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Chapter 219: Nascent Soul with an Attribute

Chu Yu glanced at her, "Is it that magical? In fact, they had already accumulated enough over the years and were on the verge of breaking through."

Xu Xiaoxian smiled, "The way you speak betrays your identity. Normal people do not understand what it means to have one foot in. However, what you say is true, they already had one foot in the Divine Lord Realm. However, even in soccer, the final part is the hardest, and the most attractive. That’s why strikers get the most attention."

"You watch soccer?" Chu Yu was stunned.

How long has this devilish girl spent on Earth? She seems to know a lot about Earth!

Chu Yu grew up amongst the commoners and also enjoyed these sports. But her didn’t expect that a classic cultivator like Xu Xiaoxian would also be interested in these sports too.

"My habit is to gain sufficient understanding about the society I am in." Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "That way, no matter what I want to do, I will know where and how to start."

As she spoke, she became more and more contented with herself, "Of course, I am smart enough to learn something the moment I come into contact with it!"

"How coincidental, me too." Chu Yu replied expressionlessly.

"Aiyo..." Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes, then chirped, "How I revere you!"

"..." Chu Yu was speechless.

This girl could go on for days.

The two of them walked the prosperous streets of the Sky Dazed City. They could feel the amalgamation of cultures here.

All races set up shops here.

In the various schools in the Mirror World, there were species other than humans.

However, more than half of them were mostly human. Even though their bodies flowed with the blood of other species, most of them were largely human.

If they did not reveal their identities, ordinary people would find it difficult to find out their true bloodline.

There were also some superior demon life forms who were able to take the form of humans because their bloodlines were powerful enough.

The schools in the Mirror World were more open and did not discriminate against the non-humans as much.

Similarly, if these lifeforms did not say anything, people without the ability to see past deceit like Chu Yu would find it difficult to find out the true identities of these people.

However, it was a different story in the Sky Dazed City.

There were people who were humans from waist up, but tiger from waist down. There were people with the head of a wolf and the body of a human. There were also people who roamed the streets in beast form.

The people did not seem disturbed by their presence. Clearly, it was a common sight.

"Let me tell you, these non human lifeforms find it much more difficult to cultivate than humans. As such, their thirst for pills far exceed those of humans." Xu Xiaoxian used the Voice Transmission Technique as they walked the streets, "Furthermore, they are rich!"

"You’re trying to tell me to sell my True Soul Pills to non humans?" Chu Yu asked.

"You sell them to the highest bidder!" Xu Xiaoxian glanced at Chu Yu out of the corner of her eye, "Are you stupid?"

Okay, there she goes again.

The roads were filled with shops, selling everything imaginable.

"Come and take a look, this is a Supreme Realm magical equipment passed down for generations. It can attack and defend and even release a demonic sound which will mess with your opponent’s concentration! 300 top quality spiritual stones, it’ll be sold for 300 top quality spiritual stones!" One deer faced youth waved a purple flute as he bellowed.

He had a stall with another seven to eight similar flutes, together with some other random items.
Chu Yu did not even need to use his vertical eye to see that the flutes were not Supreme Realm magical equipment. At most, they were King’s Realm magical equipment.

"10,000 year old medicine which has formed spirits! It can revive people!" An aged man was trying to promote the medicine at his stall.

Chu Yu was speechless, none of those medicine were more than a thousand years old.

To a pill refiner, recognizing the quality of medicine was basic.

This place was too prosperous, and anything and everything was sold here.

There were stalls selling beasts and even slaves!

Chu Yu used the Voice Transmission Technique to ask Xu Xiaoxian, "Where are these slaves from?"

Xu Xiaoxian glanced at Chu Yu, "This is the Mirror World, do you think it’s like Earth? There are many sources for slaves, but most of them come from fallen countries. The Mirror World is full of small countries like the Song Country. Wars are extremely common and the defeated soldiers and leaders... are either dead, in hiding, or sold as slaves."

How cruel!

Chu Yu thought to himself.

At this point, his gaze fell on a huge cage.

Inside the cage was a man held by countless metal chains reinforced with magical formations.

He was treated extremely cruelly, the metal chain piercing his bones and limbs.

The man was rather hulking, at least two meters in height and well built. The muscles in his body were like metal and he was topless, wearing only a tattered pair of shorts.

He sat on his feet in the cage, eyes shut, silent.

