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Zhuo Fan stiffened slightly, amazement filling up his eyes, "Are you joking? This instrument... is an offensive magical equipment?"

"Haha, doesn’t Mr Zhuo know if this is an offensive magical equipment?" A glint of mockery flashed past Xu Xiaoxian’s eyes as she looked at Zhuo Fan.

"How would I know?" Zhuo Fan smiled bitterly, "Is there some misunderstanding?"

"Haha, How can there be a misunderstanding?" Xu Xiaoxian lowered her head, her white slender fingers flying over the stringless instrument.

A clear, melodious tune could be heard.

"This instrument was gained during an auction?"

Xu Xiaoxian said flatly, "Was it not gained when a group of you surrounded and attacked an innocent young couple? Of course, back then, you were still a small fry."

Zhuo Fan smiled bitterly, "What are you talking about? Why don’t I understand anything?"

When Chu Yu heard this, he began to understand what was going on.

He felt a headache, This demonic girl set him up again!

Xu Xiaoxian said flatly, "Ever since I said you’re holding on to some items that you don’t understand, I bet you already started to think about some things. Even though you can’t find anything suspicious from my face, you’ve always been someone extremely suspicious of others! Isn’t that right? Master Zhuo?"

Zhuo Fan smiled bitterly, shook his head, and sighed.

Xu Xiaoxian smiled slightly wider, "Of all the things you don’t understand, why did you choose this ionstrument? Furthermore, you activated your magical formations and broke through in front of us. It looked like you trusted us, but actually, you knew that cultivators at our level could not affect you."

"Furthermore, if we really dared to attack you at where you sat, we would immediately be killed by the magical formations."

"This place can’t even be penetrated by a Divine Lord. Are you still going to deny that you planned on keeping us here forever the moment I said I recognize that instrument?"

"Perhaps, by this time, any trace of us entering this place has been wiped clean?"

"Haha, Sky Auction Institution, you guys are great at grave robbing, but you’re even more adept at erasing traces of others!"

"As for that slave outside, you will get the token to control him later, so he will obey you. If you think that he’s a loose end, you will just kill him. With your current abilities, you think that you can make this flawless, don’t you?"

"As for how the sensei and student from the Purple Cloud School disappeared..."

Xu Xiaoxian’s mocking expression became deeper and deeper, "If I am not wrong, your people would have completely erased any trace of us coming here. Furthermore, two people with similar looks would pass by this auction house, then disappear from the Sky Dazed City... mm, and there would be a memory crystal which just happens to capture those two figures exiting."

Zhuo Fan frowned, then smiled bitterly, "Lady, why would you think this way? The reputation of the Sky Auction Institution precedes it! I see that your misunderstanding of us runs deep."

"Lady? Not demonic girl from a demonic cult?" Xu XIaoxian smiled.

At this point, Zhuo Fan’s messenger vibrated.

Zhuo Fan did not look at it. Instead, he sighed and glanced at Chu Yu apologetically, "Sensei Song, my apologies for dragging you into this. Actually, I really am grateful towards you and sincerely want to be your friend."

Chu Yu sighed lightly too, "And now?"

"To be honest, even now... I do not want to put Sensei Song in such a difficult position. After all, without your True Soul Pill, I would not be in the Divine Lord Realm."

Zhuo Fan sighed, "A talent like you should not have been dragged into this. This is why I say that people from the demonic cult really harm people deeply!"

Xu Xiaoxian looked on mockingly, "I’m guessing those are your men telling you that all traces have been wiped clean?"

As she spoke, she looked deeply at Chu Yu and smiled, "now, you can choose to stand in the same camp as him, after all, you don’t know my identity. Master Zhuo, how about it?"

Zhuo Fan’s eyebrows raised and smiled. "If Sensei Song didn’t know your identity, then he is innocent."

Xu Xiaoxian smiled brightly, "Of course he doesn’t know. How will I let my identity be known so easily? If he knew who I was, he would be running for his life!’

Zhuo Fan looked at Chu Yu.

Demonic Cult?

Xu Xiaoxian was from the demonic cults?

Chu Yu sighed internally. After spending so much time in the Mirror World, he had learnt quite abit about the demonic cults.

They trained in the demon techniques and were ruthless, cunning, and killed all in their way...

This was the Mirror World’s impression of the demonic cults.

However, in the Mirror World, there were also a few powerful demonic cults with ancient teachings and powerful backers.

Even though many were championing the annihilation of the demons, no one dared to antagonize these demonic cults.

So... which one of them was Xu Xiaoxian from?

Now that he thought about it, Even though Xu Xiaoxian is quite cunning and evil, she doesn’t seem like the typical demonic cult person.

