiful woman shouted at Chu Yu, while her face was contorted with fear.

Chu Yu cocked his head and shot her a glare. "You and your friends are the ones who have made a huge mistake!"

The beautiful lady fell silent in an instant.

Continuing, Chu Yu muttered slowly, "Provoking me is the most foolish thing that you guys have done!"

As he finished his piece, a blast of aura that felt icy-cold and murderous emanated from his body.

Subsequently, the beautiful lady took two steps backwards. Her face was ash-white, and she was horrified to the extent of being unable to speak.

"Quickly send Brother Zhou for medical treatment!" shouted a person within the group.

The rest of the group then hurried over to Brother Zhou and realised that his severe injuries were causing his face to become paler by the minute.

Some of them could not bear to see his face covered in a pile of trash, and hastily brought him away.

Other than Lin Rou, everyone else who had looked at Chu Yu with horror left the scene.

"You…How did you become so strong?" Lin Rou gawked at Chu Yu, her face flashing an expression of utter disbelief. "I’m afraid that since you’ve harmed Brother Zhou, you will no longer be able to attend the gathering tonight."

Chu Yu laughed. "What, was the gathering organised by his clan?"

"That’s right. Tonight’s gathering was organised by his clan," Lin Rou responded his query with a wry smile.

Chu Yu could not help but to roll his eyes.

How could it be so coincidental?

Nonetheless, he had no regrets over having to miss the gathering. Such gatherings were even more common in the Mirror World!

The gatherings of schools, clans, sects…..the variety of such gatherings was endless.

Hence, he did not really look forward to the upcoming gathering.

He had only wanted to seize the chance to understand more about China’s cultivation situation and what advances had been made.

At this moment, Lin Rou’s communicator suddenly rang.

Her face began showing signs of apprehension. Silently gesturing towards Chu Yu, she proceeded to answer the call.

While she listened to the voice over the line, she began expressing greater shock and her eyebrows became knitted.

From the start to the end of the call, she did not utter a single word.

Afterwards, she solemnly looked at Chu Yu and spoke, "The son of Zhou would like to meet you...and unexpectedly, he would like me to apologise to you on his behalf as well?!"

"The son of Zhou? Who in the world is he?" Chu Yu was puzzled by her remark.

Lin Rou gasped in bewilderment. "You don’t even know who is the son of Zhou? Did you live under a rock during the period of your disappearance?"

Once again, Chu Yu rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"He is the third son of the Zhou family. He is an elite and distinguished lord, and also the organiser of the gathering tonight. The person that you had just thrashed is his younger brother!" explained Lin Rou.


Chu Yu curved his eyebrows, trying to process the information that he had received.

"He immediately found out of Brother Zhou being beaten to a pulp here. He said that his little brother deserved a good beating for so cocky and impulsive. Also, he wanted to thank you for teaching him a lesson, and hope that you will not hold any grudges from him attacking you…"

Lin Rou’s lips quivered as she said those words. She could not believe that those apologetic words came from the mighty son of Zhou himself.

Although she had only seen him from afar once, no words could accurately describe how refined of a man he is.

At that time, he was surrounded by a group of elders, laughing with them. Apparently, they gave him a lot of respect!

Rumours were abound that he was powerful to the extent of having achieved the True Lord realm!

For such a mighty and powerful cultivator, why did he have to be so courteous towards Chu Yu?

Lin Rou would never consider the third son of Zhou to be a man of gentle temperament, as he had once ferociously hunted down a person who had offended him. He had brutally beheaded the person, and placed the person’s head on the doors of his house for three days.

"Since he apologised, then I will be magnanimous and not pursue this matter any further," Chu Yu coolly replied.

"You…" Lin Rou had really wanted to give him a sarcastic thumbs-up.

"What? Does provoking them cause a catastrophic disaster? Since they have provoked me, then should I turn barbaric towards them?" Chu Yu chuckled, and turned towards Lin Rou. "Little girl, you are still too young!"

As he spoke, he rose from his seat and gently remarked, "Time is running out, we ought to start making our way to the gathering".

Lin Rou was stunned by his words for a long moment.

Then, she hurriedly chased after him and breathlessly exclaimed, "Who’s a little girl? You’re not much older than me!"

Chu Yu ignored her words, and continued walking towards the venue of the gathering.

In the information age today, the news of the fight had spread widely due to the fight between cultivators having happened in the downtown area.

Countless people had found out that the little brother of the mighty Zhou had been beaten by a person at the Bund.

Photos of the fight had gone viral on Internet platforms, including a photo of Brother Zhou’s face being covered with trash, and him lying unconscious on the floor...

"Hahaha, this photo is so hilarious. That b*stard sixth son of Zhou has finally received his retribution for being so arrogant. Him being thrown into a trash bin today really brings joy to everyone…"

"Who had the audacity to do this? Did he not consider the pride of the third son of Zhou?"

"The sixth and third sons of Zhou are different people. Beating up the sixth son is not an act of being disrespectful to the elder brother."

"Rumour has it that the attacker is Chu Yu from the Northern Chu clan!"

"Chu Yu? That trash...wasn’t he the young man who had made a ruckus recently?"

"The guy who had made a scene with Lin Shimeng?"

"Speaking of Lin Shimeng, I don’t know where she has gone to. She has not shown herself for quite some time…"

Gossip was rampant online and all sorts of discussions over this news were held.

At this moment, in a sealed room within the venue for the gathering, a handsome young man who wore a flowing white robe relaxed on a sofa. He murmured, "The user of legacy techniques has reappeared again after disappearing for a few months...and now, his power is close to that of a True Lord? Hehe...this is interesting".

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