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Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu sternly, "We agreed, later when we go out, don’t say anything, just listen to me."


Chu Yu was quite worried and he looked at Xu Xiaoxian exasperatedly, "Lady, I’m serious..."


"Don’t say anything!" Xu Xiaoxian glared, "Why are you so disobedient? Bad boy!"


Outside the Immortal Refining Land.

The Worm Lord sat there icily.

Behind him sat four youthful cultivators.

Their eyes were filled with fear, rage and helplessness.

They were all talents from superior schools. They came here to experience the infamous Immortal Refining Land.

However, they did not expect that the most terrifying thing was not the Immortal Refining Land, but the Worm Lord!


Upon seeing these four young chaps, the Worm Lord attacked without hesitation.

He used worms to control all four of them.

They were the true talents of this world and had great ambitions.

But now, all their dreams were dashed.

They had been controlled... by a tiny worm!

They were no longer the masters of their own fates, their future bleak.

They had no idea what they were going to face.

At this point, they stared widely, unable to believe what they were seeing.

Two figures walked out slowly from the Immortal Refining Land.

In front was a beautiful girl sporting a pink knee length dress, long hair and bangs.

The one behind was an ordinary looking youth wearing a green armor, also sporting long hair.

"These two people... managed to survive the Immortal Refining Land?"

"Oh god, is that girl the legendary demon from the demonic sects? She’s still alive!"

"I heard that she put a saint’s amulet and walked bravely into the Immortal Refining Land. But I heard that the amulet could only last a short while. Yet, she’s still alive after so many days. How many of those amulets does she have?"


The four youths controlled by the Worm Lord looked on in aghast, communicating with each other using the Voice Transmission Technique.

When the Worm Lord saw Xu Xiaoxian, he stiffened slightly, a flash of curiosity in his eyes.

The amulets from the amulet saint could withstand the attacks of the Immortal Refining Land.

Others may not think much seeing these two people together. However, to the Worm Lord, this was like a bright beacon.

He instantly knew the identity of the girl.


Other than the princess of the Heavenly Demonic Sect, Xu Xiaoxian, no one else in the Mirror World would use the superior amulets of an amulet saint like ordinary spiritual stones.

What he did not expect was that the little b*stard who he infected would be with the princess!

"You finally dare to come out?"

The Worm Lord looked at Chu Yu sinisterly.


He was extremely confident and did not try to contact the Heart Devouring Worm he had planted on Chu Yu’s body.

Since this man came out alive, the Heart Devouring Worm must still be on him.

The Worm Lord believed that Chu Yu lived because of that pill furnace!

That must be a genuine Immortal Equipment!

Even a superior Immortal Equipment!

How else could he have withstood the energies of the Immortal Refining Land?

It’s great that he’s out!

Now that he’s out, not only will he be mine, his things... will also be mine!


Just as Chu Yu wanted to speak, Xu Xiaoxian used the Voice Transmission technique to scold Chu Yu, "Be quiet!"


"..." Chu Yu was speechless and laughed bitterly.


Yet, he felt warmth in his heart. No matter what, this girl was sincerely treating him well.

"Uncle Worm Lord, it has been many years, how’ve you been?" Xu Xiaoxian smiled faintly, her eyes warm, looking extremely obedient.

"Indeed, it has been many years, I never expected to see you here." The Worm Lord’s cold expression also revealed a warm smile.


The four Heaven’s Pride talents behind the Worm Lord were slightly flustered, This damned evil man is with the demonic girl?

No wonder he is so evil!

Furthermore, they finally knew who they were being controlled by, the Worm Lord!

What a shock, and how terrifying!

They still had a sliver of hope of escaping this man’s grasp before.

Now that they knew who it was, they gave up all hope.

Even Divine Lords infected by the Worm Lord’s worms would not be able to escape.

The Worm Lord looked at Xu Xiaoxian unhappily as he pointed to Chu Yu, "Why are you with someone like that?"

The people behind him were all his slaves and so the Worm Lord spoke freely.

"Oh? Why?" Xu Xiaoxian’s eyes widened, visibly lost.

"This man is uncle’s slave." The Worm Lord said flatly.

"Is there some misunderstanding?" Xu Xiaoxian smiled, "He is my friend, if he antagonized uncle Worm Lord in any way, I apologize on his behalf. I hope that you’ll let him off on my account."

"Girl, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I must have this man." The Worm Lord said seriously, "I can forgo other things, but not this. I can’t let him off."

"Uncle!" Xu Xiaoxian stomped the ground willfully and blushed. She whispered, "He’s mine..."


The four talents’ eyes widened.

Even the Worm Lord frowned, a wave of hesitation flashing in his eyes.


Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian curiously, What is she going to say?

"He’s the one that I like!" Xu Xiaoxian blushed as she blurted this out.

