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Liu Fenghui’s confession had caused Chu Yu’s heart to be in his chest, but he finally let it go.

However, he was still slightly wary.

Even though the ancestors of the Purple Cloud Constabulary missed the Earth and treated it as their home, things could have changed over the course of 60 million years. They may have laid down orders for their descendants never to betray their home, but this did not mean those orders would be adhered to.

Chu Yu did not believe that the Purple Cloud Constabulary and the Song Country Royal Family could maintain the purity of their blood after 60 million years.

Once they married other clans, after so many years, how much Earth blood was left?


Could they really follow the wishes of their ancestors.

Chu Yu had come clean about coming from Earth because he had already made a decision about what he was going to do next.

As such, he wanted to test out Liu Fenghui’s attitude.

Prima facie, it was quite a pleasing response.

Liu Fenghui once again advised Chu Yu to be careful, and join the Sky Dazed School as soon as possible.

"The Sky Dazed School is more open minded than you think. Even though the Mirror World is the gathering point for all the universes who want to conquer the Solar System, not everyone is pro-war." Liu Fenghui told Chu Yu before leaving.


Chu Yu had the same idea as Liu Fenghui.

However, he had no confidence as to how many in the Sky Dazed School would actually be anti war.

Afterall, the Sky Dazed School talents, headed by Yan Xudong, did not formulate their lust to enter the Solar System in a day.

Liu Fenghui left, bringing along all the students and teachers of the Purple Cloud.

The fourteen students of the Pill Refining Section wanted to stay. However, after Chu Yu spoke to them, they left too.


This explosive interschool championships had come to an end.

Yan Xudong clearly wanted Chu Yu to join the Sky Dazed City very badly. Even though he had left for the path to the Solar System, he specially left someone behind to host Xu Xiaoxian and Chu Yu.

"Ay ay ay, why do I feel like you’re a little jittery recently?" Xu Xiaoxian nudged Chu Yu’s arm.


"Nothing, I just thought of..." Chu Yu felt his surroundings, then kept quiet.


At this point, the Sky Dazed School teacher in charge of receiving them arrived.

This was a lady in her late twenties. Her skin was white, she was pretty and rather warm.

Upon seeing Chu Yu, she smiled invitingly, "Sensei Song isn’t it? I am Yan Xudong’s senior. My name if Qiu Hong, and I am a teacher in the Sky Dazed School. Before he left, Xudong asked me to take good care of you."

Then, she glanced at Xu Xiaoxian, "And this Lady Chu."


Xu Xiaoxian smiled obediently, her smile containing traces of shyness.

Qiu Hong suddenly remembered and told Chu Yu, "That’s right, Sensei Song, Junior Yan had mentioned, if you wish to go on that path, then you should quickly..."

Chu Yu heard this, smiled, and nodded, "Okay, sorry for the trouble, Teacher Qiu Hong."


"Not at all." Qiu Hong blushed, also looking slightly shy.

Xu Xiaoxian scolded inside her heart, Little b*tch, what great acting!

She had entered the Sky Dazed School many years ago and had quite a deep understanding of the that batch of talents in the Sky Dazed School.

Qiu Hong was once a Heaven’s Pride talent in the Sky Dazed School. When Yan Xudong had entered, she had tried to seduce him.


However, Yan Xudong was a man with foresight and did not like someone as flirtatious as Qiu Hong.

After being rejected, Qiu Hong did not give up. She did not engage in anything extreme, she just silently helped Yan Xudong along.

For example, this time, as a teacher of the Sky Dazed School and a Heaven’s Pride Talent, she need not bother entertaining Xu Xiaoxian and Chu Yu, who were from insignificant origins.

However, because these two people were valued by Yan Xudong, Qiu Hong did her very best.


She was not doing this for Chu Yu or Xu Xiaoxian, she was doing this for Yan Xudong.

Qiu Hong placed Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian in an exquisite hall, then personally brought them on a tour.

"Because you’re Junior Yan’s valued guests, we have accorded you the highest protocol. All of the top libraries in the school are accessible to you."

As she spoke, Qiu Hong pointed to a library, "Do you see that library? Our most powerful lady, Lin Shi... began her journey there! Lin Shi is a talent that only comes every thousand years!"


Qiu Hong smiled as she said this, but even Chu Yu could feel that her smile was hypocritical.

Xu Xiaoxian laughed icily inside, Humph, green tea...

Chu Yu remembered the library that Qiu Hong had told them about.

After a night’s rest, Chu Yu came to the library that Qiu Hong had introduced early the next morning.

