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Chu Yu was stunned. A saint’s technique... can digest an Immortal’s technique?

Or is it just that every era termed their powers differently?

Could it be that the current saints are no worse than the Immortals of the past?

Even though it was a slow process, the three techniques were slowly digested by the Superclass and morphed into something that was uniquely Chu Yu’s.

Chu Yu continued cultivating here.

Over on the other side.

The manifestation of the ancient god was just using mental energy to communicate with the Celestial Fox.

"Old man, are you moved by such a superior body appearing in front of you?"

"Not at all."

"Why not? F*ck, when I came many years ago, you even wanted to take over my body. Now that someone of your race is here, don’t tell me that you are reluctant to take action. Don’t try to bluff me."

The Celestial Fox lay by the side, unmoving, but its mental activity was high.

"He cannot move." The manifestation of the ancient god said.

"Why not? He’s as weak as a chicken!" The Celestial Fox was extremely disdainful, "If I want to, I can kill him with my thoughts!"

"You can try." The manifestation of the ancient god said encouragingly.

"Don’t try to set me up old man. Anyone who can enter must have some special magical equipment. Are you trying to harm me?" The Celestial Fox was not taking the bait.

"Haha." The manifestation of the ancient god smiled faintly.

At this point, Chu Yu suddenly felt that the Superclass kept running into problems when it was trying to break down the techniques!

It was almost as if... these technique were flawed!

No, it wasn’t that they were flawed, but... there were traps!

Chu Yu was stunned. He opened his vertical eye and carefully directed its gaze at the manifestation of the ancient god.

For some reason, perhaps his higher cultivation level, or maybe because this figure was just a manifestation, the figure did not realize that Chu Yu was observing him.

But this made Chu Yu gasp in awe. What he saw was actually... a rock!

His vertical eye could see through hypocrisy and could see the true form of everything.

But never in Chu Yu’s wildest dreams did he expect it to be a rock.



Chu Yu picked up his courage and used his vertical eye to hone in on this rock and realized that it seemed to have life!

There was a light energy flux on its surface!

When he tried to look deeper into the rock, the figure shuddered.

Then, he felt a light throb in his forehead.

He immediately closed his vertical eye, unsure if the figure had realized that he was observing him.

It was a good thing that the figure did not take any action, but Chu Yu already felt unsettled.

The Superclass was still digesting and analyzing the three techniques.

The level of the techniques was astounding!

With Chu Yu’s experience, he could tell that these were all top notch legacies.

The Superclass could break down ordinary techniques in a matter of seconds.

However, it had already been more than half a day, and the Superclass was still making slow progress.

It was like chewing on a bone.

The Celestial Fox and the manifestation of the ancient god continued their conversation.

"It seems that someone just took a peek at you."

"Could it be this fella?" The Celestial Fox asked.

"No way, his bloodline is strong and terrifying, but where would he get the ability to explore me?" The manifestation of an ancient god was confident and did not believe that Chu Yu had such abilities.


"You really plan on giving him what he wants?"

The Celestial Fox did not believe it. It had been here for aeons and knew exactly how this old man functioned.

It knew that he was not a manifestation of an ancient god, but the spirit of the stone statue!

The stone statue was once revered by countless life forms.

As such, it slowly grew a spirit. This spirit was born as a result of an ancient god and so it could be said that he was a part of the ancient god.

But in fact, they were two different entities.

"Give him what he wants? Mm, of course!" The old man said seriously.

"You want to lie to me? Aren’t you afraid I will rat on you?"

"Then you can forget about escaping this place!" The manifestation of the ancient god said flatly.


"What a shameless old man! Conman!" The Celestial Fox raged.

"Actually, even if you told him now, it is too late. I have already placed all three techniques in his mind. Even if he doesn’t want to learn them... he will still learn them!"

The manifestation continued, "Once those three techniques start to do their work, he will be under my control and I will be able to leave this damned place!’

This place was the mental realm of the statue.

The boundless universe was the memory of the places once visited by the ancient god.


The Celestial Fox had been dragged in against its will many aeons ago when it climbed atop the stone statue.

Because the Celestial Fox was a spiritual being, it was different from Chu Yu. Only Chu Yu’s mental manifestation was in this realm, but for the Celestial Fox... its entire body was trapped within.

As such, if the spirit of the statue really wanted to control Chu Yu, he would have to control Chu Yu’s mind, then use Chu Yu’s mental manifestation to guide him out.

