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Chapter 271: I can't agree to that

Chu Yu was ecstatic, Act some more huh?

Since you’ve acted so well, why are you so triggered by a single gesture?

Xu Xiaoxian and Xuexue, who were watching from a distance, were also speechless.

Xuexue said rather abashedly, "Over here, all of the young powerful warriors are all... a little arrogant."

Xu Xiaoxian nodded solemnly, "My powerful warrior is also very arrogant!’

Xuexue looked at Xu Xiaoxian adorably and replied seriously, "It’s like that, all of the powerful warriors are arrogant!"

Xu Xiaoxian was speechless, How dumb... she’s on a completely different wavelength.


The icy outer space exploded in a ball of light.

It was sudden and soundless!

But an intense energy fluctuation could be felt in all directions!

The ball of light enveloped an area hundreds of miles wide!

It was like a terrifying nuclear explosion!

It was difficult to see with the naked eye, but those powerful life forms could feel a mushroom cloud like energy rising from the contact between the two men!

Then, Wang Dong’s body flew away like a meteor.

Xu Xiaoxian was calm, she had expected this from the start.

Based on Chu Yu’s current power, even a pinnacle True Lord cultivator was not his match.

Xu Xiaoxian felt that Chu Yu may even give a Divine Lord a run for his money.

In her heart, this strange fella could always surprise her.

All of the martians were stunned by this result.

Inside all of those drones, inside the head of that giant robot...

All of the Martians were silent.

Even the Divine Lord spectators were speechless.

This result was too unexpected.

They had no doubt that someone who could cross the universe without any aid was a powerful man.

But a True Lord Martian cultivator had those powers too.

They would just be slower in comparison.

As such, in their opinion, even if Wang Dong could not beat this man, he would not lose by a huge margin.

There were many warriors more powerful than Wang Dong in their clan.

Wang Dong was only invincible in his age group.

In the end, the result had stunned all of them.

Wang Dong’s defeat... was ugly!

Just one attack!

The glaring light filling the universe dissipated quickly and Chu Yu’s silhouette was revealed.

He stood there silently. Even though he did not exude a powerful aura, all of the Martians looked to him with respect.

Some of the ladies’ eyes glimmered!

They loved peace, but they revered powers too!

They especially liked people like Chu Yu who were young, handsome, and powerful.

Even Xuexue’s gaze towards Chu Yu changed gradually.

She murmured, "He’s just too powerful!"

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Xuexue, her guard raised, almost like a protective hen.

"Hehe." She laughed.

Xuexue blushed as she looked at Xu Xiaoxian, "Sister, is he yours?"


Who the f*ck is your sister!

Am I as old as you?

Xu Xiaoxian cursed and swore inside. Yet, she smiled warmly as she looked at Xuexue.

She nodded seriously, "Yup!"

Xuexue’s eyes flashed with disappointment, then she murmured to herself, "How can a powerful warrior only have one lady? Xuexue would like to be his woman too!’

"..." Xu Xiaoxian was speechless, F*ck... do you have to be so straightforward? Has your dignity been devoured by dogs?"

Over on the other side.

Wang Dong, who had been sent flying, was not too seriously injured.

Chu Yu had shown mercy, else, that attack alone would have been enough to wound Wang Dong quite severely.

Even so, Chu Yu was slightly taken aback. These technological cultivators who refined their bodies through genetic modification were much stronger than he expected.

Even though he sent Wang Dong flying with a single blow, he did not underestimate his opponent.

Based on Wang Dong’s battle power, he may not lose even if he went up against those young True Lords in the Mirror World!

Wang Dong flew over from afar. When he arrived in front of Chu Yu, he bowed in submission and used the translation device, "You’re very powerful, I am not at your level."

Even though he was extremely powerful and kept trying to provoke Chu Yu, he was humble and accepting of his defeat. This was something quite admirable and rare amongst youths.

Chu Yu smiled, "You are very strong too."

Wang Dong could not help but roll his eyes, Are Martians that good to lie to?

Even though we are from different planets and speak different languages, we are all human!

Why would you try to deceive me when we are of the same species?

As he thought about it, he looked in Xuexue’s direction worriedly.

He had wanted to show off in front of the girl he fancied, but he had messed it up.

He was sent flying by a single attack... how was he ever going to face her?

