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That manic energy was still expanding in all directions and was now covering area tens of thousands of miles away.

This wave of energy destroyed all in its way, it’s destructive power many times greater than a tornado.


This aged piece of land had been quiet for aeons.


But the four strange occurrences really did live up to their name.

It was no worse than the other three.

Chu Yu could only imagine how many people were affected by the wave just now.

However, the immediate area around the statue was calm.

Chu Yu could keenly feel that the blood aura from his vertical eye, and it was like an incredibly powerful being!

That blood aura was terrifying!

Even though the ancient statue had calmed down, his heart was not settled.

He stood there, dumbfounded. After a long pause he heaved a sigh of relief.

"F*ck me... that was scary!"

Chu Yu patted his chest and shook his head, laughing bitterly.

His vertical eye was also quite the willful thing. No matter what it did, it never discussed it beforehand with Chu Yu.

Could it be that the origins of this vertical eye are more complex than he imagined?

Greater origins?

More ancient?


How else could it suppress such a terrifying ancient divine stone statue?

It was not willing to be at the base, opting instead to be on top of its head.


Furthermore, from start to finish, it was unaffected by the rage of the divine statue...

"But the question is, why haven’t you been so powerful before this? Your defences are also useless in the face of superior cultivators?"

Chu Yu murmured.

But as he thought about it, he realized that the strength of the defences were likely linked to the energy he absorbed.


The more energy he absorbed, the stronger the shield.

It was too mysterious.

Chu Yu shook his head, not wanting to think about it.


From a cause and effect perspective, he had quite the connection with this metal ball.

Since he was already on the head of the stone statue, he might as well try his luck.

He did not know if his audacity would piss off the stone statue so much that it did not want to give him anything.

But he was wrong.

He knelt on top of the head of the ancient divine stone statue and placed his hands on the stone. In that instant, his consciousness was drawn into a mystical space!

He felt like he was being controlled and dragged into the space.

Chu Yu did not even have an opportunity to resist.

Then, he was shocked.

He was in a completely foreign universe!

The path beneath his legs was grey.

Huge rotating stars surrounded him. Some stars in the distance shone brightly, lighting up the entire galaxy.

There were millions of stars!

"Where is this?"

Chu Yu was shocked, this was not a question of courage.

In the face of the unknown, no one could remain calm.

He did not know if it was just his consciousness that was brought here, or if his physical body was here too.

It all felt very real when he touched his limbs and face.


He pinched himself, Ow, how painful!



Chu Yu’s strength was too great, his pinch could destroy the head of a Supreme Realm cultivator!

Even though his physical body was tough, this pinch was enough to make him grit his teeth.

"God damn it."

Chu Yu continued following this grey path.

Time did not seem to carry any meaning here.

As he walked, he retrieved the pocket watch from his storage ring.


This was a superior mechanical watch. However, because he had not worn it for some time, the hands had stopped moving.

The date that it was stopped at was the day Hou Yi sent him into the Mirror World.

The moment the watch felt his pulse, it began moving energetically again.

According to his watch, Chu Yu had been walking for over 20 days!

This road was paved with a foreign material and it felt like cold stone to his touch. God knew how many years it had existed in this world.

No aura radiated from this road. He could use the energy in his body to run at great speeds, but he had no way of flying.

He could not even use the Racing Sacred Art.


Over the past few days, Chu Yu kept running. He had lost count of how far he had ran.

The road ahead seemed endless and the path stretched to the horizon.

There was nothing at his back and Chu Yu did not even know if he was going in the right direction.


But he realized that there wasn’t much that could go wrong, he was facing this direction when he entered.

Another 20 days past. In the blink of an eye, Chu Yu had spent more than a month and a half here. The road ahead still looked bleak.

He finally stopped running and wondered if he had gotten the place wrong.

He looked around his surroundings and observed that the stars had significant differences from those he saw initially.

This was sufficient to prove that the road was real and he was not running on the spot.


But when will he reach the end?

Chu Yu stopped for three days but still could not find a worthy clue.

He even used his vertical eye to observe his surroundings. However, this place had nothing to hide!

What he saw with his vertical eye was exactly the same as what he saw with his naked eye.

"This feeling sucks."

Chu Yu murmured to himself in exasperation.

It had already been two months since he entered this place.

