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Chapter 261: Just a normal fight

As Chu Yu spoke, he looked at Xu Xiaoxian, "You don’t have to go."

"Come on, do you think that you won’t be shredded to pieces by those furious families?" Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes, "You need my help!"

Chu Yu did not reject her help. Even though they were not bosom buddies, they had gone through a lot together.

Helping each other out was a non-question.

With Xu Xiaoxian’s help, Chu Yu was also much more confident.

Then, Xu Xiaoxian retrieved a small boat over a yard long, barely sufficient to hold the two of them.

However, its speed was incredible. Within moments, it broke the sound barrier and accelerated to Mach 10!

It was almost as fast as Chu Yu’s top speed!

However, for Chu Yu to make the journey himself, it would be an incredible burden to his energy source.

Within half a day, Chu Yu arrived at the location Fatty gave him. From afar, he saw many cultivators walking around.

When Xu Xiaoxian saw that, she looked at Chu Yu solemnly, "They are setting up their formation!"

"Formation?" Chu Yu’s eyebrows raised.

"They are making a magical formation out of thin air. They look like they are setting up a Heavenly Net. It seems that Fatty really antagonized some incredibly powerful families."

Xu Xiaoxian gasped, "Once they are done, it would be extremely difficult to escape!"

"Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go kill them!" Chu Yu said anxiously.

Xu Xiaoxian glanced at Chu Yu and chuckled, "It’s rare to see you like this."

"Don’t talk rubbish!"

As Chu Yu spoke, he lunged towards the group of cultivators setting up the magical formation.

He raised his fist and punched!


The energy from this punch cut a path through the air.

The opponent had spotted them. Seeing that they were strangers, he had laid down some defences, but never expected that Chu Yu’s attacks would be so vicious.

The opponent was a True Lord cultivator, but yet, his body exploded upon impact.

It shattered into smithereens!

Chu Yu’s techniques used the Yin Yang Creation Fist and the Bagua Soul Refining Palm as foundation whilst amalgamating countless under techniques. This was all the work of the Superclass.

It’s power was immense and would strike fear in anyone.

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian also kept the flying boat and entered the battle wielding an ancient blade.

By this point, the two of them had changed to their appearances on Earth.

The male had a long body and was tall and handsome. The lady was incredibly beautiful, her silver hair giving her a strange charisma.

As this cultivator died at the hands of Chu Yu, furious bellows could be heard from the surroundings.

"How dare you, little b*stard!"

"Go to hell jerk!"

"How dare you attack someone from the Qu Royal Family, you must be tired of living!"

Three pinnacle True Lord cultivators lunged at Chu Yu.

They quickly activated their magical equipment, wanting to kill Chu Yu on the spot!


In the air, a jet black blade about a feet long exuded a blade aura over a thousand meters long.

It slashed towards Chu Yu like a black rainbow!

A goat fat jade bottle spilled a large amount of green water. That water stunk to the high heavens, its poison incredibly potent.

It killed everything it passed through!

A silver steel whip exuding limitless suppressive aura also whipped at Chu Yu viciously.

Chu Yu grabbed the air and got hold of a huge blade.

The huge blade radiated with a terrifying blood aura as it flew towards these t

hree magical equipment.


That black blade shattered into a million tiny pieces in the air.

The jade bottle was split into two. The green water inside flowed out like a lake and crashed into the ground.

Upon contact with the ground, it immediately corroded the ground, forming and unimaginably large hole!


Finally, the huge blade impacted the steel whip and a loud ‘bong’ echoed out.

The large blade disappeared, and the silver steel whip was also sent flying back.

Chu Yu bellowed, then used the Racing Sacred Art to get close to one cultivator. He closed the distance and raised his palm!

This True Lord cultivator yelled, then raised his palm to receive.



A crisp sound rang out as the bones in this pinnacle True Lord cultivator’s hand were shattered.

Chu Yu’s other hand used the Black Tiger Heart Digging Technique... and attacked this cultivator’s chest.



This punch not only shattered his ribs, but also punched through his entire body!

How vicious!

How ferocious!

Chu Yu’s body exuded an unimaginably awe inspiring blood aura.

As the blood aura exploded, it cause the entire space between heaven and earth to tremble.

"His blood..."

One of the Divine Lord cultivators setting up the magical formation, who had planned on ignoring this, looked up in aghast, "Why is it so scary?"

The two True Lords were also stunned.

The one wielding the steel whip launched it at Chu Yu again.

Chu Yu rushed over and twisted his body to avoid the steel whip. Then, he balled up his fist and punched the lower jaw of this pinnacle True Lord cultivator.