On many levels, she could be quite cunning, but most of the time, she was loyal and righteous.

Of course, he may not be seeing the full picture.

Chu Yu thought about it, then said, "I had no idea she was from a demonic cult."

Zhuo Fan smiled, "That’s great, Sensei Song, please step aside and watch how your Brother Zhuo rids the world of a demon!’

Xu Xiaoxian’s smile was still bright, but a faint wave of sadness could be seen in the depths of her eyes.

Chu Yu frowned, "She even tried to harm me."

Zhuo Fan laughed, "That’s even better. A demonic girl from a demonic cult is cunning and vicious. Harming people is a routine for them. Rest assured, I’ll take revenge for you!"

Xu Xiaoxian was still smiling, albeit not as brightly as before.


Chu Yu looked at Zhuo Fan, "I treat her as my friend!’

Zhuo Fan stiffened slightly.

Xu Xiaoxian stopped smiling and cocked her head to the side.

"Even though she is quite cunning and vicious, I have never seen her harm the innocent and the good hearted."

Chu Yu said seriously, "Furthermore, even though she has harmed me before, and set me up again this time, she has helped me before too. I am someone who repays my debts. As for her cunningness, I will repay it back to her too when the time comes."

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, dazed, "I am from a demonic cult."

"It’s okay, I’m brave." Chu Yu smiled.

"I am a demonic girl and I harm people all the time. Who is to say, one day, I might be your enemy, and we may have to fight to the death." Xu Xiaoxian whispered.

"I’ll be more careful next time. Anyways, who is to say that I won’t get back at you first. As for enemies... do you think I’ll care about one more?"

Chu Yu smiled extremely brightly.

Xu Xiaoxian understood this!

As a cultivator from the Village of Cultivation, it could be said that all the youthful talents of the Mirror World, as well as those who want to kill their way into the Solar System, were all his enemies.

As such, Xu Xiaoxian smiled and looked at Chu Yu, "Next time, I won’t harm you as badly…"

Chu Yu was speechless, "…"

Zhuo Fan also understood it now, Sensei Song was going to stand by this demonic girl.

How irrational!

He sighed again, "Sensei Song, you had a bright future ahead of you, why sentence yourself to death for a demonic girl?"

Chu Yu smiled faintly, "As a man, we do what is right."

Zhuo Fan shook his head, "You’re irrational!’

Xu Xiaoxian stood next to the stringless instrument and said flatly, "Do you think that we can’t do anything about you because you’re a Divine Lord in your territory, with countless offensive magical formations at your disposal?"

"Is there anything wrong with thinking this way?" At this point, Zhuo Fan did not see any point in hiding his intentions anymore.

He looked deeply at Xu Xiaoxian, "You’re still too young and unable to hold your temper. I have tried to auction this instrument off many times to attract you demonic cult people. But they have been smart enough not to take the bait. I didn’t expect that after so many years, one of you will come knocking on my door. Furthermore, you can play the instrument, you must be... haha, if I am correct, you must be one of the top demons? Not bad at all! After you die, I can extract the knowledge on how to control the instrument... and maybe uncover other secrets."

Chu Yu sighed lightly, What is true cult, and what is a demonic cult?

Zhuo Fan seemed to know the history behind this instrument and knew its name and even its explosive power.

He really wanted it!


All that crap about killing demons to uphold justice was just a cover for his selfish intentions.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Zhuo Fan and laughed.

Her smile had traces of mocking.

"What are you laughing at?" Zhuo Fan looked icily at Xu Xiaoxian.

Even though he had not released his Divine Lord aura, cultivators at this level could easily release a strong suppressive aura.

This energy was not shapeless. If he so wanted, he could smash cultivators in the Supreme Realm to smithereens

Even if Xu Xiaoxian had magical equipment on her, he had every confidence that he could smash her before she could activate her magical equipment!

He had seen that lady unleash the terrifying power of the Heavenly Demon Instrument many years ago. Divine Lords could not withstand its power at all.

He did not know if it could kill Legendary Emperors, but killing a Divine Lord was definitely no issue.

But, would he give Xu Xiaoxian a chance to play it?

Definitely not!

As for Sensei Song... he was just a Supreme Realm cultivator, not a cause for concern at all.

Xu Xiaoxian said flatly, "Does it feel great to be in control of everything?"

"Of course!’ Zhuo Fan replied.

"Do you know why I let you breakthrough to the Divine Lord Realm?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Zhuo Fan and smiled sinisterly.

Zhuo Fan’s eyebrows raised, "Do you want to tell me that the pill is poisoned? You look down on me too much. Little girl, to tell you the truth, even though I am not a pill refiner, I can tell if there is poison in this pill! I have a magical equipment specially for this!’

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