At this point, Xuexue walked over and looked at Wang Dong, "Do you know now that there are people more powerful than you?"

Then as she spoke, she looked up with pride and contentment.

Seeing Xuexue, Wang Dong was slightly excited, "I am still young, after a few more years of cultivation, I will definitely get stronger!’

Xuexue smiled and looked at Chu Yu, "May I know how old you are?"

Chu Yu thought about it, then said, "I’m not young, I’m almost 30."

Wang Dong was immediately rendered speechless, Is this man mocking me?

He was quite young in the entire clan, but if his age was calculated using the years on Earth, he was almost 50!

The same went for Xuexue, she was also in her fifties by Earth’s standards.

Here, they were still kids who had not yet matured.

They did not know that Chu Yu had come up with the number 30 after adding all of his experiences in the Mirror World.

In actual fact, he was not even 23 by Earth’s standards!

After Xuexue heard Chu Yu’s age, she felt extremely uneasy.

She stared at Chu Yu with pretty eyes as she asked disappointedly, "Why are you so small?"

"Small?" Chu Yu said innocently, "What’s small?"

Xu Xiaoxian chuckled to herself, "Kid."

Then, he looked to Xuexue, "How old are you?"

Xuexue sighed and shook her head, not wanting to discuss this.

Xu Xiaoxian seemed to know that Xuexue would not answer, and she laughed rather in an unglamorous fashion.

If this was a person from Earth, they would definitely say that it is rude to ask a lady her age.

But Xu Xiaoxian did not feel this way, Who asked her to present herself to Chu Yu? And who asked her to express her feelings in such an obvious way?



How dare you try to snatch my man?


Even though I am not his girlfriend, so what? No one can snatch him from me!

Xu Xiaoxian’s mind was extremely active as her eyes darted from side to side.

It was a good thing Chu Yu’s performance was satisfactory.

When they finally returned to the huge robot, Xuexue looked extremely listless, almost as if she had been dealt a severe blow.

Wang Dong suffered even more. It was said that once he returned, he rushed into their most advanced lab to force another shot of medicine which could level up his genes.

He wanted to become even stronger!

Xuexue’s grandfather, who looked a lot like Einstein and kept a messy bearer, stared at Chu Yu as if he was looking at priceless treasure.

"Erm..." This old man actually knew how to speak mandarin. Not only did he know how to speak mandarin, he actually had the authentic Beijing accent.

Chu Yu suspected that this man once visited Earth, and probably went to Beijing.

"Little fella... can I borrow a drop of your blood?"

The old man rubbed his hands together and said, slightly embarrassed, "I feel a sense of familiarity with your blood, but yet, it is strangely foreign. It is so powerful it makes one tremble. If I could use your blood to research a gene medicine, I believe... it’ll be incredibly powerful!"

Xu Xiaoxian used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Do not agree. They can definitely use your blood to do a myriad of things. They may even be able to harm you."

Chu Yu also understood this. Even though Xuexue and her family seemed warm and welcoming, did they really not have any hostile intentions?

Maybe not!

If what Xuexue said was true, every time the Earth experienced a break in civilization, they would send their spaceships over to continue the fire of the people on Earth.

If that was the case, they would think of Earth residents as inferior.

No matter how humble they may be, they would still have the feeling of ‘you are our creation.’

This kind of mindset could not be changed by Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian traveling through the universe unaided.

As such, Chu Yu shook his head, "Sorry, I can’t agree to that."

"Aish... it’s okay then" The old man sighed.

Then, Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian looked at each other before saying goodbye to the Martians.

"We have other things to see to. Maybe we will meet again if we have the chance." Chu Yu said.

Xuexue was clearly unwilling to see Chu Yu leave. However, she knew that such powerful cultivators could not stay here forever.

Just as Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian were about to leave, and before Xuexue could recover from her sadness, they saw a few incredibly domineering spaceships surround the battleship Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian were on!

Xuexue’s expression changed instantly!

She looked at her grandfather with fury, "What are you doing?"

"I just want a drop of his blood..." The old man knew he was in the wrong as he tried to explain weakly.

"You still shouldn’t be doing this? How different are you from those robbers who traverse the galaxy?" Xuexue was white with rage.

The elderly man tried to explain, "Rest assured, I will not do anything to them, I just want a drop of blood..."

Before he could finish, he saw one of those surrounding spaceships explode in a ball of fireworks.

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