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As he spoke, Zhuo Fan retrieved a small jade bottle and glanced at Chu Yu, "It’s not that I didn’t trust you, but one cannot be too trusting."

Zhuo Fan looked faintly at Xu Xiaoxian, "You should probably recognize this? As long as you put the pill inside, any poison will trigger an alarm."

Xu Xiaoxian’s voice was icy, "That is from my house!’

Zhuo Fan was expressionless.


Chu Yu was quite speechless, he really had no idea when Zhuo Fan had placed the pill inside.


However, it was normal for him to not be able to notice the techniques and actions of a True Lord.

Chu Yu was quite frustrated. In all honesty, if he could help it, he would not want to be implicated in this.


Furthermore, he did not want to let Xu Xiaoxian know that the pills he refined had a ‘backdoor’.

However, if Zhuo Fan was really going to kill Xu Xiaoxian, he could not just stand back and watch.

Maybe... he would have to use that technique before he wanted to.

"Your house’s? Killing demons for the betterment of society is the mission of man!" Zhuo Fan said icily.

Xu Xiaoxian was not enraged by what Zhuo Fan said. She replied flatly, "The reason why I let you breakthrough to the Divine Lord Realm is because I want to let you experience it before killing you, making you feel inexplicable despair!"

She smiled at Zhuo Fan, "The pills are fine, but, I am not!"

Xu Xiaoxian stomped her foot on the ground as she spoke.


The entire space exploded with a wave of energy.

It was like a tornado was in the room.

Chu Yu could instantly feel the space in the room changing.


He suddenly recalled that Xu Xiaoxian was incredibly skilled at magical formations!

At this point, the Divine Lord Zhuo Fan bellowed, raised his hand, and slapped Xu Xiaoxian.

He hollered icily, "Get over here!’

Two rays of light formed a cross in mid air.

The intersection point was Zhuo Fan’s hand!


Zhuo Fan screamed in pain.

His hand was chopped off by the two rays of light!

Blood flowed out from his wrist.

His eyes revealed his disbelief.

"What’s going on?"

Zhuo Fan could not believe that he could be hurt by magical formations in his own territory.

Xu Xiaoxian said flatly, "Just now, whilst you were breaking through, I took a stroll and destroyed all your magical formations. Oh, to be exact, I didn’t destroy them, I just changed them..."

"You... how could you have changed the formations I set myself?" Zhuo Fan began to regenerate a new hand.

But he was pale, the process of regeneration required a large amount of Qi and blood.

Xu Xiaoxian laughed icily, "Are your magical formations very powerful? They are child’s play and easy to destroy! For someone like you, you will always remain a small fry! So what if you broke through to Legendary Emperor, much less Divine Lord?"


Then, her hands flew over the invisible strings on the instrument.

The melody seemed quite pleasing to Chu Yu, but Zhuo Fan’s expression changed drastically as he exclaimed, "Heavenly Demon Tune... you know this... sh*t!"

Before he could finish, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Then, his body exploded with terrifying Divine Lord powers as he tried to break through the formation and over towards Xu Xiaoxian.

Countless rays of light lit up in the space, locking him there.


Xu Xiaoxian continued playing the tune maniacally.

Zhuo Fan kept spitting out mouthfuls of blood.

His eyes were filled with shock and terror. He shouted to Chu Yu, "Sensei Song, save my life and I will reward you handsomely, I will gift you a saint’s legacy!"

A recently formed Divine Lord cultivator was actually begging a Supreme Realm cultivator like Chu Yu. It was clear how desperate Zhuo Fan was.

Chu Yu sighed lightly, not speaking.

Xu Xiaoxian increased the tempo of the music.


A terrifying hum pierced through the air.

Very quickly, Zhuo Fan’s Divine Lord body split into five parts!

The scene was horrifying!

But Xu Xiaoxian did not stop!

Zhuo Fan’s body might be in pieces, but he was not dead!

How could it be this easy to kill a Divine Lord?

A Nascent God rushed out from Zhuo Fan’s body. It was incredibly powerful and it bellowed in anger.

He was furious, unwilling to accept the fact that he was beaten!

As a Divine Lord, he had a long lifespan and an incredible grasp of the sacred arts.

Before he could enjoy the benefits of this realm, his body was smashed by someone else and his life was threatened.

Zhuo Fan’s Nascent God, clad in a grey armor and wielding a scythe made from energy, glowed with a bright light as it hacked at the magical formation



The immensely powerful magical formation kept attacking him, but it kept shuddering under each impact from his scythe!

This was an intense battle!

A Divine Lord’s last ditch attempt to save his own life!


Xu Xiaoxian spat out a mouthful of blood, her face incredibly pale and devoid of blood.

But her eyes were steely and glowed with fury and hate.

Her hands never stopped moving.

The melody was lethal!


In the end, Zhuo Fan’s Nascent God was shattered by the melody.

Before Zhuo Fan died, he let out a pitiful roar.

He wanted to kill himself!

