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Outside Dragon City.

In the first few minutes when Chu Tianxiong and co. arrived, they saw a flying car appear on the highway from afar…

"Dad, quick take a look. That car's so fast, faster than my…"

Chu Xiaoxiao was off marvelling by herself when she discovered that her father was staring at her. Noticing that she seemed to have said the wrong things, she hurriedly change the topic, "Could it be Brother Chu Yu?"

"Nonsense, you think your Brother Chu Yu will be a show-off like you?" Chu Tianxiong glared at his daughter. He sighed, "When Dad isn't around in the future, you need to listen to your brother. Don’t stir up trouble, and try to avoid hanging around with those hooligans…"

"Ok ok, I understand Dad." Chu Xiaoxiao casually pacified her father, but her pair of eyes were still glued onto that sports car that was so fast, it seemed to be flying.

Thereafter, Chu Xiaoxiao suddenly pointed at it and chuckled, "Haha, that is my brother's car, and you still said I was talking nonsense. Huh? The one driving the car doesn't seem to be him, it looks like a gorgeous beauty ohh! Is Brother Chu Yu giving me a sis-in-law?"

Since Chu Xiaoxiao could see it, Chu Tianxiong, who was realms above her, could see it with even greater clarity. A look of astonishment emerged from his face.

From what he knew, this nephew of his only seemed to interact with one girl. However, the girl that was with him was not that girl.

Could it be… He really found a girlfriend?

Soon, the car stopped in front of Chu Tianxiong and co.

Thereafter, Chu Yu alighted from the passenger seat.

Xiao Yue, who drove the car, sat inside and didn't move.

Chu Yu knew her personality so he didn't care to bother her. Lord Thief seemed to be sleeping and didn't follow him out.

When Chu Xiaoxiao saw Chu Yu, she instantly pounced over, throwing Chu Yu into her embrace and softly stroking Chu Yu's hair, "Haha, brother, I found that you've become much more handsome!"

Trapped in this fragrant embrace, Chu Yu patted Chu Xiaoxiao's back and said, "The little brat isn't little anymore. Don't you know how to act a little ladylike? Are you trying to show off your height?"

"Exactly!" Chu Xiaoxiao grinned widely towards Chu Yu.

"If you're tall, then everyone can already see it," Chu Yu bantered.

"Brother, stop it. And isn’t this beauty driving your car also a wild cat?"

Chu Tianxiong stood by the side, smiling warmly at the bantering brother and sister.

Chu Xiaoxiao released Chu Yu from her embrace, then bent down in front of the car window, gently knocking the glass, "Hey, beauty, why are you so cold? Your driving skills are really good, care to come down and make friends?"

Xiao Yue rolled down the car window and glanced at Chu Xiaoxiao, "You're his sister?"

Chu Xiaoxiao, "Why do you sound like he’s difficult to deal with?"

Xiao Yue’s usual aloof face suddenly revealed a gentle smile. Beautiful. Even Chu Xiaoxiao was sent into a daze.

"Hop, I'll bring you on a joyride." Out of expectation, Xiao Yue actually offered an invitation.

"Joyride? Ok ok!" Chu Xiaoxiao didn't say anything else as she raced into the car.

Xiao Yue stepped onto the accelerator and the car instantly started to tremble, emitting a low roar. Then, it shot off like an arrow.

Chu Xiaoxiao's shrieks of excitement could be heard from a distance.

When they were far away, Lord Thief rolled down a window and flew out, cussing under its beak: "Screw you! Are you crazy? It wasn't enough that you drove like a mad woman on the way here? This great bird just started to sleep too!"

Chu Yu laughed at Lord Thief, "Aren’t you bored of going slow?"

"There's a limit to the YOLO life too!" Lord Thief said discontentedly.

Chu Tianxiong stared blankly as his daughter got taken away, then he looked dumbly at Lord Thief.

He had heard of this bird before, many people thought that it was from the Chu Clan, but he knew that it wasn't.

Chu Yu laughed, "Uncle Xiong, it's okay."

Chu Yu continued, "I randomly picked her up somewhere. I'm not sure about the details but it seems like she's has some background behind her.