The four talents could not help but twitch.

The Worm Lord’s gaze was conflicted. He frowned at Xu Xiaoxian, trying to check the authenticity of the statement.

"So please, let him off. He’s just a kid... he doesn’t no better." Xu Xiaoxian’s mouth twitched as she tried to convince the Worm Lord.

The Worm Lord frowned and asked, "Girl, are you for real?"

"Yes yes." Xu Xiaoxian nodded vigorously. She looked obedient and adorable.

The Worm Lord said solemnly, "Do you still remember the rules of the sect?"

Xu Xiaoxian blinked and said, "Of course I do, rest assured, I will do things by the book."

"By right... I should accede to your request." The Worm Lord paced as he croaked.

Chu Yu squinted, but his eyes were scanning the area!


He was afraid that the Worm Lord would attack Xu Xiaoxian!

Even though Xu Xiaoxian was confident, Chu Yu did not believe the Worm Lord at all.

This was someone who was emotionless, capable of doing anything to achieve his goals.

To believe someone like that was akin to believing that everyone was a saint.

The Worm Lord lowered his head, an icy wave flashing past his eyes.

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian said, "That’s right uncle, inside there, I managed to get about a dozen medicine. I heard that these medicine can extend the lifespan of saints. I am still young and have no use for them. They may even make me a target. How about this, I’ll just give them to you."

As Xu Xiaoxian spoke, she retrieved about a dozen sealed wooden boxes and opened them up one by one.

The four talents gasped when they saw what was inside.

"Oh god... genuine superior medicine, they exude such medicinal properties even whilst sealed."

"Over a dozen of them... what a fortune!"

When the Worm Lord saw the medicine, he smiled, awed by what he saw.

He only knew Xu Xiaoxian when she was young.

The only reason why he knew who she was was because Xu Xiaoxian had used the Voice Transmission Technique to speak to him in a language only the leadership of the demonic sects spoke.

Other than this, she also secretly showed him a hand sign.

This hand sign was only used by the princesses in the demonic sects!

The Worm Lord was suspicious. Even though he confirmed Xu Xiaoxian’s identity, he did not believe that she only had this little medicine.

He knew what kind of teachers surrounded a princess of the demonic sect.

Amulet saints, medicinal saints, equipment refining gurus, magical formation saints...

All the experts in the various fields surrounded her.


Furthermore, he knew that the princess was a great talent in the magical formation field.


After so many days in the Immortal Refining Land, how could she only have over a dozen medicine?

But these medicine were sufficient to move him.

But, what if he had these medicine, and a superior pill refiner?

His gaze looked to Chu Yu.

The Worm Lord vaguely knew how much power the princess of the demonic sect held.

As such, the Worm Lord was extremely conflicted after hearing Xu Xiaoxian’s request.

Furthermore... he didn’t dare to put a worm in Xu Xiaoxian.

If the elders found out, even fleeing to the farthest corners of the universe would not save him.

Furthermore, he knew the characters of the elders better than anyone.

Even if he threatened them with the Princess’s life, they would not let him off.

But, that boy was not just a pill refiner... he also had a possible Immortal equipment, a pill furnace capable of withstanding the attacks of the Immortal Refining Land!

The Worm Lord weighed the pros and cons.

In the end, he made his decision. He looked at Xu Xiaoxian and said, "Girl, I can see that you really treat this man differnely."


Xu Xiaoxian blushed, looking as if she really liked Chu Yu.

The Worm Lord said solemnly, "I can let him off, but he must hand over something."


Xu Xiaoxian stiffened slightly.

He was already naked just now, what else could he have?

As she thought about it, she blushed, thinking about what she saw just now.

Chu Yu’s gaze was cold as he looked at the Worm Lord. Suddenly, he used the Voice Transmission Technique to speak to Xu Xiaoxian, "If I beat him to death, will you blame me?"

"Do you have that ability?" Xu Xiaoxian did not believe that Chu Yu was thinking of something like this at this time.

"Will you blame me?" Chu Yu asked again.

"No, his life or death had nothing to do with me." Xu Xiaoxian replied.

"That’s good." Chu Yu replied.

Then he walked towards the Worm Lord.

"Ay... get back here!" Xu Xiaoxian was anxious

Do you not know any better? I just managed to convince him and you want to give yourself up for a beating?

"Why? Do you have other ideas?" The Worm Lord looked at Chu Yu sinisterly.

Chu Yu laughed as a grey pill furnace appeared in his hands.

The Worm Lord’s eyes brightened!

This was it!


He could not help but laugh, "Seeing as you are so mature..."

However, Chu Yu twirled this grey pill furnace covered in mysterious engravings before smashing it down on the Worm Lord’s head.

"Go f*ck yourself!"

"Go to hell!"

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