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Chapter 211: Rejection
After so many years, everybody knew that the judges for the competition between the unranked schools were students from the Sky Dazed School.

Even though the students were the judges, no one questioned their decisions.

They were students from the top ranked school in the Mirror World, anyone of them could be an influential person in the future.

It was a waste for them to be judges actually.

No one questioned their standards

Everyone was stunned... a Sky Dazed School Pill Refining Section student had admitted that he himself could not answer this question, yet a student from an unranked school could.

How difficult to swallow!

But this Sky Dazed School Pill Refining student remained calm and even looked at Yan Xiaoyu with a thirst of knowledge.

This was extremely admirable. What is class? This is it!

You know what you know and admit what you don’t.

Everyone knew this principle, but people who could face up to this calmly were few and far between.

Up till now, those in the crowd who had some pill refining knowledge were still lost.

They really couldn’t believe that Intoxicated Hades was the right answer.

All of their gazes fell on Yan Xiaoyu.

Yan Xiaoyu looked to Chu Yu. Chu Yu nodded.

Only then did Yan Xiaoyu explain, "Actually, although the Intoxicated Hades is Yin in nature, it actually has a special attribute. In the pill refining process, it can actually replace strongly Yang medicines. The pills refined using this medicine are much stronger than pills refined using most Yang medicine."

After she said this, many of the people were stunned, speechless.

This can work?

An Yin medicine can replace strongly Yang medicine?

And refine pills with strong Yang characteristics?

Are you joking?

Everyone was in disbelief.

This was really difficult to comprehend.

However, the judge on stage kept nodding satisfactorily, and even bowed towards Yan Xiaoyu.

"I’ve really learnt something today. Before today, I wasn’t clear that the Intoxicated Hades could be used to replace Yang medicine during pill refining."

This Sky Dazed School pill refining student in admiration and smiled, "Based on your standard, it is such a waste for you to stay in an unranked school. If you are willing, I can recommend you to join the Sky Dazed School."

The entire crowd became silent!

Then erupted into chatter.

What’s going on?

This is a chance to enter the number one ranked school in the Mirror World!

And she got it so easily?

How lucky!

No one believed that anyone would give up such a chance.

Even her teacher may agree to it wholeheartedly and without hesitation!

If one of his students could enter the Sky Dazed School, it would be a huge honor for him as a Sensei!

He could brag about it for centuries!

But, Chu Yu’s expression darkened instantly.

He looked at the Sky Dazed School judge furiously, You’re poaching my students under my nose? How shameless!

Yan Xiaoyu stiffened slightly, then quickly shook her head, "Thank you for your valuation, but I would like to learn from my current Sensei."


The entire crowd erupted.

What a surprise!

Countless people watching the live broadcast were also stunned.

They could not believe their own ears, Did we hear wrongly?

She rejected the offer?

She actually rejected it?



Is she mad?

Rejecting the offer from the number one ran

ked school?

What kind of sorcery did that Sensei have? Why would his student reject an offer from the best school in the Mirror World?

Even the Ice Lord School competitor looked at Yan Xiaoyu, mouth agape. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

He really could not believe that she rejected the offer.

As for the Purple Cloud School, all their students were smiling.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao said, "What’s so great about the top school? Do they have a Sensei as awesome as Old Song?"

"The best school is pretty impressive, but our Sensei is more impressive!" Wang Yan said, smiling.

Xu Xiaoxian, who was sitting next to Chu Yu, looked at Chu Yu’s expressionless face and thought to herself, What a great actor, why isn’t your expression darkening?

But she was rather shocked by Yan Xiaoyu’s choice.

She rejected the offer?

It seems that this group of students are really loyal towards him!

If that’s the case, one day... these students may really stand with him.

The Sky Dazed School student was also slightly dazed, he asked slowly, "You mean... you’re rejecting the offer?"

"Mm, I’m sorry!" Yan Xiaoyu bowed slightly.

If she hadn’t met Old Song, if she was still in the Wafting Fragrance School, she may be moved by this recruitment.

No, she would definitely be moved!

She may even agree to it on the spot.

Even if she didn’t want to agree, the Wafting Fragrance School would want her to take up the offer.

It may be a pity to lose such a talent, but if it gave them a chance to have relations with the Sky Dazed School, the leadership... would definitely be enthused.

As she thought about it, Yan Xiaoyu began to feel like her initial decision was correct.

