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Chu Yu was too quick!

Furthermore, the Worm Lord didn’t expect him to attack.

Chu Yu had come out from the Immortal Refining Land alive. That gave the Worm Lord the false sense of assurance that his worm was still on Chu Yu.

So long as the worm was still around, then the Worm Lord was confident that he could make Chu Yu beg for death with a single thought.


In the moment Chu Yu smashed the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace on him, the Worm Lord’s eyes flashed with an icy glow.

It was filled with condescension!

Complete condescension!

As a Legendary Emperor, even if he had been suppressed to the powers of a True Lord, how could his abilities be something that could be matched by a Supreme Realm cultivator?

Without considering anything else, the physical body of a Legendary Emperor was close to unbreakable metal.

If a Supreme Realm cultivator could even scratch him, he would already have considered it a lost fight.

Furthermore, his worm was still on this b*stards body!


The Heart Devouring Worm had a special characteristic. If unactivated, it had no connection to the Worm Lord.

However, with a single command from the Worm Lord, the Heart Devouring Worm would destroy Chu Yu in a matter of seconds.

Initially, he was slightly conflicted. After all, the princess had made a request, and even offered a dozen superior medicine to exchange for this b*stards freedom.

Without even considering the value of the medicine, the Princess’s attitude towards this man was enough to make him hesitate.

As for planting a worm on Xu Xiaoxian, he never even thought about it.

He didn’t dare to.

He wasn’t scared of Xu Xiaoxian. She was just a kid and he did not need worms to control her.


However, the powers backing Xu Xiaoxian were too scary!

Even though the Worm Lord was one of the most powerful in the world, he was still afraid of some people.

Xu Xiaoxian’s backers were some of them.

In the end, like a little idiot, this b*stard had lunged at him!

He could blame no one but himself for his death.

Accompanied by a gasp from Xu Xiaoxian, the Worm Lord... activated the Heart Devouring Worm inside Chu Yu’s body without hesitation.


In the moment the Worm Lord activated the Heart Devouring Worm, he vomited a huge mouthful of blood!

The Heart Devouring Worm was dead!

It had been turned to ashes by the mysterious energy of the Immortal Refining Land.

If the Worm Lord did not try to connect with it, nothing would have happened. But now that he tried a connection, he was hit by the consequences of the Heart Devouring Worm’s death!

He was injured instantly!



The Immortal Crane Pill Furnace in Chu Yu’s head smashed into the Worm Lord’s head and a dull sound rang out.



The Worm Lord’s skull was smashed!

This was the physical body of a Legendary Emperor!

It was supposed to be tougher than the toughest metal!

Yet, it was smashed open by the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace!






Bong bong bong...

Chu Yu did not stop at the single smash. In the seconds that followed, he smashed the pill furnace into the Worm Lord’s head repeatedly.

It was at least a hundred times!

Each one was on the Worm Lord’s skull!

The immense recoil had caused the webs on Chu Yu’s hand to rip open. Blood flowed from the open wound.

But Chu Yu did not seem to feel it as he maniacally attacked the Worm Lord’s skull.

Xu Xiaoxian also reacted quickly. In the moment Chu Yu attacked, she knew that there was no turning back.

She attacked shortly after!

She took out the Heavenly Demonic Instrument. There was no time to retrieve her score and set up her chairs and tables.

The Heavenly Demonic Instrument floated in the air in front of her.

Xu Xiaoxian retrieved a pill and swallowed it. In an instant, she felt her power grow immensely.

Her hands floated across the instrument.


A beautiful melody rung out, almost like a heavenly tune.

The four Heaven’s Pride talents shuddered when they heard this music, clearly dazed.

Then, the four of the smiled cryptically as they danced to the tune.


The weakest of them all exploded in a cloud of blood.

The music continued.

Bang bang!


Two others also exploded in a cloud of blood, disappearing into thin air.


The fourth Heaven’s Pride Talent also could not last much longer. He exploded in a cloud of blood with a smile on his face.

The Worm Lord wanted to curse and swear when he heard the instrument, but he could not say anything.

This little b*stard was too vicious!

He did not leave any room for retaliation as he tried his best to shatter the body of this Legendary Emperor!

Finally, the skull of the Worm Lord collapsed and there was less than half of his brain left.

This scene was too terrifying!

Immortal music was floating around as the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace pounded away!

Chu Yu yelled as he smashed, "F*cking sh*t, old con man, old thing, old b*stard, old f*cker!"

"How dare you put a worm in me!"

"How dare you force me into the Immortal Refining Land!"

"How dare you try..."

"How dare you..."


Chu Yu only stopped after he had caved in more than half of the Worm Lord’s brain.

He was completely exhausted.

There was no more energy left in his body.


He fell to the ground, panting for air.

By this point, he was drenched in sweat, almost as if he had been dragged out of the water.

Over by the side, Xu Xiaoxian looked extremely pale, but continued to play the instrument.

In an instant, the Worm Lord’s body shattered!

Xu Xiaoxian screamed and vomited a mouthful of blood.

