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As Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian returned to the Sky Dazed School, students and staff from the Purple Cloud School all came out to received them.

Chu Yu was shocked to see that Liu Fenghui, the leader of the Purple Cloud Constabulary, had also come!

All of them were ecstatic to see Chu Yu. Many had thought that something untoward had happened to Chu Yu.

Everyone else had returned, yet Sensei Song and Lady Chu were still nowhere to be seen.

Yan Xudong also paid a visit and told the Purple Cloud School Principal that he had invited Sensei Song and Lady Chu to join the Sky Dazed School.

The people of the Purple Cloud School had mixed feelings. They were happy that Sensei Song was still alive, but sad that he may leave the Purple Cloud.

If they were in his shoes, they may not be able to reject the Sky Dazed School’s invitation either.


However, no one from the Purple Cloud left, choosing to await his return.


Even if Chu Yu joined the Sky Dazed School, they would be happy for him.


"Without Sensei Song, the Purple Cloud would not be where we are today. As such, no matter what decision he makes, we should respect it."

This was what the Principal of the Purple Cloud School said.


Now that Chu Yu was back, everyone was overjoyed.

They temporarily forgot about Chu Yu’s invitation to join the Sky Dazed School.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao and the rest of his students surrounded him and told him how much they had improved over the past few months.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao told Chu Yu that the Sky Dazed School was also trying to recruit them.

"But we didn’t agree to them. We said that we will follow Sensei’s decision." Yuwen Xiaoxiao said.


These girls were extremely straightforward and ignored the fact that the Principal was right next to them.

Liu Yutong and Liu Yuyan stood by the side of their father. Liu Yutong’s gaze towards Chu Yu was complicated.

He had known that Chu Yu was a talent from the start. However, he never expected "Sensei Song" to be this ridiculously talented.

Not only did he carry the pill refining section on his back, he had managed to coach these barbaric girls into Heaven’s Pride talents.

Furthermore, he managed to lead an unranked school straight into the top 50 in a single stroke...

He was far greater than a talent.

Liu Yutong’s gaze swept over his sister and realized that his sister was captivated by Chu Yu. He sighed in his heart, Girl, don’t hope. You will never be able to capture the heart of such a man.

Even though the Purple Cloud Constabulary was a powerhouse in the Song Country, in the Mirror World, they were just an insignificant clan.

The Purple Cloud’s ability to become a superior school was all thanks to Chu Yu. However, without Lady Chu, they would never be able to make the top 50!

More crucially, Lady Chu was adept at a Human Form Transformation Technique, no, it was a Human Form Transformation Sacred Art.

She was so good at it that even the person she was imitating felt like they were looking in the mirror.

Nobody knew what she actually looked like.

Why would someone like that follow Song Hong around and help him?

Was it really just for the opportunity to enter the Devastated World?


Liu Yutong did not think so. His father, Liu Fenghui... also did not think so.

But the two of them could not find the heart to tell Liu Yuyan.

They could only hope that Liu Yuyan would come to her senses and realize that Sensei Song was not a fish in the pond.

His students were testament to how powerful Sensei Song was.

The 12 girls were not just Song Hong’s students, they were like his daughters!

They obeyed him to the letter!

However, towards the others, they were just as mischievous and evil.

The two who joined later, Song Binbin and Yan Xiaoyu, also revered Song Hong!

During this period, there were many people who tried to poach these 14 students.


They were initially worried that these students would give in to temptation.

However, those fears were quickly put to rest.

However, at the same time, they knew that his 14 students would do anything to follow him, regardless of the decision he makes.

The Purple Cloud School Principal could do nothing to stop this.

The Purple Cloud Constabulary leader, Liu Fenghui, rushed over when he heard the news. However, privately, he had admitted that he could do nothing to stop Song Hong from leaving.

After Chu Yu had greeted everyone, Liu Fenghui invited him for a chat.

In the secret room.

Liu Fenghui did not mention anything about the Sky Dazed School’s invitation. Instead, he told Chu Yu about something else.

"There’s something that I must tell Sensei Song. Else, if it ever implicates you, I will feel very bad."

Chu Yu raised his eyebrows, "Oh?"

"Does sensei remember my daughter’s illness?" Liu Fenghui sighed, "actually, at that time, when you said Deathly Poisonous Worm, I already knew who had harmed my little girl."

Liu Fenghui was clearly bitter, "But at that time, I did not dare say it!’


"Even now, I do not dare say the two words."

As Liu Fenghui spoke, he retrieved a piece of paper and wrote something on it."


"Don’t say it out loud."

"Worm Lord!’

"He has already appeared in the Sky Dazed City."