Everyone who walked past looked inside curiously.

As long as someone looked in, the person outside the cage would begin promoting.

"Don’t miss out on this! This man is a Supreme Realm power! He is extremely powerful. I will not say which country he is from, but his bloodline is that of the Polar Blue Wolves!"

Those who understood gasped when they heard this.

The Polar Blue Wolves of the Mirror World were a powerful species of beast living in extremely cold conditions.

It was said that these lifeforms were in the Xiantian Realm at birth!

Furthermore, they were born with some sacred arts. Furthermore, the sacred arts they were born with were extremely diverse.

Some of them were ordinary, but others... were incredibly strong!

The Polar Blue Wolves had ever produced demon saints and this was the reason why their species had quite the reputation in the Mirror World.

This strong man had the blood of the Polar Blue Wolves, which meant that he could have some congenital sacred arts.

Someone asked, "This is such a terrifying man, and I am not as powerful as him, what if he is disobedient?"

"Ha, this is a good question!" The watcher smiled, "If I can’t even guarantee the safety of the buyer, how will I dare to do business?"

As he spoke, he retrieved a palm sized black token. The token had intricate engravings - magical formations.

"Can everyone see this token? This token stores a shred of the slave’s soul on each surface. We will also teach you how to control this token and internalize it. Then, with just a thought, they will be begging for death!"

Then, he smiled contentedly, "I will demonstrate it to you now!"

Then, he gently stroked the black token.

The hulking man in the cage stiffened in an instant, then began to tremble uncontrollably.

Shortly after, a trickle of blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

From start to finish, this man did not open his eyes or make a sound.

"Did everyone see that? He is trying to suppress the pain! Haha, after all, he is of the Polar Blue Wolves bloodlines, and they value their dignity over everything else. But in fact, my gentle stroking had already caused him incredible pain. If you refine this token further, just a single thought will have him begging for death!"

The watcher’s expression was passionate, almost as if he was promoting his merchandise with all his might.

But Chu Yu felt only iciness in his heart.

Xu Xiaoxian looked extremely excited, smiling as she watched the scenes unfold.

"How much!" Someone was moved. One would be much safer with such a powerful slave following one around as a bodyguard.

"Not expensive, not expensive, just 10,000 top quality spiritual stones!" The promoter smiled.


Everyone watching gasped.

10,000 top quality spiritual stones... not expensive?

Then what is expensive?

In this world, everything had a value, including humans.

Under ordinary circumstances, a Supreme Realm cultivator would not be worth so little.

But he was just a Supreme Realm slave.

Whether the price was acceptable was up to the individual to decide.

At the end of the day, few people here could afford it.

Even if they could afford it, they had to seriously consider if it was worth it buying a slave.

For someone who could pay that kind of price for this man, they would not be short on Supreme Realm bodyguards.

At this point, Chu Yu opened his vertical eye and glanced at this hulking man.

He was already in the Supreme Realm, and he would not be spotted when using the vertical eye to observe people of the same cultivation level.

Chu Yu realized that this man’s Dantian was surrounded by a pale blue light. Upon closer inspection, that blue light was emitted by the Nascent Soul.

This is his Nascent Soul?

This was the first time Chu Yu saw a Nascent Soul of this color, and his curiosity was piqued.

Through using his divine senses, he could confirm that this was an icy attribute Nascent Soul.

Chu Yu was slightly taken aback.

Under normal circumstances, a golden pill would be formed when one entered the King’s Realm. Almost all the golden pills were without attributes, they were just the energy source of cultivators.

However, this Polar Blue Wolves bloodline man’s Nascent Soul clearly had an icy attribute.

This was rare!

Even Chu Yu’s golden pill and Nascent Soul were without special attributes

The only reason why he was different was because his golden pill and Nascent Soul were surrounded by the purple gas emitted by his vertical eye.

Upon closer inspection, Chu Yu realized that this man’s Nascent Soul was being suppressed. On the surface of that pale blue glow, there was a restriction.

This restriction was rather interesting. It was like a small scale magical formation which linked to the man’s heart meridian.

Once this restriction was activated, the man would die instantly!

Is this how these people treated slaves?

How vicious!

However, history is written by the victors, and no one could say anything about this.

Chu Yu had used his vertical eye to observe many cultivators, but this was the first time he saw a Nascent Soul with attributes.

As such, his interest in this man was piqued.

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