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Chu Yu was dumbfounded, What’s going on?

This figure was extremely blurred. Even though Chu Yu had already adapted to the darkness of the room, he still could not see the figure’s appearance.

Even though he was just a few feet away, Chu Yu could not figure out if this figure was human.

And, Why Brother?


"That’s, not too good..." Chu Yu replied.

"Don’t, you already stepped on my head. Furthermore, with your bloodline, I am not worthy to be your senior." The ancient voice said.

Step on your head?

Chu Yu stiffened slightly and thought about the ancient divine stone statue.

He was incredibly awed, Could this figure be the being represented by the statue?

And, what’s up with my bloodline?

Chu Yu frowned, he had never found his bloodline particularly special.

He did remember that the Crane Saint had mentioned that the bloodline of the disciples of the Village of Cultivation was their greatest advantage.

Yet now, this man is saying that his bloodline is strong?

"Are you the person represented by the statue?" Chu Yu asked.

"No, I’m not." This figure sighed.

"Then?" Chu Yu was confused.

"I am just a piece of consciousness left behind." The ancient voice laughed faintly. "Truth be told, it’s been aeons since I last seen a living soul."

Chu Yu became silent, "were you once an Immortal in this Devastated World?"

"Immortal? If we go according to the terms of today, then yes." The ancient voice laughed, "Are you not an Immortal too?"

"Me? An Immortal? Please don’t joke around..." Chu Yu laughed bitterly, "I am just a small Supreme Realm cultivator."

"Even Immortals grow from small cultivators. Your bloodline decides your future." The ancient voice said flatly.

"Senior, please tell me about it."


Chu Yu glanced at his surroundings and saw that there was a black lump on the ground which looked like a cushion.

He knelt on the cushion. It was soft and warm.

"Who, who’s sitting on me? God damn it! How f*cking heavy, scram!"

Chu Yu got the shock of his life and stood up, looking at the ‘cushion’ cautiously.


At this point, that cushion began to stretch out. A furry head popped out, its eyes black as ink.

It looked at Chu Yu with fury, "Where are you from? How dare you sit on my body?"

Chu Yu was embarrassed, "I’m sorry, I thought you were a cushion..."

"You’re a cushion, your entire family are cushions! I am a divine beast! Do you know what a divine beast is?" It was clearly displeased.

"..." Chu Yu was speechless.

In the darkness, that blurry figure laughed, "I was asking you to sit over there."

Chu Yu turned and saw a black chair which blended perfectly into the surroundings.


He was completely stunned, This must be his way of getting back at me for stepping on his brain.

At the same time, Chu Yu was awed by the fact that there was life here. How long has this beast been here?

He sat on the chair whilst the self proclaimed divine beast continued berating, "F*ck him, waking me up from my dream, How detestable!"

Then, it shrunk it’s head back and turned into a ball, not saying anything.

"This is the Celestial Fox." The figure said softly.

"Celestial Fox?"

"Yes, it was one of the divine beasts back in the day. However, with the changes in the galaxy, it may be the only one left..." The ancient Voice sighed.

At this point, the ‘cushion’ voiced its displeasure, "Old man, don’t make me sound so pitiful. I do not need company, I enjoy loneliness!"

Chu Yu was speechless, What a character.


"We existed before the incredible catastrophe, and we were once the masters of the universe.

The ancient voice continued, "Our race has existed for many aeons. The count is not small, anyways... it’s been very long. We have seen galaxies collide and black holes form. We have seen species form from nothing, civilizations rise and fall."

Chu Yu once again heard about the Incredible catastrophe, clearly, that arrogant sparrow Yan Xudong knew his stuff.

"As Immortals, we had quite a hand in what went on with the universe."


"We built heavenly palaces and courts. Together with other powers, we maintained the peace in this universe."

"But all of these still could not prevent the Immeasurable Catastrophe.

Chu Yu could not find any calm inside when he heard Heavenly palaces and courts.

He thought about the legends he read about when he was younger. They had described the Heavenly Courts in great detail.

Even Chu Yu, who was from a cultivation family, only knew about these places from the stories he heard when he was younger.

The Heavenly Court was above the stratosphere and had 33 levels of Heaven.


There were many pocket dimensions and each one was its own entity. If one did not know the password and magical formations, there was no way of entering.


