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Lin Shi stood there coldly, a divine ring fading in and out of vision at her back. Her cultivation level had improved over this time.

Yan Xudong turned back to look at Lin Shi and smiled, "Junior, do you feel something?"

"There was a huge battle here, and there is an aura of the hated demonic sects." Lin Shi’s voice was crisp and cold.

Her incredibly beautiful face was now calm and aloof.

Thousands of miles away.


"I heard that a demonic girl from the demonic sects entered the Immortal Refining Land, could she still be alive?"

"Impossible! Even saints would be killed by a place like the Immortal Refining Land. How can a demonic girl ever make it out alive?"

Yan Xudong frowned. He remembered someone. He had once caught a glimpse of this person’s actual appearance... and she was stunning.

Then, he never saw her again. When he heard that there was a demonic girl in the schools, he had suspected that it may be this girl that he barely caught a glimpse of.

This was one of the 10 most beautiful girls in the entire universe.

For some reason, Yan Xudong felt like that beautiful girl could have some dealings with them.

This was his gut.

And his confidence!

The confidence that stemmed from being the best in the Mirror World!

Yan Xudong looked at the rest and said, "It looks like there are quite a few demons in the top 50 superior schools this time. We have... our work cut out for us."

"With Senior Yan around, any demons will have to stand aside!"

"Exactly, they would not dare to stand up to you!"

"Senior Yan is the top talent of our generation, what is killing demons to you?"

The few young cultivators kept singing praises about Yan Xudong.

Yan Xudong smiled and shook his head lightly, "Don’t think too highly of me, it’s a lot of pressure."

"We are just stating the facts."

"Exactly, stating the facts!"

"We know Senior Yan’s talents all too well!"

Other than Lin Shi, these were all admirers of Yan Xudong.

They were all young talents of superior schools and were ordinarily extremely arrogant.

However, in front of Yan Xudong, they were extremely humble.

To outsiders, it looked like they looked to Yan Xudong with adulation.

They did not care what others thought. Being able to follow someone as powerful as Yan Xudong would have incredible benefits to their cultivation!

"Forget it, let’s go."

Yan Xudong looked at the Immortal Refining Land reluctantly. There were incredible opportunities there, not to mention the superior medicine.

But he could not enter!

He had come here because he felt the energy that resulted from the battle.


Since he did not see anything, there was no point in staying here.


There were many places to find opportunities in the Devastated World.

Yan Xudong did not just want to be the top cultivator in his generation, he wanted to be the top youth cultivator in the Mirror World!

He wanted to be the youngest Divine Lord of the Mirror World!

He wanted to rule the world!

The entire group followed Yan Xudong and left.


Xu Xiaoxian was still comatose, but Chu Yu had regained his consciousness.

He did not expect that the Celestial Fox would rescue them.

"God damn it... it’s a good thing I’m quick, or you’ll be found!"


The Celestial Fox threw Chu Yu on the ground, kicking up a plume of dust.

Then, it carefully placed Xu Xiaoxian on a clean stone slab.

"F*ck me, you jerk..."

Chu Yu was devoid of energy and slightly nauseated from the fall.


He looked at the Celestial Fox angrily, "Isn’t the difference in treatment a little too much?"


"You’re a grown man. If the Immortal Refining Land did not kill you, what will a fall do?" The Celestial Fox rebutted,

"..." Chu Yu was speechless. The Celestial Fox was clearly getting back at him for taking him as a cushion.

What a petty thing.

"This lady is pretty!" The Celestial Fox stared at Xu Xiaoxian’s exquisite face.


Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

You’re an animal, why do you act like a human?

"If only she was a Celestial Fox, I would definitely marry her!" As the Celestial Fox spoke, it’s lips twitched in regret, "Why is she human? What a pity."

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian slowly regained consciousness. She opened her eyes slowly and saw this furry being in front of her.

In actual fact, she had already regained consciousness sometime ago, just in time to hear what the Celestial Fox said.

She had wanted to retort, but she saw that the Celestial Fox was such an adorable animal.

"Wa! Celestial Fox!"

Xu Xiaoxian’s voice was weak and her white hair would make anyone’s heart ache.

The Celestial Fox said excitedly, "Miss, my name is Xiao Xing, may I know if you like Celestial Foxes?"

"Of course, of course I do!"

Xu Xiaoxian smiled.

Chu Yu lay on the ground, rolling his eyes.

"Then, would you be willing..." The Celestial Fox was slightly embarrassed by this point. It whispered, "Would you be willing to marry me?"

Ay f*ck me...

