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This was one of the lessons of the Chu Clan.

As Chu Yu spoke, he observed the reactions of his attackers. He saw both of them twitch briefly, and fear flashed in their eyes. In that moment, they seemed to hesitate, but they recovered quickly.

"There is no need to remind us child, you will not see the daylight!" Zuo Zong reiterated coldly.

"Ok then, since it is to be this way, may I be granted a small wish before I die... that isn't too much to ask is it?" Chu Yu continued, "even inmates on death row are given a last meal."

"Last meal? Do you want my leftover egg yolk pie? Take my advice and take in more of this fresh air!" Zuo Zong laughed coldly, a grim look settling on his face.

Yet, having heard Chu Yu’s assertion about the Chu Clan made him and his fellow attacker nervous.

The Chu Clan, the Northern Wolves!

Killing the scion of the Chu Clan had earth shattering ramifications. They took solace in the fact that they had already made fake passports, and were going to escape after tonight with cash and resources to last themselves a lifetime. Yet, the thought of the Chu Clan made them anxious and apprehensive.

However, these emotions made Zuo Zong especially annoyed. This ruined individual actually managed to unsettle us with a couple of sentences.

Damned influential families! Damned scions of influential families!

Chu Yu shrugged his shoulders, "I don't like egg yolk pie, too greasy."

"This is my first time on Mount Tai, and my only wish is to watch the sunrise here." Chu Yu sighed, and looked at his two attackers, "since I am to die, could you fulfill this simple last wish of mine?"

Just as Zuo Zong was about to speak, Pointy eyes interjected, "No!"

As he spoke, his body burst into action. Waving his huge fist, he sent a devastating punch in the direction of Chu Yu’s chest.

He had enough of waiting. His patience was wearing thin, he would kill Chu Yu himself.

How fast is someone at Acupoint Charging Stage 6? Minutely close to the speed of sound!

How heavy is the punch of an Acupoint Charging Stage 6 martial artist? Even a rock meters high would shatter upon impact!

Even though Pointy Eyes had unfathomable speed, impossible for the naked eye to register, to Chu Yu, he was still extremely slow. Chu Yu could easily register his every move, tracking them as they moved through the air.

Yet, his body was incapable of reacting accordingly.

These two individuals were clearly not his match, yet they were the harbingers of death!

Such astronomical mockery and sorrow!

God damn it!

Chu Yu lamented internally. He still had no idea why these two individuals were after his life. He had some ideas, but there was simply no way to be sure.

As the looming specter of death hung above him, his fear vanished instantly, and his mind held only one thought "God damn it, how unlucky!"

In that instant, his life flashed before him. Like water out of floodgates, they rushed into his mind.

The punch from Pointy Eyes had already contacted his chest.

It carried a mournful crackling sound!


The punch landed squarely on Chu Yu’s heart!

Such accuracy!

The strength in that punch was terrifying!

Even a thousand pound rock would have shattered!

Just at that moment!

A faint ray of light, the width of his eyebrows and invisible to the naked eye, cast downwards, forming a shield instantly, wrapping Chu Yu in its protective cover.

Yet Chu Yu was completely unaware of this.

Chu Yu was knocked into the air by the immense force of the punch, and flew in the direction of the Wordless Monument.

Was this the sensation of death? Surprisingly, there's no pain! And no horror?

Confusing thoughts flashed through Chu Yu’s mind. As if by coincidence, Chu Yu landed on the roof plate of the Wordless Monument, in front of the Jade Emperor Temple.

The force of the impact nearly caused him to fall off the Monument. In this critical moment, he instinctively reached out and grasped the pillar in the middle of the the roof plate and steadied himself rather embarrassingly.

"Hmm? What is happening?"

Chu Yu was dumbfounded, he was keenly aware of the power packed in a punch by an Acupoint Charging Stage 6 martial artist. He was just next to the Sun Viewing Pavilion, many meters away from from the Wordless Monument. Under any normal circumstances, a punch from an Acupoint Charging Stage 6 martial artist, even at less than full strength, should have easily knocked him into the Jade Emperor Temple/

It could even knock him several hundred meters away and into the valley below!

A punch from an Acupoint Charging Stage 6 Expert should have killed him beyond doubt!

But yet... unexpectedly, he didn’t die?

He was alive!

No wonder he felt no pain, he was still alive, and unscathed!

That was the biggest miracle!

How unbelievable!

Chu Yu examined himself, except for some flesh wounds and blood, he did not feel anything out of the ordinary. With a pale look, he patted his chest and exclaimed: "F*ck, that was scary! Is this the mythical miracle? Your tiny punch didn’t seem to do very much."

His two attackers stood rooted to the ground, astonished by what just transpired.

Zuo Zong looked at his fellow attacker suspiciously, "You’re cutting him some slack?"

"F*ck you, rubbish!"

Pointy Eyes filled with rage, but his eyes gave away his deep confusion and fear

He was keenly aware of the force packed in the punch. The punch was not meant to send Chu Yu flying, it was meant to punch a hole in Chu Yu’s body, smashing his heart into smithereens!