He can only possess Chu Yu’s body when he got out.

This was a con set-up right from the start.

The spirit of the statue felt that victory was in his grasp. But in actually fact, he did not know who was going to get the last laugh.

"Forget it, I can’t be bothered as long as you bring me along when you get out. In the worst case, I’ll follow you for ten thousand years." The Celestial Fox said uninterestedly.

"A billion years?"

"Ten thousand years!’


"Stop laughing you old man, old jerk, old b*stard! You’re stone hearted!"

Chu Yu continued sitting there silently, letting the Superclass mend the inadequacies in the three sets of techniques.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed.

The Superclass finally digested and broke down the three techniques and turned them into something uniquely Chu Yu’s.

At this moment, Chu Yu could clearly feel that his unarmed combat had reached a new high!

The Yin Yang Creation Fist was made of one incredibly icy punch and one incredibly hot punch!

The combination of the two was enough to make the world tremble.

The fist was meant to kill.

Creation was meant to maintain life.

The Yin Yang Creation Fist was capable of controlling life and death!

Even though he had never tried this before, this terrifying ability to control energy awed and excited Chu Yu.

The Bagua Soul Refining Palm would cause a Bagua to form from thin air every time it was used.

Not only did it look extremely magnificent and intimidating, it’s power was beyond imagination!

Chu Yu was extremely excited to try out the strength of this technique.

These two techniques were battle techniques, but they were also sacred arts.

The Five Elements Sacred Technique was purely a sacred art.

It looked extremely simple, but it’s power was immense. It combined the strengths of each of the five elements, and had thousands of permutations.

It was peerlessly deep and mystical.

This kind of sacred technique required time to understand, even for the most talented of cultivators.

After more than half a month of trying, Chu Yu’s cultivation level did not increase much, but his battle power increased tremendously.

Chu Yu was extremely excited by this improvement.


After getting these three techniques, all the hardship and loneliness that he had gone through was worth it.

"How is it? How are the techniques?" The manifestation of the ancient god asked Chu Yu excitedly the moment the Superclass stopped working.

"It’s very good! Thank you for gifting me with such techniques." Even though Chu Yu felt that there were traps in the three techniques, he had no evidence to prove it.

He sincerely thanked this figure.

"You don’t have to thank me, we will all be family soon." The mental manifestation said happily.

"Family? Does senior plan on exiting with me?" Chu Yu asked.

"Of course, now, you can bring me out." The ancient voice was punctuated with tones of happiness.

Chu Yu shook his head, "Senior should stay here."



Two voices voiced their amusement.

One of them was the ancient voice, the voice of the stone spirit.


It was filled with awe and shock.

When he had commanded Chu Yu, he already felt that victory was in his grasp!

Once this young man accepted the three techniques, he would be controlled.

Furthermore, this young man had been cultivating for such a long time.

But yet, he seemed unaffected by the three techniques!

The other voice of shock came from the Celestial Fox.

It immediately sat up, its black eyes fixated on Chu Yu as they glowed with excitement.

This young man... hahahaha, was not controlled at all!

"Are you betraying your benefactor?" The stone spirit’s voice seemed calm, but traces of anger could be felt.

Chu Yu continued, "What is senior talking about? If you want to exit, you can do so easily. Coming back is just a matter of a single notion, why do you need me to bring you out?"

"HAHAHAHA, this is hilarious! That’s because, he thought that he had controlled you, hahahaha!"

The Celestial Fox burst out laughing. He could confirm that this young human was not controlled by the stone spirit.

"What do you mean?" Chu Yu frowned.

The stone spirit said icily, "Celestial Fox, do you want to die?"

"Pui, old conman, your biggest benefit is that the ancient got attracts many people who continue to revere him. That’s the only reason why you managed to last till today. But based on your current abilities, you can only trap me. Can you even kill me? You can’t even defeat a kid!"

The Celestial Fox’s laugh was filled with happiness and it said to Chu Yu, "Little brother, bring me along with you, I will follow you for ten thousand years!’

"Really?" Chu Yu’s eyes brightened.


Even though he did not know how powerful the Celestial Fox was, any life form capable of entering was quite extraordinary.

"Really, I swear!" The Celestial Fox said seriously.

Then he swore loudly.

This gave Chu Yu the feeling that it was being completely serious.

"Then let’s go." Chu Yu said.

The Celestial Fox smiled bitterly, "You must bring me, or I can’t leave!"

"Both of you can forget about leaving!’ The stone spirit raged.

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