Chu Yu looked at the paper, then nodded.

He recalled that he and Xu Xiaoxian had killed the Worm Lord. However, he had no idea if the one who died was the real Worm Lord or a duplicate.

No matter what, this was a done deal.


The Worm Lord did not die!


Furthermore, he may continue to find Chu Yu!

Liu Fenghui gasped and bowed deeply to Chu Yu.


"Leader, what are you doing?" Chu Yu helped Liu Fenghui up.

"We implicated Sensei Song." Liu Fenghui said bitterly, "Who would have thought that my daughter would antagonize such a powerful individual?"

"As such..."


Liu Fenghui looked up, "Sensei Song should join the Sky Dazed School! Now, only the Sky Dazed School has the ability to protect you."


"There’s one more thing that I can promise you. In the future, if this is resolved, I would like to invite you to come back to the Purple Cloud School and be the principal!’

"What?" Chu Yu looked at Liu Fenghui with surprise.

Liu Fenghui was extremely sincere, "Only a talent like Sensei Song can bring the school farther."

"However, right now, your safety is of utmost importance!’

"There is only a future if you’re alive."

"As such, the Purple Cloud Constabulary has implicated you, I hope... that you’ll temporarily join the Sky Dazed School."



Chu Yu sighed, then looked at Liu Fenghui, "You have been very honest with me, aren’t you afraid I would hate you for causing me this much trouble?"

"I am... I am scared of antagonizing you." Liu Fenghui laughed bitterly, "But I’m more afraid of something untoward happening to you."

"You should know, I killed that man once in the Devastated World. However, until now, I do not know if that was his true form or just a duplicate." Chu Yu said faintly.

"You killed the Worm..."


Liu Fenghui’s expression changed, nearly spewing out the name. It was a good thing he stopped himself in the nick of time.

He was still in aghast as he looked at Chu Yu in disbelief, "Really?"

"Really." Chu Yu nodded.

"That’s a..." Liu Fenghui was stunned, "No wonder... he would appear in the Sky Dazed City."

As he spoke, he looked Chu Yu in the eye, "You must not wait any longer. Initially, I thought he was just here to take revenge for you spoiling his plan. Now... it seems like he is here to take revenge for himself! He will not let your off! Since that is the case, you should go and find Yan Xudong immediately and join the Sky Dazed School with his recommendation!"

Liu Fenghui said solemnly, "Any later and it may be too late!’


Chu Yu waved his hand, motioning for Liu Fenghui to calm down. He smiled, "There’s something that I’m not sure if I should say?"


"Sensei Song, please go ahead." Liu Fenghui said.

Chu Yu continued, "I am from Earth."


"Haha, which universe is that planet from... what? Hmm? You!"

Liu Fenghui’s smile froze as his gaze filled with awe and disbelief.

His jaw dropped and his eyes widened as he stared at Chu Yu.

"Now, do you still plan on handing over the Purple Cloud School to me?" Chu Yu smiled and asked.

"This..." Liu Fenghui was completely taken by shock.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that his daughter’s benefactor and the man who had brought the Purple Cloud School into the top 50... would be from that place!

"As such, you should not hand over the Purple Cloud School to me." Chu Yu sighed, "as for my fourteen students..."

"Hang on... Sensei Song!’


Liu Fenghui’s expression was stern as he looked at Chu Yu, "Is this true?"

Chu Yu nodded, "Are you going to betray me?"

"Sensei Song worries too much. You are my daughter’s savior and have done so much for the Purple Cloud School. Even though I am not particularly saint like, I will never betray my benefactors."

Liu Fenghui said solemnly, "Actually, the Purple Cloud Constabulary... even the entire Song Country, comes from the Village of Cultivation. The blood in our veins is the same as yours."

Liu Fenghui looked at Chu Yu, "Even though our ancestors left our home and came here, we have never forgotten our roots!"

Chu Yu was calm as he looked at Liu Fenghui.

Liu Fenghui took a deep breath and said, "Our ancestors once told us that once the road to the Solar System was opened, it would be our time to return. By that time, even if we were to die in battle, we were not to betray our own people."

As Liu Fenghui finished, it looked like a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulders. He whispered, "People of our bloodline do not live well here."


"As such..."

He raised his head and looked at Chu Yu, "The Purple Cloud Constabulary, and the Song Royal Family... are all Earthians. Our souls are marked with our home."

"Initially, I had wanted to hand the Purple Cloud School to you with the hope that our influence could expand. I also hoped that... one day, we could leave a mark on this world."


"But since Sensei is from there, this must be Heaven’s will!’

Liu Fenghui said determinedly, "If one day, if Sensei is not afraid, we will fight side by side!"


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