Since the New Era, no one has dared to live on Mount Tai for various reasons. The popular Jade Emperor Temple still stands tall at the peak of Mount Tai, and many still scale the peak of Mount Tai to pray to the heavens at the temple. Yet, no one lives here anymore, and the area is rather desolate.

Even so, if he knocked Chu Yu into the Jade Emperor Temple, wouldn't he have to enter the temple to behead him? How troublesome!

What Pointy Eyes could not even dream of was that such a terrifying punch of his actually did no internal damage to Chu Yu.

How could this be?

Could it be that someone was helping Chu Yu behind the scenes? That punch landed squarely on his chest, and he distinctly felt it impact the flesh. Else, Chu Yu could not have been knocked away.

"What's happening?" Zuo Zong whispered with fear.

This was too scary!

"Is there... a protective magic item in his possession?" Zuo Zong’s eyes glimmered at that thought, and he looked at Chu Yu with greed in his eyes.

"A magic item?" Pointy Eyes’s Eyes also glimmered.

Even though this is the new era, and everyone is a cultivator, magic items remain very rare, manifesting themselves only as treasures in stories. Such items were even rarer to rogue cultivators like them.

The two of them began to hurry at the thought of Chu Yu having a protective magic item in his possession.

Any magic item capable of blocking the punch of an Acupoint Charging Stage 6 expert with such ease was of great value to the two men.

What an accidental reward!

The fear in their hearts dissipated, quickly replaced with surprise and excitement.

"We’ll take half each!" Zuo Zong suggested.

Pointy Eyes nodded vigorously, "deal!"

They glanced at Chu Yu at the roof plate of the Wordless Monument, and simultaneously rushed towards him.


At that very moment, a faint white line broke over the Eastern Horizon. It seemed like a terrifying monstrosity opened its eyes just a little.

The darkest hour was finally over!

Sandwiched within that white line were lines of invisible purple gas.

That was the purple gas he was born with!

The two attackers lunging towards Chu Yu were momentarily afflicted by an illusion, almost as if the pale purple gas made a mystical connection with Chu Yu as he stood atop the Wordless Monument.

They were buffing each other!

Even the Wordless Monument which has withstood the beating of time and weather became increasingly cryptic, spreading a wave of ancient aura.

As they reached the front of the Wordless Monument, it was as if they hit against an unbreakable, springy wall!

They were knocked away by an invisible surge of force. They fell many meters away. Despite their expertise in Acupoint Charging, they were unable to get up on their feet for a long time.

Both of them lay aghast at what had just transpired.

At this point, Chu Yu had stood up on the Wordless Monument, covered by the pale purple gas and buffed by the purple gas in the east.

He was almost godlike, and he stood tall and unwavering!

It was as if he was the only man between heaven and earth!

Kacha! Kacha!

The purple gas that previously sealed his acupoints began collapsing. Thereafter, the purple gas was absorbed into his meridians, disappearing for good.

One Acupoint, two Acupoints... All 240 shackles sealing his Acupoints shattered!

Chu Yu’s organs erupted like a volcano, waves of anger crashing against the walls of his body.

He felt an enormous explosion of force following the release of all 240 of his acupoints.

Just as quickly as this explosion of force was channeled outside his body, it was suppressed by an invisible, opposing force.

The outside world was completely oblivious to the surge of force now contained within Chu Yu’s body

As the sun rose and the day got brighter, the purple gas also disappeared, as if it was an illusion.

Just like a surprise.

Chu Yu stood atop the Wordless Monument with a strange expression, as if he was absorbed by feelings.

That strange expression was quickly replaced by surprise. He heaved a sigh of relief and burst out in laughter.

"Hahahaha! This is indeed an ancient heavenly mountain, time simply cannot mask its glory!"

"Mount Tai, a blessed place!"

Chu Yu had never dreamed that the seals in his body would be broken with by the Xiantian purple gas present at dawn on the peak of Mount Tai.

Both Zuo Zong and Pointy Eyes slowly rose from their earlier accident, further disturbed by Chu Yu laughing hysterically atop the Wordless Monument.

They thought Chu Yu had gone insane.

Scared to insanity!

However, their gazes were fixed on the Wordless Monument.

Rumor has it that the Wordless Monument was established for Qin Shi Huang, others claim that it was erected by Emperor Wu of Han.

However, Chu Yu’s attackers were not cultured enough to know the history behind the Wordless Monument. They felt that the Monument was sinister, never expecting that Chu Yu had any semblance of ability.

It seemed impossible that a ruined individual for 15-16 years could change and become almost divine in an instant.

"There is something strange about this monument!" Zuo Zong said solemnly.

"Find a way to finish him!" Pointy Eyes exclaimed, revealing increasing levels of anxiety.

They had already paid a huge price in order to lockdown Mount Tai for one night. In just a moment, the sun would rise and bring with it waves of tourists looking to scale the peak. By then, even their backers would be unable to stem the flow of tourists.

If that happened, this assassination attempt would be an utter failure!

Failure in itself did not mean much. However, once news of this incident reached the Chu Clan, the two of them, and even their backers, would be unable to withstand the fury of the Chu Clan.

Zuo Zong retrieved a handgun and fit on a silencer.

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