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Chu Yu sighed and removed his hand from Xiao Yue’s wrist.

Only now did he realize that his sweat had drenched his shirt and subsequently evaporated many times, causing his clothes to stiffen.

Xiao Yue immediately suppressed the wave of spiritual energy that resulted from her breaking through.

She lay down in utter disbelief.

After a while, she couldn't help but murmur, "It's... solved?"

Xiao Yue’s eyes were red and her pupils glimmered with tears.

The problem that had been bothering her for so many years had been solved so easily!

No one could know this better than her - the ticking time bomb in her chest had... completely disappeared!

This carefree feeling was something that had eluded her for many years.

What shocked her even more was that Chu Yu had actually... helped her breakthrough in the process!

Even though she had known about Chu Yu helping Chu Tianqiang and Chu Tiansheng breakthrough, she was not as affected.

When she finally felt it today, the shock and awe was indescribable.

After all, Chu Tianqiang and Chu Tiansheng were human... and they were from the Chu Clan.

Chu Yu obviously knew the cultivation techniques they used.

However, she was not human!

Her blood consisted of a large portion of Fox DNA!

She would be considered a demon by humans!

Most importantly, Chu Yu did not know her cultivation technique!

How could he possibly know that her next acupoint to breakthrough was in her feet?

Even she did not know that!

If she did, this would not have happened.

Initially, Xiao Yue had only thought that Chu Yu’s abilities were extraordinary. Only now did she realize that his abilities were beyond extraordinary... they were bordering on divine!

"When you return to Qing Qiu, you should choose a cultivation technique for the foxes and try it out carefully. I think... the cultivation techniques for humans may not be very suitable..."

Xiao Yue sat up and glanced at Chu Yu. Afterwards... she knelt slowly in front of Chu Yu.

"In order to repay young master for what he's done, Xiao Yue will..."

Chu Yu bared his teeth, "Be my slave in your next life or are you going to give your heart and body to me right now?"

Xiao Yue couldn't help but roll her eyes before replying, "Xiao Yue is willing to be your servant and follow you around!"

Chu Yu turned around, thinking to himself, "How would I dare to take one of the Qing Qius as my servant? If the Qing Qius found out, they would send the whole world to kill me? I'm not tired of living yet."

He looked at Xiao Yue, "Please rise quickly, I was just kidding before..."

"I know that, but now, I am doing this willingly." Xiao Yue replied, looking at Chu Yu solemnly.

"You're a member of the Qing Qiu Clan...", Chu Yu sighed, "On the other hand, I am just a member of an ordinary underworld clan. Not to mention, other people see me as..."

"No, you're not!" Xiao Yue’s eyes filled with fervent admiration, "Even the most talented person I've met cannot match up to you."

"You're exaggerating, rise quickly, stop joking about being a slave. If you're willing, let's just settle for being friends." Chu Yu said.

Xiao Yue raised her head and said faintly, "Young master is kindhearted, my disease could not be cured by anyone in Qing Qiu. Even the ancient sects and schools who we are friends with... could not cure me. Even though they could not find a cure, they knew that my problem could not be cured by any usual traditional methods. However, young master was able to treat me. If news of this spread, you could be in danger."

Chu Yu smiled bitterly.

Xiao Yue continued, "I am not one who forgets the goodwill of others, but Qing Qiu... has many methods of eliciting the truth from people. As such, should I return to Qing Qiu now, there is a good chance your secret will be revealed. Qing Qiu is extremely strong, and young master... you haven't realized your true potential."

Chu Yu fell silent.

He had considered this issue previously, but he did not realize the extent of the consequences. This was his nature, he was not willing to owe anyone a favor.

Xiao Yue had stood up for him at the clubhouse that night, revealing Xie Tianyu’s plots to assassinate him.

Afterwards, in the battle against the Xies, she had prevented her clan from partaking in the battle, again doing a great favor for the Chu Clan.

Now that he knew that she was from the Qing Qiu Clan, the extent of this favor... was unimaginable!

If the Qing Qius had taken action that night, the Chu Clan may not even have escaped with their lives, much less defeat the Xie Clan

Even though he should have been more selfish in the interest of his safety, taking others for granted was not something Chu Yu would do.

"So, please take Xiao Yue in, young master. I will be able to handle things over at the Qing Qiu Clan, young master need not worry.

Even though she seemed cold and distant, Xiao Yue was not one to forget favors easily either.

