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Even though the figure was hundreds of miles away, it was gigantic and even an ordinary person would have no problems spotting it.

Every step it took covered dozens of miles as it strode over to the human base.


What the hell was that?


Chu Yu used his divine senses to check this figure out.

Based on his current cultivation level, in a place like the Solar System... if this was really the Solar System, he would be amongst the most powerful cultivators.

No matter how strong the bloodline of the Solar System cultivators, they were still in the process of recovery.

They had not reached the prosperity of before.


This glance shocked Chu Yu.

Chu Yu’s divine sense told him that the silhouette of that person was much larger than the person’s actual body.

The silhouette extended from Heaven to Earth!

It was several thousand meters tall!

The figure glowed with a golden light. In the eyes of his divine sense, that glow was even more glaring than the light from the sun.

It was difficult to imagine that such a strange being would be on the barren lands of Mars.

It was like a god, and people could not possibly judge its cultivation level.

What the hell was this?

Xu Xiaoxian paled. Even though she did not have Chu Yu’s ability to see through fakery, she had magical equipment which could tell another person’s cultivation level.


Clearly, she too was observing that figure.





It was as if war drums were beating.

The Earth shook under the impact.

As the figure neared, that suppressive feeling became stronger and stronger.


"What is it trying to do?"

Xu Xiaoxian murmured to herself and squinted her eyes as the mountainous figure neared.

"What do you think it looks like?" Chu Yu asked suddenly.


"What does it look like?" Xu Xiaoxian stiffened slightly, then looked out.

From its exterior, it was difficult to determine what it was. It was almost as if it was surrounded by an invisible mask. No matter how close it got, one could only see the silhouette and nothing else.

Chu Yu’s eyes could see through fakery, and he saw things as they were.

Even so, all he saw was a golden light!

"A... god."


Chu Yu whispered.

"Why don’t you say that it’s a robot?" Xu Xiaoxian replied.

"Robot? I don’t think that’s very possible?" Chu Yu did not believe that a robot could exude such a shapeless, glaring glow.

At this point, the space around this human base began to warp.

Then, a figure walked out from the gigantic silhouette.

It was... a human!


A young... lady.

She looked to be in her twenties and she wore a silver armor made from unknown material. As she walked, her helmet receded and revealed a beautiful face underneath.


All of a sudden, an icy long sword appeared in this lady’s hand.

Her movements were graceful and she quickly arrived at the house where Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian lived.

Chu Yu’s eyes looked at this lady and he used his ability to see through Yu

Right now, he was able to fully control the energy. As such, even though he could see the body of the lady, he only took a glance.

Quite big!

Even though he only took a glance, it was quite stunning.

Afterwhich, Chu Yu realized that this lady in silver armor did not have any of those energy fluctuations characteristic of cultivators.

Even more strangely, her limbs were filled with power!


At the same time, Chu Yu could feel that the blood of this lady was quite powerful.

He used the Superclass to determine the power of this lady, and he came to a conclusion that shocked himself!

This silver armored lady who did not seem to have any relation to cultivators was actually just as powerful as Xu Xiaoxian!


When did I ever judge Xu Xiaoxian’s power?

This must be a hallucination.

Chu Yu’s expression remained steely.

At this point, the silver armored lady had already arrived in front of them.

She did not seem to feel any discomfort even though her head was out in the open.

Her flowy, fiery red hair rested on her shoulders. Her eyes were beautiful and full of life as she sized Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian up.

She spoke in a foreign language.

Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian looked at each other and said in unison, "What is she saying?"


Both of them were completely stunned.

Both Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian were fluent in many languages.

However, at this point, they could not understand what this elegant lady was saying.

The silver armored lady frowned, then took out a tiny device.

Xu Xiaoxian tensed and made defensive preparations.

She was already in the True Lord Realm. The energy from any defensive actions she took could be easily felt.

The silver armored lady raised both her hands, expressing that she meant no harm.

Chu Yu turned back to glance at Xu Xiaoxian, then looked at the gigantic figure out the window.

Even when looking at it like that, the glow was still incredibly glaring!

"Is that really a robot?" Chu Yu was in disbelief.

But based on the actions of this silver armored girl, it seemed like... that was a possibility.