Chu Tianxiong, "..."

Only now, Chu Tianqiang, Chu Tiansheng, and Chu Yu's two bodyguards drove in from the distance.

The four alighted and greeted Chu Tianxiong

Thereafter, Chu Yu followed Chu Tianxiong up his car.

On the car, Chu Tianxiong first engaged in some small talk, before introducing Chu Yu to the situation in Dragon City.

All the various factions and clans were detailedly explained to Chu Yu.

When the car drove into Dragon City, Chu Tianxiong could finally mention about the incident of the Fox Immortal Cave.

"The Leng Clan aren't an underworld family clan, however, after knowing of their background, many underworld family clans decided to support them. Thus, over the past few years, they've been expanding at a rapid rate. In Dragon City, the influence of the Leng Clan is even stronger than ours."

Chu Tianxiong's personality was relatively conservative. However, he could assume command over Dragon City for so many years. Naturally, he had his strengths.

When it comes to reasoning, controlling of information, and all sorts of analysis, Chu Tianxiong was an expert.

"According to a report I've obtained, the backers behind the Leng Clan should be the Xie Clan."

Chu Tianxiong looked at Chu Yu, "So this time, I wanted to reject this matter, because I feel that there seem to be many plots and traces hidden within. But it has been confirmed, that someone managed to obtain a technique comparable to the Sutra of Internal Reflection from the Fox Immortal Cave. However, it was snatched away by the Leng Clan. I have already investigated this matter, it is true."

"Leng Clan's backer… is the Xie Clan? That Xie Clan?" Chu Yu asked.

"Yes, the Xie Clan that was just chased out of the capital by us." Chu Tianxiong nodded.

Chu Yu looked at Chu Tianxiong, "So regarding this matter, how does Uncle Xiong analyse it?"

"From the perspective of current events, this matter… seems to be very suspicious. However, the news of the young master coming to the Dragon City should not be done by outsiders. Moreover…" Chu Tianxiong looked at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu smiled, "Moreover, if there’s really something inside, it wouldn’t be me who goes in to investigate."

Chu Tianxiong nodded.

After all, in people's eyes, Chu Yu did not have any sort of cultivation. He had already been turned to trash for many years, so he definitely couldn't explore the Fox Immortal Cave personally.

"Also, regarding the Fox Immortal Cave, if it really is a ruse, then, it shouldn’t be targeting us. At least not completely… Is that right?" Chu Yu asked.

"Right, I think so too." Chu Tianxiong said, "But I still feel that this should be ruse."

Chu Yu nodded, "Yes. The information leak is rather abnormal."

"That's right." Chu Tianxiong looked at Chu Yu in appreciation.

Previously, he was still thinking: Could Chu Yu be able to take command here at Dragon City? Now, he could put his mind at east. Even though Chu Yu couldn't cultivate, this nephew of his was still outstanding.

The group of people arrived at the residences prepared for them by Chu Tianxiong.

It was a relatively elegant villa district.

Chu Tianxiong prepared for Chu Yu a total of three villas. Each of them was very big; enough to fit over ten people.

Chu Yu felt that this was too excessive, but Chu Tianxiong told him, in the future, he would have more people by his side. Living together would allow them to take care of one another.

"Thanks Uncle Xiong for your thoughtful arrangements." Chu Yu sincerely expressed his gratitude.

"We're family, there's no need to be so polite " Chu Tianxiong smiled warmly, bringing Chu Yu to the yard of another villa.

"Everything is installed already. But if you find that anything is unsuitable, you can change it."

Chu Yu shook his head, "It's already great that I have a place to stay."

As he walked in, Chu Yu found that the interior design was incredibly classy; not too luxurious, not too bombastic. Clearly, it was designed by a professional interior designer.

Lord Thief flew around unrestrainedly. Occasionally, he would lift his wing, pointed and criticised something, as though he was surveying his own territory.

By the time Xiao Yue and Chu Xiaoxiao returned, it was already an hour later.

When the two pretty young ladies stood next one another, it was as though rainbows were spewing everywhere.

