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Chapter 243: Sent flying with a single slap
Chu Yu glanced at the Celestial Fox, not speaking.

"You don’t believe me?" The Celestial Fox also looked at Chu Yu out of the corner of its eye and smiled, "Or is it that I have injured your ego?"

"Go f*ck yourself!" Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

"Brother, since we are from the same hometown, let me tell you this." The Celestial Fox looked secretive, "Don’t think that the top talents of the Mirror World are concentrated in the tier one schools. The best of the best don’t enter schools!"


"Ancient Clans!" The Celestial Fox’s expression became more and more serious.

Then, it sighed lightly, "It has been many years since I snuck over. Because I was greedy, I entered many of the ancient clans. The best talents in those clans are the truly scary ones."

Chu Yu contemplated this for a moment, then nodded.

"Their ancestors were the top saints who had set up this world!"

The Celestial Fox continued, "As such, these talents have been cultivating with saint’s techniques since young. Furthermore, they are not like these trash, powerful but inexperienced. Those talents were thrown into the most dangerous since young to train."

The Celestial Fox looked at Chu Yu, "Do you know? There are powerful protectors with them, but unless they are about to die, their protectors will not appear next to them!"

Chu Yu sighed lightly, People who have gone through such an experience must be very scary.

"Do you understand now? Those are the truly terrifying ones!" The Celestial Fox continued, "As such, if you really want to go up against those people, your current powers are not enough! Of course, you come from our hometown and your bloodline is different. As long as you’re willing to work, your abilities will improve by leaps and bounds."

Over the next few days, Chu Yu and the Celestial Fox met many other superior school talents.

Perhaps he was agitated by the Celestial Fox, but Chu Yu began to find battles instead of waiting for battles to come to him.

He met with danger many times and was bruised and scarred. However, he did not back down.

This determination stunned even the Celestial Fox.

When facing off against one of the True Lords from a tier one school, Chu Yu nearly died whilst seriously injuring his opponent.

The terrified Celestial Fox asked Chu Yu, "Did you have to be so serious? That guy is armed to the teeth with magical equipment, is much more powerful than you, and is also a talent. Even if you want to grind, you must learn to protect your own life!"

"If I think that way every time, then I think I won’t have a future." Chu Yu said.

At this point, he and the Celestial Fox finally arrived at the Immortal Refining Land and saw eight cultivators waiting outside from afar.

Chu Yu had already gotten news of what was happening here from the other cultivators.

He could not help but admire the determination of these people.

They were still waiting for Xu Xiaoxian to come out.

At the same time, Chu Yu worried for Xu Xiaoxian. It had been so many days, was she still alive?

Even though he found out that Xu Xiaoxian had superior amulets, each amulet could only last a short period of time.

How many of such superior amulets did she have to allow her to survive so many days in the Immortal Refining Land?

The eight cultivators also spotted Chu Yu and the Celestial Fox.

Chu Yu wore the armor he had gotten from an unlucky True Lord talent. The armor was spotted with blood, clearly the result of an intense battle.

Chu Yu’s body exuded a strong blood aura and he did not intentionally conceal his true abilities.

He stared at the eight

cultivators like a dangerous beast.

The eight cultivators guarding at the entrance looked at Chu Yu warily.

This man did not look familiar!

This was their first impression of Chu Yu.

Then, they recognized the Celestial Fox next to Chu Yu.

This animal was more despicable than Lord Thief and was a hate magnet.

All of Chu Yu’s battles in the past few days were caused by it!

When those cultivators saw the Celestial Fox, they lunged like flies to blood.

Chu Yu gradually realized that the fur of a Celestial Fox was of astronomical value in the Mirror World.

Even saints would jump at the opportunity to get their hands on one.

Chu Yu had learnt this from an unlucky cultivator who had set his eyes on the Celestial Fox and was subsequently killed by Chu Yu.

One of the famous female saints in the Mirror World not only had a Celestial Fox scarf, but also a Celestial Fox fur coat!

That Celestial Fox fur coat was her trademark!

She would frequently wear the Celestial Fox fur coat as her battle armor.

"That female saint is extremely beautiful, and she is considered one of the most beautiful in the entire universe."

That man had told Chu Yu.

After learning about this, the Celestial Fox’s rage could not be quelled. If it had the opportunity, it would strip the female saint and throw her on the streets.

Its hatred for her cut deep and it was nearly driven crazy on the spot.

"Celestial Fox?"

One of the better looking cultivators in his twenties frowned as he looked at the Celestial Fox with Chu Yu, deep in thought.

"It is a Celestial Fox, and these are rare. I heard that there were Celestial Foxes in the Devastated World, but that was a thing of the past. I never expected to see one today." One of the beautiful female cultivators blinked in surprise.

Then, she looked at Chu Yu and asked, "Is this your pat?"

The Celestial Fox rolled its eyes, "Do you want to buy me to make a scarf?"