She always had some questions in her mind, and she knew Yuwen Xiaoxiao had them too.

What level of knowledge and skills were they learning!

They didn’t think that it was a saint’s technique, because that was too incredulous.

Even if Old Song had a saint’s legacy, he would not impart it to them so easily.

No one would impart such powerful skills so easily.

A powerful skill simply referred to any level of technique in the Divine Lord Realm and above.

However, they began to feel that something was amiss.

Even though they didn’t talk about this, they began to have a suspicion.

To be able to learn from such a sensei was far more important to them than entering the top school in the Mirror World!

The Sky Dazed School student smiled bitterly, "I had overstepped my boundaries! Let us continue..."

In the following rounds, the Ice Lord School’s youth seemed to lose his fighting spirit.

Yan Xiaoyu also displayed her knowledge, guessing all the remaining 10 medicines.

Furthermore, she managed to get most of them after the first hint. Her worst performance was getting the answer after two hints.

This was a landslide victory in Yan Xiaoyu’s favor.

But the impact this challenge had far exceeded the result.

News that a student from an unranked school rejected a recruitment offer from the Sky Dazed School spread quickly.

It was almost as if a student from an ordinary school rejected an offer to study at Harvard.

It was unbelievable.

After hearing this, everyone was asking who this lady’s sensei was?

Where did he get his charm from?

No one believed that such a powerful man existed in the unranked schools.

Yan Xiaoyu’s abilities seemed to stem from her immense talent!

However, the spectators, who did not know any better, could not be blamed. Even if they knew that the Purple Cloud School was unbeaten, they would not be particularly surprised.

The Purple Cloud was not the only unbeaten school.

The main competition was yet to begin. When faced with the superior schools, these unranked ones were bound to crumble.

Even so, the name Song Hong was dug up.

Within a night, his name was known to many.


Divine Warfare School.

As the 33rd ranked school, the place they stayed in was much better than the unranked school.

The location was completely different.

The Sky Dazed School was too big!

It was like a small country.

The scenery here was exquisite, and it looked almost heavenly!

It was like a paradise on Earth.

Lin Shi sat quietly in her room as she used her messenger to watch news regarding the Purple Cloud School.

Her exquisitely beautiful face revealed her disbelief.

How could it be?

She could see Chu Yu’s photo.

Lin Shi had seen Chu Yu’s disguise as Song Hong.

Even though this man in the picture looked like Song Hong, there were some major differences upon closer inspection.

The Song Hong look that Chu Yu had adopted before was slightly older and refined.

To be frank, any sense of Chu Yu’s nerdiness could not be felt.

The man in the picture did not look like someone who loved to read. He was extremely mature and stable, his eyes filled with an animalistic glow!

This is the difference between the Facebook technique and the Human Form Changing Technique, it could fool even those closest to you.

However, how could there be two people so similar in this world?

And they used the same name!

Song Hong!

Pill refining teacher?

The Crane Saint legacy?

Everything was too similar!

Lin Shi felt extremely uncomfortable, her heart filling with worry.

She hoped that this man was him, but at the same time, she hoped that he was not.

Because she did not want him to misunderstand.

"If this is him... then wouldn’t he have seen the news on social media about me?"

"If it really is him, and he saw those news, what can I do?"

Lin Shi’s expression was conflicted, a far cry from the ice queen she was.

At this point, there was a knock on her room door.

A warm and calm voice could be heard, "Shishi, can I come in?"


 Hearing this voice, Lin Shi’s voice turned icy and she continued, "I’ve told you many times, call me Lin Shi, not Shi Shi!"

"I’m sorry, I will take note next time, can I come in now?" The voice calm and warm.

Lin Shi took a deep breath and switched off the screen from her messenger, "Come in."

The room door opened.

A handsome man dressed in white entered.

This man was tall and extremely handsome. His entire body radiated with a strong icy aura.

However, he seemed to be suppressing this aura of iciness as he smiled at Lin Shi.

"I missed you, so I came over to see you."

"Can you not be so hypocritical?"

Lin Shi looked at him coldly, "I don’t miss you at all, if I could, I wish I never met you."

"Shi Shi..."

"Call me Lin Shi!"

"Okay, Lin Shi, why be like that? You’re already my fiancee. Why won’t you just try to accept me?" The handsome man in white was the Divine Warfare’s School youthful expert, Leng Ao!

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