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Chapter 262: Take your pick

Xu Xiaoxian could not help but roll her eyes, her beautiful gaze resting on Chu Yu, "I realized that you’ve become slightly more thick skinned recently."

"Isn’t it a lot? Just slightly?" Chu Yu looked disappointed.

"Based on what I just heard, it’s a lot." Xu Xiaoxian replied.

Even though Xu Xiaoxian mocked Chu Yu, she was awestruck by what she just witnessed.

Before this, she never expected Chu Yu’s battle power to be this strong.

To be honest, it was quite ridiculous!

After all, he had not even entered the True Lord realm!

Not only did he confront a Divine Lord cultivator head on, he won.

What was even more unbelievable was... the ease with which he won!

Chu Yu’s terrifying sacred arts drew shock and envy from Xu Xiaoxian.

She had successfully gotten some benefits from her time in the Heavenly mountains.

She was still rather contented. However, Chu Yu’s battle prowess had completely extinguished any excitement she felt.

"Brother, you’re here!"

At this point, a surprised voice could be heard from below their feet.

Fatty poked his head out from the ground.

Next to him was a hulking individual who looked at Chu Yu with reverence.

The bulky individual was Chu Yu’s slave, Fang Lie. Just like how Fatty had described, his improvement had been rapid.

He radiated with an icy aura, his cultivation level incredibly close to the True Lord realm.

To Chu Yu, this was an added bonus.

Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian descended from the sky.

Fatty sized Chu Yu up, an awkward expression on his face. After a long time, he said, "How did you do that? Those were the experts from the Qu Royal Family and the Zong Clan!"

Chu Yu glanced at him, "I killed them with my hands and feet."

"..." Fatty looked at him with despise.

Fang Lie spoke up from the side, "Young Master, those people will not let this rest."

After some time hanging around with Fatty, Fang Lie spoke the language a lot easier.

Chu Yu nodded, "Come, let’s return to the Sky Dazed City."

Fatty stammered, "We’re going back to that damned place?"

"Why?" Chu Yu looked at him.

Fatty said, "The Zong Clan and the Qu Royal Family, as well as many other large families, are in the Sky Dazed City. Won’t we be sending ourselves into a trap?"

Chu Yu glanced at him and said, "Fatty, do you have enough resources to return home?"

Fatty stiffened slightly, then said, "I only have enough for myself..."

"Then you go back first!" Chu Yu raised his hand and patted Fatty on the back.

"No way!" Fatty glared at Chu Yu angrily, "What do you mean by that? Do you look down on me?"

Chu Yu laughed, "We are brothers, why would I look down on you? In fact, what you did recently was extremely courageous, even I would not dare to do such a thing."

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, What a considerate friend, you would not dare to do this? You would totally stab a hole in the sky!

Fatty’s expression became confused, "Then what do you mean?"

"Aish, count the time, we must have been away from the Earth for a few months now?"

Fatty frowned. He knew that time in the Mirror World and on Earth was different. After doing a quick calculation, he nodded, "At least a few months."

"I worry about my family." Chu Yu said sincerely, "You are also improving at a rapid pace. Back home, you should be able to front anything. Help me take care of my family."

Fatty glanced at Chu Yu from the corner of his eyes, "Are you sure it’s not because you think I’ll die if I stay here?"

As he spoke, he thr

ew out a pile of magical equipment from a storage ring.

The light and glow from a few of the equipment were enough to make Xu Xiaoxian gasped.

They were incredibly powerful equipment!

The worst of which was a True Lord magical equipment!

The few that Xu Xiaoxian eyes were all superior Divine Lord level magical equipment.

There was a red water caltrop which could possibly be a Legendary Emperor level magical equipment!

Fatty snickered, "There were not many superior things inside the graves, but, these are not bad. I ransacked their graves! Turned it upside down!"

Xu Xiaoxian clapped by the side, "That’s the way!"

Fatty said, "Please, have your pick!"

Before this, he had never taken them out before. Even Fang Lie was seeing them for the first time.

Fang Lie eyed a blood red blade, extremely attracted by it.

This was a True Lord realm weapon. The blade was as wide as a door and exuded an icy aura. It was clearly extraordinary.

Fatty laughed and kicked this huge blade towards Fang Lie, "Take it! This is one of the items buried with the Qu Royal Family. It suits you."

Fang Lie received the blade and admired it. Then, he bowed deeply to Fatty, "Thank you Mr Fan!"

"Hahaha!" Fatty was extremely contented as he looked at Chu Yu, "Brother, take your pick!"

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched as he scanned the pile. His gaze fell on a black pearl.

This could be one of the most insignificant things in Fan Jian’s pile. There was no aura radiating from it.