The female cultivator stiffened slightly.

The Celestial Fox suddenly bellowed, "F*ck, you pieces of trash. When you see me, all you think about is my fur, and how to get it! You’re real b*stards!"

He was extremely agitated, bordering on craziness, after hearing the news prior. Seeing the eight powerful cultivators, it did not think of running at all.

"Are you scolding me?" The female cultivator chuckled icily, "What else can life forms like you be used to do, other than making scarfs? However, I heard that Celestial Foxes are extremely timid, so you’re quite special. But, you still can’t escape your fate of being a scarf!"

The handsome youth suddenly said, "Forget it, it’s still a superior life form, just let it go."

"Let go?" The female cultivator looked at him in disbelief, "For what? You may want to let it go, but I don’t!"

Then, she walked towards Chu Yu and the Celestial Fox.

As she walked over, "If you know your manners, scram to one side, this Celestial Fox is my scarf."

The Celestial Fox scarf was too famous in the Mirror World, it was virtually the embodiment of luxury.

When males saw the Celestial Fox, the would think about making it into a scarf and giving it to their favorite lady; when ladies saw the Celestial Fox, they thought about making it into a scarf for themselves.

Even though the Celestial Fox was timid, it was alert and difficult to track.

Furthermore, it had powerful escaping skills and could disappear quickly.

It was rare to see a Celestial Fox following a human around!

A few of them could not believe their eyes.

As such, once they saw one, almost no one would give up such a great opportunity.

"I am Xie Qing from the fourth ranked Pinnacle Star School."

The female cultivator looked at Chu Yu.

"I am Fu Qin from the foreign world!"

Chu Yu grit his teeth and smiled hypocritically.

"Fu Qin?" The female cultivator stiffened slightly. As she repeated this name, her expression was confused.

"That’s right, Fu Qin." Chu Yu snickered.

The female cultivator suddenly realized what was going on, Fu Qin, father? [1]

How humiliating!

"Go to hell!"

Xie Qing’s eyes shot out two divine lights. Those light rays formed little daggers and shot towards Chu Yu!

Eye Daggers!

This was a powerful sacred art!

Chu Yu punched towards the light from Xie Qing’s eyes!

Yin Yang Creation Fist!

This punch shattered the daggers that shot out from Xie Qing’s eyes!

Xie Qing howled, blood flowing from her beautiful eyes.

The spectators were all in shock, not believing what they saw unfold before their eyes.

The best talent from the 4th ranked school!

The Eye Daggers were Xie Qing’s finisher, and they were almost guaranteed to kill!

They had initially thought that Xie Qing was overdoing it, Was it necessary to use this technique against a Supreme Realm cultivator?

But now, they were all in shock.

How can a Supreme Realm cultivator be so ferocious?

Xie Qing kept retreating. The attack had injured her eyes.

The power of life and death encapsulated by the Yin Yang Creation Fist had awed her.

The Celestial Fox screamed, "Kill this b*tch!"

Chu Yu extended his hands and he used the Racing Sacred Art to move about, turning into a phantom instantly.

He closed in on Xie Qing.

Xie Qing’s armor glowed and a few of her magical equipment activated instantly, flying towards Chu Yu!

Chu Yu changed from his fists to his palm, the Bagua Soul Refining Palm sent Xie Qing flying.

She fell to the ground, dead to the world.

Two men rushed over to protect Xie Qing.

Then, the group stared coldly at Chu Yu.

"You have gotten yourself into deep sh*t!" That handsome youth’s gaze was icy as he glared at Chu Yu.

"Attack him together, kill him." Another youth said solemnly, his gaze towards Chu Yu filled with rage.

He was an admirer of Xie Qing. Seeing Xie Qing hurt infuriated him.

He immediately used a sacred art to attack Chu Yu.

A roaring river emptied above Chu Yu.

The water turned into ice, and a glacier came down on Chu Yu.

Chu Yu’s blood aura reached a maximum and he punched.


The glacier shattered.

But it formed countless sharp ice picks. Even though they were ice, they were incredibly strong and sharp.

Countless ice picks formed a whirlpool in the air and rushed towards Chu Yu.

He’s definitely dead.

Everyone thought the same way.

Anyone trapped in this youth’s sacred art, even if they were talents in the same realm, would be seriously injured.

However, they were in disbelief when they saw Chu Yu appear behind this youth.


Even before they could warn this youth, Chu Yu attacked, his palm contacting this youth’s back.

This attack was completely silent!

But it was incredibly powerful!

It was almost as if a mountain impacted this youth.

His armor glowed glaringly, but it dimmed down almost instantly.

This youth was sent flying dozens of miles away and landed on a barren stone mountain.

The mountain crumbled instantly!

Such a powerful cultivator, one of the top talents in the Mirror World was sent flying so easily!
[1] Fu Qin sounds like the term for father in Mandarin

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