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Master of the Heavenly Court!

Of course it’s tempting.

But Chu Yu really did not feel much.

For starters, he did not even know where the nine cauldron was. Even if he did, so what?

Equipment of that level was like an enormous cactus. Who could get it? Who would dare to take it? Who could keep it?

Even the saints may not be able to control it!

Song Qing looked at Chu Yu, "Battle Over Qi can be as small as inter country wars, or as large as a war between worlds."

Chu Yu asked, "Why did the Heavenly Court shatter so suddenly? Why was the Heavenly Cauldron shattered?"

The old man shook his head, "Like I said previously, no one knows why."

Chu Yu said, "Then, even if one finds the cauldron and rebuilds it... do what if he knows how much Qi is left?"

The old man glanced at him, "He can kill in order to ensure the Universe always remains in balance!"

Chu Yu felt a chill down his spine.

He was beginning to understand.

The old man said, "This is basically a battle over the fate of the universe. More myopically, it is the defence of our home. After all, no one wants to see their homeland trampled upon."

Chu Yu nodded silently.

"This current Solar System is like a rebuilt world. There are not many elders from the previous era. Most of them are based at the Bastion of the Stars..." Song Qing sighed lightly, "Another group has simply disappeared. The third group are people like Yue Ying and myself... hiding in the Mirror World."

"The Bastion of the Stars?" Chu Yu frowned, "What is that?"

"That was a line of defence built by the ancestors and some of their descendants using their bodies."

Song Qing looked at Chu Yu and said flatly, "As long as that line of defence is not broken, the Solar System... will never truly be destroyed!"

Chu Yu felt pride in his chest.

Our ancestors, and countless descendants... built a line of defence using their bodies in the Stars?

Bastion of the Stars?

"Is that outside the Solar System?" Chu Yu asked.

The old man nodded.

All of a sudden, Chu Yu felt like he was not alone!

He was not carrying all of this pressure alone!

Actually, since the earliest days, many of the powers of the Solar System were like him!

"The Bastion of the Stars is the true battlefield." Song Qing sighed, "Else... do you really think we could have peace for 60 million years? In fact, during this time, countless powers have been battling there!"

The elder’s eyes revealed his age, "By comparison, we... are really the cowards, hiding in the Mirror World, waiting for a chance."


"No, senior has done a lot here." Chu Yu said.

"I’m old, I have lost my passion." Song Qing sighed softly.

Then, he looked at Chu Yu and smiled warmly, "But, it is a great thing that we have talents like you."

Then, he waved, "Ever since you’ve come, I already knew."


Chu Yu stiffened slightly and raised his head.

Song Qing said, "An old friend of mine sent four talents here by means of a test. Two of which were born in the Mirror World... that old friend asked me to take care of the other two of you."

Chu Yu stiffened slightly and looked at Song Qing.

He was stunned. Only now did he know that Yi had not left them helpless when he sent them to the Mirror World.

"Amongst the four of you, the most ferocious should be Qiuqiu..." Song Qing looked at Chu Yu, "Do you know why there has been no news of him?"

Chu Yu shook his head. He realized that there has indeed been no news of that person.


Song Qing chuckled, "That’s because, ever since he entered the Mirror World, he has only done two things, kill and cultivate. As of today, he is already at the peak of True Lord!"

"As for cunningness, the Fatty is best."

Song Qing laughed, "But, underneath all of his cunningness is a loyal man."

"As for intellect, wit, and iciness, it would be your lady friend..."


Chu Yu opened his mouth slightly and raised his head to look at Song Qing.


Song Qing laughed, "Don’t deny it, there is love between the two of you, it’s just that you don’t see it. But, that girl, has been hurt by you..."

Chu Yu was speechless as he looked at Song Qing, Do you know everything?

"Don’t underestimate saints." Song Qing looked at Chu Yu and said solemnly.


"When you meet her again, you may be shocked."

Then, he looked at Chu Yu, "And you... are not vicious enough, not icy enough, not cunning enough!"

Chu Yu was silent. He knew that what this elderly man said was true. This man read him like a book.

"But, you have the most talent for cultivation!"

Song Qing sighed, "The most important thing in cultivation is talent! Only with perfect talent and hardwork can someone become a true power! Cunning, wit, cold-bloodedness... are all just wet paper in front of true power."