Chu Yu was still not at the end, and he had not seen anything different from the beginning.


Other than the fact that the stars around him kept changing, everything else was the same.


He tried to break away from this road and go into the sky. He wanted to get up on a star and see if it’ll give him a better view of the road ahead.

But he could not stray away from the path for extended periods of time.

Supreme Realm cultivators were too weak.

Even though he was much more powerful than other Supreme Realm cultivators, he could not traverse the universe.


In the blink of an eye, six months had passed!

Chu Yu’s body underwent much changes.

He slowed down and began to cultivate.

There was no spiritual energy here, but he had various pills and spiritual stones.

On this lonely star route, the most common sight was Chu Yu holding a spiritual stone and sucking the spiritual energy from it whilst sprinting manically.

His cultivation level kept rising. After about half a year, he had virtually used up all of his pills and spiritual stones.

He was also at the advanced stages of the Supreme Realm.

The Nascent Soul in his Dantian was becoming stronger and tougher.

The surface of the Nascent Soul was filled with blood vessel like purple gas!

But he still could not see the end of the road.

The road was too long!

Chu Yu felt like he could not continue any longer.

However, at this moment, his brain suddenly remembered what Yi said when he sent the four people into the Mirror World.

"There are three tests, testing your wisdom, strength and courage."

What was this road?



Probably not?

What would wisdom do here?


Estimating how long this road was? Or understanding something through this lonely road?

Chu Yu was not gaining much.

Strength was of no meaning here.

No matter how strong he was, he could not detract from this star route for too long and he could not break the route either.

Furthermore, what good would breaking it do?



That seems... a little more likely.

Without courage, he could not finish walking down this route.

Chu Yu was quite the stubborn individual.

He could stand loneliness and had courage, but anyone who walked along this endless and lonely road would feel lost too.

He did not even expect it, but he walked for three full years!

If not for the calendar on his watch, he would not believe it himself.

He had run out of spiritual stones and medicine.

Anything that he could use to cultivate had been used by him.

Even the Spirit Stunning Bow was rendered useless by his Gluttonous Sacred Art.

Even though the energy in it was lost, he was reluctant to throw it away.

Even though he hesitated about eating the replica Divine Punisher Blade, he ended up ‘eating’ it anyways.

He ‘ate’ this blade for over two years.

As a Supreme Realm cultivator, he could go hundreds of years without eating or drinking, but he could not stop cultivating.

All he had left was the Immortal Crane Furnace.

All his magical equipment were reduced to a pile of metal.

On the last day of the third year, Chu Yu suddenly saw a fuzzy aura on the horizon.

It was almost as if chaotic energy enveloped it.

This was the first change in the starry road that Chu Yu had seen for the past three years, bar the changes in the stars.

He felt a wave of fire rise in his heart, there was hope!


He hastened his steps!


It looked extremely close, but Chu Yu took half a month to get there.

Three years and 15 days later, Chu Yu finally saw the end of this starry road.


It was an ancient hut. It was enveloped by a mixed aura and sat at the end of the star road.

He was quite excited, but Chu Yu was still slightly apprehensive.


Where is this?

Why is there an ancient hut at the end of the starry road?

When he neared, Chu Yu stood within the chaotic energy and bowed towards the hut, "May I ask if someone is inside?"

"Come on in, the door is unlocked."

An ancient voice rang out.

F*ck me!

Chu Yu got the fright of his life!

He jumped out of his skin!

What the f*ck was going on?


I was just trying my luck, I had no hope that there was someone here!

How could there be people in such a place?

"Why? Little fella, you must have been walking for years? Now that you’re here, you don’t dare to enter?"

The ancient voice mocked.


Chu Yu felt his head go numb, this scene was too quirky!

Since he was here, even if the people inside wanted to harm him, he may not be able to escape.


As such, he steeled himself and pushed open the broken wooden door of the hut and walked in.


With a creak, the wooden door opened and Chu Yu walked in.

The interior was dark, no light entered the room.

A blurry figure sat in the middle of the room.

Chu Yu could not even make out the appearance of the man. After entering this house, he seemed to become a normal human.

He did not try to open his vertical eye. Instead, he bowed respectfully.

"Junior’s name is Chu Yu, greetings senior!"

"No, don’t call me senior, just call me brother." The ancient voice said.

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