In fact, in the eyes of the ordinary, this was already the residence of gods. As for how the 33 levels of heaven actually looked like, Chu Yu did not bother thinking about how it looked like, believing that it did not exist.


However, hearing what the consciousness of an ancient god had to say, the Heavenly Courts did exist.

And they were incredibly ancient!

"With the arrival of the Immeasurable Catastrophe, the Heavenly Court was smashed and the universe crumbled. Many, including my original form... were annihilated.


The ancient Voice sighed with regret.

"Annihilated?" Chu Yu was stunned.

"Yea, completely annihilated." The ancient voice sighed, "We all knew that the Immeasurable Catastrophe would come and darkness would envelope the entire universe. But, no one could predict when it would come.

Chu Yu was silent.

The ancient voice continued, "When it came, there was no warning. Everything... seemed normal. All of a sudden, catastrophe struck! No life form could escape."

According to his description, the descent of the Immeasurable Catastrophe was the true apocalypse.

No matter how powerful the lifeform, it could not resist it.

Chu Yu glanced at the cushion like Celestial Fox, "What about it?"

"It was formed from Heaven and Earth after the Immeasurable Catastrophe." The ancient voice chuckled, "It found this place and decided to stay. If my original form was here, it’s origins could probably be found out. However, I am just a shred of his consciousness and do not have that ability."

"My origins are powerful..." the cushion like Celestial Fox murmured, almost as if it was sleep talking.

This manifestation of an ancient god began to tell Chu Yu about the golden age of the Devastated World.

"The fact that you can enter this space shows that you are from an ancient bloodline. But the fact that you can make it here and see me, shows that you have extraordinary courage and determination."

The manifestation continued, "Ordinary people do not have such determination and would give up halfway."

"Don’t I have it too?" The Celestial Fox asked.

"You’re different. You’re a spiritual being. The reason why you can enter is different from the reason why he can enter." The ancient voice continued, "Furthermore, your cultivation level will continue to rise whilst you sleep. He paid a huge price to get here."

Chu Yu laughed bitterly inside, I’m not that great, I just didn’t know how to get out.

"Since you’re here, I will impart a few legacies to you."

The ancient voice sighed, "But all of these are meaningless. At the end of the day, the Immeasurable Catastrophe will still arrive. No matter how high your cultivation level or how prosperous your world, at the end of the day... it is all for naught."

"I can’t think so much right now, there are countless enemies trying to attack my home." Chu Yu said, "The only thing I can do is to protect my family."

"Attack your home?" The ancient voice was curious, "Why?"

Over here, in front of the mental manifestation of an ancient power, Chu Yu did not hold back.

He told this ancient figure about the conflict between the Village of Cultivation and the other universes.

Furthermore, the world of this ancient god had already become a Devastated World subsumed under the Mirror World.

"Oh I see..." The ancient voice pondered for a while, then said slowly, "Then, I understand. It is no wonder that your bloodline is from our time. Your home used to have an ancient route that linked to the outside world."

"Outside world?" Chu Yu asked in confusion.

In the darkness, the ancient voice laughed faintly, "Yes exactly. Even though the dimension we live in is made up of many universes, these universes are all on one dimension."

He explained, "You should know that all life forms have souls, but have you seen a true soul?"

Chu Yu shook his head.

The Nascent Souls and Nascent Gods... were all visible to cultivators.

However, there was no way they could see a person’s soul.

This was invisible and untouchable.

"In the other world, in another dimension, the soul and consciousness of people... are all material." The ancient voice continued, "However, it is extremely difficult to go through that path. There have been people who have succeeded, but most of them failed."

Another dimension?

The multi-verse of the Sci-fi world?

Based on Chu Yu’s current cultivation level, he could not understand this completely.

"Currently, this world has not reached its full potential. As such, the Immeasurable Catastrophe is still some distance away."


The ancient figure used his mental energy to communicate with Chu Yu.

In an instant, a few techniques appeared in Chu Yu’s mind.

Yin Yang Creation Fist!


Bagua Soul Refining Palm!


Five Elements Sacred Technique!

"These were the techniques that I was most adept at back in the day. I hope they will be of use to you."

The ancient figure said.


Chu Yu quickly browsed through the three techniques, awe filling up his face.

Then, the Superclass got to work.

It was going to digest all three techniques... and turn them into something uniquely his!

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