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Chapter 220: So you are Sensei Song

Xu Xiaoxian was extremely sensitive as she scanned Chu Yu before using the Voice Transmission Technique, "Why? You feel like buying a slave to play with?"

Then, she glanced at Chu Yu cheekily.

What do you mean ‘play with’?

Chu Yu glared at her, "Do you know how to speak? Anyways... lend me 10,000 top quality spiritual stones!"

Xu Xiaoxian glared at Chu Yu, "You chide me, then want to borrow money from me? No way!"

At this point, someone stepped out and asked, "10,000 top quality spiritual stones is too expensive, and I can buy many powerful magical equipment with it, can you go lower?"

Chu Yu realized that the man in the cage’s steely expression twitched slightly when he heard the commotion

No one would be happy about being treated as a commodity.

The salesman smiled, "My good sir, you must be joking. He is a human warrior of the Polar Blue Wolves bloodline. With the token in hand, his loyalty will be assured. Not only can he kill for you, he can die for you too. Is your life worth that little?"

That man’s mouth twitched and shook his head, "You’re not wrong, but it is too expensive, if it’s a little cheaper..."

At this point, Chu Yu said immediately, "I want this man!"

The male in the cage finally opened his eyes to look at Chu Yu. Then, he shut them immediately.

You may look like you’re disinterested in everything, but I doubt you are.

Chu Yu thought to himself.

The man who complained about the price looked at Chu Yu unhappily.

He only wanted to bargain, but he had also set his eyes on this man.

The salesman was right. A Supreme Realm human battle cultivator from the Polar Blue Wolves bloodline would be much stronger than cultivators of similar level.

At the most critical moments, he could die for you.

There may be many cultivators in the Mirror World, but not everyone had the ability to reach that level.

A Supreme Realm bodyguard was sufficient for many people.

Chu Yu ignored him, in a sale, the highest bidder would win.

At this point, the salesman smiled at Chu Yu and said flatteringly, "This man’s foresight is good. Let me tell you, I assure you that this is a great deal for you."

Chu Yu nodded faintly, then retrieved over 3000 top quality spiritual stones and threw them to the salesman, "This is a deposit, I will come and get him tomorrow. Remember, do not torture him during this time!"

Seeing Chu Yu’s stature and demeanor, this man smiled, "Rest assured master, since he is yours, we will treat him well and not torture him."

Chu Yu nodded, then walked towards the auction stage.

Xu Xiaoxian stiffened slightly, she did not really care about 8000 top quality spiritual stones.

If Chu Yu treated her slightly nicer, she would have given them to Chu Yu.

She did not expect that this man would be so stubborn and walk away without bothering with her.

This angered Xu Xiaoxian and she rolled her eyes, How good are you? You want to be stubborn huh? I want you to owe me a favor!

At that moment, she threw out a storage bag without looking at how many spiritual stones there were, "Here’s the money, give me the person!"

Chu Yu stood rooted in his spot as he frowned and turned back to look at Xu Xiaoxian.

"I have money, I want you to owe me!"

Xu Xiaoxian looked extremely contented with herself.

The salesman glanced at Chu Yu. Realizing he did not have much of a reaction, he looked at Xu Xiaoxian and began to understand what was going on.

This was just a little bickering!

Anyways, as long as he had the money, why would he care who it

was from?

He immediately took the bag and eyed it. He fiddled with it then smiled, "Sure, I’ll release him right away!"

This man was extremely efficient as he put the token in Chu Yu’s hands and used the Voice Transmission Technique to teach Chu Yu how to use it.

Then, he ordered for the cage to be opened and the man to be released.

This hulking man stood there like a metal statue.

His aura was one of iciness and murder.

Many of the spectators retreated a few steps and looked at this man in terror.

As a Supreme Realm cultivator, he had the ability to kill easily. If he went berserk, he could easily kill an entire city.

Chu Yu glanced at the strong man, "Are your injuries serious?"

This man looked at Chu Yu and shook his head.

"Then, let’s go."

This man followed without resisting.

Xu Xiaoxian was fuming as she raged at Chu Yu, "Do you have a conscience?"

"Thank you." Chu Yu turned back to look at her, thanking her sincerely.

"You..." Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes, then smiled, "You’re welcome."

Chu Yu was slightly stunned, Am I treating her a little too well?

Actually, other than the time that she set him up at Jingpo lake, this lady has not actively tried to harm him?

In their last partnership, they were just making use of each other.

However, she was definitely a devil girl, and it was wise to maintain some distance.

Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian, "I will return it to you soon."