Then, Song Qing looked at Chu Yu and said seriously, "Come with me to a place, I will take you under my wing for three months... then you can leave! The Butterfly Dance is not simple, even I do not have full confidence to save people who have been captured by her."

"You know about Lin Shi?" By this point, Chu Yu had complete admiration for Song Qing.

There was nothing you could hide from this old man.

"She has had a tough life." Song Qing sighed, "Okay, now, go say goodbye to your students. As for your identity... there’s no harm telling them. It will not take long for them to find out."

Chu Yu stiffened.


Song Qing said, "I want you to disclose it yourself."

Chu Yu took a deep breath and nodded, "I understand!"

Song Qing looked at Chu Yu deeply, "Go!"

Chu Yu left the Song Country palace and returned to the Purple Cloud School.

His 14 students finally saw him again.

They were all extremely emotional having been apart for so long.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Yu, "Old Song, you’re finally back, can you lead us from now on?"

The other girls all looked at him with anticipation.

Chu Yu felt a wave of guilt as he smiled at them, "I still remember, I once told you all..."

Yuwen Xiaoxiao shouted suddenly, "Even if Old Song is from the Demonic Sects, we will be the disciples of the Demonic Sects!"

There were only the 15 of them in the room. This was a gathering with only his disciples.

There were also powerful magical formations here which prevented eavesdropping.

Chu Yu looked at all fourteen of them deeply, "Then... what if I was from the Village of Cultivation?"

"Hahahaha, you really can talk rubbish..." Yuwen Xiaoxiao burst out laughing. However, her expression suddenly changed as she looked at Chu Yu, "Are you serious?"

Everyone else quietened down and looked at Chu Yu.

"It’s true." Chu Yu smiled, "So you still have time to back out."

"No we don’t..." Yuwen Xiaoxiao sighed as her lips twitched, "Even before you returned, we already swore that we would follow you no matter what. If you’re a demon, we will be a demon’s disciple! If you’re a bad guy, we will be your accomplice!"

Bi Yueyue nodded vigorously, "So what if sensei is from the Village of Cultivation? We will beat up whoever you ask us to beat up!"

"The Village of Cultivation is such a mysterious place. So now, are we considered spies?" Wang Yan smiled.

Ning Ling said flatly, "This is perfect, we don’t like many of those so-called talents."

Amongst the fourteen of them, the only guy, Song Binbin laughed bitterly, "Is it too late to back out?"

Even before Chu Yu could say anything, the 13 girls looked icily at him.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao smiled hypocritically, "You can try."

Song Binbin shrunk, "I was just kidding, I would never betray sensei."


"You better not dare!" Yan Xiaoyu glared at him.

Chu Yu said, "Don’t force him. Following me may not be a good thing."

At this point, Yuwen Xiaoxiao whispered seriously as she looked at Chu Yu, "If not for you, where would we be today? If not for you, we will still be a bunch of trash, a bunch of problem girls."

She smiled mockingly, "Now, my family has already begun to change their attitude towards me. However, if they knew that I am with someone from the Solar System, they would be extremely surprised."

"With a... hahaha, Xiaoxiao, you seem to have leaked something!"

All of the kids began chuckling.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao blushed. She couldn’t bother explaining and chuckled icily, "Aren’t you all also? Do you dare say you have no feelings for Old Song?"

The entire group of students burst out in laughter.


Chu Yu was speechless and said in exasperation, "Don’t take this as a joke..."

Yuwen Xiaoxiao said, "Relax Old Song, things aren’t that bad... the road was just a ploy by the old people in the Mirror World. They ended up harming themselves, hahaha, what a bunch of idiots! My standing in my home has increased slightly and I heard that there is no road at all!"

"Exactly, exactly, there is no road." Han Yuhan said by the side, "Outside of the Mirror World, there is a huge bastion in the universe. It is impassable!"

Chu Yu’s heart fluttered. He remembered that Song Qing had mentioned the bastion, but... this should be a secret?


Could it be that some of these kids...

Han Yuhan whispered, "A few of us come from ancient clans, however... we are those we had been exiled, hehe, but Sensei... revived us."

An Yun, who was relatively quiet, nodded, "Exactly, that’s why we will follow Sensei forever and never betray you."

Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Yu seriously, "That’s why, Old Song, don’t leave us behind."

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