You’re an ancient Chinese fox?

Chu Yu looked like he was about to puke.

The Celestial Fox glared at Chu Yu, "Don’t be jealous!"

"What? Marry you?" Xu Xiaoxian was shocked. Then, she laughed, "I only like Celestial Fox scarves!"

"..." The Celestial Fox stumbled backwards.

It was heartbroken!

"Hahahahaha!" Chu Yu lay there, laughing whilst pounding the ground.

"Don’t stop me, just let me die!’

The Celestial Fox crawled up and clawed at Chu Yu’s pants.

:Scram scram scram." Chu Yu said disdainfully.

Xu Xiaoxian smiled as she sat up from the rock, "Enough, Xiao Xing, I was just kidding with you. Why would I kill you after you saved my life?"

"Wish, I had wanted to confess to you so we could be together..." The Celestial Fox said sadly, "But in this current era, that’s not possible."


Xu Xiaoxian, "..."

The Celestial Fox stared into the sky, "The loyal generation is no longer. Last time, if I saved a pretty girl, she would instantly offer herself to me!"

Chu Yu’s lips twitched as he said, "If you were ugly, she would have said shyly. Master, I am not able to repay you, but I am willing to be your slave in your next life..."

"How despicable! I’m ugly?"

The Celestial Fox raged.

Then, in the blink of an eye, it took on the appearance of a handsome man.

His skin was white, his face thin, his eyes like stars and full of life. His hair was bound up neatly and his brows charismatic.

He was at least 1.8m in height and had long legs.

Its black fur had transformed into a black suit.

Chu Yu could not help but applaud internally, If he had saved a lady with this appearance, she may really agree to marry him.

Xu Xiaoxian was also stunned as she smiled, "if you had asked me the same thing whilst looking like that, I may have considered."

"Really?" The Celestial Fox, now a young man, stiffened slightly, then looked depressed, "I am educated, don’t bluff me..."

Then, it transformed back to its original form.

Then, it looked at Chu Yu, "I never expected you two to kill that scary fella?"

Chu Yu glanced at Xu Xiaoxian. His heart ached as he saw her white hair.

Xu Xiaoxian glared at the Celestial Fox. Her banter was meant to divert attention from this because she did not want Chu Yu to feel guilty.

But this petty Celestial Fox still mentioned it.

"He’s not that scary, we are more scary in comparison." Xu Xiaoxian smiled.

She looked to be recovering quickly. She supported herself up. She waved her hand and a soft mattress appeared atop the bed.

Then, she waved Chu Yu then picked Chu Yu up and placed him lightly on the bed.

Chu Yu was slightly embarrassed, "I’m still quite dirty."

"Just rest for a while." Xu Xiaoxian tried to act normally but her flushed face gave her away.

The Celestial Fox looked at them and felt an urge to puke, How obvious! They are together, that’s why she doesn’t like me!


After some days, Xu Xiaoxian and Chu Yu walked through the Devastated World together.

They had reverted to the appearances they entered the Devastated World with.

They looked quite haggard but they were alert.

The Celestial Fox was not with them. It would have been too attention grabbing. The Celestial Fox had already left the Devastated World and was to rendezvous with them at the Sky Dazed City.

"You have injured your core. In the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, there are a few medicine that can refine pills that will help you recover."

Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian and promised, "I will make sure you make a full recovery."

"It’s not as bad as you think. It’ll be great if I can recover, but it’s no big deal even if I don’t. It may just be my fate." Xu Xiaoxian said flatly.

"You’re like this because of me." Chu Yu said solemnly.

Even though Xu Xiaoxian’s hair was black, Chu Yu could never forget the glaring white.

"What are you saying, I did it for myself!"

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu out of the corner of her eye, "After he was done with you, do you think the Worm Lord would let me off?"

"He would." Chu Yu sighed. "I did not know this before, but I understand now, he would not dare to attack you."

"How do you know?" Xu Xiaoxian glanced at him.

"When his body shattered, the stomp from his Nascent God did not use all his strength." Chu Yu sighed lightly, "Which is why you shouldn’t have attacked."

"If I didn’t attack, you would die." Xu Xiaoxian said, "No matter what, we are all good friends. I do not stand idly by whilst my good friends are being attacked."

Chu Yu smiled, "Anyways, I will make sure you make a full recovery."

"That’s great, I’ll wait!" Xu Xiaoxian beamed.

In the distance, a few figures appeared. Upon seeing the two of them, they formed a formation to surround the two of them as they rushed over.


Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian looked at each other.

Over the past few days, they had already gone through too many rounds.

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