There was an elderly man at the entrance. When Chu Yu entered, he looked like he was sleeping.

After Chu Yu snuck upstairs to the second floor, this elderly man opened his eyes slowly and frowned. He murmured to himself, "This doesn’t feel right... the blood aura that this young man is suppressing, why is it so powerful? That blood aura... weird, weird! There shouldn’t be someone like that in the entire Sky Dazed City? Is he new?"

Chu Yu did not know that he was being watched the moment he entered.

He went up to the second floor as he scanned an ancient bookshelf made from Divine Wood. Volumes of ancient teachings were arranged neatly.


Then, his gaze fell on a huge volume.


The way that book was placed was slightly weird.

Of course, only Chu Yu would find this queer. In the eyes of others, this was just a volume that was placed in a slanted manner, leaning on the edge of the bookshelf.

But... this was how Lin Shi placed her books.

Chu Yu had mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and wanted everything placed neatly.


However, Lin Shi was much more careless and threw her things around.

After being corrected countless times by Chu Yu, as a form of revenge, she always placed her books in a slanted manner to tease Chu Yu.

This was the kind of games they used to play when they were younger.

They knew each other way too well.

Part of the reason why Chu Yu wanted to enter the Sky Dazed School was because he wanted answers.

He wanted to know, What exactly happened to Lin Shi?

Based on his understanding of her, she would never do something so rash without considering the consequences.

She must have left him a clue that only he knew how to spot!

Chu Yu extended his hand and retrieved that volume.

This book was entitled, History of the Mirror World.

Chu Yu flipped it open and began reading it.


He sped read through each page.

He initially wanted to flip through the pages to find something that Lin Shi left behind, however, as he was looking through it, he realized that there was much content that was foreign to him.

In the end, he sat down and scanned the content on each page.

However, on page 20, Chu Yu did find something left behind by Lin Shi.

Then, he flipped to a page around page 30...

This was something between the two of them, and a game they played when they were younger.

One of them would leave something in a book for the other to find.

Then, they were to link these together to form something complete!

Chu Yu flipped through the pages quicker and quicker as his frown became deeper. His eyes turned icy.

He spent the entire day in this library.

When the sky outside had completely darkened, Chu Yu stretched, then calmly walked out from the library.

When he passed by that elderly man, he opened his eyes and looked at Chu Yu, "Are you new here?"

Even though Chu Yu stiffened slightly, he still nodded calmly, "Yes senior, I am Song Hong..."

"You are Song Hong?"

The elderly man’s eyes lit up as he looked at Chu Yu, "The Song Hong who can send True Lords into the Divine Lord realm?"

Chu Yu stiffened and then laughed lightly, "It could be me, but I am not that powerful."

"Oh, okay then, be on your way." The elderly man waved Chu Yu away.

Even though Chu Yu found it strange, he felt like he didn’t give himself up. This elderly man must have other reasons for focusing this much on him.

Back at the residence, Xu Xiaoxian had also just returned from her escapades.


Seeing Chu Yu, she smiled, "Where did you come back from?"

"Library." Chu Yu said solemnly.

"What did you find?" Xu Xiaoxian asked.

Chu Yu raised his head to look at her.

Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes, "Oi, can you not treat everyone as an idiot? Didn’t you go there to see if she left anything behind?"

"It’s not good for girls to be too smart. No guys will fall for you." Chu Yu said.

"I’m happy like that!" Xu Xiaoxian’s lips twitched. Then, she said coquettishly, "Come on, tell me, did you find it?"

Chu Yu nodded, "I did."


"Really?" Xu Xiaoxian looked surprised, "Tell me, what did she leave behind?"

"We know most of what had happened." Chu Yu said calmly, "She asked me to wake her up at the appropriate moment and return these memories to her."

"When is the appropriate moment?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu replied, "How would I know?"

Xu Xiaoxian flicked her sleeve and left, seemingly unhappy.

However, by the next morning, she had reverted to her normal self.

The two of them did not stay in the Sky Dazed School much longer, choosing to sprint towards that path.

Even though the two of them kept a low profile, news that Song Hong and Lady Chu joined the Sky Dazed School spread.


"That Purple Cloud sensei who trained those powerful students joined the Sky Dazed School?"


"A talented person would choose the best place for him, this was a wise choice?"

"How could a place like the Purple Cloud support a talent like Song Hong?"


"Congratulations Brother Yan, you gained another two pillars of support."

Yan Xudong replied flatly, "They are talents of the Sky Dazed School, not mine."

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