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"What? Be your disciple?" Chu Yu was taken aback.

He looked at the regularly sized old cultivator with the claws of Sun Wukong, "Great Sage, are you joking?"

"I never joke." He tapped Chu Yu with his claws and said.

"I would like to learn the 72 Transformations!" Chu Yu shouted.

"Small matter." The monkey smiled.

Then, Chu Yu bowed deeply to Sun Wukong three times.

From today onwards, he had a teacher.

Ever since he had become a cultivator, Chu Yu had never had the guidance of a teacher.

He had always hoped for one.

To be able to be the disciple of such a renowned Great Sage was something Chu Yu had wanted for the longest time.

What he did not expect was that his hardship was just beginning...

The Great Sage was not given to the monkey for fun.

He was truly the Great Sage

He was even more powerful than saints!


Even the "Immortals" were not his match.


How could the techniques and divine arts he was skilled at be limited to the 72 Transformations?

This was not the monkey from the Journey to the West, This was the genuine, live Great Sage!

This monkey did not have any weapons, no Monkey King Bar. He could form a Divine Soldier with a single notion.

He was adept at almost every Sacred Art, from the 36 Heavenly Generals to the ordinary sacred arts.

Back in the day, he had used these abilities to battle his way into the Heavenly Courts and killed countless Heavenly Generals and Soldiers.

This monkey was not just ridiculously courageous.

The Human Form Changing Technique that Chu Yu spent so much time learning was nothing in the face of this monkey.


The only thing that received some form of praise from the monkey were the fist and palm techniques that the Superclass had combined and analyzed.

And that was it.


"Not enough!"

"It’s still not enough!"


"Why are you dumb? In the time you form this handprint, the enemy would have already killed you. Do you think you’ll have a chance to use your Sacred Art?"

"How do I have a disciple as stupid as you? That is a mental technique. What does our mental energy depend on? It is our thoughts and observations! I’m not asking you to use your eyes to observe, but your heart! Then use your brain to think!"

"Aiya, this is infuriating..."

Chu Yu was sent flying.

He was being given a beating.

Ever since Chu Yu became his disciple, the monkey seemed to be a completely different person... no, a completely different monkey.

He was incredibly strict!

He did not allow Chu Yu any room for error.


Chu Yu had always been a rogue cultivator who had found his way around without a teacher.

Even though he cultivated with a saint’s technique, because he lacked the guidance of teachers, there were some imperfections.


It’s a good thing that all these years, the Superclass had been combining and analyzing techniques and making them extremely powerful!

Furthermore, his Heart Technique was also insanely powerful, that’s why the imperfections were insignificant.


"If not for that Heart Technique of yours, an idiot like you would have killed yourself many times over!"

"In order to change the alignment of the stars, you must be at least a saint. But if you learn it now, does it mean you can’t apply it? Can’t you use it to rearrange the land here? Can’t you use it to form magical formations?"

"Stupid stupid stupid! Idiot! Mistake!"

"I had learnt everything in three years, you’re really dumb!"


Since young, this was the first time someone had called Chu Yu stupid, idiotic and stubborn...

Chu Yu wanted to rebut, Great Sage, I’ve only been learning for a few days...

The monkey did not think so. In his view, Chu Yu was old enough and had been learning for so many years. He should be incredibly skilled!


Chu Yu felt that the skill the monkey was looking for was impossible to find. Except for the monkey himself.


In the blink of an eye, two years had passed.

At this point, Chu Yu had reverted to his original appearance.

Long hair rested on his shoulder. His body was long and slender, his eyes like stars. When they opened, they glimmered with a heavenly light.

The reason why he had reverted to his original appearance was because in the eyes of the monkey, who was adept at the 36 Heavenly Generals and the 72 Transformations, Chu Yu’s form changing technique was insignificant.

Indeed, after the monkey’s meticulous guidance, when Chu Yu used his Human Form Changing Technique, he felt different.


Previously, he was similar to what he wanted to be.

Now, he was what he wanted to be.


He could control rain and wind, move clouds and mist, change the sun and the Earth...

Over time, Chu Yu managed to get more and more familiar with the 36 Heavenly Generals.

Even though the monkey was a little extreme, at his level, he was still going to be the Great Sage despite his extreme nature!

Great teachers produce powerful disciples. In the two years, Chu Yu improved by leaps and bounds!

Even though his cultivation level did not increase, his sacred arts and attacking techniques were many levels higher than before.

This day, after the monkey finished teaching Chu Yu, it said, "You should leave!"


Even though Chu Yu knew that this day would come, when it came, he was still reluctant to leave.

"Leave, don’t procrastinate." The monkey had his back faced to Chu Yu on this barren land.

"Your abilities are already extremely powerful. Once you leave, you will be able to give people two cultivation levels higher than you a run for their money!"