But it was no use, as the music became more intense, Zhuo Fan’s Nascent God shattered!

He could not escape his death.

Seeing Zhuo Fan’s life slip out of his body, Xu Xiaoxian turned around, her face devoid of color as she smiled at Chu Yu, "Sorry, this is my fault, quickly change your appearance and bring your slave out of here... they, definitely... cleansed all trace of us coming here."

"And you?" Chu Yu asked.

"I’m... fine!" Xu Xiaoxian used the last bit of energy she had to revert the space into the room she was. Then, she shakily retrieved a man’s clothing and changed her appearance into a man.

It was that helper from before!

Then, Xu Xiaoxian forced a smile at Chu Yu before fainting.


Chu Yu was speechless. He carried Xu Xiaoxian on his back and stepped out.

Clearly, Xu Xiaoxian had done her homework. Her prediction was spot on.

Other than a comatose man, there was no one else in sight!

Chu Yu walked over and used his vertical eye to observe his slave. He realized that he only had his acupoints and senses sealed and was not injured.

He broke the seals on this man.

The hulking man opened his eyes slowly and took on an offensive stance.

When he saw that it was Chu Yu, he relaxed and said slowly, "Someone, attacked, me."

Chu Yu nodded, then retrieved a black coat and a mask, "Let’s go!"

The hulking man wore the coat and mask and followed behind Chu Yu.

Chu Yu carried Xu Xiaoxian on his back and pushed open the doors to Sky Auction Instituion. After he stepped out, he realized the streets had become much quieter.

Chu Yu was slightly solemn as he brought the hulking man away.

Clearly, this auction institution was quite powerful.

No ordinary power could achieve such a result in such a short period of time.

Chu Yu did not return to the Sky Dazed School immediately. Instead, he found a lodge and stayed there.

He had the hulking man stand guard outside as he brought Xu Xiaoxian into the room. He retrieved a few healing pills and fed them to Xu Xiaoxian.

After a few moments, Xu Xiaoxian moaned and regained consciousness.

Seeing Chu Yu, she smiled, feeling at ease, and whispered, "Sorry, thank you!"

Chu Yu sighed, "It is weird for you to smile like that with the face of an auction helper!"

"Ah... is that so?" Xu Xiaoxian reverted to her original appearance.

Her exquisitely beautiful face came into view. Her face was still devoid of color.

Clearly, using the Heavenly Demon Instrument to play the Heavenly Demon Tune had taken its toll on her.

For a Supreme Realm cultivator to use a magical formation and music to kill a Divine Lord was completely horrifying!

"Is this appearance... better?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu weakly.

She had just regained some energy, and it was used to say that.

"..." Chu Yu rolled his eyes then said, "Shut up and rest. With your current state, you want to compete tomorrow?"

Xu Xiaoxian smiled, "I definitely can, trust me, no problem at all!"

Then, Xu Xiaoxian closed her eyes and slept.

Chu Yu turned around and saw his slave wearing his coat and standing guard at the door. He smiled and waved him over.

This man walked over and looked at Chu Yu.


Chu Yu pointed to a chair by the door.

The man shook his head, "I, stand."

"What is your name?" Chu Yu asked.

He found this man to be quite quizzical. As a Supreme Realm cultivator with Polar Blue Wolves blood running through his veins, he must be quite powerful.

Why was speaking so difficult for him?

"Fang Lie."

The man replied.

Chu Yu nodded, "Is it very difficult for you to speak?"

"Last time, I spoke, a different, language." The man looked at Chu Yu and explained with some difficulty.

Chu Yu suddenly realized that many languages were spoken in the Mirror World.

Before this, he had spent most of his time in the Purple Cloud and interacted mostly with humans, thus the difference was not so stark.

Just now, when walking on the streets of the Sky Dazed City, he already heard many different languages.


Before this, Chu Yu was curious why the Mirror World conversed mostly in Mandarin.

He looked up ancient annals and found evidence that the Solar System was the Village of Cultivation, and Earth was the center of it all.


On Earth, the largest civilisation, was China!

In the Tang and Song Dynasties, China was the center of the world, and many began to pick up Mandarin.

The same applied to all the cultivation worlds in the universe.

Whilst they despised and looked down on the Village of Cultivation, they learnt the language eagerly in hopes of one day becoming the leaders there.

Through his conversation with Fang Lie, Chu Yu found out that he had always lived in the polar regions of the Mirror World.

That was the hometown of the Polar Blue Wolves.

Ordinarily, people did not dare to antagonize the Polar Blue Wolves. However, some of the countries formed by their human brothers would go to war with their neighbours.

Fang Lie was one of the prisoners of war.

He had thought of suicide, but the enemy had used his family as hostage.

Fang Lie told Chu Yu that the slave peddlers were extremely shameless. After capturing them as slaves, they would kill all the old, weak, ill and crippled in their families.

"I want, revenge!"

Fang Lie’s eyes were filled with hatred.

Chu Yu patted his shoulders, "If I meet them one day, I will help you!"

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