This cultivator’s lower jaw was shattered instantly and he let out a pitiful howl.

Chu Yu’s body was incredibly agile. He leapt into the air and kneed the cultivator’s head.


The cultivator’s skull shattered and his brain fluid splattered all over the place!

Chu Yu grabbed the steel whip and threw it at the other True Lord cultivator!


That steel whip was like an incredibly quick spear. It pierced the True Lord’s chest and sent him flying dozens of miles away, the whip still stuck in his body.

Then, this cultivator committed a large amount of blood and fell from the sky.

Xu Xiaoxian had just pit herself against a Divine Lord when Chu Yu already killed four other cultivators!

The Qu Royal Family was going crazy. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect to go up against these two death gods.

What had they done to antagonize them? Why would they be so vicious upon contact?

"Who are you?" An elderly Divine Lord from the Qu Royal Family bellowed.

"Your father!" Chu Yu roared as he rushed towards this Divine Lord.

The Divine Lord was infuriated.

Even though Divine Lords are not the most powerful in the Mirror World, it was completely unprecedented for someone this powerful to be humiliated by a cultivator who wasn’t even a True Lord.

Furthermore, he was from the Qu Royal Family!

"Go to hell!"

This Divine Lord immediately used a powerful sacred art. In an instant, millions of ancient blades formed a huge ball and surrounded Chu Yu.


He bellowed, and the millions of blades rushed towards Chu Yu.

Chu Yu shouted icily, "Scram!"

His blood aura was mighty and his battle intent was at an all time high. He did not look like a pinnacle Supreme Realm cultivator at all.

In the face of a Divine Lord, he could be this courageous, ignoring the suppression of a higher level cultivator... this quality alone was enough to differentiate Chu Yu from his peers.


Chu Yu rushed at these blades, his body covered in blood!

But he still lunged at this elderly cultivator!

This Divine Lord could not believe his eyes, There’s actually such an audacious youth in this world?

However, he smiled sinisterly.

Do you think I am a True Lord pushover?

Someone that you can destroy easily?

Quit dreaming!

He made a chopping motion with his hand.

A fine line appeared in the air!

This line was a million times thinner than a strand of hair. It was completely made from energy and contained unimaginably terrifying killing power!

Even a fellow Divine Lord would be seriously injured if hit by one of these.

But Chu Yu was too fast!

No one would ever expect that a Supreme Realm cultivator could be faster than a Divine Lord!

This Divine Lord did not expect Chu Yu’s phantom like speed was actually not his fastest!

He could not dodge!

At this point, this Divine Lord actually felt fearful!

What he did not expect was for this vicious Chu Yu to split into two. Two identical bodies rushed towards him!

Then, two became four, four became eight... eight became 16, then 32, and finally 64!

In the blink of an eye, the sky was filled with Chu Yus!

A total of 64 bodies!

What was even more terrifying was that not only were the 64 bodies identical, their battle power was also identical to the actual Chu Yu!

This was the power of the 72 Transformations!

Any normal cultivator, even a Divine Lord, could not do this.

As such, this Divine Lord was completely awestruck.

This was impossible!

He wasn’t the only one who found this incredible, everyone else felt the same way too!

They could not believe that there was such a terrifying sacred art in this world.

Xu Xiaoxian’s haze fell on Chu Yu. She seemed to think of something as traces of surprise filled her eyes.

Afterall, some things belong to the legends.

What kind of result could there be when 64 identically skilled bodies attack a single man?

Even a Divine Lord... could not resist them!

This Divine Lord exploded on the spot, even his Nascent God was scattered on the spot.

"How frustrating... what kind of demonic technique is this?"

This Qu Royal Family Divine Lord elder roared in rage before his death.

Chu Yu knew that his ability could only last for five minutes. As such, he must kill as many of them as he could within this 5 minutes!

The massacre began!

The 64 Chu Yu’s ruled the entire space.

There were about 20 people from the Zong Family and the Qu Royal Family coming after Fatty.

They were all smashed by Chu Yu!

In the end, seven to eight of them simply crumbled and retreated in horror.

The 63 other Chu Yu duplicates were all destroyed.

The opponent had sent five Divine Lords and the rest were True Lords.

In less than five minutes, Chu Yu had annihilated them all.

Xu Xiaoxian’s eyes glimmered as she looked at Chu Yu and sized him up, "Aiyo... Brother, I didn’t know you were this powerful?"

Chu Yu said humbly, "Nah, it was just a normal fight."

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