Afterwhich, after the silver armored girl arranged some things from her hand, a clear lady voice could be heard.

This time, it was in Mandarin.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

"Where is this?" Chu Yu asked the silver armored lady.

"In your words, this place should be called, Mars." The silver armored lady said.

"Mars..." Chu Yu was speechless, Isn’t that the red planet?

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu proudly, "See, I told you so!"

"Have you all been living here all along?" Chu Yu was slightly stunned.


According to the Mirror World, the entire Solar System was the Village of Cultivation.

However, after the Earth was unsealed, there was evidence pointing to the fact that the nine planets... or the remaining eight planets, all had cultivators and people living on them.

When humans first walked on Mars, they had discovered that this planet once contained water and was habitable. But now, it was dead!

It was barren and devoid of life.

The people on Earth had completely given up their idea of setting up a city on Mars.

Who would have thought that the moment he and Xu Xiaoxian arrived, a human lady would control such a huge item over here.

Chu Yu thought that this humongous item could probably be seen from Earth by telescopes!

"Yes indeed, we have been living underground all this while." The silver armored lady looked at Chu Yu, "Many years ago, people from Earth landed here. However, they were too weak and not worth our effort to make contact."

Then, she looked at Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian, "But you two are different, you are strong!"


"You’re human too?" Chu Yu asked.

The silver armored lady laughed, "Of course, we share the same ancestor, we only progressed in different directions. Now that the seal on Earth has been broken, your rate of improvement will increase manifold."

The silver armored lady introduced herself. She was named Xuexue.

"I had given myself this name after reading about your civilisation. I like snow, but I have never seen any before."

As she smiled, "She invited Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian to board her battle stead so she could bring them back to her house as guests.

Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian looked at each other, then nodded in agreement.


To be honest, the two of them were incredibly curious about civilisation on Mars!

When the two of them followed Xuexue into the huge figure, they realized that this was a huge city!

On some level, this figure was really a robot, but it was so technologically advanced that Chu Yu could not even comprehend it.


In Xuexue’s words, this was an industry that far surpassed civilisation. It belonged only in the cultivation world.

Upon remembering those black technologies in the Mirror World, Chu Yu agreed with that explanation.

"Let’s go, I’ll take you to meet my species!" Xuexue seemed like an innocent young girl.

In fact, she was only 19 years old this year.

"You all cultivate differently from us." Chu Yu’s Superclass could tell that Xuexue’s power was not weak. However, strangely, her Dantian lacked the cultivators Dan Sea.

"Mm, it is different. We use Genetic Modification and attain greater battle power and longevity via strengthening our genes." Xuexue smiled, "In fact, it’s kind of the same thing as what you all do."

Then, Chu Yu saw Xuexue’s species.

These people were all extremely interested in Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian.

They chattered constantly, but Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian could not understand them.

It was a good thing Xuexue was translating for them by the side.

"Are these people from Earth? Our brothers and sisters?"

"They look just like us!"

"Do we finally have the privilege of meeting the people from our brother planet?"

"They are different from those who came many years ago, these two are powerful!"

"I can sense the immense power in their bodies!"


These people were all extremely friendly.

They were even warmer than the people on Earth. This gave Chu Yu a surreal feeling.

Xuexue explained, "Actually, the ordinary people on Earth had gone through many breaks in civilisations. The most recent one was tens of thousands of years ago. Back then, we sent in our spaceships, losing many in the process, to improve the genes of those on Earth..."

She looked at Chu Yu, "But this should have nothing to do with you all. You are all the descendants of the powerful cultivators from 60 million years ago. I can sense a different aura from you two."

"It’s hard to believe..." Xu Xiaoxian murmured by the side.

At this point, a large, hulking male about 27-28 years old, wearing silver armor walked to Chu Yu. He smiled warmly, then rattled off in the foreign language.

Xuexue explained, "He is Wang Dong, one of the most powerful cultivators here. He would like to have a friendly battle with the powerful cultivators from Earth!"

"How does he know I am powerful?" Chu Yu’s lips twitched.

Xuexue said solemnly, "Anyone who can travel from Earth to Mars without external aids are truly experts. Even we need aid to travel to Earth. The only way we can do without aids is if our physical body’s strength reaches level 10 and our genes reach level eight."

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