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That man looked on in aghast. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that someone who had survived the Heavenly Mountains would be so terrifying.


He screamed as his protective magical formations exploded with a glaring light and formed a shield.

However, in the face of Chu Yu’s blade, this shield was like wet paper. It shred upon contact!


This man was sliced in half by Chu Yu!

He died on the spot!

The remaining person was scared out of his wits and tried to turn and run.

Chu Yu used his Cloud and Mist Controlling Sacred Art, allowing him to move faster than using the Racing Sacred Art!

However, the energy it required was also an astronomical amount.

But Chu Yu did not care so much. He was intent on killing this man in front of him.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of this man. The gargantuan blade in Chu Yu’s hand had also shortened to about two feet long.

Ordinary people could not even see that this blade was formed from pure energy.

The entire blade glimmered with a blood red glow and looked incredibly sharp.

This True Lord realm youth’s eyes were filled with fear as he cried, "Don’t kill me, I am Supreme Lightning School’s..."



Chu Yu stabbed him in the stomach, twisted the blade and shattered this young True Lord’s Dantian.

His energy flowed out like a raging river.

He looked at Chu Yu lifelessly as he vomited a huge mouthful of blood.


"Student..." He finished his sentence.

"Who cares who you are!" Chu Yu pulled out the blade.

Then, he turned and left.

Not far away, an incredibly beautiful girl looked on, stunned.

"You’re out?"


"I’m out."

"Shall we go?"


"Let’s go."

Naturally, this was Xu Xiaoxian.

After some silence and as they reached the entrance of the Devastated World, she could not help but ask Chu Yu, "What is your relationship... with Demon Lord Wang Feng?"

"Demon Wang Feng?" Chu Yu looked on in confusion, "Who is that?"

"You don’t know?" Xu Xiaoxian frowned and looked at Chu Yu, "Then why did he tell me that a young human with surname Chu pleaded with him to let me go."


Chu Yu’s heart warmed. Brother Snow is such a great person with high EQ!

Then, he was slightly taken aback. He looked at Xu Xiaoxian, "You were captured?"

"I was too careless!" Xu Xiaoxian said to Chu Yu, "You must believe me, I can even kill Divine Lords!"

Seeing Xu Xiaoxian’s bunch of grey hair in the wind, Chu Yu smiled, "I believe you."

Xu Xiaoxian’s face quickly collapsed as she said pitifully, "I nearly became the concubine of that demon Wang Feng..."



Chu Yu could not help but laugh.

"How apathetic! You deserve to be single your entire life!" Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes.


Chu Yu replied cheekily, "Don’t I still have you?"

"Me?" Xu Xiaoxian stared at him wide eyed, almost as if she was stunned. She looked at Chu Yu as he face flushed. Then, she raged, "You take me as your backup? Based on what?"

"What’s wrong with being backup. You see, you’ll still be new." Chu Yu smiled.

"What’s so good? I may be your backup, but to others, I would be their..." Xu Xiaoxian murmured.

"What did you say?"


At the entrance of the Devastated World, Chu Yu’s gaze became solemn, "There could be people outside waiting for us."

Xu Xiaoxian nodded, "We must revert back to our original looks."


Then, they reverted to the appearance they entered the Mirror World with.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu in surprise, "Why does it seem that your Human Form Changing Technique... had improved again?"

At this point, even to someone as skilled in the Human Form Changing Technique as Xu Xiaoxian, Chu Yu’s disguise was flawless!

Expression, action, aura, demeanor; Chu Yu was a completely different person.


Chu Yu smiled and said, "I can teach you."

This time, surprisingly, Xu Xiaoxian did not reject his offer. She nodded, "Okay."


Then, they reached the entrance of the Devastated World.


Exiting was much easier than entering.

The energy of this Devastated World was quite magical. It was difficult for outsiders to enter. In order to do so, a powerful being must open a door at a particular time using a fixed set of magical equipment.

However, exiting was simple, and did not require much.

However, for life forms within the Devastated World... they could not even leave their own space, much less the Devastated World.

For example, the life forms on the Heavenly Mountain could not leave it!

The two of them exited. To their amazement, there was no one outside.

Not even a silhouette to be seen!

This was completely unexpected.

In their view, there was bound to be someone waiting to take advantage of them


However, after half a day of observation, they were sure that there really wasn’t anyone!

"What’s going on?" Chu Yu frowned and looked at Xu Xiaoxian, "Did they all become compassionate?"

Xu Xiaoxian switched on her messenger and projected it in the air. Then, after a single glance, she shouted, "Not good!"