Its material also could not be determined.

Fatty followed Chu Yu’s gaze, scratching his head as he spoke, "I also don’t know what this is... it looks like something I got from the Zong Clan grave. Why, is this a treasure?"

Chu Yu frowned silently, deep in thought.

Xu Xiaoxian stretched out her hand and took the red water caltrop. She snickered, "Fatty, can I have this?"

Fatty laughed bitterly, "Sure, you’re basically one of us... you’re the biggest!"

He could tell that this girl liked Chu Yu.

Else, he would never pour all of these out in front of her.

Fatty also knew that he had antagonized too many people in the Mirror World. If he kept staying here, his life would really be in danger.

He would also probably be a burden to Chu Yu if he stayed.

He might as well return to Earth. With the resources he had, he could become a True Lord in no time.

By that time, he would be able to give those Mirror World b*stards a run for their money.

When Chu Yu held that black pearl in his hand, his vertical eye began to tremble.

He still did not know what this was, but he was sure that this was a piece of treasure!

It may even be a saint level treasure!

Then, Fatty kept the rest of the treasures.

He looked solemnly at Chu Yu, "What will you do after I leave?"

Chu Yu said calmly, "I will do what I should do."

"You won’t reveal your identity like me will you?" Fatty was actually extremely smart.

He also knew Chu Yu well.

Even though Chu yu was calm and composed, he was quite the stubborn man.

Furthermore, Chu Yu’s thirst for blood was many times stronger than his.

If Fatty dared to reveal his identity and challenge the Mirror World, Chu Yu could very well do it too.

Chu Yu smiled but did not answer the question.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu worriedly, "Don’t be stupid."

"I have my plans."

Then, Chu Yu grabbed this pearl and frowned.

Afterwhich, he told Fatty, "Bring Fang Lie back with you."

Fatty stiffened and glanced at Fang Lie.

Fang Lie looked solemnly at Chu Yu, "Master, I would like to stay by your side, I am not afraid of death."

Fatty rolled his eyes, "As if I’m afraid of death... okay, I actually am a little scared."

Chu Yu told Fang Lie, "You should protect my family on Earth. That is the Village of Cultivation. Training there would not be any slower than training here."

Fang Lie thought about it, then said, "Your wish is my command. Rest assured, I will protect your family with my life."

Chu Yu nodded, then told Fatty, "Lord Thief, Old Yellow, Xiao Yue, Zhao Mantian... and my family. When you’re back, tell them that I am doing fine."

Fatty pounded his chest, "Rest assured, leave it to me!"

As he spoke, he scanned the ground littered with those killed by Chu Yu. Then, with a snicker, he began to search their bodies.

Chu Yu did not say anything about this.

These people did have treasures.

Then, Fatty and Fang Lie said their goodbyes.

Chu Yu did not worry about Fatty, that man was resourceful enough to find his own way back.

Afterwhich, Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian reverted to the appearances they entered the Mirror World with an reentered the Sky Daed City.

When they passed by the Sky Auction Institution, they paid special attention to it and realized that it had reopened its doors.

They glanced at each other then walked away in silence.

They did not believe that they would take this lying down. They may be investigating that incident at this very moment.

This was one of the reasons why Chu Yu asked Fatty to take Fang Lie away.

Even though the nascent Divine Lord killed by Xu Xiaoxian was meticulous in what he did, who knew if he messed up somewhere?

At this point, Chu Yu’s heart fluttered.

He frowned.

Xu Xiaoxian asked, "What happened?"

"Nothing..." Chu Yu shook his head and whispered.

However, his alertness was piqued.

Billions of miles away, under an ordinary looking mountain, thousands of meters underground... there was an ancient palace.

Sitting atop the throne was a fuzzy figure.

It looked like a ball of mist, floating around.

Gradually, it looked like millions of worms were moving, giving this man an incredibly terrifying image.

Finally, a naked human body was formed. Shortly after, a black cape appeared in mid air and landed on his body.

If Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian were here, they would definitely recognize this man.

The Worm Lord!

The Worm Lord who had been killed and scattered!

As a Legendary Emperor, how could he not have any techniques to preserve his life?

He sat on the throne, his expression icy. His eyes looked like countless worms were wriggling inside.

After a long time, he let out a chilling chuckle.


"Damn it!"

"Who dares to kill my duplicate?"

"Are they tired of living?"

"Even saints don’t dare to touch me... yet you dare to?"

"Come, send people into the Sky Dazed City and get to the bottom of this!"

"I want to know who killed my duplicate!"

"He is in the Sky Dazed City. Assassination team... go, find him for me! You know what you have to do!"

At this point, over a dozen figures appeared in the palace. They bowed to the Worm Lord then disappeared silently.

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