"Remember, if you lose, don’t tell people you’re my disciple, I would be ashamed!"

"That path is difficult to walk. If you’re not at my level, don’t try."

"Even though I have told you may things, it doesn’t mean that I want you to be passive. My disciple must have indomitable spirit!"

"If those scum outside don’t know any better and want to try walking there, in my view, open the door and let them try."

The monkey was one of few words. However, in the face of goodbye, he seemed to be overwhelmed with sadness and said more than usual.

"They want to enter the Solar System, not just to walk that path, but to kill my people and rob us of our opportunities." Chu Yu said depressedly.

He felt extremely sour looking at the monkey’s lonely silhouette.

In two years of living together, he understood this monkey which he had previously only known through the legends.


This was a genuine hero, and a sad hero.

Even though the monkey was not very willing to talk about the past, he could not withstand Chu Yu’s constant grinding.

In two years, he managed to glean off quite a bit of information from the monkey.

The destruction of that prosperous Immortal World and the disappearance of Buddha and Dao Zu were not just due to the Heart Catastrophe.

However, the links between that era and the current one were not large.


Maybe one day, Chu Yu would also step on that path. However, like the monkey said, that was a long time away.


Right now, his main calling was to protect his homeland.

"Master, will we ever see each other again?" Chu Yu’s eyes reddened, tears forming at the edges.


He was mocked by the monkey, "Hahaha, what a girl, how embarrassing?"

"Why would I be embarrassed when I am talking to my master?" Chu Yu said solemnly.

"We will definitely see each other again. Maybe one day, I will just get out there!" The monkey laughed, "Meet the people of this era..."

As the monkey spoke, he plucked three strands of fur from his body and handed them to Chu Yu, "Young man, master knows that you are worried. I am giving you these three strands of fur. At the most critical moment, you can use these three strands of fur to become me, and have three times my battle power. This will last five minutes."

Chu Yu was incredibly excited, this was the real deal!

Three times the power of his master, Wouldn’t that mean I can defeat saints?

It was no exaggeration to say that these three strands of fur were three life saving treasures.


Chu Yu kept them like pieces of treasure, then looked at the monkey reluctantly.

This monkey was not as mischievous as described in the Journey to the West. Furthermore, it was not as lofty as described by the movies.


But Chu Yu knew that these descriptions of the monkey were just one facet!

He was extremely lonely, guarding this barren land like a forgotten god.

But he was still a powerful god!

Even though he was just a mental manifestation of the god, he was still incredibly powerful.

If he came out, he would stun the entire universe!

He could possibly change the entire course of history.

But he would rather stay here. Chu Yu knew he was kidding when he said he may get out at anytime.


He would never leave this place.

This was his hometown.

And he was a life form from the previous era.

He did not belong to this era.

"Scram scram scram!"


"Don’t stand there!"

"I suddenly find you frustrating!"

The monkey waved his hand in exasperation, asking Chu Yu to leave,


Chu Yu straightened his body, cupped his fist over his head and bowed deeply.


He did this three times.

"Master, I’ll be on my way!"

"Go go! Don’t come back."

"One day, I’ll be back to see you!" Chu Yu bowed one last time, stood up, then turned to leave.


When he reached the boundary, he could not help but turn back, but the monkey had already disappeared.


Chu Yu felt a wave of reluctance as he turned and left silently.

He went through the cave to get outside.


He did not stay long here. He kept walking downwards.


There was no point in climbing to the pinnacle of the Heavenly Mountains anymore.

The monkey had told him before that the Heavenly Mountains were filled with the small demons of this era. In the eyes of the monkey, they were all scum.


However, there were many places like his which were filled with the legacies of the ancient world.


Some of them were inhabited by a shred of consciousness from the incredibly powerful cultivators of the previous era.

Many people from this era had actually tried their luck here, but few managed to gain anything.

With the monkey as his master, Chu Yu had no interest in anything else.

After Chu Yu left, the cave silently shut its doors.


Then, the entire cave... disappeared!


It was almost as if this place never existed.

Chu Yu was slightly depressed. In the two years, his impression of his master had changed from a monkey in the legends to a strict but compassionate elder.

He was Chu Yu’s compassionate teacher!

Chu Yu had no idea when he could repay his master.


Before he got far, Chu Yu heard voices.

"The Lord sent me to patrol the mountains, ee eye!"


"After I’m done with the Southern Mountains, I will patrol the Northern Mountains... ee eye ee eye!"

F*ck me, those two again? And they changed their lyrics?

In the blink of an eye, Weird and Crafty and Crafty and Weird appeared over the bend.

When they saw Chu Yu, they were stunned.


They stared at Chu Yu.


"Holy sh*t, how did you come out after just a few days?" Crafty and Weird was shocked.


"And you made it out alive?" Weird and Crafty was also shocked.

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