Furthermore, she was smart and stubborn. Once she set her mind on something, it was unlikely that she would change her mind.

"Since we have already been introduced, please don't call me young master, you can call me by my name."

"Okay young master."


Chu Yu pondered for a moment, and finally decided to let Xiao Yue tag alongside him for the moment.

Just like she said, she could keep this a secret, but the Qing Qius... would have people who were curious enough to investigate.

One had to maintain a healthy level of suspicion!

Many a times, good deeds did not necessitate good outcomes.

"Oh right, how long have you stopped cultivating?" Chu Yu asked.

"It's been five years." Xiao Yue’s eyes flickered with frustration and desolation. Under normal circumstances, she should have been at least Acupoint Charging Stage Nine!

"How old are you this year?" Chu Yu asked, sensing that she probably wasn't older than him.

"Twenty one." Xiao Yue whispered.

"..." Chu Yu was speechless, "that means... you already attained the highest levels of Acupoint Charging Stage Seven when you were only 16?"

"Yup, why?" Xiao Yue looked quizzically at Chu Yu before continuing, "I know some people who attained Stage Eight, or even Stage Nine by the time they were 16..."

"..." Chu Yu was speechless, the truth striking him hard.

However, his was a special case. He had progressed to Stage Eight with all his acupoints sealed and with no cultivation resources at his disposal.

If the acupoints weren’t sealed, Chu Yu believed that he would not be worse than any of those people.

After a moment, he turned to look at Xiao Yue, "Those individuals are not on China’s Heaven’s Pride Board?"

"That board?" Xiao Yue blinked at Chu Yu, "That doesn’t mean much does it? It’s like a children’s playground."

Chu Yu lamented, people of different origins really saw the world differently. The angle from which they approached and handled issues were also completely different.

China’s Heaven’s Pride Board was seen as the genius board in the eyes of many. It represented power and the maximum talent possible for humans.

However, in the eyes of Xiao Yue and her clan, it was merely a children’s playground...

This was akin to a man born into poverty, but finally managed to make a fortune after many years of hard work.

These people were given the label of Heaven’s Pride in the society.

However, there were others who were born into a rich family. Even though they may not be as stellar, they were still scions of rich families.

As a result, even though they were not labelled as Heaven’s Pride, much less a genius, they could still easily surpass many on the Heaven’s Pride Board.

What if they were of superior origin and talented?

His future would be all the brighter!

However, everything was relative.

Especially in the fields of cultivation. At a certain point, talent and hardwork were larger factors in determining how far one could go as compared to one’s birth.

However, Chu Yu wanted to know where that boundary was.

Chu Yu looked at Xiao Yue, "Being born into a good family does give you a great advantage. However, how far does the advantage take you? If one is not talented enough, can they continue their cultivation journey?"

Xiao Yue appeared to be deep in thought before replying, "For an individual of average talent in an ancient sects and schools … if they are part of the inner circle… the advantage could last to the Xiantian Realm. After entering the Xiantian Realm, it is up to the individual and his talent. If the individual is talented, the power of the ancient sects and schools can allow him to advance even further."

Even someone of average talent… could benefit from the ancient sects till the Xiantian Realm?!

Chu Yu was dumbfounded.

He laughed bitterly.

Based off what Xiao Yue had said, many of those in ancient sects and schools, even those of average talent, stood a good chance of entering the Xiantian Realm!

That would make them Earth Gods in the eyes of the commoners.

The Xiantian Realm!

Even the Chu Clan, a powerful underworld clan, did not have many who achieved that cultivation level throughout their history.

However, if one was a member of the inner circle in an ancient sects and schools , he stood a great chance of entering that realm.

If he was stellar, he would go even further.

Chu Yu couldn’t help but sigh, a plan slowly forming in his mind.

Even though I was not born into an ancient sects and schools, but I have my advantages!

Just based on my own powers, I can become a force to be reckoned with as well!

The Chu Clan was quite some distance off the ancient sects and schools.

However, I have the vertical eye in my forehead, and the Killing Days technique. Based on my current standard, I can raise them all to the Invigorated Meridian Realm!

Acupoint charging and invigorating meridians were all part of the process of breaking the shackles on the body.

Chu Yu already had such powers.

However, there was still a long way to go before he could make the Chu Clan as strong and intimidating as the ancient sects and schools.

Firstly, he had to keep this a secret, and secondly... he needed an astronomical amount of resources.


Chu Yu squinted, Celestial Fox Immortal Estate!

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