Once she knew that there were a total of three villas, Xiao Yue immediately opened her mouth and claimed one for herself. She liked living on her own.

Chu Yu was also happy to live alone. When he took Xiao Yue away from Xie Tianyu, it wasn't because he liked her. It was an accident…

Chu Yu completely didn't expect that Xiao Yue would really follow him.

However, since he did that, then that's that. Since he got her from Xie Tianyu, Chu Yu wasn't a half bit guilty.

Xiao Yue did not rush to explore her own villa, but was pulled by the boisterous Chu Xiaoxiao to Chu Yu's side.

The two girls were extremely intimate and completely inseparable, Chu Xiaoxiao didn’t even let go off Xiao Yue’s hand even after they entered the leaving room.

Xiao Yue even took the initiative to offer, "Come, let me brew some tea."

"Ok ok! This young lady likes drinking tea!" Chu Xiaoxiao had a face full of glee.

By the side, it seemed like Chu Tianxiong’s lips had a stroke as it twitched slightly. He looked at his daughter, and thought to himself: Since when did you like drinking tea?

Chu Yu was also shocked when he saw this scene, thinking that the friendship between girls was truly mystical

Even though Xiao Yue followed him willingly, the two of them didn’t even talk much.

He asked her to be his maid but this brat only knew how to watch cartoons for the entire day. Chu Yu didn’t even know that she knew of the tea ceremony.

Thereafter, Xiao Yue used the tea-set from the villa to start brewing tea for everyone.

Chu Tianxiong was knew a bit about the tea ceremony and he usually enjoyed to drink tea. The moment he saw Xiao Yue’s actions, his eyes turned stiff.

This was also Chu Yu’s first time watching Xiao Yue brew tea. Even though he knew a little of the tea ceremony, he could still feel the calmness and aura from Xiao Yue’s actions.

It seemed to have a unique flavour, one that could make a person’s heart be a ease!

The room instantly seemed to turn silent; even Lord Thief honestly hopped onto a chair, perching onto the back of the chair and observed with deep concentration.

Even Chu Xiaoxiao was infected by this atmosphere; she found that the wild brat that could make a sports car fly, actually had another side to her.

A saying even appeared in the mind of the uncultured Chu Xiaoxiao: Quiet as a maiden; Moving like a hare! [1]

On the way to the banquet, Chu Tianxiong was stll complimenting Xiao Yue’s tea ceremony to no ends.

"This little girl is not simple. In all these years, I’ve never seen someone with such a high degree in the tea ceremony. Those old fogeys that immerse themselves in the tea ceremony for their entire lives aren’t even as impressive as this young maiden. Her identity, definitely is not normal!"

Chu Tianxiong was happy that his nephew managed to find a person like this by his side.

The group of them soon arrived at the most luxurious club in Dragon City. This was also a property of the Leng Clan; it was specially used to host high-class banquets.

This club was extremely private; the surroundings of the club were completely sealed off from entry.

Those attending the banquet first entered through the main gate. Then they had to drive through a long, curved path before they could enter the parking lot within the club.

From the outside, not even the parking lot could be seen.

This time, the Chu Clan only sent three people. The father-daughter pair - Chu Tianxiong and Chu Xiaoxiao, and Chu Yu.

Lord Thief, Xiao Yue, as well as Chu Tianqiang, Chu Tiansheng and the two bodyguards stayed at the villa.

Using Chu Tianxiong’s words, in the Dragon City’s underworld, the Chu Clan did not need to walk around with bodyguards.

Moreover, Xiao Yue and Lord Thief did not like these kind of lively social events.

There were already a lot of people in the club. When Chu Yu and co. entered, many came over to greet Chu Tianxiong.

"Boss Chu!"

"Boss Chu is here…"

"Haha, Xiaoxiao has become prettier."

Most of the people were very courteous, and very respectful.

As they were greeting Chu Tianxiong, all of them looked at Chu Yu in curiosity and started to size him up.

They seemed to be guessing the identity of this stoic-looking young man.

[1] This phrase is describing how the actions looked deliberate and calm, yet they were fast and smooth.

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