"It’s just a little money, don’t worry about it." Xu Xiaoxian smiled, "I’m not in need of it now."

Chu Yu brought the man along as he walked towards the auction area.

Xu Xiaoxian followed closely, almost as if nothing happened.

When he arrived at the auction area, Chu Yu immediately told the person there that he was here to auction True Soul Pills.

That man was completely stunned as he went to find the person in charge.

The person in charge was an old man in his 50s. He was relatively capable with shining eyes that could read a person with ease.

This old man invited Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian inside, then looked at the strong man behind Chu Yu radiating with a murderous aura.

Chu Yu told the man, "Just stand guard out here."

This man nodded silently.

When they entered the room, this old man called for tea, then looked at Chu Yu, "You would like to auction True Soul Pills?"

"Exactly." Chu Yu nodded.

"True Soul Pills... are considered extremely superior pills. Even though the ingredients are not difficult to find, it is extremely difficult to refine a truly superior quality True Soul Pill. Even pill refining gurus are unable to guarantee that every batch is good. As such, a genuine True Soul Pill can be auctioned."

Chu Yu looked at the old man, "Two of my True Soul Pills have already made two Divine Lords."

"Hm?" The old man was stunned and looked at Chu Yu, "You are?"

Xu Xiaoxian said flatly, "He is the sensei from the Purple Cloud School Pill Refining Section who has been making waves in the recent interschool championships."

"Ah!" This old man was shocked, then he stood up eagerly and bowed to Chu Yu.

"So you’re Sensei Song, my apologies, my apologies!"

As a citizen of the Sky Dazed City and the person in charge of the auction, how could he not follow the interschool championships?

Furthermore, the black horse, the Purple Cloud School, was extremely popular now!

Almost the entire Mirror World was abuzz with information about them.

The Mirror World was extremely huge and many cultivators could not even cover 0.1% of it in their lifetime.

However, the internet was beyond distance. By using the various networks around the Mirror World, people could log onto social media and see what was going on throughout the entire Mirror World.

This wasn’t just keeping pace with the times. Over 60 million years ago, when these societies were in their individual universes, such technology was already prevalent.

This person in charge of the auctions had also specially gathered information with regard to the Purple Cloud and had quite an understanding of Sensei Song Hong.

He had heard that this man’s True Soul Pills were responsible for the creation of two Divine Lords.

This was the work of the internet.

Else, it would not be so easy to hear of the news from a small country and an unranked school.

Back then, he was extremely shocked because he had never seen a True Soul Pill in his life.

Even though the True Soul Pill was one of the crucial pills for breakthrough into the Divine Lord Realm, it’s success rate... was not that high.

It could even be described as... extremely low!

As such, two True Soul Pills creating two Divine Lord powerful cultivators?

It this for real?

Initially, he did not really believe this, but after gaining additional intel, he finally believed that there were pill refiners in this world capable of refining pills that surpassed the understanding of people.

Now that he saw this man in the flash, the attitude of the person in charge changed immediately.

Before, this was just a business dealing, but now... he wanted to make friends with this man.

After the elderly man took his seat, he looked at Chu Yu seriously, "Since it is Sensei Song, I think there’s nothing more to discuss. Your reputation precedes you and I am sure many people want to get their hands on the pills you refine."

Chu Yu smiled, "You flatter me."

One day, if I meet with these Divine Lords on the battlefield and they don’t want to retreat, I wonder what kind of scene my plan would cause?

This technique he used was like a backdoor that a powerful programmer left for himself.

This backdoor was known only to him and no one could find out what it was.

If he wanted to use this backdoor to do something, no one could stop him.

Unless he met someone even more powerful!

In this world, there were few who could resolve a backdoor left by a medicinal saint.

Ordinarily, even if the other party was a medicinal saint, it would be virtually impossible to resolve it!

Xu Xiaoxian said, "In charge, do you not plan on seeing the pills Sensei Song refined?"

The person in charge had thought that Xu Xiaoxian was Sensei Song’s girlfriend. Upon hearing this, he smiled, "What is there to worry about the pills Sensei Song refine?"

"No, I think that you should take a look at it to prepare yourself. This way, when you are seilling it, you have something to say." Xu Xiaoxian smiled.

Then, she poured a cup of tea for this man, "Please, drink."

"Oh, ok ok." This elderly man was slightly lost as he raised his glass to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu smiled, then retrieved his jade bottle and poured out two True Soul Pills in front of this man.

"Ahem..." Upon seeing the pills, the elderly man nearly choked on his tea.

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