Chu Yu looked in that direction. Seeing the headline, his expression also became solemn.

"The path to the Solar System has been opened. Friends who have waited for 60 million years, our day has come!"

"The many powers in the Mirror World have finally managed to open the road, the Heavens really reward the determined!"

"My friends, in three months, we can meet in the Solar System, do you all have groups?"

"Cultivators at the pinnacle of True Lord and below will be the first batch to enter the Solar System. All of you who have been suppressing your cultivation to True Lord, join me as we find our opportunities in the Solar System."

"I am Yan Xudong, this is our time!"

"Who is Yan Xudong? Scum from the schools. I am Luo Lie. In three months, I will wait for you at the entrance to the Solar System. I will use one hand to tell you whose time this is!"

The entire Mirror World internet was in chaos!

There was no order!

Everyone was incredibly touchy. This time, many of the talents from the ancient clans began to find their voice.


For example, Luo Lie’s ancestors were one of those incredible powers who founded the Mirror World!

He looked down on the school talents like Yan Xudong and thought of them all as scum.


They were not even worth a mention!

Chu Yu did not care much about this. His focus was on the news that the path had been opened.

At this point, Chu Yu’s messenger kept ringing.


There were messages from the Purple Cloud leadership, his students, and Fatty.

Chu Yu opened the message from Fatty first.


"The road has been opened, danger!"

That was the first message.


"F*ck me, brother, where are you? Are you still in the Devastated World?"

"Quickly think of a solution. You can’t just let them rush into our home and massacre everybody right?"

"Damn it, are you dead?"


"If you’re dead, I’ll go deal with them myself!"

"Brother, give me some form of response, are you really dead? Please don’t die. Your slave Fang Lie is with me. I gave him some resources that I gained with my own skills... I didn’t expect him to breakthrough so quickly, he is almost at True Lord!"

"Somedays back, I heard some news about Leng Qiuqiu. That guy killed quite a few of the Mirror World’s talents, hahaha, it feels like dogs fighting themselves... no, he found his conscience!"

"I saw Lin Shi. She is with Yan Xudong, I think she will start killing her own people very soon."

"Forget it, you may really be dead. Lin Shi is back and there’s still no news of you. Aish, now that I think about it, death is pretty good. At least you don’t have to bear all that pressure."


"I burned some incense for you, I don’t know if you received it."


"We are all alone in this world..."

"I’m going to deal with them myself! Even if I die, I must die for a cause!"

"Brother, I miss you."


The messages were sent days apart. The most recent one was three days ago.

Chu Yu’s eyes reddened as he read them.

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian gasped, "Aiya, is that Fatty crazy? He actually announced that he is from the Solar System and he is going to excavate the graves of all the large families!"

Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian and saw the news that she was reading.


Fatty had announced that he was going to excavate all the mega graves in the Mirror World!


"You massacre my family and trample on my home. I will excavate the tombs of all your ancestors and bring them out to see the sun!"


Fatty posted.

"The grave robber has reappeared. So he comes from the Solar System!"

"An aborigine has made his way into the Mirror World. The saintly Zong Clan had their graves excavated. Some of their ancestors were thrown out but those bodies are still in great condition! There’s no decay!"

"The Zong Clan has vowed to find the grave robber and rip him to shreds!"

"The Qu Royal Family also had their graves excavated and their treasures stolen. The bodies were also thrown into the wilderness."

Xu Xiaoxian scrolled through each post and murmured, "I never expected Fatty to be this audacious! Why would he do something to antagonize everyone? Powerful, really powerful! He managed to dig the graves of all the powerful families in the Mirror World. These families were the main backers of the project to open the path to the Solar System."

Chu Yu quickly sent a message to Fatty, "I’m alive, are you okay?"

Within second, Fatty replied, "F*ck, is this your ghost?"

Then, another message came through, "You’re still alive? I wasted so much tears crying for you!"

"I’m in trouble, and I’m being hunted... brother, you’re my brother, please come save me. I am about 30,000 miles, 8 o’clock direction from the Sky Dazed City."

"I won’t say anymore. I have to keep running. Damn it, those b*stards feel like they’re on steroids... quick, come save me!"

"Forget it forget it, don’t come, there are quite a few Divine Lords..."

Fatty quickly sent a few replies, then went cold.

Chu Yu’s forehead flashed with a wave of iciness.

Xu Xiaoxian glanced at him, "You..."


"I’m going to save him." Chu Yu replied.

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