The music stopped.

An incredibly powerful Nascent God clasped in golden armor and wielding a silver scythe rose from the body!

This Nascent God was huge!

It almost filled the entire space.

It bellowed maniacally!

"Little b*stard, b*tch... how dare you harm me like this!"


The Worm Lord wielded the scythe and chopped down at Chu Yu.

Even though he only had the power of a True Lord, Chu Yu could not dodge the attack.

He had used up all his energy to smash the head of the Worm Lord.

At this point, Chu Yu could only watch as the Worm Lord’s Nascent Soul chopped down at him with the scythe.



At this point, the melodious music rang out again.

Xu Xiaoxian calmly played the instrument again!

Chu Yu said weakly, "Lady, you..."

Before he could say "are tired of living"... he was stunned by what he saw.


As Xu Xiaoxian played the instrument, her hair was turning grey rapidly!


If Chu Yu still did not know what was happening, he was the biggest idiot in the world!

He had asked Xu Xiaoxian before, how could she possibly use the Heavenly Demonic Instrument to kill a Divine Lord without suffering any consequences based on her current cultivation level.

Xu Xiaoxian had never replied him with a straight answer.

He finally understood now!

The price she paid for using the Heavenly Demonic Instrument to kill a power... was lifespan!


No Supreme Realm cultivator would have their hair turn grey in an instant!

She must be burning her blood!


Chu Yu belowed.



The scythe in the Worm Lord’s hand shattered!

At this point, the Worm Lord was also scared and he bellowed, "Xu Xiaoxian, you’re crazy! You’re using the Heavenly Demonic Instrument at such a low cultivation level. Are you tired of living? Is it worth it to give up your life for a b*stard?"


Xu Xiaoxian did not speak, her hands flying over the instrument.

The Worm Lord’s Nascent God spat out yet another mouthful of blood.

That was not blood, that was the energy in his body!


"You can’t turn back the clock on your lifespan! Even if you become a saint, you will not live long!"

The Worm Lord roared, "Stop!"

As he spoke, he raised his leg and stomped at Xu Xiaoxian.

"F*ck your mother!"

Chu Yu had just recovered some energy and he punched towards the foot of the Worm Lord.

His body rose into the air as he tried to block the foot aimed at Xu Xiaoxian with his body.

Xu Xiaoxian’s music continued!

All of a sudden, the foot that Chu Yu was supporting shattered!

This time, the Worm Lord was completely terrified.

"No, please stop, I admit defeat! I surrender! I will be your slave!"

He kept screaming out, on the verge of crumbling.

He had never felt this scared in his life.

Who would have thought that a Supreme Realm girl could force the Legendary Emperor Worm Lord to such a state?

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian had already reverted to her incredibly pretty look.

However, her hair was completely silver!


Her hands were trembling, but she did not stop.


She knew that the moment she attacked the Worm Lord, all their past dealings would count for nothing.

The Worm Lord was not a good person anyways. He was overly suspicious, cold and vicious.

The only reason why he did not attack her was not because he cared for her, but because he was afraid of the powers backing Xu Xiaoxian.


The moment Xu Xiaoxian attacked him... he would not show any mercy!

As such, even if Xu Xiaoxian showed him mercy now, when the Worm Lord recovered, he would not let her off!


As a Legendary Emperor, his physical body was destroyed and his Nascent God severely injured.


How could he tolerate such humiliation?


As such, Xu Xiaoxian did not hesitate.

She continued playing.

The Heavenly Demonic Tune continued to attack and demolish the Nascent God of the Worm Lord like a tsunami.

"Ow ow ow ow ow!"


The Worm Lord was going crazy as he tried to attack Xu Xiaoxian.

How can Chu Yu let him get close?

He also burnt up part of his blood and his body exploded with an unparalleled blood aura.

This blood aura was Earth shaking, almost as if it was enveloping the entire Devastated World.

At this point, all of the talents in the Devastated World stiffened slightly. They looked into the distance in aghast.

Chu Yu launched a vicious punch towards the Worm Lord’s Nascent God.


This punch had completely shattered the Worm Lord’s Nascent God, which had been suppressed to the True Lord Realm.

The Nascent God’s golden armor was also shattered by Chu Yu’s punch and it fell from the sky.

Xu Xiaoxian’s music kept continuing. Her hair was black one moment and white the next.

In that instant, the Worm Lord’s Nascent God exploded!

"I have a way to protect my life, I will not let the two of you off!"

A booming voice could be heard in the air.

Xu Xiaoxian grit her teeth and looked an Chu Yu. Then, she fell to the ground, comatose.

Chu Yu’s energy left him like a tidal wave. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

At this point, a black figure rushed over, hugged Xu Xiaoxian, carried Chu Yu and grabbed the Heavenly Demonic Instrument before disappearing.

After a brief delay, it returned and removed the golden armor from the ground.

Then, it disappeared in a flash of black light.

Before long, over a dozen figures appeared in the area.


Yan Xudong looked solemn as he felt the aura in the area. He murmured, "The hatred in this place... is so strong."

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